9/11 Groundhog Day

I dont want to brag because this has never been about me it has always been about the truth and my country, my race and my religion (yes I am redundant). I have been in the so called truth movement a long time and those of you out there who know who I am know this as the truth. Liberty Forum back in the day not long after 9/11 was the only forum on the internet talking about the Jews openly, many of them became talk show hosts, you know who they are. Bollyn, Darryl Bradford Smith, Hufschmid, Skunk, Fetch, Juliani………..they were all on Liberty Forum, there was no other place on the net bar none. I didnt mention any others purposely.

Correction, Skunk became the best website on the internet called judicialinc.biz.

I knew where David Duke stood………..nowhere to be found, I knew where Don Black stood, nowhere to be found. I knew where Alex Jones stood, I knew where everyone stood and so did several of those Liberty Forum members at that time, each of us who were kicked off numerous times for telling what the obvious truth is today without a doubt. Tell me where else the truth was being discussed. The radio hosts were simply readers of that forum.

Brendan O’Connel used to tell me I was too hard on the Jews on NOLAJBS a website that was pretty much an offshoot of Liberty Forum during and after Liberty Forum went down. I didnt have a radio show because I saw too many diverters, I called too many shows and was disregarded as a fool or an idiot. I started noticing a pattern and how the lies had to be out front to distort the truth before the truth even got a place to speak. It was evil to the core and still is and I noticed the levels upon levels of distorters, the people who would respond in emails and those who did not. I examined all the newcomers and if they were taking off like a blind man who just won the lottery (where shills get their names).

Every show I call I am hanged up on because I disagree with the host. The media is controlled by Jews yet somehow we have internet radio hosts who are liars and cant take calls? Why cant they just defeat the liars instead of hanging up on them I thought, because they cant. Who would mislead their listeners deliberately without being tested? Who would give up their position as a talk show host admitting they did not know what the truth was? I know not one.

I have never had a radio show because I do not want to mislead anyone because I have to answer to God. I can only call in and tell radio hosts that have open phones that they too will have to answer to God, Jews will never have to.

There is a movie out I dont know the name, it was actually a good movie based on a true story. It was about a couple, a happy couple, who went camping, not like The Long Weekend with Jim Caviezal and the Jewish producer who was a member of the Jew soccer team that Monica Belucci’s husband now owns, but with some similarities. A couple from the city goes camping and one of them suspected something wrong and the other doubted it. Yes something evil was out there, but the husband (a white man) would not believe it as usual. An Irish guide happened to be hiking by and the viewers immediately suspected it was him mainly because he took a leak right in front of the couple ( he actually turned his back). It ended up that it wasn’t the Irish guide after all it was a bear who was on their scent.

The husband wanted to have a happy weekend like most people today and don’t want to hear about crocs in the lake or bears in the woods, they want to hear sweet nothings in their ears. I have been telling you for decades about that bear in the woods, I know all about that bear and I am not going to come to your camp and pee in front of you to get your attention you are going to have to find out for yourselves what this bear can do or trust me what it is and why it does what it does. If you want to make up fake stories about the bear and pretend it is only some bears or some crocs that do evil deeds and go on your merry way don’t expect me to come along with you because I know from experience. All bears don’t kill people and all snakes don’t bite people that is true, but you know what I am going to say.

Now I have amateurs still wet behind the ears in diapers telling me I have no right to speak on their idiotic RBN shows, Rense shows, GCN shows etc. Folks its the same BS over and over again who are waiting to be removed only one way, by force because they have no shame! They are there because they are contrary- period. They is what they is and 9/11 is just another day proving it. Show me what show is of the truth that lasts on any of these networks.

Ive been aroooound, You knooooooow?

Ive been aroooound, You knooooooow?

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9 Responses to 9/11 Groundhog Day

  1. itsme says:

    you are banned, Hymie. There is no foul language here unless it is describing Jews.


  2. donat says:

    C’mon man I hope you’re not implying Pacino is a jew too. I know he’s a film goy surrounded by them but gimme a break… he made it on talent.

    • melgibstein says:

      I like Pacino as an actor, probably one of the best ever. If he is a Jew it wouldnt surprise me, but I never implied that he was. Italy is a place where you just dont know you better be prepared however.

    • Roger Martin says:

      Ever seen Italians up close? Half of them have dark skin and hooked noses. Many Southerners I know consider a White woman marrying an Italian man to be an interracial marriage.

      Many Italians look like they descended from ancient Khazarians….not ancient Romans. It’s no surprise that the Mafia works closely with tons of Jews. It’s them all working with themselves basically.

      • melgibstein says:

        Italy took on much of the Jews and Arabs thrown out of Spain and of course later during the Moorish invasion there is no doubt about it. Whether they have that seed of satan in them I just dont know. Maybe I am not educated in this enough, but my Grandmother was Italian, tall, blonde hair and looked like a Celt without a question. Blonde hair, blue eyes, not that all white Italians have blonde hair some do not. There was a lot about the dark haired folks and the light haired folks in Ireland, Scotland, Danmark etc called the Fingaels and the Domngaels (not sure that word is correct) but it meant the dark haired folks. Didnt mean they were mixed, it was just a trait.
        No doubt Pacino is mixed, doesnt mean I hate his guts I just respect him for allowing whites to keep separate. Yes the mob is Jews soup to nuts from Al Capone to Tony Bagels Cavezza. If our kids marry into them they are fini. That word by the way is Latin and not Italian….Italians today think they were the Latins and the Romans…its sad, but thats what happens when you trust Jews and mix with them.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Want to see what todays Naples is like- Ive never been south of Rome in Italy so I assume this is what they look like.

    one part Jew, one part Arab of another mixture and maybe some semblance of Greek and Phoenician mixed in (who were both whites).

  4. melgibstein says:

    Then you have an Arab actor (actually not sure if he is an Arab-mixed or not) who looks more white than the Sardinians and Italians in this movie. He could fit in in any European country.

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