Clash of the Morans

Release the KKKraken

The big news around the internet lately is as usual, nothing but Jewish hype. They have released the red headed demon Donald Trump (aka Talmud head) and the lemmings are in an uproar, well not really, but the Jewish media says so. Donnie can talk about something dear to all of America’s hearts, the illegal invasion of aliens, something our other politicians dared not speak about in fear of not being electable. Funny how things work out in the Jew

Only the very best.

Only the very best.

media today. Illegal aliens are the issue this coming year, but the Jews giving them the jobs, for instance the Postville Iowa Kosher meat packing plant is not to be discussed because it is ok to talk about illegal Latinos (now) and not ok to talk about illegal Jews and nobody finds that even the least bit hypocritical.

I have never seen such a lifeless, pathetic group of people as I see today who call themselves Americans, they are so duped in every arena of history today and either have no drive for the truth or they are just plain lazy. We cannot agree on what words or names even mean. For instance in the Clash of the Moran debate with Alex Jones and David Duke, Alex Jones claimed about 3 times that David was a Jewish name, this was the perfect opportunity to blow Jones out the door, but

In Iore Dea (178, 1) it says:

In Iore Dea (178, 1) it says:
“It is not permitted to imitate the customs of the Akum, nor to act like them. Nor is it permitted to wear clothes like the Akum, not to comb the hair as they do…neither must Jews build houses that look like temples of the Akum.”

Duke had no response and believes David is a Jewish name as well. It doesn’t matter to these obvious plants that there were no Jews at the time of David, there wasn’t even a word “Jew”. It might be a fantastic time to ask Jones or Duke at this moment what exactly a Jew is because we could then get into the Ruth/Moabite subject, after all a Jew is supposedly someone with a Jewish mother, if a Jew is someone with a Jewish father then Jacob was also a Jew, Isaac was a Jew, Edom was a Jew, Abraham was a Jew when we all know this is lunacy.

Was David a racial “Jew” or was he a religious “Jew”? It doesn’t matter to these titans of ehhh truth who are arguing about Jews what a Jew even is. They can’t figure it out so they’re skipping over it and exactly what the Jew wants. They will skip over every issue connected to this base of what a Jew is again and again and again forever. Nothing will ever be done ever.

David Duke claimed that Jews have been involved in slavery all the way back to Leviticus, but again Jews were not in the book of Leviticus because Jews are not Israelites. Today we call their land Israel, another word change because we don’t care what the Bible says we only care what Jews say. All Jews have to do when they commit a crime is claim they are German or maybe a Catholic priest, yes that has been going on since Leviticus was written all throughout time. By the way Leviticus is one of the 5 books of the Torah or “Law”

Cardinal Lustiger

Cardinal Lustiger “I was born a jew and I will die a Jew” He told the truth for once.

and Jews don’t believe in the Torah of the Old Testament they believe The Torah (Law) of the Talmud. Does David Duke believe Jews wrote Leviticus and made a copy for the goyim and one for them? It’s quite important to know where your “white leaders” get their info from, especially if it is from the Talmud. The law is written in someones heart, but what law, the Jews law? Again the Jews law is the Talmud. Everything is inside out and outside in just like everything else Jews touch, no difference whatever and they just cant figger it out. Folks these are not even amateurs they aren’t even in the game.

By the way the word “goyim” does not mean cattle as many of the dupes want you to believe, this word is also in the Bible and Jacob (Israel) himself was called a goy, but Jews are allowed to use words any way they want or we are antisemites (oops another word turned on its head).

Back to the word Zion again, I know most of you are sick of this from me, but Jews make good things into sickening things for a reason. If you have studied Jews as a whole as long as I have you would know that “Jews don’t make the products they make the products dirty” that goes with everything, names, places, nature, etc. A good example of that in the news today is the first transvestite in the White House is a Jewess or in this case a true reptilian (and a ehh Zionist). Jews destroy and it is all they do and 99% of the white so called leaders believe Jesus was a descendant of one of these Jews or pretend to believe in Christianity to get along and never pick up the Bible to question themselves on their own hypocrisies and cut off all talk of it. Occasionally they will spew some biblical information which is entirely in the wrong context swaying you to follow them. You don’t use false tales to lure people to the truth. The truth has to be the goal. When you hear the word Zion or Zionist being used ask them if it comes from the Talmud or the Torah and which definition they are using up front. They might even learn something as they are trying to teach you.

Grandson of Meier Kahane and great great great great great great grandson of Jesus.

Grandson of Meier Kahane and great great great great great great grandson of Jesus.

Ladies and gentlemen if I can teach you one thing and one thing only it would be to know how to find the truth. I cannot give you all the truth, but I can tell you how to find it, just find out who runs from a debate and what they ran from. Alex Jones and David Duke will never accomplish anything except get some young people on a path of the blind man who is either leading you into the pit knowingly or unknowingly. If he does not take the challenge of debate he himself claims he is being denied then he is a hypocrite and all his listeners are hypocrites for not even acknowledging it. Where are the callers calling into David Duke to have someone explain to him what a so called Jew is from someone who understands the Bible and not a JEWdeo Christian (that thinks Jesus was a Jew)? You can’t do it because you can’t call him at all.

Folks if you want a king or you want a leader you better demand that he follows the truth. When Alex Jones says “Jews Jews Jews” it is the same thing as David Duke never opening his phones because he would be saying “Bible Bible Bible” because he is wrong on every biblical issue there is. He thinks white people are of Edom, the people being those who had Jesus crucified, you see he doesn’t know they were the Jews either.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself if all of this is real, are people that duped, even our put in place leaders? Well folks that is why they were put into place and why David Duke has a

We like to watch

We like to watch

better chance to be interviewed by Wolf Blitzer than it is for you or me to have an hour or two with David Duke. Duke is so busy writing books and doing interviews he has no time for us little guys. He is so busy he has no time for anyone. This is Hollywood real time.

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18 Responses to Clash of the Morans

  1. gilbert7 says:

    I don’t even care anymore. Fools think Trump is going to save them or something while jew media just suddenly woke up to the mexican invasion. I ask, if a Christian doesn’t even care enough about his children that he lets them convert to judaism, what the hell does he care about his fellow Americans.

  2. itsme says:

    c.mon then buddy im still waiting to read what they were “collectively” known as if it wasnt “jews”
    what were they “collectively” known as pre bible. exercising the virtue of patience in anticipating your response mell

    • melgibstein says:

      White people were collectively (who collected them?) known for controlling the Black slave trade and it was “collectively” false. There are thousands of things that were collectively believed in that were false. All you have to do is explain to me how Jews had something to do with David. I am telling you that David was the king of Israel, the 12 tribes and the House of Judah which came later and the House of Israel. Was David the king of the Jews or was he the king of Israel? Did Jesus Christ come for the Jews or the House of Israel? You can simply show me your proof from the book and I dont give a damn what people collectively say, people are collectively wrong as you are proof of right here.
      Jews took German names, English names, etc., did that make them of the white race? Read James chapter one, verse one where he addressed the 12 tribes and not the Jews. You can claim whatever you want because people have collectively believed in something (how about the flat earth nonsense?) to be fashionable, in fact you can claim Jews are Gods chosen people too if you want, but I will always be here to prove you wrong and you will never prove you are right.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Your first comment was erased by mistake……it said “Mel, you know Jews were collectively known as Jews and I am wrong bla bla bla..”

    • itsme says:

      oh mel . joost ansar da fookin question (irish accenty) . my second post was a duplicate of myfirst post .I never wrote “you know the jews” you lil’ liar you

  4. itsme says:

    oh mel . joost ansar da fookin question (irish accenty) . my second post was a duplicate of myfirst post .I never wrote “you know the jews” you lil’ liar you

  5. MrsBean says:

    Hi Mel

    I am reading your posts but I am confused. You keep asking rhetorical questions, which makes it difficult for me to follow what exactly you are getting at. I am not a scholar on these matters. I don’t even know the difference between the King James Bible and the “standard/non King James” Bible.

    If my understanding is correct, this is the gist:

    (1) The Kingdom of Israel had a Covenant with God which was a bargain/promise that God had chosen them as his preferred people and they would worship God in return and behave in a way that pleased God. 12 tribes of the Kingdom of Israel lived in the land that is now the modern State of Israel. They were called “Israelites”. Moses received the 10 commandments; there were dietary laws; circumcision was prescribed and God was on their side whenever they did battle. The Old Covenant was racial and also required circumcision. You could not, for example, follow the laws, circumcise and become a “chosen one”. You had to be born “chosen”. If the Israelites lost in battle, it was because God was disappointed with them. God would never let them be extinguished entirely though, as they were his “chosen ones” and He would always save them. All other people were known as “gentiles”.

    (2) There was a split/schism: 10 northern tribes including Dan etc stayed in the northern territory and were known as Israel, whilst the 2 southern tribes, Judah and Benjamin stayed in the southern territory and became known as Judah.

    (3) The 2 southern tribes (collectively known as Judah) are carted off to Babylon, return and rebuilt temples and so forth in Judah. Jerusalem was in Judah.

    (4) Jesus arrives. He tries to convince people in Judah to give up moneylending, be better people and accept God through the New Covenant (which means to follow Jesus’ teachings and accept the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit as the triple manifestation of God). God had decided that the Old Covenant was no longer valid as the descendants of the Kingdom of Israel had not kept their end of the deal and displeased him. So he sent them his only son, Jesus, as their Messiah to give them another chance and save them from their ungodly ways with a New Covenant.

    However, people in Judah wanted a Messiah who would oust the Romans (who now ruled Judah) and save them in a more temporal sense. They expected a warrior, but instead they got a preacher/fisher of men. People in Judah refuse to accept Jesus as their Messiah (except for his disciples) and he is killed by the Romans.

    Jesus was called the Redeemer because he achieved the redemption of all mankind. The “redemption” means the buying back of man’s salvation. All who wish to be saved can be saved by following Jesus Christ. Previously mankind was doomed yet with the New Covenant, we can look forward to eternal life (after death). This applies to all humankind (not just the original descendants of the Kingdom of Israel).

    Thus, Jesus’ followers are obliged to “spread the Good News” that Jesus has saved mankind by dying for their sins. Jesus has redeemed us all in the eyes of the Lord. We should treat each other as Children of God as we are all Children of God, regardless of our lineage. “Love one another as I have loved you”. We must be our “brother’s keeper”, to keep each other on the straight and narrow. We must show the way and lead by example. When we are attacked, we must turn the other other cheek. This is in contrast to the previous belief of the Israelites of retribution and revenge (“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”).

    Jesus contradicted many of the beliefs that the people in Judah held. He told them for example that they should practice self-criticism (“You point out the splinter in your neighbor’s eye, yet you are blinded by the log in your own”). He taught them to not to stone adulterous women (“Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”).

    A good amount of Jesus’ teaching is to do with self-criticism, self-improvement and letting go of grudges (forgiveness). (“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will leave the whole world blind and toothless”). The accumulation of wealth is not the way towards God, rather it is through service that one moves towards God (“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God”). The burden of being a follower of Christ is heavy. It is not an easy road, as you must hold yourself to a very high standard of behavior. Altruism towards all people is advocated. Self-criticism is advocated also.

    (5) The 10 northern tribes leave their homeland. In the Bible they are called “Israel”. “Israel’ is a people and not a physical location.

    (6) Zionism is the movement/belief that people practicing Judaism (Torah,Talmud) should have their own homeland. Zionism is a relatively new development. This homeland is the modern State of Israel. There is also a racial component to this proposition and there is strong discouragement of proselytizing or accepting converts to Judaism. DNA tests are done to prove whether someone has a right to become an Israeli citizen. The State of Israel promotes the “Right to return” for Jews worldwide. Atheist/secular Jews are also welcome. The State of Israel shall be a light onto the nations and reign supreme over the lesser goyim nations. Worldwide domination is desired and shall be achieved through moneylending. Pax Judaica will herald the end to all war, once the Jews lead up the one world government. Some Jews are against Zionism as they believe the time is not right for all Jews to live in one homeland. They also think that the Jewish people must stay dispersed around the world so to bring a “light onto all nations”.

    (7) The modern people who we know as Jews and who practice Judaism are descendants of the Israelites who did not accept the New Covenant (through Jesus) and the converted Khazars (Ashkenazi Jews) who are not native to the Middle Eastern region.

    They all share the old supremacist ideology (of being chosen) and practice circumcision on their baby boys. The racial line is maintained on matrilineal descent. There are various groups within Jews (Sephardim; Ashkenazim; Hassidim). They are highly inbred so there are lots of congenital diseases that are peculiar to their group. Ashkenazim are snobs towards the others. Hassidim are the ones who dress in black with the top hats and have lots of children and scam social welfare. The Sephardim are the “nicest” and the best looking and take the whole “light unto nations’ most seriously. I know I am using gross stereotypes here as I honestly don’t know too much so they are from a fairly ignorant perspective. Am just putting it out there as an impression and not as a fact (I stand to be corrected and welcome in fact being corrected).

    They continue to believe the Old Covenant is still valid and await their Messiah who will come when ALL the nations attack Israel. Their Messiah will step in to save them at that point, smiting ALL the gentiles/goyim and clearing the earth for the Jews to live on their own. “Us against the World” ideation. The 12 tribes will be gathered together for this End Times scenario. 144,000 Jews will then inherit the earth.

    The Christian belief is that Jesus will come again “to judge the living and the dead”. This will happen after the Anti-Christ arrives to cause havoc and war all over the world. Christians will be asked to renounce Christ and any who do so will have broken the New Covenant and will suffer eternal damnation (i.e. they will spend the rest of eternity in hell). There will be 7 years of horror before Christ arrives to set things straight and afterwards there will be eternal peace. The world will be enslaved by the Anti-Christ by way of controlling the money supply. Everyone must accept the “Mark of the Beast” in order to trade for life’s essentials – food etc. Those who do not accept the Mark of the Beast, may well perish but they will be granted eternal salvation. So a one world government (headed by the anti-Christ) would last for seven years after which Christ will return and duel with the Anti-Christ and set things straight.

    (8) Jews push for “blending out” white people because….? Envy? Fear? Anger? I don’t really understand why they are so keen to mongrelize white people so badly.

    (9) Can you address any of these points without directly quoting chapter and verse from the Bible? I would just like your interpretation if that is possible.

    Thank you
    PS Loved you in Braveheart!!!

    • melgibstein says:

      It would take me a year to respond to everything so I will try to take these smaller ones out first and hopefully get to the others:

      Any one else feel free to jump in.

      (3) The 2 southern tribes (collectively known as Judah) are carted off to Babylon, return and rebuilt temples and so forth in Judah. Jerusalem was in Judah.

      It was actually 3 tribes, you missed the Levites who were mixed with both houses. It is important you remember that because the Levites are never anywhere to be found in all of our Jewish Christ movies. The Levitical priesthood no longer existed in Christs day so who were the Pharisees and how did they gain control of the priesthood? Yes Jerusalem was in the land of Judah and also Judea no longer a place of pure Israelites ( Jebusites, Edomites, Canaanites, etc. are living there now too). What role did those people play before and during Christs time? How did they get in when Israelites were commanded to remain separate? This is an endless discussion that I hope to have forever because each time I study it I learn even more. First thing you have to get by is that it was no longer the land of Judah, but now the land of the Romans (who were also scattered Israelites and I dont mean Sicilians today) who appointed Herod as their man, Herod appointed his own Idumean high priests, no longer Levites. Get over that hurdle and all kinds of things will open up to you.

      I’ll try to get to another soon, but right now Im drained.

      Thank you
      PS Loved you in Braveheart!!!

      You must be talking about Rabbi Gopstein

    • melgibstein says:

      (8) Jews push for “blending out” white people because….? Envy? Fear? Anger? I don’t really understand why they are so keen to mongrelize white people so badly.

      Short answer is- they do the work of their father. In Gaelic it means “they want us roobed out”. David Duke would claim its only some of them.

      In fact the Stormfronter’s new word is “anti zionist”. You see they wont even define what “zionist” means and we are already on to “anti Zionist”. Whatever it is it isnt what the word was ever intended for, but the original meaning of the Jew invented word “Zionist” meant to return to the desolate places in the Middle East (my words mixed with Obadiah), now if they were all Zionists and went there I would actually hate the anti Zionists even more. You see it is a word babel game. Youve heard of Scrabble? The Jews play babel and control the airwaves and if you call them out on it you are a Jew hater, Nazi Sympathizer, Holocaust Denier and everything else. In other words they do all the talking as usual and none of the listening because they dont care- nor do their lackeys.

    • (9) Can you address any of these points without directly quoting chapter and verse from the Bible? I would just like your interpretation if that is possible.

      Not possible. The Holy Scripture is the crux of all issues. Repost your questions in paragraph sized chunks. What question bothers you the most? Post that first.

  6. MrsBean says:

    Thank you

    I realise I have asked a lot of you. I am genuinely confused. I see people writing about Edomites and Canaanites etc and it’s difficult to keep up with who is who.

    You speak of a “word babel game”. To be honest, I think a lot of the Old Testament is a “word babel game”.

    I believe in the rightness and grace of Jesus Christ. I have the impression that all Christian nations have exceptional achievements in Art and Music. Music especially. “Music is the greatest adornment of the Church”. Christianity is inherently a belief in the transcendental nature of human life. By transcending our physical selves, we are in the presence of God. Music moves us and stirs in us a belief in beauty/community/awe. The current degenerate brand of “music” that dominates the airwaves is the opposite to real music. It doesn’t elevate us. It degrades us.

    I don’t believe in the absolute truth of either the Book of Revelations or Jewish ideas of the End of Times. I think it is important, however, to know how people interpret them as it can influence their behavior right now. I have heard that the Muslim messiah, Mahdi, correlates in description to the Christian Anti-Christ.

    All Christian nations are being forced to accept Muslim invasions (as part of the deal in continuing the money supply). The Jesuit Pope Francis is complicit in this fiasco. The only government in Europe that is taking a brave stance against this invasion is Hungary (as they are not indebted to the IMF). They will be punished for this by the EU Commissars (I know their correct title is Commissioners but in truth they are more aptly called commissars as they are not elected by the peoples of Europe). It is all about the money. The media spin it as a tale of helping vulnerable people find refuge. The Holocaust is being used today as a guilt-trip to make us open our societies to this raggle-taggle crew of mostly young men. I have known decent Muslims and would consider them friends, however once a tipping point is reached in any society, the more died-in-the-wool Muslims try to take over. It has been done many times in history. The people pulling the strings now this very well and that is why they are pushing Muslim migration into our societies.

    “Roobing” you out. That sounds pretty awful: erasing you basically. I notice ISIS are at a similar game (rubbing out/erasing ancient sites in Syria). Rubbing out the history. The “blending out” agenda is to rub out the living legacy. Fascinating. Dangerous but fascinating.

    Thanks again.

    • Dc says:

      If I may interject here on one or two things you say here.

      “I don’t believe in the absolute truth of either the Book of Revelations or Jewish ideas of the End of Times. I think it is important, however, to know how people interpret them as it can influence their behavior right now.”

      While there are certainly countless bogus end times “prophecies”, Bertrand Comparet has a much better interpretation of The Book of Revelations than you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else on the internet.

      It’s a lengthy read, but certainly seems to make a strong case that Revelations foretold many of the main events in History from Jesus Christ to modern times.

      However if you read this book, please be wary of comments by William Finck who attempts to tie Hitler and Nazism to Christianity which is highly questionable.

      In addition to this, Comparet and several other CI authors have all written lengthy essays on the Eziekiel 38 & 39 prophecy, and all of them predict an attack on America, by Russia, China and an Eastern bloc alliance, right before the end of the age and immediately before the second coming.

      This has prompted me to play close attention to geopolitical events and there are certainly strong indications that Russia and China’s military power is expanding while Marxist powers in America and Europe are weakening the capabilities of America and Europe to defend itself. Obama in particular has been particularly weak in handling recent Russian aggression, while Europe is now almost completely energy dependent on Russia. There is also unilateral disarmament of nuclear weapons where the west is getting rid of it’s nukes while the Russians cheat on their side of the deal.

      Thus, as I see it, while it is certainly important that Christians use scripture to inspire a high level of moral behavior, I believe the various prophecies in scripture are intended to warn us of events that are become and to prepare ourselves for what’s to come.

      That being said, interpretation is the key here and there are many differing theories that could also be correct. Since you bring up the topic of Muslim immigration. Queeny Cameron who has positioned herself as an expert on “CI” and the Bible, claims that the Zog and Magog armies are the hordes of immigrants flowing into Western countries.

      While this is certainly an interesting theory to consider and the hordes of Muslims certainly a serious threat to Western society, I am more inclined to believe that Queeny Cameron is a Jew who’s purpose is to turn us away from the real threat of a Russian attack.

    • Dc says:

      “I notice ISIS are at a similar game (rubbing out/erasing ancient sites in Syria). Rubbing out the history. The “blending out” agenda is to rub out the living legacy.”

      I also noticed this and thought that it was a convenient way of getting rid of evidence as it is no secret in conspiracy circles that ISIS is a creation of the US Gov to use as a pretext to take down the Syrian government.

      I wondered if these ancient sites may have held archaeological evidence that was inconvenient to the powers that be? Do you know if these are Christian sites?

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