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“For the life of me, I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply because it is so easy to do,” he said.

Quote by ex Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson.

Ma Anand Sheela

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Ma Anand Sheela
Sheela Mugshot.JPG

Booking photo after apprehension
Born Sheela Ambalal Patel
28 December 1949 (age 65)
Baroda, India
Other names Sheela Silverman, Sheela Birnstiel
Occupation Managed ashram and spiritual organization in India and Oregon, US
Owner and operator of two nursing homes in Switzerland[1]
Criminal charge Attempted murder, first and second-degree assault of public officials, immigration fraud, telephone tapping, product tampering (guilty plea)
Criminal penalty 20 years (attempted murder), 20 years (first degree assault), 10 years (second degree assault), 4.5 years (product tampering), 4.5 years (wiretapping conspiracy), five years probation (immigration fraud)
Criminal status Served 29 months in minimum-security federal prison, released on good behaviour in 1988

Ma Anand Sheela (Gujarati: માં આનંદ શિલા; born as Sheela Ambalal Patel on 28 December 1949 in India;[2] also known as Sheela Silverman and Sheela Birnstiel) is a former follower, secretary and chief assistant, and spokeswoman for the Indian mystic and guruBhagwan Shree Rajneesh (also known as “Osho”). From 1981 through 1985, she

essentially managed much of his operation, including Rajneeshpuram, an ashram established in 1981 in Wasco County, Oregon.

In 1985 she pleaded guilty in Oregon of attempted murder, assault, telephone tapping, immigration fraud, and product tampering as the main planner of the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack in Wasco County, in which hundreds of people were made ill by salmonella poisoning. It was the first act of mass bioterrorism in the United States.[3] Her goal was to influence a local county election to gain commissioners favorable to the ashram.

Early life, education and marriage

Sheela was born Sheela Ambalal Patel in 1949 at Baroda in India; the youngest of six children of the Gujarati couple Ambalal and Maniben Patel.[2] When she was 18, her parents sent her to the United States to attend Montclair State College in New Jersey.[4][5]

She married Marc Harris Silverman, a wealthy American native of Highland Park, Illinois.[6][7] She became known as Sheela P. Silverman.[8]

~Kind of odd that the only bio terror attacks are always connected to Jews, no?

DEA: Deaths from fentanyl-laced heroin surging

A surge in overdose deaths around the country from heroin laced with the powerful

narcotic drug fentanyl prompted the Drug Enforcement Administration to issue a nationwide alert on Wednesday.

“Drug incidents and overdoses related to fentanyl are occurring at an alarming rate,” DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart said. She called it a “significant threat to public health and safety.”

~What kind of drug pusher would want their customers dead? It’s not that difficult to figure out.

The Daring Attack That Blew Up in Israel’s Face


Here come the kikes, Someone is history.

Here come the kikes, Someone is history.


The damage to Israel’s vaunted spy service has been particularly acute. Not only was Israel forced to disclose information about what it said was a new assassination technique

— believed to be based on a synthetic opiate called Fentanyl — but more importantly, for several years the Mossad spy agency had been quietly allowed to keep an office in Amman, and now Jordan has thrown it out.

Abba Kovner

America loves Jews. I could have been the star of The Piano.

America loves Jews. I could have been the star of The Piano.



At the end of the war, Kovner was one of the founders of a secret organization Nakam (revenge), also known as Dam Yisrael Noter (“the blood of Israel avenges”, with the acronym DIN meaning “judgement”)[9] whose purpose was to seek revenge for the Holocaust.[10][11][12] Two plans were formulated. Plan A was to kill a large number of German citizens by poisoning the water supplies of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, and Nuremberg, Nakam intended to kill 6 million Germans.[13] Plan B was to kill SS prisoners held in Allied POW camps. In pursuit of Plan A, members of the group were infiltrated into water and sewage plants in several cities, while Kovner went to Palestine in search of a suitable poison.[9] Kovner discussed Nakam with Yishuv leaders, though it is not clear how much he told them and he doesn’t seem to have received much support.[12] According to Kovner’s own account, Chaim Weizmann approved the idea and put him in touch with the scientist Ernst Bergmann, who gave the job of preparing poison to Ephraim Katzir (later president of Israel) and his brother Aharon. Historians have expressed doubt over Weizmann’s involvement, since he was overseas at the time Kovner specified.[12] The

KI am Chaim Weizmann. Another nutjob Jew.

KI am Chaim Weizmann. Another nutjob Jew. America loves us Jews because we are ehhh their idols.

Katzir brothers confirmed that they gave poison to Kovner, but said that he only mentioned Plan B and they denied that Weizmann could be involved.[9] As Kovner and an accomplice were returning to Europe on a British ship, they threw the poison overboard when Kovner was arrested. He was imprisoned for a few months in Cairo and Plan A was abandoned.[11][12]

In April 1946, members of Nakam broke into a bakery used to supply bread for the Langwasser internment camp near Nuremberg, where many German POWs were being held. They coated many of the loaves with arsenic but were disturbed and fled before finishing their work. More than 2,200 of the German prisoners fell ill and 207 were hospitalized, but no deaths were reported.[12][14]

~Here we have just 3 of some of the biggest nutjob acts ever perpetrated not to mention Meth Labs in Kosher meat packing plants, control of the worlds drug trafficking, organ harvesting, etc etc etc it is endless folks.

Tommy Thompson wonders why the food supply hasn’t been attacked, but it isn’t even a debate on “who” that pervert organization would be. When someone makes a claim like that in politics within the last 30 years that could mean 2 things, the food supply is already under attack or the food supply will be under attack and not by the people these politicians claim it will be or is. I would check the bread and wine in the Jew controlled churches first. Would Jews attack the food supply? That should be a ridiculous question, but our media and politicians (and actors in Hollywood and out) don’t think this is of any relevance whatsoever. Let me tell you folks, it most definitely is. These people bombed the WTC and will stop at nothing until they are stopped. I know that sounds like a Terminator movie, but some movies are truer than most people’s lives today. They will never stop and never have, tomorrow will be more of the same.

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  1. Tim says:

    With all the crimes that the jews have committed over the years, the jew Billy Joel has the audacity to sing, “we didn’t start the fire”…Oh yes you did!

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