I was a Teenage Lemming

When I was a teenager I used to watch a show called Creature Features on that Jew Talmudvision when I was allowed to watch TV (actually never) or when my parents were asleep. It was somewhat like Night Gallery more on the Sci Fi side with monsters, aliens and creepy people etc and sometimes it was difficult to find out who the monster or alien was being deliberately put in place to endure the mystery of who it was going to be. I knew from the beginning of the show that there was definitely a creepy villain involved somewhere by the end of the 2 hour episode or movie I would definitely know.

If I was allowed to stay over a friend’s house there was free will to watch that Jew TV and experienced what friends of mine felt while watching the movie. Watching the Science

John Hagee is on next

John Hagee is on next

Fiction on the TV and experiencing the Sci Fi watching my friends watch under complete control of that Jew TV became even more surreal than the movie itself. I had always watched these shows as total entertainment and never as truth whatsoever. Of course my friends didn’t believe it either, but they let the drug take them over willingly. This could never happen in real life because these lemmings would pick it up in a heartbeat. This obviously isn’t the case.

Today we have a government controlled by aliens right in our faces, we have Frankenstein monsters all over our news media, Dracula is teaching our kids what they call True History and so on down the line. My old friends still do not see a thing.

Folks we have monsters in our country(s), real live monsters who suck your blood dry with their race mixing, they are ghouls who deal in children’s body parts, they pervert your minds in their media like a Star Trek phenomenon, they create war that makes Godzilla look minute in comparison in destruction, they are turning us into them and them into us

Can you lemmings figure this one out?

Can you lemmings figure this one out?

and our people are mesmerized still waiting for the villain at the end of todays feature.

The movie is going to have to end the way it always does and Sally Wong and Marky Mark Wahlberg aren’t going to stop it. Turning off that jew TV isn’t going to solve it now. You may think I am asking you to do something even though that is not approved by our alien controlled government and shill stooges on the internet, but you are totally mistaken because I am without a doubt asking you to do something because this isn’t a TV show it is live. I don’t believe Texe Marrs on everything and am not indicating in any way he feels about this the way I do, but I do believe he is correct about living with monsters today who are much more cunning than any of the other beasts of the field. This I did not learn in the Jew movies.

Here is a real Creature Features today and I dont mean the person in this video who is no longer there I mean the Jew bastards bringing these drugs in without a doubt to destroy. The Jews and their minions only need to give them one bite on the neck and they are monsters themselves.

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