An Innocent Man

The Stormfront gang claims Edgar is guilty. For the last week they have been showing their support for Donald Trump and today, the day after the recording below they have changed their tune. How can people be such hypocrites? Either these folks are dumb as a box of rocks or the are working for the Jews. To say Edgar was guilty is the only way not to have any discussion on it you see? Like 9/11 in the jew controlled media today if you say Jews did it you have to end all discussion on it forever. To say Zimmerman is white like David Duke did for over a month and never even mention that Zimmerman is a common Jewish name (or look at his face to see if he is even a white man) is the exact reason why it took David Duke 10 years to say Jews Zio’s did 9/11. They have to tell some truth to be followed, but they always tell the truth after an attempted lie. Listen:

There is a forum called Godlike Productions run by a Jew and every time I post on it I am banned for 3 or 4 months or if my ip address has been changed I can post again. Stormfront bans people in the exact same manner and never lets you back. The question is if people are banned just for posting Jewish News items posted on Jewish sites how do we know these sites arent 100% jew controlled? They can post threads and delete and add to whatever they want (would Jews ever do a thing like that?). They (Stormfronters) claim they are trying to stop “violence” and these are the people who contemplated attacking a Caribbean Island (pssst and pulled a knife on Martin Luther Kings brothers assassin- a mouthful). If someone says certain Jews need to be hanged for treason, someone could say you are calling for violence against Jews, but treason doesnt exist on Stormfront so what does exist on Stormfront? It is a farce! None of them are Christians, none of them are Americans obviously, so who are they?

If we cant call for someone to be hanged for treason we might as well just bend over into a fetal position folks. I call for the hanging for every treasonous Jew and non Jew in America right now. You can kiss my arse Stormfront.

The thread about Edgar Steele on Stormfront is dominated by “trojancowboy” (aint that a quaint name, of course he means Trojan not trojan) and it appears this cowboy is hell bent on Edgar being guilty. April Gaede is another “throw Edgar under the bus” supporter. Check out April’s past:

She was a supporter of ehhhh David Lane and “The Order” (nope no  Jew op violence there folks). Stormfront is a Jew front truckload of Jew hypocrisy.

I was kicked off Stormfront because I had an ongoing debate with “Yankee Jim” about Hal Turner lying about being a US Marine and Yankee Jim defended Hal Turner over this truth when he knew it was a lie…………in fact Don Schwartz Black kicked me off of Stormfront for putting this info into the forefront. I am still here telling the truth, Donnie Schwartz Black is still here lying out his arse and Yankee Jim, the trusted Stormfront star killed his Hispanic (Mestizo) wife and hanged himself, Hal Turner went to jail and exposed as an informer. Folks Stormfront is a Jew cacophony of cointel Jewish slime. Where else would the Jews be? The Frank Collins’s of the world flock to sites like Stormfront and then they throw people off they know are real because they are actually trying to get people to DO SOMETHING, something that is justified and honorable. There is nothing honorable about Stormfront, they arent even Christians. Why would an Evolutionist even care about white people? If evolution is changing people into white people then eventually everyone will be white and if evolution is turning everyone into Blacks we are against nature itself.

I dont believe that nonsense folks!

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  1. melgibstein says:

    Heres another Yankee Jim (Robinson)

    Hanging Yankee Jim.

    To the San Diego Union we are indebted for the following interesting record of a remarkable trial and execution: In August 1852 there were three disagreeable men in San Diego, named James Robinson alias “Yankee Jim,” James Grayson Loring and William Harris. They hailed from the early mining camps, and soon after their arrival came information of a reliable character which painted out Yankee Jim as a dangerous character. It was said that he had loafed around various mining camps, and, watching his opportunity, had pounced upon miners in out-of-the-way places, murdered them and robbed’ them of their gold and trinkets. As long as he behaved himself he was not molested here. Yankee Jim was a Canadian Frenchman (or a Jew), six feet and three or four inches, in height and well developed physically. He had anything but a prepossessing appearance and was shunned by all respectable people. STEALING A BOAT— GRAND LARCENY. At the time we speak of, Yankee Jim and his two companions stole a boat here in the harbor, which they afterwards deserted and turned adrift outside the Heads. It belonged to Joseph C. Stewart and Enos Wall, who found their property a few days after it was stolen, washed upon the beach a few miles down the coast. THE TRIAL

    Tho three men were arrested uml arraigned before what was at thai time known as the Court of Sessions, on a charge of grand larceny. This Court nf Sessions consisted of the County Judge, John Hays, presiding, with two Justices of the Peace—J. .ludson Ames and William T. Conlon. James W. Robinson, father of Hon. Win. N. Robinson, was at that time District Attorney, ami conducted the prosecution. Agoston Haras/.thy was Sheriff, and Philip Crosthwaite, our present Deputy Sheriff, noted in the double eajuicity of Clerk of the Court and Under Sheriti. On the 18th day of August, \s’r2, Yankee Jim was tried and convicted of grand larceny. THK JURY, The following persons served as jurors in the trial: Cave .1. Conts, foreman; Albert R. Smith, Tho DIM Fox, Wm. Conroy, Philip Hoof, Abel Watkinsou, John C. Stewart, F.nos Wall, Ueorge Wasson, James Donahue, C. C. Varney, Charles Lloyd. THK VKKDICT. The following is theverdicl, as taken from the records of the Court: M Your jurors in the within ease of James Kobinsou, have the honor to return a vcrdiet of “Cuilty,” anil to therefore sentence hint, James Robinson, to be banged by the neck until dead.” Cavk J. Cokts, Foreman of Jury. FIXAI. KKNTF.NOK BY THE COt’KT. Judge Hays addressed the prisoner as follows: ” You, James Robinson, have heen tried by a jury of your countrymen, selected by yoiirseif, for grand’ larceny, and found guilty of the same, and the jury affixed the punishment’of death as the penalty. You are now brought before the Court to hear the final sen–‘tenoT’of the law prnvrovuio.v'(- by the Court. Have you anything to say why the sentence should not now be pronounced? (A pause.) Having none, the Court order, adjudge and decree that you, James Robinson, be taken to the jail of the county of San Diego and put in the custody of the Sheriti’of naid county, there to he safely and securely kept until Saturday, the 18th day of September next. Retween the hours of 111 o’clock A. M. and 8 o’clock I. !■• • you will be taken lrom thence by the Sheriff of said county to the place of execution, and there hung by the neck until you are dead.” PRKPARIXO for DKATH. Yankee Jim thought, up to the moment be was swung off into eternity, that they would not hang him. He did not object to the two men, Stewart and Wall, from whom he stole the boat, sitting on the jury. He probably thought that tbey would not be hard on him, because they had recovered the boat uninjured. The Roman Catholic priests were attentive to his spiritual welfare, but he still entertained the impression that he would not need the intercession in this emergency. It is a matter of history that the pioneers of California were deliberate in making up their minds, hut when once made Up, the decree was unchangeable. And thus it proved in this case.

    THE HANGING, The gallows consisted of two beams planted in the ground with a heavy liar across the top. It was located in Old Town, on the spot where Whaley’s brick house now stands. On the IHth day of September Yankee Jim was taken from his little adobe jail room, where he had been closely guarded, and placed in a wagon. Two Catholic priests accompanied him and dhl their utmost to convince him that his time was near and to impress him with the Importance of being prepared for the future state. To the wagon was attached a span of mules with old Gustave Fisher as driver. On reaching the gallows the priest alighted and the wagon was driven under the fatal noose. The rope was adjusted around Yankee Jim’s neck and he delivered his farewell speech to the large crowd that had gathered to witness the execution. He told them he had been a good man and given piles of gold to help poor men. I’lider-Sheritt’Crosth-waite, who superintended the execution stood on the ground near the wagon and listened patiently to Yankee Jim’s story until it was a quarter of three o’clock. He linally Ordered Fisher to drive on, ami the old man applied his whip freely to the mules. V ankee Jim kept his feet in the wagon aa long as possible, but was finally nulled off, He swung back and forth like a pendulum, until he strangled to death. Ami thus ended the career of the dreaded desperado, Yankee Jim. Subsequently bis accomplices in the grand larceny were tried by the same jury, and sentenced to the State Prison for a year. They never returned to San Diego.

    We even get a call from Dylan who says he is going on an ethnic cleansing spree.

    I think Yankee Jim and his Mestizo wife would fit in perfectly in Tel Aviv.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Yankee Jim Leshkevich…/NEWS/80219028

    Police find two dead in Hurley home
    By John Sullivan
    February 19, 2008

    HURLEY— State investigators are looking into the unexplained deaths of two residents of a Morgan Hill Road home.

    State police checked on the residence of James and Deborah Leshkevich around 11 a.m., after Deborah’s co-worker grew worried about her welfare. Police entered the home to find both James, 52, and Deborah, 55, dead in separate parts of the house.

    Jame’s body was found in the attached garage, while Deborah was found in a bedroom, police said.

    Leshkevich, who often posted anti-semetic or racist comments online, going by the names “Yankee James” or “Yankee Jim.” In November of 2005 he supported white supremacist Hal Turner’s protest trip to Kingston.

    Leshkevich posted a rambling message on his own blog yesterday saying his wife was cheating on him.

    State investigators are investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide, according to a news release. No further information about the investigation is presently available.

    ~ Simple question- if your wife was cheating on you would you post it on the internet? Someone who had plans to disappear might. Better question, if your wife was a Mestizo or a Jewess and you were a pro white Stormfront/Hal Turner show star would you tell everyone on the internet your wife was cheating on you? Do you smell it? Odd the media didnt say he was also a Stormfront poster.

    The news stories continually call this guy a “White Separatist” and he is married to a non white. Maybe he is or was a Jew, they are the white separatists who want whites gone. Either way it is just more Stormfront hypocrisy- this guy obviously didnt care he was in bed with the people he claimed he hated all over Stormfront. So what we have is counter productive jewish BS that Donnie Schwartz Black welcomed with both arms. If you arent a Christian Jews have nothing against you it is only the white people who know who and what Jews are that they hate. They can put their imposters in and take them out when they want when there is no free speech to expose them beforehand.

    The Don Black show has about 5 callers, all of them make up about 20 identities….Jews love to entertain and lie at the same time. I hope I have pointed that out on this site over time. Today one woman was 3 different personalities almost beating Roger from Minnesota’s personal best. Folks it is a jew circus complete with clowns.

    David Duke seems to have a love affair with Patrick Slattery, excuse me Dr. Slattery, who used to celebrate Hannukah. Folks celebrating Hannukah is dumb, but admitting to celebrating it is QUEER!

    Today Dr Duchovny is calling Jews Hebrews, this is a Dr folks but only a doctor by Jewish standards. Hebrews arent Jews folks and anyone can chime in and prove me wrong. The fact that nobody seems to understand the BS Duke perpetuates should be loud and clear to all of you. Jews arent Hebrews, yes thats right and if you actually read the Bible you would know this. I bet Dr Duke read all the jew books his jew controlled college made him read too, but its obvious that he hasnt read the most important book in the world and claims to be Christian with his phones shut off to expose just how little he does know and how he is nothing but a Grand Marshal leading his followers right into a muddy, smelly bog of dung.

    I once heard Donald Black claim that Duke was always talking about Jews “Jews Jews Jews” he said and he wasnt kidding. Duke claimed he wouldnt talk about Jews for the rest of the show and didnt. The only reason they are even talking about Jews is they have to be in front of the parade, thats why they are there. I wouldnt follow these pussies to a Swedish cheerleader party.

    And folks I sometimes dont capitalize jews because I dont believe hitting a capital key is worth the effort.

  3. Mel that audio bar won’t play. Does it work for you?
    “The Stormfront gang claims Edgar is guilty.” Edgar Steele?

    Stormfront is community outreach for the govt/jews.

    Here is the Jewiest looking picture yet that I have seen of The duke.:

    • melgibstein says:

      Odd it plays for me. It is the Stormfront show with Don Black on the Rense Radio Network audio archives
      16 minute mark

      or here –

      7/21/15 show second hour.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yes its photo op time with the yenta. Is this the broad Black ended up with? She looks jewier than a pinched penny. They are doing nothing but using that cross to cover it in dung.

      They even have hash marks in the KKK, but they are “non violent”.

      What the hell is “non violent”? Does that mean they stick their arses up in the air when attacked? I think so.

      Can you imagine telling the world that Jews have totally devastated everything our countries stand for and then say “Im non violent”. I cant even express how ridiculous that is.

      Generally I am non violent, I dont go flailing my arms and legs at people for no reason, but if you show every sign there is of destroying my country and my people you are damned right I will get violent and I was in the Marines doing just that earlier in my life except it was perfectly normal then. We need to get normal with a normal government of our own as it was intended.

      A government run by Jews is not my government nor Gods despite what these lame brained lemmings try to convince us of. They do not believe in God and they dont know what a Jew even is.

  4. Ray Zerwitt says:

    This pop science is a baal idol. At the root of these huge structures they’ve concocted in their imaginations is a premise unproven by science or thoroughly disproven by science. Genetic integrity is lost at every generation. Extinction is inevitable. Is there any proof that the biology of man is improving? All they have of our predecessors is their bones. Mongrelization and inbreeding compound the weakenesses, not the strengths. These so called WN’s would have it all go to hell in a handbasket and the sooner the better. It’s jew fruit hidden in demagoguery.

    Science can say 2 things about the universe: nothing and squat. Science can’t see it. These trekkie pop science magic thinkers can’t even apply what they believe long enough to figure out the night sky isn’t what it looks like and never did look like that. That hubble picture of the Andromeda galaxy, isn’t that pretty. Except that’s not what it looks like, and never did look like that and isn’t even where the telescope is pointing, and probably never was. It’s beyond the power of science to find out where it is and what it looks like. These assholes would have you believe that their fantasy science makes them omniscient and therefore worthy of your worship. Nothing ever changes under the sun. The baal priests and religions did the very same thing to get the sacrifices and the waste of the best people. They cry and cry and cry over the Israelites mission to destroy the Canaanite poison pill. It comes up Talmudic anti-law every time. They show you one side of the coin. Every load of the sophistical bullshit they call science, since 1900, needs to be flushed down the shitter. Ever since we’ve been seeing those rhyming names in our sacred institutions of higher learning. They’ve been training obedient cattle ever since then. It’s up to the Elohim to stop that Talmudic shit. I remember when those WN assholes used to quote the Talmud directly in their blog comments. That was, until Christians got wise to what that gutter book says.

    I used to get in a big huff about how stupid they are. Remember “The truth is not in them”. That means they can’t understand proof. At the root of my disenchantment with them was my insistence that we’re all equal. My indoctrination by the loud mouthed jews. “Be as wise as the serpent” is another one. That starts with understanding what the stakes are for them. Any fanatical goofballs on that WN bandwagon bandwagon better get off of it. They’re pushing a baal religion and the first thing they’ll do is poison your mind. I fell for it for about 3 months, myself. The Elohim need to wake up right aout now as to what their duty is. “To whom much is given, much is expected”, or your cup will be filled with torment. Get with your Father.

    • melgibstein says:

      I honestly never cared for Stormfront and didnt know why, I just knew it was sour even when I knew little about it. It was obviously lacking true biblical teaching, some of which I didnt know back then too, but it was void of all so called Christianity. I only went on there to expose Hal Turner as a liar who claimed he was involved in the Iranian hostage mission. I am not proud of being a Marine whatsoever, I was duped as many others were thinking they were doing something honorable for their country and at one time maybe it was just like school may have been good before the Jews got into them and bussed in their slaves. We have to be able to determine the difference. I went on Stormfront to honor dead Marines who I befriended who died for America at the behest of Jew deceit in Lebanon. Stormfront doesnt care about deceit obviously because they could have nailed Turner to their jew cross right there and then for impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger and a US Marine, they didnt. That showed me everything and this was posted on Stormfront for everyone to see. I was getting more positive ratings than people there for years and I was there for around 4 days if I recall. Don Black had his fat warped head into every post I made. I told him to get lost.

      • Stormfront show Don Black 7/21/15 show second hour:

        1) “I chose not to take a stand on that case”.
        2) “he had a pretty weak case when you are Writing love letters to yout eastern european cutie from jail, that was kind of weird”
        3) “you know some people reallY are guilty”
        4) “dont bother to call in again”

        So Dons argument is:

        The justice system and government are to be trusted.
        Problem is they are run by jews.

        A guilty verdict means the accused was guilty.
        Problem is the justice system and government are corrupt.

        Steele wrote love letters to an eastern european cutie from jail, which was kind of weird.
        This is supposed to infer Steele had a weak case? was guilty? This is an attempt to misdirect attention from the major problems associated with the case which are obvious if one has a love of the truth.

        You know what this reminds me of? Leo Frank and Mary Fagin.

  5. Ray Zerwitt says:

    There is boldness and there is woofing smack from behind your momma’s dress, which can look like boldness, but isn’t. In the case of Adolph Hitler, Edgar J Steele and Bill White, it was boldness. They paid the price to serve their love. Everyone believed Hal Turner was the boldest man alive at one time or another. He was probably partly sincere, if there is such a thing. But, the truth was: his neck was safe. The internet has always been a magnet for liars and people who feel diminished in their own personal effect on people they see and meet, ever since the days of the BBS’s. That makes it jew Disneyland. The classest people I met on the internet felt diminished by it, because they couldn’t really bring the full force of their personality, in it’s full gestaldt, to the dialogue. I don’t trust April Gaede and these other bravado. It looks scripted, year after year, it’s the same. It’s the weak anti Semitism the jews would have the goyim digest. I will believe the ones who pledged their life and honored that. It’s a shitty little thing they succeed so well in intimidating us with. “Who will lose his life will save it”. So true.

      • melgibstein says:

        Yeah, I didnt want to ask.

        You heard what I heard, Don Black let a fellow white man get murdered by the JOG. He is without a doubt in my mind a Jew or a paid informant. Stormfront folks dont want anyone to talk about Jews being removed from our country because its the only thing that will actually solve our problems. Why we arent all talking about it is proof all our movements so called are controlled. Our problems will be solved when paid informant or Jew David Duke becomes president so he can then lock us up for throwing Jews out.

        They cant take phone calls and discuss issues so why would they ever be any good to us doing anything physically? Let me make this clear I am saying this not you or anyone else. I wholeheartedly believe the only answer to this is to remove them physically. To believe this problem will go away any other way is looney tunes. I have no trust or respect for the jew controlled government today and it is not American or of God, our media is totally jew controlled, our money is jewish toilet paper. Its time to go on the offensive and quit talking like jailhouse punks. You hang people who are treasonous to your country or you are a slave.

        Start with the 9/11 case and that kike Hellerstein as judge. Demand a new case without the actual criminals determining its outcome or we make our own case. Demand a new case for Edgar Steele, if they used a fake tape to frame him it can be proven it was fake. Demand a free media to expose this obvious Jew crime on the main stream, demand this Jewish Fed be hanged for treason because it is. These Stormfronters are our worst enemies not our friends. As Black says “sometimes” people are guilty, yes they are and sometimes people need to be hanged by the people who have a corrupt government as we do.

        Pushing this Trump wet dream is partially how they do it, they fill the gullible with false hope when they know Trumps entire life has been a Jew shoeshine boy if not a Jew himself. They are putting fear into us in every direction and we are giving them nothing back. The chaos is going to happen no matter what we do and if that isnt obvious by now we are morons. They tell us to do nothing and that we should just vote for some scumbag, Im sorry folks that isnt the answer and if taking Jews out of our government by force isnt a viable option (starting with the Fed) we are doomed as a people and we will sit back and watch it every step of the way. I’d rather die fighting or keep fighting living, but Jews and their controlled faggots need to hang or go. Id give them one quick choice. To have all this happening to us and our countries today and not even have a group of people standing up to this is shameful. Our leaders are not our leaders they were put in place before the street signs were even in our towns, thats what they do. Its going to take sacrifice and if we cant even obtain one main stream media outlet to tell what Jews have done to our country(s) then we need to take one over. People will now claim I am ADL or whatever, but that is the only option left. We either wake up our people or we let them die. Radio shows and websites arent going to cut it, we dont have the flash mob power to screw in a light bulb unless we have something to rally around and rallying around sold out shoeshine boys like Trump is suicide.

      • melgibstein says:

        To Ray, please do not associate me with Bill White *Weiss I trust this guy like I do Frank Collin Cohen. I beg you.

  6. melgibstein says:

    I believed Hal Turner up until a call I made to him and it had to do with the Marines. I remember saying “oh no, not you too” because I was stumped. I was totally into that show until that call. he was lying out his arse and showed zero remorse or shame. I went back and forth with him on many many emails with him and Yankee Jim, I could call in and say, “dont think you are doing a show tonight” and there would be no show. I had the magic bullet, he even offered me my own show for free (a bribe). He didnt know me. I then saw that everything was a sham and I had a Jew cornered and tried to pass it off to Stormfront who should have eaten it up and they did nothing.

    I dont care who you are if you lie I dont want you in the forefront of a movement against Jews, thats exactly what Stormfront does and they are two sides of the same coin. Could Turner have been legit? No, because all of his troubles began right after my call to him on the air. Pretending to be a combat veteran in those days was still against the law, not even sure if it still is. He needed an out. It would have been a lot worse if I didnt pick up on that lie, he would have lined up something big. The fact that his pal Yankee Jim murdered his wife or was able to make it look like he did, either way is more than a fluke.

  7. ” Its going to take sacrifice and if we cant even obtain one main stream media outlet to tell what Jews have done to our country(s) than we need to take one over. People will now claim I am ADL or whatever, but that is the only option left. We either wake up our people or we let them die.”

    Mel, you cannot fight YAHWAHS plans. He is in charge. The Holy Scriptures tell us the world hates the truth. Not all white people are Israel. In fact, Israel is a fraction of whites and among them only a fraction are starting to want meat and not milk. You think that America will want to hear you broadcasting from FoxNews? If you had ALL the media channels the bulk of white America would think that you are nuts to say Jews are not Gods chosen people. They have blind leaders to lead them into the ditch. Those blind leaders are from YAHWAH.

    Jesus Christ submitted to evil. Think about that.

    • Sorry. I made a mistake. Jesus Christ submitted to the evil Jews who crucified him when he could have destroyed them. He refused to become the leader of the (ADAMIC) Judeans in a political/ruler.type of sense. Think about that. He did the will of his Father.

    • melgibstein says:

      There was no greater man than John the Baptist so if we are really Israelites or Christians why arent we emulating him? We sacrifice our kids for the Jew and sacrifice nothing for our own. That has to change.

  8. melgibstein says:

    Edgar Steele’s wife (I know she isnt of any importance here, only Don Black and David Duke should be trusted here) says the tape used to put Steele away was BOGUS! Why would they have to make a bogus tape if he was guilty? Counselor Don Advo doesnt care! Some lawyer eh? This is a clown.

    The jew Fairfax put the bombs on the cars….the proof the JOG needs is Steele paying him and telling him to do it and guess what? The jew Fairfax is free! We could start by hanging this bastard too. They made their own evidence with a tape, something that shouldnt even be admissible in a court. This case is a true lawyers dream come true and a Turner Classic movie…….but it dried up and withered away.

    This is Time Machine reality.

    Folks you have to be absolutely PO’d. If you arent you are dead spiritually.

    • bharford says:

      Youre right, but sadly Edgar is now dead.
      All she can do now is show the fraud and sue them all personally along with the state for its corruption.

      • melgibstein says:

        The sad part of it is whites cant even muster enough people together to save one of their own, yet Blacks and Jews muster against us daily.

      • melgibstein says:

        she will be swarmed by jew sayanim. I bet she got some new neighbors recently.She alone cant do a thing it needs to be a group thing, but as we can see when serious issues come up our Stormfront Nazi’s become jailhouse punks.

  9. melgibstein says:

    I wonder if Dylan knew Golds gym was actually owned by a Jew named duh Gold. I know Pastor Dankof works out there, maybe David Duke does too. Maybe someone should ask him, you will have to get past his body guard Donnie Schwantz first.

    Maybe we should shut down Golds Gym.

  10. Brit in Norway says:

    Thanks for sticking up for Ed Steele, Mel. God rest his soul. The whole case was an obvious set up and they left him to rot. He faced it with courage. I’m not even sure how much of the Russian bride stuff was fabricated to make him look bad. As you said: Fairfax the bomber is out !! They wanted him put away to make an example – Steele knew how to speak. Few of his calibre around at this time.

    • melgibstein says:

      Lets suppose Steele wrote to some Russian bimbo (jew) on the internet, which I dont believe he did, how does this connect him with putting pipe bombs under his cars? Thats enough proof for Donnie Schwartz and Advo (and Duke) even though they have no proof. Anyone who wants to clean our tree out should jump on this bandwagon and expose these traitors (or jews). Schwartz says “he was writing his Russian cutie in jail”. All the work this guy did was cancelled out because of some letter he has zero proof of (where did this proof come from his executioners?). It was admitted by Fairfax that he placed the bombs under the cars and also made the so called tape that became the evidence that sealed the case. From there all you have to do is get a jew jury in place like Nuremberg and the job is done. The Stormfronter’s arent capable of seeing this…….or they are Feds (Jews themselves). I truly believe they are Feds because I can only go with my own gut and my gut has served me well. Nobody is that sold out except Jews or very very gutless whites and I think Don Black could be either one of these. He was going to be a “phythithistht” (physicist) in college you knoooow?

      They need you to have a leader and they know you want a leader, unfortunately they run the media and the media has also picked these idiots as our leaders. More Hollywood, our leader needs to be the truth. That means wide open free speech and perverted talk should be the only speech quashed.

      Steele was fairly well known and any criminal behaviour whatsoever that happened around him he knew would be planted on him, he must have. The guy wasnt that stupid. If Jews wanted him to look bad they would have shown all his writings and how foolish he supposedly was, they couldnt do that because it was too true. Listen to Don Black for 15 minutes, he’s full of dog barf (I dont mean the noise either).

      • Brit in Norway says:

        I share your visceral disgust about this and agree with you. He was perhaps also onto something in the trafficking of Russian women which accounts for them throwing caution to the wind in prosecuting him. It is very telling those who wrote online who did not point out the farcical nature of the prosecution. They may even have killed him inside to avoid the retrial. I know he had health problems, but still all too convenient for them that he died. Must be hard for his wife and family.

  11. Brit in Norway says:

    Another thing: didn’t the Russian he was alleged to have fell in love with have the surname “Loginova”. Almost sounded like a joke name “login” and again, they got her to testify by video? In any case it was irrelevant except for them desperately trying to give him a motive to kill his wife. The audio tape of Fairfax should have been inadmissible . What was even more disturbing was the abuse of judicial process in his trial.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yeah he was investigating Jews in the Russian slave trade and Jews were investigating him in the FBI. Add in a Jew controlled judge and a jew jury and its a jew sham. Donnie Black doesnt think that could ever happen. “Jews Jews Jews” he claims. Whats amazing is how many wooses we have on the West Coast who could have kept track of all of this. All we basically have is his wife and she claims Edgar was innocent. Jews have to keep this thing hushed for various reasons, When all powerful Stormfront could have been used to rally the boys they ducked under a bridge.When our fearless leader David Duke was called in he ran like a jailhouse punk. What the hell good is he? I would rather remain anonymous and tell the truth than be a star and run. If 500 anonymous people started posting about this case like they should it wouldnt matter because people would wake up. We cant expect other lawyers like Advo to do something because they are obviously rats who are in it for their own reasons. What better reason to be in it than this and if you know this guy is guilty lets hear why and not just because he was writing ehhhh “his cutie”.

    • melgibstein says:

      The audio tape of Fairfax should have been inadmissible .

      If anything about this case is true this is and the silence of the lemmings is loud and clear beginning with the so called lawyer Don Advo. He obviously agrees that a made up tape should be admissable in any case whatsoever.

      That in itself shows me I/we are on the right side.

  12. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I found the link to Bill White’s ‘’ in one of Edgar J Steele’s rants or articles, with a strong caution. “With a strong caution” is a thing I employ regular. I was impressed when Bill White shook that WN tree and all manner of pervert and satanist fell out of it. I took a look around their little WN Satanist website and found out where they get all of their clichés and so-called contradictions, that they all parrot verbatim. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, they jump, if any of them are truly white people. Right into the arms of another jew savior, something they incessantly accuse Christians of. If Bill White was an asset, he sure went rogue. He’s in prison now for going apostate to protocol # 9 (is it?). That’s about all I know about him.

    The last thing I intended was to associate you with him or any WN. I was surprised to see that.

    Is there more I should know about Bill White?

    • melgibstein says:

      Feel free to post this link. Bill White is a Frank Collin, that is my understanding. If you hang out in a Nazi costume and look like a Jew that pretty much does it for me. As for proof he is a Jew, I didnt listen to him enough to make that accusation and dont particularly want to.

      Looks like Steele went against some of the Stormfront Boys, one is a usual guest on the David Duke show, Fields. I had no idea Steele had ever used Bill White as an example of truth.

      The entire white so called nationalist group are a bunch of imbeciles.

      The last thing I intended was to associate you with him or any WN. I was surprised to see that.

      No problem, thanks for bringing it up.

      • melgibstein says:

        On that specific page is an old Hal Turner pal “Von Bluvens”. I once called into a show, I dont know if it was Wickstroms show or Turner and told the listeners I was going to be on the Bruce Williams show on AM radio who let me call in about Jews every so often. I think he was hell bent on flattening me but couldnt so he kept letting me call in and getting into some serious discussion about jews. Back then I was not as astute perhaps about Jews as I am now or will be, but I held my ground quite well back then. I told the listeners to call in and that Bruce would welcome all calls. Well Von Bluvens called in before I even got on and got his arse handed to him by Bruce Williams. Bluvens had to start talking about how Jews were treating the Palestinians and nothing about what is happening here in America. Williams asked him, “have you ever been there?” and Von Bluvens just got his behind whipped for the rest of the time on.

        Williams then pulled the same line on me later when I was on and I said not only have I been there, but I lived on the border in the late 80s (in Egypt) and asked him “have you ever been there?” and he had to claim he was there on vacation. I told him I wasnt on vacation and if he would like to hear what I saw there beginning with my first Jewish taxi driver who stopped for lunch on the way (and took the long way) to Jerusalem and charged us all for the time he sat and ate to the Jewish hookers all over me on the Tel Aviv boardwalk.. He shut up about the place immediately.

        Eventually his phone number was unreachable from my location.

        I can only assume Von Bluvens called in to discredit me.

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