Gone Baby Gone The Departed

We get paid big money to do the Jews work and if you dont like it, you dont get no movies.

We get paid big money to do the Jews work and if you dont like it, you dont get no movies.

The Departed

This filthy movie is being played over and over again about the so called Irish Mob in Boston where the Irish are selling secrets to the Chinese, dealing drugs and murdering whoever gets in their way. It’s about corrupt Irish cops, deadbeat Irish Dads who can’t please their own women, lesbian sex and just about every vile Jewish trait there is planted on the Irish people and not a single person saw it as an insult. You see the Irish, like the Italians like to see their own people portrayed as Jews on that TV or movie screen or one would speak out, that is if they had any free speech. Jews own a few sold out traitors and simply parade them in front of us for as long as we live because we do nothing to stop it. We love movies because we learn stuff we wouldn’t normally learn in real life, only it isn’t real.

What can you expect from the scumbag Scorsese who claims he once contemplated being a

Never met a Jew I didnt kiss arse Scorsese

Never met a Jew I didnt kiss arse Scorsese

Catholic priest and woke up to Jews, he became a Jew instead. He brought all his scum Hollywood actors in to portray the Irish as turncoats, rats, spies (exactly who the actors actually are in real life and everything but Irish). Leonardo DiCaprio who walks like he has a roll of quarters up his arse was the star along with Mat Demon (Diamond) and the Jew Marky Mark Wahlberg who survives in the end just like the little Jew did in The Perfect Storm. The Jews always win in the end in the movies (even if they are 4 feet tall).

I could go on and on about this movie, but the bottom line is it was just a Jew attack on the Irish. Jews are allowed to do their little movies about all of us and we can’t even call a Jew a God damned Jew. Folks it’s pathetic, we need to take these people out for the same reasons they have been taking us out.

Check out the latest Liam Neeson movies, he is either chasing Arabs or he is depicted as an ex Irish mobster who was also a deadbeat Dad and killed lots o’ folks that his conscience never overcomes (guilt however we know is definitely not a Jewish trait) and of course he becomes a drunk. The

From Rob Roy to Oy Vey!

From Rob Roy to Oy Vey!

movie “Taken” and “Taken 2” might as well have been called “Munich 2 and 3”.

Everyone’s darling Remington Steele’s, Pierce Brosnan in his latest movie is an assassin, a bomber of anyone that gets in the way in “Survivor”. This movie was not actually a movie it was Jewish degradation of Irish people- period. Jews can make the Irish into bombers of innocent people, mad evil Scientist type Nazi’s and we can’t even talk about Jews actually doing 9/11 when they did. It is as if Jews are changing us into them right on your TV screen. You of course are the slave masters, the bombers, the drug runners, the spies who betray their own country(s), the sexual predators, the child molesting clergy, the manipulators of government, corrupters of investigative agencies and the Jews are war heroes, patriots, honorable Judges, the misunderstood people, the victims, etc. Folks we are going to have to stop this nonsense and start calling it what it is and start by calling these actors, media people and politicians the traitors they are.

Jews want everything they are to become you and everything we are to become them and

Two terrorists groups and one innocent group of bystanders.

Two terrorists groups and one innocent group of bystanders.

they know how to do it because they have been doing it for thousands of years. Most of you know everything about the so called history of the Jews and know nothing about your own people. The Stormfronters love to say that most people know how many Jews supposedly died in WWII and have no clue how many Americans or even whites died. In every investigation, and let me tell you that you are the investigators now not our investigative agencies, you have to study patterns to know what the criminals next move is going to be and why. If you don’t know that pattern by now they already have you whipped, you have been erased, you’re gone! Enjoy your movies.

It's ehhh your island!

It’s ehhh your island!

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One Response to Gone Baby Gone The Departed

  1. melgibstein says:

    The next time you side with Jews against the Germans first study this


    Brighd where we get the root of “bright”. The Phoenicians used the swastika as the symbol of the Polaris or North Star, the brightest star.

    While you are at that I want you to study https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuireann and its relationship to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taranis the ancient Irish (not their name back then) word for Thor.

    The truth is there folks, we just arent allowed to seek it and it has become unacceptable to do so as Joe Sobran, a friend of mine and Jesus (Yashua) once said “for fear of the Jews” not that he did, but Joe did a little. We together dont need to fear a single Jew.

    Bridget doesnt really love Bernie

    The Proto-Celtic language, also called Common Celtic, is the reconstructed ancestor language of all the known Celtic languages. Its lexis can be confidently reconstructed on the basis of the comparative method of historical linguistics. Proto-Celtic is a branch of the Western Indo-European languages, with the other branches Italic, Germanic, Albanian and Balto-Slavic. The exact relationships between these branches are under discussion. The earliest archaeological culture that may justifiably be considered as Proto-Celtic is the Late Bronze Age Urnfield culture of Central Europe from the last quarter of the second millennium BC.[1] By the Iron Age Hallstatt culture of around 800 BC, these people had become fully Celtic.[1]

    The reconstruction of Proto-Celtic is currently being undertaken. While Continental Celtic presents much substantiation for its phonology, and some for morphology, recorded material is too scanty to allow a secure reconstruction of syntax. Although some complete sentences are recorded in Gaulish and Celtiberian, the oldest substantial Celtic literature is found in Old Irish, the earliest recorded of the Insular Celtic languages.

    The Hallstatt culture came from where folks? You think der Fuhrer knew?

    Look at this map and study the Veneti

    The Veneti were the same as the Venetians and the Phoenicians, Celtic people of Brittany, the original Brits. Study the tribes of the Gauls and or the tribes of the Celts and trace them back……they come from the East and the ultimate Occidental Observers. Tell that to your nutty professor.

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