My Big Fat Jewish Greek Divorce

We Play Greeks on the Jew Tube

We Play Greeks on the Jew Tube

Well I guess there is no better place to start this thread than with the comments of David Duke. David, who doesn’t like to be called “Dave” thinks the Old Testament was Jewish and David is named after that Jewish King of the Old Testament and wants to be called David just like King David, go figure. He is a fan of Davey Crockett, but doesn’t want to be called Davey, no David will do. Folks this is a simple example of the schizophrenia of our SPLC put in place leaders. Yes they were put in place a long long time ago, but as anyone can see these pathetic leaders are still far behind the 8 ball on every issue. They don’t know the Bible from babel from a hole in a bagel.

Duke admits that the word “Europe” comes from the Phoenicians otherwise he would have to make up his own story for the word and he just isn’t original enough. So when Duke says “European People” he is talking about people of Europe, but believes Phoenicians were Arabs like the modern day Syrians that named Europe and we had no say in it as white people (the root of the word Phoenician is the same as fiona, bianca, Gwynn, Viena, Venetia which means “fair”, “white”, “blonde” or “holy”). “Holy” is also where the German word “heil” as in “Heil Hitler” comes from (and where we get the word “health”). You see the

Sorry folks but this guy is as white as they come and id fight along side him right now.

The other Hannibal Sorry folks but this guy is as white as they come and id fight along side him right now.

great white leader (a title the Jewish media helped make) doesn’t know the difference between geography and biology or the words he uses and thinks words aren’t important, just DNA BS he has zero proof of. He gives the white Nazis credit for walking on the moon, but he has zero proof of that either except what the Jewish controlled media says. Maybe he will call white people “moonies” next. Only a Jew could egg you on like that.

The truth is geography is not a people. Just think about it, if you took a Siamese cat and brought it to America from say an island in Tahiti ( or Katmandu) to America, how long would it become an American cat? Never because it is just a name for a specific breed of cat, there is no specific breed of white people, they all come from white people from the start and why they are called “the ethnos”. The ethnos is the ethnicity and mixed peoples are not the ethnicity- period. If you are mixed you are not white or the ethnos, “I’m so sorry”.

Recently I tried to find an apartment for not too much money and went to a really nice apartment complex thinking they advertised for my range and a short Mexican girl came

This is Bill OReillys Greek gal who thinks she is white, dates a Janes Addiction Satanist.

This is Bill OReillys Greek gal who thinks she is white, dates a Janes Addiction Satanist. Andrea Tantaros…….George Soros isnt a Jew either.

out to talk to me (a Mestizo who may have been from Kookaracha for all I know) knew that I had gotten the wrong address and had to break the news to me that these apartments were much much higher than whatever someone posted on Craigslist and she said ” Boo hoo hoo I am sooo sorry“, but these apartments are many more pesos than what you were told. Nothing like a young Mestizo crying because “gringo cannot afford a stinking apartment here  in his own country ha ha ha ha!”. Geography and biology in your face.

Greece is a very good example of this today and even the movie itself, it is chock full of Jews because Jews want you to think Greeks look like Jews, therefore Jews can be Greeks

Im from Louisiana

Im from Louisiana

and you wont know the difference between a Greek (white person) or a Jew (a mixed mongrel from only God knows where and nothing to do with geography). I have studied Duke and MacDonald for many years and know for a fact they keep you lost between these idiotic idioms involving geography and biology and you need to know the difference right down to your little toes.

A Black is somehow always an African, but there is no doubt that white people lived in Africa for thousands of years (and named the place) but are never called African, why? Why are we being lambasted with the word Europeans? Whites lived in Asia for thousands of years and how the word Caucasian came about, this was also a Phoenician word. Of course we would then have to look into who named the stars and who the greatest navigators of the world were that used these stars for navigation before anyone. David Duke claims these were Arabs and that white people gained their knowledge from the Arabs and gained their biblical knowledge from the Jews. Well if I were Duke I would be pretty scared to enter a true debate on biology and geography too believing this nonsense. Lets not put the blame on just Duke here either, this is the entire Stormfront circus including Professor of BS MacDonald who says he is Scottish not Irish and in the Scottish Declaration of Arbroath the Scots claim to be Scythians from guess where folks? They didn’t say they came out of the north then traveled to the Middle East and then traveled back to the North again. “No I am soo sorry”, No I’m afraid that is not what happened nor was it what the Scots claimed happened.

Folks, this was the only way to save the white race back in the day, a Phoenician ship.

Folks, this was the only way to save the white race back in the day, a Phoenician ship.

Does anyone know how people got to Ireland? Did they fly there in Enki helicopters from Sumeria or did they get there on ships? It isn’t difficult to track the history of the Phoenicians, Gauls, Celts or whatever the many names white people took on, they were white and their biology has not changed. Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Scotland, modern day England all had to be reached by sea as America was reached by sea long before the Jew ship from Spain (once Iberia or Eberia) in 1492 the same year Jews were expelled from that geographical location. You see Jews were expelled not Spaniards, Spaniards wanted Jews gone or converted. You see these were David Duke morons even then who thought Jews could even be an ideology too and not just a biology and a geography (they are whatever you allow them to be because they are obviously special people above all others and they will lie your shorts clean off, some don’t like others to see this).

My name could easily be stolen by a Jew, does that make a Jew part of my family? Does it make a Jew even geographically related to me? Does a Greek Jew make a Jew related to Alexander the Great? You would then have to study what the biological make up of a Jew actually is and coincidentally what the word Jew even means and what the word “Greek” means. Do you understand this? I look at the actors in the “Greek Wedding” movie which I never saw and all I see is Jews and maybe a sold out white who thinks he or she is Greek somewhere in there, but the original Greeks were snow white folks and Greece wasnt even the same as it is today. There were no Jew mongrel Greeks back then in fact there were people living in Greece who didn’t call themselves Greek, but they were white (and more groups than one who never referred to themselves as Greek, Phoenicians were one of these). Greek is another word that has been perverted to direct your way of thinking and any moron can see how they have been duped if they only had the teachers to teach them which David Duke can never be.

What I am trying to get through here today is how Jews have used words against you so you are thrown off from the truth. If there was no truth Jews would not need a reason to throw you off and if there were no white people there would be no so called “mixed people” or Arabs, Judeans, Mestizos would never exist. They are called “mixed” because of one reason…there are people who believe they are not mixed and I haven’t heard anyone, not even a doctor or a professor show me that whites are mixed except…………David Duke claiming that modern day people from Spain are white and people of Italy are more expressive because they are a different kind of white. No folks this is BS. Duke actually believes Al Capone was a white man. Folks this is beyond ridiculous, this is cartoon land. You have to understand what is being played on you just like Hollywood that Duke claims he so abhors. Folks, Hollywood isn’t just in California and on that Jew TV and movie screen it is on your radio and internet too.

Greeks were white, the Romans were white, both places were pillaged by non whites led by the Jews and is a huge piece of history you need to know. When someone tells you who they are by a geography, especially one they never lived on just look for the babel. I will

David Duke and the Professor of the white race MacDonald think Capone was a white man. Why folks? What is the reason? Are you trusting people over your own common sense?

David Duke and the Professor of the white race MacDonald think Capone was a white man. Why folks? What is the reason? Are you trusting people over your own common sense?

tell you where the real intelligence comes from in our world today and that is in the ability to seek out hypocrisies and destroy them, seek out common sense issues that have been programmed into us for a dog’s age and challenge them, most of which are very simple and we have given into these hypocrisies because we have trusted others to take us to the truth. How can these people claim to be Christians or people who studied the Bible and have no knowledge of biblical history?

The only truth is your spirit, your big fat non Jewish spirit! That is the only truth there is and the ability to use it to seek out what on this earth is true and what on this earth is a lie. Some will claim everything is just a lie making us all equivalent liars.

Folks that is as they say Greek to me and it is Greek only because nobody is willing to tell you who and or where it (the truth) comes from. It doesnt come from a Jew college professors text book. Always remember Semion Mogilevich has a college degree (and could easily pass as one of todays Greeks)

Militay Ag-glika?

Milatay Ag-glika? I do. How else would I lie to you?

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4 Responses to My Big Fat Jewish Greek Divorce

  1. Brilliance will always be simple! As I always tell people, just look at the face and you will know which race such person is from. Don’t get confused by his name or supposed geographic location, that’s just a façade.

    Look at the face and know the race!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Excellent article ‘Mel’.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Nice site JP and will have to do some reading there soon. Welcome back Chris.

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