Yulees Gold

Yulee likes gold

Yulee likes gold

Bare with me here for a bit and just soak in all the hypocrisy for a few moments and read on.


David Levy Yulee (born David Levy; June 12, 1810 – October 10, 1886) was an American politician and attorney of Jewish Moroccan origins from Florida, a territorial delegate to Congress, the first Jewish[5] member of the United States Senate and a member of the Confederate Congress during the American Civil War. He founded the

David Yulee ehh ehhh Levy

David Yulee ehh ehhh Levy

Florida Railroad Company and served as president of several other companies, earning the nickname of “Father of Florida Railroads.”[6] In 2000 he was recognized as that year’s “Great Floridian” by the state.

Levy added Yulee to his name, the name of one of his Moroccan ancestors, soon after his 1846 marriage to the daughter of ex-Governor Charles A. Wickliffe of Kentucky. Though Yulee became Christian and raised his children as Christians, he was subject to antisemitism throughout his career.[citation needed] Yulee supported slavery and secession. He was imprisoned for nine months after the war as a prisoner of state at Fort Pulaski before being pardoned. He then returned to railroad building.[7]


Now I want you to read some letters going back and forth between “The Beast” General Benjamin F Butler and Myer S Isaacs. This is not about anything but Jews and will not go into depth with Butler or Myers and who they were, this is just to show how Jews have weaseled into names, places, identities and basically whatever they can. Understand that these letters may not have ever occurred, but what is true is that Jews claim that it did so the content really is not important except what their definition of what a Jew is.

From- http://www.jewish-history.com/civilwar/general.html

CORRESPONDENCE of General Benjamin F. Butler
with Myer S. Isaacs, editor of The Jewish Messenger

Headquarters 18th Army Corps,
Department of Virginia and North Carolina,
Fortress Monroe, Feb. 4th, 1864

Im an Irish Jew, but Im not one on TV

Im an Irish Jew, but Im not one on TV


Your letter in regard to the report of Gen. Graham’s expedition, in which it was said that five Jews were captured trying to run the blockade, inquiring of me why I have specified the religion of these contraband traders, and commenting upon the act, as if I wished to make invidious religious distinctions, is received.

The manner in which the phrase got itself into the telegraphic reports, was very simple. The report of the return of the expedition was made to me, and as it was made I dictated portions of it to the telegraph, using the words of the report, so that it was, in fact, done without thought on my part, and only in the course of business, as I should have mentioned any other fact, reported to me by my subordinate, when reporting to my superior.

But since my attention has been drawn to it by your comments, and others of the press, I really do not see any reason for changing the phrase.

It was meant, when used, to designate nationality, and not religion, as one would say, five Irishmen, five Germans, or five Italians. I have always considered the Jews a nationality, although possessing no country. The closeness with which they cling together, the aid which they afford each other, on all proper, and sometimes improper occasions, the fact that nearly all of them pursue substantially the same employment, so far as I have known them—that of traders, merchants, and bankers—the very general obedience to the prohibition against marriage with Gentiles, their faith, which looks forward to the time when they are to be gathered together in the former land of their nation,—all serve to show a closer tie of kindred and nation among the Hebrews, and a greater homogeneity than belongs to any other nation, although its people live in closer proximity. So that while I disclaim all intention of any reflection upon their national religion, which was the foundation and typical of that of the

we're jews too, ask us how.

we’re jews too, ask us how.

Christian world, and, holding to the doctrines of Christianity with reverence for the Saviour, no one can stigmatize all Jews, yet one may be reasonably permitted in speaking of that nation, to suppose there may be in all the Jews of the South, two of whom certainly are in the Confederate Cabinet, at least five who might attempt to carry on a contraband trade. Because, it may be reverently remembered that when the Saviour, aided by Omniscience, undertook to choose twelve confidential friends from among that nation, he got one that “was a thief and had a devil.”

I have the honor to be,
Very respectfully yours,
Maj. Gen. U.S.V.

Jews obviously added that last line in or Butler had absolutely zero clue what a Jew or a Hebrew is or was. He bases what a Jew is on the Bible, although he never read the Bible deeply enough to determine the difference between Hebrews and Jews and the next letter proves that the Jew doesn’t know the difference between Jews, Hebrews and Israelites, they all seem to be joined into one happy unmixed family (when Jews claim they too are unmixed racially)..  MG

And now the Jew response. This is historical to Jews so this is important.

To M. S. Isaacs.

150 Nassau Street
New York, Feb. 9, 1864.

Maj. Gen. Butler, U.S.V.:


Your letter dated the 4th inst., reached me today. I am obliged to you for the full and frank exposition of your views. Would you object to the publication of your letter?

I regret to find so grievous a misconception or rather conflict of ideas, as to the meaning of the term “Jew.” I do not propose trespassing upon your patience by argument or illustration, farther than this: I am a native American and proud of it—I attend Synagogue and believe in the principles of Judaism, and am therefore a Jew in the sense that you are a Christian; yet I am an American, in nationality.

I regret, further, that your experience of professors of our faith has been so unfavorable that you believe “that nearly all of them pursue substantially the same employment—that of traders, merchants and bankers.” While these diverse occupations are perfectly honorable in themselves, and no Jew or other person assumes a badge of disgrace per se,

Im Joseph and guess what? Im a Jew too and for all intents and purposes the Pharaoh is too.

Im Joseph and guess what? Im a Jew too and for all intents and purposes the Pharaoh is too.

by entering upon either department of business, it it nevertheless a serious mistake to charge that the liberal professions are avoided by Israelites.

Not to weary you by a lengthy statement, I would simply mention a few facts that have come under my observation in this little city. At the University, Columbia College and the Free Academy there are Professors who are Hebrews in faith—at the latter institution, there are two instructors and nearly eighty Jewish students. In the legal profession, there are a large number of our creed; one of them now occupies the honorable position of Judge of the Common Pleas, this gentleman being a native of New York and an earnest American. In medicine, there are many eminent practitioners, some of the highest recognized skill and distinction. Among the clergy, Jewish divines are, of course, adequately represented—all ministers draw their inspiration from the Scriptures, the accepted basis of Judaism and, as you say, the “foundation” of Christianity. As to the press, there are two Jewish weeklies; and upon the editorial staffs of the Commercial, Express, Times and other journals, there are able gentlemen of the Jewish faith, of whom there is a large representation in the reportorial corps. In literary and scientific circles, you find the Israelite as well as the Christian. The army, navy, and marine corps have a fair representation of Israelites, some of them distinguished, all earnest and patriotic. One of our regiments which served first as militia, then as a three years’ regiment, and is now home on furlough, to return to the field a veteran organization, is composed mainly of Israelites.* If, at any time, you should desire to be informed of the extent of your error with regard to the occupations of the Jews, I should be most happy to furnish you with details.

You will not forget, when reminding me that there are two Jews in the rebel cabinet (who is the other, besides Mr. Benjamin?) that a pattern of distinction in the church militant is a Maj. General in Davis’ army, and that Davis himself professes to be a devout member of the church. There are traitors among professors of Judaism, unfortunately, as well as among Christians. A good Jew can no more be a traitor to our flag,

yes, a good Jew

yes, a good Jew

than an earnest believer in Christianity can be enumerated among “those who speculate on the miseries of their country.” Mr. Benjamin does not adhere to Judaism—he married a Christian.

Assured that you will pardon the liberty of this renewed trespass upon your patience, I have the honor to be,

Most respectfully yours,
Myer S. Isaacs

General B.F. Butler

Headquarters 13th Army Corps,
Department of Virginia and North Carolina,
Fortress Monroe, Feb. 13th, 1864.


I am in receipt of your note of February 9th, and am very glad to have my opinions corrected by one who apparently understands so well the condition of the Hebrews as a

Im an Italian American Jew, so how do I do this again?

Im an Italian American Jew, so how do I do this again?

nation, and of their faith as a religion.

I admit that my experience with men of the Jewish faith or nation has been an unfortunate one.

Living in an inland town in Massachusetts prior to the war, I had met but few, and since the war, those whom I have seen, have been principally engaged in the occupations which caused the capture which has occasioned this correspondence, and you yourself will admit that that mode of making their acquaintance has not been a favorable one.

I refer to Mr. Memminger as the other member of the Confederate Cabinet. I have been informed that Mr. Mallory is also of the Jewish faith or nationality.**

I acknowledge the fairness of the hit in regard to Maj. Gen. Polk and Davis. There are both members of the Christian church upon whose services I attend.

I should be much obliged to you for the detail of facts which you have offered to furnish, for, finding my impressions incorrect upon any subject, I always desire to be enlightened.

Although the letter to you was not written for publication, yet I have no objection to its being published.

I have the honor to be,
Your obedient servant,
Maj. Gen. Com.



To M. S. Isaacs, Esq., New York.

*Myer Isaacs is referring to the 66th New York Infantry, mentioned in an article in the Feb. 5, 1864 issue of The Jewish Messenger. [L.M.B.]

**General Butler is in error. Neither Memminger nor Mallory are of the Jewish faith. The latter is probably confounded with ex-Senator Yulee, who is now engaged in restoring Florida to the Union. [Editor, Jewish Messenger]


Mr Yulee at the top of the page is a Jew, although he is a Christian, better yet he is a Hebrew Israelite Jewish Christian and an American (and Floridian), but Myer above says you can’t be Jewish or a Jew if you married a Christian, my question is “Can you still be a Hebrew and an Israelite and be a Christian? Then we are talking about a different race of Hebrews?  Hebrews and Israelites never practiced the Jewish faith at all.

Jews even back then were victims of antisemitism even though they weren’t Jews (take a walk and think that one over- then jump in the shower).

yes more Jews

yes more Jews

In those days, at least that day Jews claimed to be a “creed” and even a “religion”. Their religion is not even based on the Old Testament, but of the Talmud which is also conveniently not mentioned here. I could go on and on and on with this, but any way you read it, front to back, right to left it comes up a turd. It is babel in its purest form and the lemmings just cant figure it out. David Duke says Jews are a race of people just as if we put a Grey wolf in a cage with a Doberman, eventually being together for 2 or 3 thousand years that would be known as a breed of dog (Duke calls this a race). The Grey Wolf is what God created not the Doberman. If a Jewish man like Yulee above or Judah Benjamin married a white woman does anyone think they would produce a white child? If the mother was Jewish and the father was white would it be white? What would it be? A Christian isn’t necessarily a white in today’s world and a Jew is not necessarily even a believer in God or G_d. What we have is our own language being decimated by Jews and we wont defend our own language. You are a Jew by religion or you are a Jew by race and your religion claims you are a Jew by race through Hebrews and Israelites, but you have tossed them out of your book and made them all into Jews and we arent supposed to notice or we are antisemites.

Folks all we need is someone with a pair to straighten this Jewish nonsense up and send these Jews back to the giudecca’s, camps and pales, they are all bad news and contrary to truth and anyone that thinks good can come from these people are masochistic..

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3 Responses to Yulees Gold

  1. Truthwillout says:

    Another fine piece on the duplicitous nature of the beasts of baal,Mel.
    I think most folk dont know which way to turn nowadays concerning the jews and there bought and paid for lackeys,a lot of people are still stuck in the fog of the Hollywoodhoax and the false narrative that perpetuates.
    News today (Sky),confirmed that the main perp of the 7/7 London bombings visited Israel two weeks prior to commiting death and destruction on the people of Britain.
    Now a so called Muslim extremist,who hates jews goes to the epicentre of jewery and gets a free pass to wander around.
    So that’s the fingerprints of the jews all over 7/7 and 9/11,surely a lot more people will wake the hell up and start to smell the gelfite.The British security forces did not investigate this strange cohencidence either!

  2. quote from BENJ. F. BUTLER: ” holding to the doctrines of Christianity with reverence for the Saviour, no one can stigmatize all Jews”

    If one had reverence for the Saviour then all Jews would be condemned as per Numbers 33:55.
    Here we have another instance where Christianity is shown to be DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to the Holy Scriptures. Compare this with the words of Jesus who condemns the RACE of Jews:

    John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Bottom line is this General has capitulated to the Jews or this General was dead when this Jew claimed he got this letter from him. Knowing the woos Generals we have today its a toss up which is true, but one thing is true, Jews are telling us what to think about our own history and beliefs. All they can do is say “we’re Jews and we wrote the book” and the lemmings fall in line like ninkompoops. Every word has to be regurgitated with the understanding that Jews dont and will never write anything that is to our advantage over them, they only write or do movies to deceive us and pervert us. That in a nutshell is what every person on the planet needs to know like it his or her religion. Everyone needs to know that Jews twist the truth, sometimes they tell a truth in the beginning to goad you, sometimes in the middle and sometimes in the end, but the outcome is always the same, to lead you deeper and deeper into the opposite direction of what God wants for us.

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