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Jews are sooo funny!

The media and America are getting ready for another total fiasco election and America plays along like good little campers. You see America has had its gonads cut off by the Jews without firing a shot and they did this with their control of the media and this will continue to grow until America is too riddled with Jew cancer that whatever life is in it will have to slither out and find a new shell like a conch or a snail. Everyone asks why the country/world is a cesspool today including the media who allowed it all to happen.

At least 20 years ago I was saying Jews were America’s problem. I have been thrown off radio shows, thrown off forums, been told I am a Nazi, a clown, one of David Dukes followers, by Jews mostly. I’ve been close to physical fights with other whites that would normally never dare or think about attacking me, I have been on the wrong end of every debate there is in this world today because the Jew subject is always taboo. Someone is going to have to start talking and be heard and anyone not allowing it to take place should be our enemy.

Lets looks at some of those debates taking place today.

Donald Trump ( a jew in my book) is Americas sweetheart today because he called the Mexicans rapists. Jews of course, the ones who want open borders are not to be discussed. America doesn’t want to talk about Jews so they will go along with any diversion and the red-haired demon Trump knows it.

RBN radio hates my guts because they don’t want me to see their hypocrisy of having so called anti Jew shows while having Jews like Michael Herzog selling gold during the commercials or Dr Dickstein  claiming they can cure your kids for actingk out in school etc. They don’t see any hypocrisy because of course they are good Jews, trust them (they never saw Jud Sub).  Any so called anti Jew show they have they have 10 shows that never mention the Jews to make you think this Jew stuff will NEVER catch on.

Rense radio- I call them Jews and Rense says I must call them Zionists because Juif is a Jew (click). Jews can say Germans killed 6 million Jews which we all know is BS and we can’t say Jews are lying sacks of puss. Makes no sense folks, we will never get anywhere with this crap.

The Stormfront crew, well they don’t advocate any offensive aggression whatsoever even if Jews have taken over our media and money supply and now allowed our country to be degraded into a homo marriage cesspool (to mention a few of hundreds of other issues)…nope folks wait for the whites of their eyes when we have nobody left there to pull the trigger. Even though these folks were going to attack an island in the Caribbean they are claiming to be our advisers. Folks they are not our advisers. Turn that crap off.

These shows and networks are nothing but brainwashing forums to make you do nothing. To think only 50 years ago or so when someone cheated at cards they were shot dead. Today they can cheat you at cards, take your money, your country and send you to war and you don’t do a thing. Folks that is abnormal. When your enemy controls your media you have to take it back however possible. In Mel Gibsons lunatic movie “We Were Soldiers” they sacrificed hundreds of men for a stupid hill. Why aren’t we sacrificing for the return of our media and mode of truth? Isnt that a noble cause? You have to be on drugs or under a spell to think it isn’t.

Another KKK Klown

Another KKK Klown

There are some things that are honorable to fight for and if these things aren’t I don’t know what is. This is an attack on you and your family and we aren’t the Jetsons and or the Cleaver family on TV this is real. The Stormfronters are telling us not to do anything except write your jew controlled Congress slave as if that is going to do anything. Give them (David Duke) money so they can blow more smoke up your arse and run for Congress. You have to be a moron to go for that shpiel.

The truth is it is time to take our country back and get Jews the hell out just like our leaders did throughout history. That is the answer and that will always be the answer right now, yesterday and any time in the near or distant future. That is the answer to all debates whether you have a long story to add to it or not. Whether you like Gilad Atzmon or the Jewish Holocaust victim who gave you soup it does not change history. If you like them go with them. If you want to protect them and not me then you are as brainwashed as mainstream media. Jews have to go if you are a doctor, Jews have to go if you are a professor (or think you are), Jews have to go if you are a radio host, a sold out General on Fox News, a priest, a televangelist, a mamzer website owner, whatever the case may be, Jews have to go.

You want the answer to every debate there is? You got it. You want your country, your people, your history destroyed? You can have that too, but if we want it we better bypass these Jew controlled leaders and start speaking out on our own in a very very succinct way and get through to take back control. Like the movie that is coming soon to a theater near you so also is Jew history.

Crying aint gonna do a damned thing!

Crying aint gonna do a damned thing!

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