Lonesome Dove

We speakin Hebrew? We are but I aint gonna say.

We speakin Hebrew? We are but I aint gonna say.

Recently I heard a new radio host basically condemning the word Columbia and blending it in to the BS Masonic world of Texe Marrs and his friend Edward Hendrie  who will never debate a Christian Identist (neither of them). Although I do not believe there are no white sellouts, in fact there are, but they are sold out because of their lack of knowledge. Who would sell their souls if they believed they had one? I remember doing a study on this word Columbia some years back so I thought I would do a post on what

another Hendreee

another Hendreee

I found.

One thing we all have to take into account about words and names, they have been deliberately perverted, some so much that as I have said before have to be cleansed even more than Fukishima waste. Jews have made it impossible for some people to get through the lies  as I have stated before “crapping in our beds” as they have done to the Palestinians in modern day. They do this with complete knowledge. A liar knows the truth.

How many times have we heard that the Great Seal of the United States of America was Masonic and all of the pictures on it resemble Jew or Masonic roots? Well I have a little more information for you to check out if you are still interested and havent completely given up on your own past. E Raymond Capt wrote a book on this but I have not yet read it. I will bet however that he has not gone into the etymology of the word Columbia, but he does go into detail why we have symbols like the pyramid etc. After all we were there, in fact so was our beer and bagpipes to mention a couple of things we still hold dear (at least the ones that havent been poisoned by jews).

Columbia is almost always linked with the dove, read below.

The Dove with the Olive Branch as a Symbol of Peace

Dove in third committee's sketch (detail). At the time of the American Revolution, the olive branch had a stronger association with peace than did the dove. In fact, a dove was suggested as part of the third committee’s design for the Great Seal which specified a natural-colored dove perched on the hand of “the Genius of America.” (Shown here is a detail of the actual drawing.) But this dove did not symbolize peace. Instead it was “emblematical of Innocence and Virtue.”

Emblem on North Carolina's $2 note (1771). Emblem on Georgia's $40 note (1778).

A dove with olive leaves was the emblem on North Carolina’s £2 note of 1771 (above left). The accompanying motto meant: “Peace restored.” A dove with olive leaves was also on Georgia’s $40 note of 1778 (above right) along with a hand holding a dagger. The motto meant: “Either war or peace, prepared for both.”

Look for Jews to destroy NC’s flag next.

Noah and dove with an olive leaf. Commentary: The dove and the olive first appeared together in the biblical story of Noah’s Ark. But how did this symbolize peace? If you’d been on that Ark for nearly a year, and then saw the dove return with an olive leaf, would peace be the best way to describe your response? More likely, such a sight would trigger joy, hope, gratitude – emotions that would then lead to a sense of being at peace. Here the actual symbol of peace is not the dove. It is the olive leaf.

Who was this joy to? Noah and his descendants obviously.

An early instance the olive branch signifying peaceful intentions is in
Virgil’s epic poem about the founding of Rome.

The olive branch is a dynamic symbol of the human desire for peace,
as shown in political drawings before the American Revolution.

The white dove has become an international symbol of peace, thanks in good part to the fame of Picasso’s 1949 lithograph for the International Peace Congress in Paris.

Picasso's 1949 lithograph for the International Peace Congress in Paris.

The Great Seal of the United States illustrates a founding principle:
The power of peace is superior to the power of war.
The American Eagle looks toward the olive branch
held in its stronger right talon.

Could Jews ever write something like this (above)?

Detail of United Seal of America

George Washington's weather vane. Another place where a dove works better than an olive branch is as a weather vane.

Made in 1787, George Washington’s prized weather vane (right) still sits atop his home, Mount Vernon. Shaped as a dove of peace, the bird is 40 inches long with a wingspan of 35 inches.

The weather vane is now covered with gold leaf to deter corrosion of its copper body.

See visions of peace after the Revolution and visit the Temple of Peace.

~Dove in Gaelic is Colum or Colm, the name Colman comes from this word. Columba “Colm Cille” was an Irish abbot (actually a Scottish abbot who spread Christianity to Scotland). We will not discuss what kind of Christianity he was spreading, but it was not modern day

Columba and the dove

Columba and the dove

Catholicism. The fact is he had this name 1000 years before Columbus who we all believe was in fact a Jew. Do we also believe Columba was a Jew too?

In Latin “dove” is “columba”, in Welsh it is colomen. The dove is the sign of “peace”. What does peace mean in Hebrew (and remember that Hebrew is not Jewish)? We could also go into the roots of the word Hebrew and its relation to Eber (Iberia) and the spelling of this in different countries, but lets stick to the word Columbia right now.

Shalom is the word for peace in Hebrew, notice I didn’t say Yiddish or Jew I said Hebrew or Eber or Iberian (the Romans added the “H”).

Like the word Cypress pronounced as Kipris, the “k” sounding turns into an “s” sound and oddly enough that works both ways. Shalom and Calum- there were no vowels. Now the conspiracy world theorists can say our country was even more Jewish than they thought and that the Irish, Welsh and Latin (Etruscan Italians) are all jewish too because they speak “Jewish” language. No folks this is not true, the truth is these places have been duped and if you don’t believe me just visit your local Wal-Mart, turn on your TV or listen to one of your politicians on the Jew controlled radio or TV screen.

There are thousands of words that can be dug up in all white languages and I can assure you none of them come from Jews, but from Hebrews. We are them like it or not.

It is impossible to go through a subject like this without opening up a dozen or more other subjects. I will leave that for someone else to pick up and put it together and start putting your energy on true history instead of that Jewish polluted hypocrite history. Seek the truth, Jews pollute for a reason, they are contrary for a reason and up to you to find out why and what they have done. You can see what they have done in just our lifetime, what have they done for thousands of years? What is their goal in changing things upside down? The truth is if you even scratched the surface of the truth you would know why.

Do a search on the word shalom + dove and see what you come up with.

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12 Responses to Lonesome Dove

  1. melgibstein says:

    told you it would be lonesome.

    • Truthwillout says:

      Hi Mel,
      I have done several searches for Shalom+Dove and all i’m getting is a sales pitch for yenta face cream and Isreali t-shirts!
      I scrolled down further and it read ‘some searches may be restricted under the data protection act:Europe?
      Either my search engine is crud or someone is trying to suppress the truth,gee I wonder who that could be!

  2. melgibstein says:

    Jews are attacking everything in the white world including the so called pro white movements (turning things upside down as usual), for instance David Duke claims to be an expert on the black slave trade in the USA, he has never figured out anything on his own so he copies others and then adds in the poison. All he does is get in front of the parade when new facts come about. Duke loves to say that only 2% of whites owned blacks, but his hero Nathans hotdogs Bedford Forrest made his money in the slave trade. Does he think Nathan did business with other white men buying and selling slaves or Jews?

    1. Before the Civil War

    Forrest was born in 1821 near Chapel Hill, Tenn., about 50 miles south of modern day Nashville. Born into a poor family, Forrest was a self-made man: He “made a fortune as a slave trader, planter and speculator,” according to Albert Castel, a historian who wrote the foreword to “That Devil Forrest,” a biography about Forrest. Jack Hurst, another Forrest historian, described him as a physically imposing man for the time: He was more than 6 feet tall and weighed 180 pounds, Hurst wrote in “Nathan Bedford Forrest: A biography.”

    Castel and Hurst are Jews, why did Jews take such a liking to post a favorable book about Nathan?

    Forrest supporters point to the general’s actions at the end of his life as evidence he was not an evil man. He started attending church and advocating for “black civil rights” while living in Memphis, writes Shane Kastler in his book, “Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Redemption.”


    Black civil rights? This guy is Dukes clone. Shane Kastler knows a good man when he sees one.

    I havent seen that Forrest was rum running yet but I will bet its out there somewhere,

    Dukes history on the Civil War is total CRAP! His knowledge of the Bible is total CRAP. He took 10 years to say Jews did 9/11 (Zio’s) and a month to admit Jorge Zimmerman wasnt white and never considered that he might be a Jew. You see he has to have a beenie on to be a Jew (and the right mud blood mixture). Its ridiculous babel.

    Jews and their media made this BS shooting in Charleston into a North/South issue and David Duck falls right in line with it…the truth is it was a good a time to bring in the Jews who have controlled Charleston since the slave trade. South Carolina may be in the top 3 Jew controlled states in the USA because of the slave trade. It isnt about geography its about biology and David Duke (Dr) doesnt know biology from a bagel, although he does know bagels I believe.

    The ability of these so called pro white leader imbeciles to figure out a Jew name or to figure out anything on their own doesnt exist because they are not here to give you knowledge they are here to lead you into the pit.

    • commandergoyim says:

      Hi Mel,
      I was listening to The Duke of Khazar with Dr. Kevin Mac and he gave a withering 12 minute monologue about the Cuckoo and how brilliantly conceived an idea it was, boring us on every conceivable fact; i mean must we be told 5 times what it does an to describe and allude to right wingers? OK. As this torrent of 2nd grade MUMBO condescension rained down from the good Doctor you could smell the flop seat of envy and that he was trying to own it. Over 12 minutes later Kev began to speak. By then I couldn’t take anymore. I wrote Kev to warn him and complain about Duke — he seemed offended. Perhaps it woke him up as I copied some damaging facts about “David” and his kosher ways. Dave should have stayed in the KKKosher Klan (not to take away from the true movement) he would be dead if he didn’t receive those Rothschild bank notes.

      • melgibstein says:

        Hello Commander, I’m glad others out there see it. This is a guy who took 10 years to say “Zio’s” did 9/11 and was literally nowhere to be found and now he is the Grand Mufti of the truth movement? Not my truth movement. I truly believe Jews are pushing him to lead the parade. The guy has a radio show for an hour on the weekdays, has all the time in the world to do his videos that he parrots everyone and never ever adds anything new, nothing to strengthen truth, but only to repeat whats already been said by others who are usually dead……….and he claims we must contribute to him or the “work” he does would not be possible. One video he does he does not parrot anyone except maybe Jews and says Jews are not Khazars. This is a guy who doesnt know a Jew from his buttocks. There is no debating. Everything is as Duke says- period, even the Bible- Jesus is a hooked nosed Sephardic (Babylonian not Spanish or Iberian) Jew.

        This is a guy who pronounces conquistadores (conquerers) “concweestadores” and thinks white people are white because of where they live.

        To all readers of this site, which I know are few. let me tell you if I only had two nickels to rub together I would still be pressing on with everything I had and not asking for a dime. I have to tell you I dont care for MacDonald either, he once said folks should send in money so the writers can have something to “jingle” around in their pockets. When the poop starts to fly these guys are going to be in the bomb shelter with the kids.

        I didnt just wake up one day and copy someone elses truth or have it just pop into my mind, I called out people who I thought were full of crap and got my arse kicked, thats how you learn, but if you arent calling people out you dont care if we are being lied to. I could easily just turn off the internet and claim they are dumb or liars, but the fight is to destroy the lies and the liars wherever they may be. Otherwise I would be strictly working for the liars side by producing one sided videos. A truther will always welcome a debate and together we will suss it out for the common goal. Not a thing to be ashamed about, but these clowns cannot do it. In order to debate a subject you have to know the subject. Jews wont debate either because they know their entire being is a sack of BS so they have to have front men. You just look for the hypocrisy and if they are talking out both sides of their bagel holes they arent doctors or professors they are dummkofps.

  3. melgibstein says:

    The “s” and “c” or “k” screw up is everywhere and any person who knows linguistics of any kind knows this but says nothing. All our languages come from Hebrew and when whites figure it out they can then do a study on how Jews who are a racially mixed alien people and that its impossible for them to be Hebrews in any form. Jews have never invented anything but babel (chicken soup with two gonad bread balls in it- a Jewish soup). They are incapable of finding new truths because they work against the truth.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Plancius originally named the constellation Columba Noachi (“Noah’s Dove”), referring to the dove that gave Noah the information that the Great Flood was receding. This name is found on early 17th-century celestial globes and star atlases (such as Bayer’s Uranometria of 1603[3]). Columba may also represent the dove released by Jason and the Argonauts at the Black Sea’s mouth; it helped them navigate the dangerous Symplegades.[2]

    That must be a Jewish constellation because a Jew appears to have named it, Petrius Plancius who has Jew all over him.

    The Dutch Resistance Museum (Verzetsmuseum), chosen as the best historical museum of the Netherlands, tells the story of the Dutch people in World War II. From 14 May 1940 to 5 May 1945, the Netherlands were occupied by Nazi Germany.

    Clipboard09The permanent exhibit of the museum recreates the atmosphere of the streets of Amsterdam during the German occupation of the WWII. Big photographs, old posters, objects, films and sounds from that horrible time, help to recreate the scene. The background of the Holocaust is visualized for the visitor. This is an exhibition about the everyday life during that time, but also about exceptional historical events and resistance of the population against the Nazis and heroism.
    The building bears the Star of David and the name of Petrus Plancius (1550-1622), the Renaissance Amsterdam clergyman and geographer, and was built in 1876 by the Jewish singing society Oefening Baart Kunst. It served for several decades as a Jewish cultural center and synagogue.

    Jews naming constellations is like Jews interpreting our Bible for us. There is deceit in it somewhere. As if a Jew discovered a constellation, no Jews steal constellations.

    Wouldnt Phoenicians be familiar with the word “dove” or “columba”? After all they spoke Hebrew. Its no wonder why they disappeared. Dead men tell no tales.

    • Truthwillout says:

      Another excellent analysis of the jews perfidious falsehoods and the way they lead both sides of the debate,never getting anywhere near the truth,and why would they want too,It does not suit there narrative.
      I start with they killed Christ,and go from there!
      Brilliant piece of research Mel.

  5. melgibstein says:

    From a Jew website so dont trust all of it

    How The Land Of Israel And The Hebrew Bible Fueled The American Revolution


    They understand America was really so called “Zionism” but the idiots thought Jews were of Judah. You have to ask why only the Jews are saying this now…because whatever they say they know will be discredited anyway, even by their sold out goy slaves. Nobody trusts them so sometimes it is advantageous for them to tell some truth….but never all of it.

  6. melgibstein says:

    Watch Glenn Beck pervert for the Jews

    The truth has to be buried over and over again by these queers.

  7. melgibstein says:

    One more connection of the word Columbia to “dove”

    The genus name Aquilegia is derived from the Latin word for eagle (aquila), because the shape of the flower petals, which are said to resemble an eagle’s claw. The common name “columbine” comes from the Latin for “dove”, due to the resemblance of the inverted flower to five doves clustered together.[3]

    Its an eagle if you call it Aquilegia, buuuuuut its a dove if you call it Columbine.
    I think it’s a slam dunk.
    Wheres the Jew Jerry Seinfeldt? Is it an eagle or is it a dove? The Jew and Rome says its an eagle.

    Did a group of Britts name the District of Columbia after the Jew Italian Colon (maybe even Cohen)? Why would all of these other words like Columbine mean “dove” and this one time after Columbus (or any of his other possible names)? Did these Britts actually believe a Jew discovered America (or possibly Amorica)? Americus Vespucci my arse.

  8. melgibstein says:

    Columcille or Columba who was not a Catholic nor could he have been a Catholic saint and was probably never made an actual saint by the Catholic church until hundreds of years later died in “Hebrides” on the isle of Iona. Iona or Jonas coincidentally also means “dove” or “sign”.

    Did this “dove” with an olive branch come for the Jews? Maybe the fat Jew actor “Jonah Hill” is the real McCoy and the Irish are just mimicking the Jews? I think not.

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