Basic Instinct

Michael Douglas: I never felt fully accepted by Jewish community

Douglas intends to use $1 million from Genesis Prize to reach out to other Jews from intermarried families seeking a connection to the community.

By Ben Sales Jun. 18, 2015 | 10:26 AM | 2
Michael Douglas speaking at the announcement of the Genesis Generation Challenge winners

The Genesis of the Jew…….this could take awhile.

Michael Douglas speaking at the announcement of the Genesis Generation Challenge winners at the Bloomberg Philanthropies headquarters in New York City, April 28, 2015. Photo by Flickr / JTA Photo Archive

JTA – Michael Douglas hadn’t heard of the Genesis Prize when he found out that he’d won it. In fact, the Oscar-winning actor was surprised to discover he was even in the running for an award designed for those who inspire fellow Jews.

His father, actor Kirk Douglas, is Jewish. But his mother, actress Diana Dill, is not — Douglas thought that would disqualify him.

“I felt that they made a mistake because my mother is not Jewish,” Douglas told JTA in an interview Wednesday in Jerusalem. “I saw that as a barrier most of my life.”

Douglas is in Israel to receive the second annual $1 million Genesis Prize, which honors those who have excelled professionally while showing dedication to Judaism or Israel. The prize is endowed by the Genesis Philanthropy Group, a group of Russian-Jewish businessmen who fund identity-building programs for Russian Jewry.

Douglas, who is married to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, will receive the “Jewish Nobel,” as the prize has been nicknamed, in a ceremony Thursday. The inaugural honor went to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg last year.

Some have criticized the initial prizes being awarded to multimillionaires. But Douglas praised the decision, saying that choosing celebrities gives the award and its message publicity. He said that an Op-Ed he wrote decrying anti-Semitism that was published in the Los Angeles Times in March gained attention because of his fame.

“It was quite smart of the foundation to pick a celebrity,” he said. “Celebrities get your message out and across. I don’t think [the Op-Ed] would have received the attention if it were someone else, but because you’re a celebrity you get the attention.”

An actor and producer who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Gordon Gekko in 1987’s “Wall Street,” Douglas recently began reconnecting to his Jewish identity. He said he “drifted away from the religion” because some considered him non-Jewish, but he began to explore his Jewish roots after his father, who was raised as an Orthodox Jew, was in a helicopter accident in 1991.

Douglas’ son, Dylan, has also brought him closer to Judaism. Dylan befriended Jewish kids at school and ate Shabbat dinners at their homes throughout the year. Because of the experience, Dylan decided to attend Hebrew school and have a bar mitzvah.

“After five, six, seven months, he came back and said, ‘I feel something. My soul feels warmer,’” Douglas said.

Following the bar mitzvah, the family took a celebratory trip last year to Israel. Douglas wrote the Op-Ed urging readers to fight anti-Semitism after Dylan was verbally accosted at a pool while wearing a Jewish star necklace.

“So that is our challenge in 2015, and all of us must take it up,” he wrote. “Because if we confront anti-Semitism whenever we see it, if we combat it individually and as a society, and use whatever platform we have to denounce it, we can stop the spread of this madness.”

Speaking to JTA, Douglas kept coming back to feeling excluded from the Jewish community. Winning the Genesis Prize, he said, has finally made him feel like he belongs.

“It was a cathartic experience, to say, ‘Hey, we acknowledge and recognize you as a Jew,’” he said. “It was a wonderful, emotional experience. I’m one of those who never felt accepted.”

Douglas intends to use the prize money to reach out to other Jews from intermarried families seeking a connection to the community. He plans to begin by funding an outreach program through Hillel, the campus Jewish organization, which can reach a large number of students with intermarried parents.

“To try to reach out to interfaith couples who are not associated with a synagogue or temple is difficult,” he said. But on campus, “you have a captive audience.”

~I thought Jews were only Jews if their mother was a Jew (whatever the hell that is). Looks like Michael Douglas is the exception to that rule, but what rules do Jews even have?

Its slimey

Its slimey. A blue sperm award how thoughtful?

I thought it was pretty thoughtful of the Jews to give a multimillionaire a million dollars to spend. Gee I wonder where he will spend it? Michael Douglas, it appears was given a blue douche and now officially recognized as a Jew (he cries).

One of the notable things of this story is the name Dylan. How many Jews do we know with that name?

David Duke claims that Jews hate when Jews marry non Jews, of course they have no clue what a Jew is in the first place. Ladies and gentlemen a Jew has to mix his or her blood to even be a Jew (what I have been trying to tell you people for decades). A Jew is the son or daughter of a jew- period. It isn’t white, it isn’t black, it isn’t an Eskimo it’s a Jew. Take a look at those kids and you will see.

I like boys, I like money, I like destruction, I like women

I like boys, I like money, I like destruction, I like women. Your movie star heroes are taking your world into a cesspool. What were the chances of Michael becoming a good Christian boy in Hollywood (or anywhere else)? Oh what money can buy. Who is going to clean up this mess?

Mike has not been recognized as a Jew, but he knows what its like to be a victim of antisemitism. Folks when are you going to just disregard the Jew altogether and understand they are exactly what Paul said they are? To accept the Jews word for truth should be against your nature, but first you have to know what one is. This is indeed one, Jewish mother or not.

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17 Responses to Basic Instinct

  1. Brit in Norway says:

    I’m thinking of starting an annual award for our side, creative solutions award for solving Jewish psychopathy. Think you’re the guy that should win it this year Mel. The award will be paid in BITCOIN s not their toilet paper fiat money.

  2. melgibstein says:

    You can pay me by waking up as many people as you can….and like it.

    • Brit in Norway says:

      Yes you’re right. Excuse my flippancy above. Was going on about Bitcoin as seems truly innovative in that it uses no centralised monitoring and is just one example of a tool that can be used to destroy their control of finance. Of course they’re clamping down on it.
      I read your older melungeon article (very informative including some of reader comments) from a few years back and Gibson being one of the names. It struck me about Irish names being a favorite for Jews and I checked my own (Irish) surname and there is an openly Jewish politician in Florida with the name. It amazed me. My roots, great grandparents are 75:25 Irish/scots.
      In terms of spreading the word, I talk about Jewish control whenever I can. More importantly, the identity Of Israel , is something most can’t see or won’t look at – they don’t believe in Christianity anymore. It needs a spiritual awakening. It needs someone to ask Who am I ? to God. There are various ways to help knock someone from their slumber but only God can awaken and you need to ask. I know some Mormons here, decent people who are aware of Some of the tribes making it to America and they tend to know a lot about “conspiracies.” Joseph Smith to me seemed to be a charlatan, but they are nearer the “identity” truth than all my lot with our “catholic” background.
      Incidentally, I am still on the fence about whether Gibson is a Jew but with your melungeon article it seems to shine a light on it. Regarding Gibson and Braveheart, most Scots are brought up believing King Edward was evil and oppressive. Why is this? I think digging deeper into what was going on, there was definitely Jewish intrigue manipulating the Israelite Scots. Gibson obviously at best doesn’t bother too much with checking history.
      Anyhow I will lurk more.

      • melgibstein says:

        Jews love Irish names without the Mc, Mac or O in front of them. They can then say they never claimed they were sons of these folks. Kennedy, Sullivan, Murphy, etc are some examples (Conner is a good earlier Cohen clone even though they cloned Cohen too from Cain or Kagan).

        Just read an article that Mel Gibsons son is down in Mexico filming a Mexican baseball movie. No doubt some Irish are the biggest idiots in the world, but can also be the best (truth is we all have Jews claiming to be us and we need to make sure that doesnt happen around our immediate selves and just call a jew a jew). Imagine if Jews wanted to flood porn into our country if we just said “get lost you jew creeps”. Why the hell didnt we?

  3. Chris says:

    The truth is always so simple.

    Blessings to you brother.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Thank you Chris, yes babel and or hypocrisy is always the wrong way to go. Anyone of truth needs to be kept alerted to their own hypocrisy, that is if we care. If we dont care we are hypocrites and if we accept everything we say as perfection we are hypocrites. A leader of truth is not like a leader on a battlefield, a leader on a battlefield has one basic mission and that is to lead his people to victory and keep his people alive. A leader in the truth movement has to know what his words mean in order to lead his people in the right direction. Our supposed leaders are deliberately leading us into a crossfire of babel. They have to first get out of that babel and learn where those words come from that they use. If words dont mean anything and can take on new meanings to fit their agenda then thats exactly what it is. their agenda. It’s their script and theyre stickin to it even though one week they claim whites came from Edom and the Hittite/Canaanite/Kenite ancestry and the next claiming Phoenicians were Arabs. It seems as though they have their entrances and exits both barricaded… somehow got inside and no way to get out (hogwash) and they cant let any truth to get in the way just callers they know are in on the game. Its David Duke Donnie Schwartz Walter Mitty Wonderland and everyone needs to expose these pathetic liars and get them to debate us or to get out of town while they still can.

  5. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Our strength is not their strength. Their strength is not their strength.

    Was it Gideon who let any soldiers in his army go home if they wanted, the night before a big battle in which they were already outnumbered? The wisdom of this was to get the weakness out of your camp or it would only encourage the enemy. That put all the weakness in the enemy’s camp. When those fierce warriors who stayed came out lopping off heads, the enemy must have thought “Hey, WTF is this? We outnumber them! This is supposed to be an easy win! Didn’t they get the memos???” And their morale took an exponential turn downward. As one weakass goes, they all go. That’s the kind of followers these phony WNs want. That can only be for shearing those fanatics of any extra plantation scrip they might have. None of them will whoof their bravado until they’ve tested which way the wind is blowing. They have to be on a fanatical bandwagon, amped up on girl hormones. What do they do when their sympathetic indocrine system neutralizes those hormones? They go back to get another shot, whether it’s from John Hagee or David Duke. They’re the leaders and husbandmen to pussies. That’s their seed corn and that’s their crop. There’s no oil in their lamps.

    It’s pretty much a regular thing to see broken record clichés of jew books, jew religions, Yahshua was a jew, … blahblahblah blogger across the whole internet. You have to discipline yourself to stay aware of their chutzpah. ‘Their strength is not our strength’ is the object of their misdirection. The jews don’t even expect to remove Yahweh from Adam’s heart, so they rely on their strength to lead the peer pressure against that fuddy duddy old dated book and all scriptures. White pssies supporting this aren’t innocent in it. All that they’ve learned and listened to hasn’t grown them a set of balls they can call their own.

    You were in the Marines. You saw 4 badass DIs come in and take 89 pussies by the balls. The 89 pussies consented to it, as a whole. After you consent to it, you don’t unconsent to it without suffering the wrath of the 88 too. It’s good for you to realize what a pussy you are, so you can d something about it. Their pussies don’t know they’re pussies. No oil in their lamps. Their hormones are just the wicks. They burn out.

    • melgibstein says:

      Their strength is destroying our strength by pretending they are us (edited by Mel).
      Listening to the Stormfront aka SPLC shows on Rense. The discussion is the Confederate flag and what they believe it stands for. Not surprisingly the cross of Saint Andrew or Andrew the Apostle has not come up because all of the Stormfront queers are atheist Jews. They are telling us what the flag means anyway knowing full well they are not. This is what they do on every subject they bring up……..their true goal is to keep the white people they claim to be dumbed down on true history. If they really wanted to go into depth of the cross of Andrew that is staring these Stormfront queers right in the face it would prove that these Stormfront queers are just as hell bent on destroying our “heritage” as the Jews themselves.

    • melgibstein says:

      You were in the Marines. You saw 4 badass DIs come in and take 89 pussies by the balls. The 89 pussies consented to it, as a whole. After you consent to it, you don’t unconsent to it without suffering the wrath of the 88 too. It’s good for you to realize what a pussy you are, so you can d something about it. Their pussies don’t know they’re pussies. No oil in their lamps. Their hormones are just the wicks. They burn out.

      Its actually even worse than that, what the wrath is not being able to claim you were a bad ass Marine even though you had your ass up in the air for whoever they wanted it in the air for willingly so you could achieve that honor.

      Now we have even bigger traitors called “The SEAL’s” they take on the entire Taliban Army with a kitchen knife and then come back and do a Hollywood movie with Mark Wahlberg and never mention the USS Liberty.

      Yes, the treason is high.

      SEALs flew right into a RPG attack on a Chinook trying to save Marcus Luttrel……a big lie is easier to dish out.

      Glenn Beck kisses this guys arse like there was no tomorrow and Lutrell thinks its genuine. The truth is if Lutrell said a word about the USS Liberty or claimed Jews did 9/11 or that the media is Jewish and have filibustered free speech they would have him too on a rifle range with a nutjob Marine.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        It IS worse than words can say. I was one of those 89. It was a horror to discover that the few and the proud were ruled by sycophants, top to bottom. I ranted and raved to myself yesterday over the sycophants I’ve been cursed with, in my life. The sycophant’s mode is cartoonlike in it’s idiocy. The sycophant: “I kiss his ass and you kiss mine. He, whose ass I kiss, got where he is by kissing ass and he loves and fully expects to have his ass kissed. That’s why I’m you boss”. An honest deal is the last thing the bragging sycophant will ever boast of. His successes have to be unmerited.

        As in the days of Jeroboam … when Jeroboam put the lowest men he could find into the highest positions of authority, which was the priesthood. Sycophants promote sycophants. It’s self replicating. We all like to be polite and respectful of other people. The real kiss-ass is marked by his backstabbing and slanderous gossip of people who intimidate him. And they intimidate easily. It’s a national philosophy that’s been promoted by whose proper place is in the ghetto. The tail is made the head.

        I could go on all day and still come up short. Yahweh’s word gives it the clarity it deserves. They hate Yahweh’s word because it exposes them. They burn in it, hiss, spit and scream holocaust and bloody murder and then out comes the fire department of sophistical vapidity. The fool hates correction. I hate the fool.

        With this lame straightalk modem I’m using right now, I can’t watch videos or listen to radio shows. It’s a lucky thing when I can get to my email. You know a lot more about those things than I do. Keep that wake-uppance coming.

        Nietzche: God is dead
        God: Nietzche is dead

  6. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Oops, what a dumb mistake : Their strength is not their strength. Kinda true though, since their strength isn’t really strength at all. It’s all illusion ad psycho-engineering.

    Speaking of that, did I see Michael Rivero on “Lost season 2 bonus features”, being showcased as a special effects man, an illusionist, a Canaanite magician? Is that the atheist jew hero of the internet who worked for NASA? Why would NASA need a Canaanite magician?

  7. melgibstein says:

    David Duke says it was “Nazi’s” who took white people to the moon and Rivero claims he was part of it too. Yes Rivero was a magician just like one of the “Meet the Friedmans” . Jews love kids more than we know almost as much as lying.

  8. melgibstein says:

    It IS worse than words can say. I was one of those 89. It was a horror to discover that the few and the proud were ruled by sycophants, top to bottom. I ranted and raved to myself yesterday over the sycophants I’ve been cursed with, in my life. The sycophant’s mode is cartoonlike in it’s idiocy. The sycophant: “I kiss his ass and you kiss mine. He, whose ass I kiss, got where he is by kissing ass and he loves and fully expects to have his ass kissed. That’s why I’m you boss”. An honest deal is the last thing the bragging sycophant will ever boast of. His successes have to be unmerited.

    I was thinking about this just recently and often do and have to shrug it off thinking nobody would even know what I was talking about if I said it.
    I was recently working with some lemmings of the white persuasion and not one of them had been anywhere or done anything in their lives, their entire existence is based on whatever power they have obtained in their jobs, they dont want to hear a single word that conflicts with their world and their world consists of Jerry Seinfeld and the latest jew news and during the day the jew radio shows. I just shut my mouth because it was fruitless to talk any sense into them without some kind of an in which I wasnt going to use for a bribe, but word got out I was an ex Marine, that I had been around the world and a pretty knowledgeable guy and unfortunately they found out as I was leaving and all of a sudden they were like puppy dogs asking for knowledge.

    I have a feeling, a very serious feeling that God would feel the exact same way………not that I am anyone of any importance and never claimed to be, this is just how they operate. They have been turned into Blacks on line for KFC…..nothing is important to them but what crumbs they can keep and would stand against their own in a heartbeat other than doing what is right in their own souls.

    Even the slightly more advanced whites flock to morons like David Duke because he is popular, when you tell them David Duke took 10 years to say Jews did 9/11 and at least a month to say Zimmerman was not white they dont care because they are sheep being led to the slaughter and believe if they stay with all the people they wont be Katyn’d or be judged individually by God. They have to be part of the herd because they are scared crapless to think on their own and go out and be tested. They are scared because the movies they watch are what they become.

    I know people who have based their entire lives on being a Marine or a Special Forces dick etc. they will not accept that they are being led by Jews because they need that Marine title etc to make their lives worth something. They still dont even think our media is controlled by Jews, what can be said?
    I just heard a guy who says he is a Marine pushing a book by Becky Roth and introduced it to a bunch of Stormfronters…… didnt dawn on one of them that Roth could be Jewish. Just two days ago they were talking about Eli Roth knowing full well he is a Jew.

    The reason why Jews prosper is because they control the airwaves (prince of the air) and nobody should get pissed off by being put to the test so we can see if he is genuine or not. 99% of them wont let anyone but their shills call in because it is all 100% Jewish BS. I listen and get more truth from the liars because what they like is usually what we shouldnt. They are stuck on the North and the South and think we are all Neanderthals from the Ice Age……..our morality came from some glacier in Greenland or something. It is just a pile of dung all around and people out there need to blow this crap out of our lives so we can breathe first.

    Every white Christian needs to call these Stormfronters out and tell them if they keep dragging our good names through the mud we are coming after you first.

    I called up Jeff Rense about 5 years ago and used the word “Jew” and he cut me off and said we dont use that word around here we use the term Zionist. Now Stormfront is his entire day act (and he still doesnt want to hear from me)

    Duke is getting his ugly head into every Jew subject there is to derail it. Just think, he took 10 years to say Jews did 9/11 (10 YEARS!!!!). WTF was he? There is just no excuse whatsoever. The Stormfront chumps STILL treat him like a genius. They cant talk with open phones because I for one will bury them. We need to make Duke and his cohorts face us or face being made into Americas clown act- that is what it will come down to.

  9. melgibstein says:

    The so called white movement is up in arms about the flag, soon they’ll be fighting them damn Yankees again and forget all about the Jews just like the lemmings they are praising. Nathan Bedford Forrest was said to be one of the richest slave traders in the South, but Duke loves to say that only 2% of whites even owned slaves. He picked one of the 2% (cryptos) to fall in love with. How do you make all that money in the slave trade not knowing it is Jew business? Was he also breeding these blacks? There is nothing white about him.

    Memphis is now one of the scummiest cities in the entire country, maybe the world.

  10. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Let us reason together. No, they just don’t do that. Over at Parkmoon today, I see why they hate the OT. It’s easy. Just replace the word ‘Canaanite’ with the word ‘gentile’ and you’re free to paint the Israelites as gentile-ociding maniacs killing everyone who’s not a jew. That’s everyone on earth who isn’t a jew. Did they miss the little part about giants in the land? What’s a giant, but a mixed kind abomination freak of nature. Were giants the only mixed kind freak abominations? What are jews? Did they miss it where Judah asked “Why can’t we just kill all the canaanites now?” The answer was the sin of the amorites is not yet complete. Did sonic resonance destroy the mighty walls of Jericho? Who knew a shout could do all that. They’ll say “What walls of Jericho? The walls of Jericho never existed”. After their brethren abominations sanding in the holy place have bulldozed and burned al such evidence. Have they done that to Jericho yet? They will. Reason isn’t a thing they respond to. That intellectualism is motivated by cowardice. They have the facts to make a decision and a commitment. They run to confuse it. It’s no wonder they’re all such effeminite weewees . In saner times, they wouldn’t have been allowed anywhere a school of higher learning. They would know what low caliber people they are before they spoke their first words. They were very impressed with Moses for biting fire, still in a diaper. They sent that shining boy to school.

    Those WNs used to quote the Talmud. I remember one saying “Jesus was the bastard son of a whore and a roman soldier”. I was the only one to point out that the jew was quoting his Talmud. Nobody else had any quarrel at all with it. They say other things now, but it amounts to the same Talmudic shit. Who do they think they’re fooling? I can’t believe they’re just naïve boobs who will wake up someday, anymore. They’re the enemy and I study them knowing that. Reason demands it.

    • melgibstein says:

      They are all getting pissed but they want people to be peaceful……….its like telling people your country has been stolen so abide in their law.

      If the country is taken over there is no moral reason to abide in their laws.

      Its going to come down to the Jew law or Gods law and people are going to have to know the difference. If the Jew law is keeping you from Gods law……its time to change it and I mean for good. If there ever was a moral war for any veteran or future veteran to fight it is this one.

  11. Mels website is in my top 5.

    Whilst discussing Duke we should remember WHY these entities exist:

    Matthew 15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

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