Multiplication of Galilee Burning

You think it was Jews? It is but I wont say.

You think it was Jews? It is but I wont say.

Iconic Israeli Catholic Church Burned In Likely Hate Crime Arson

The Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and FishesThe Church of the Multiplication Loaves and Fishes located at Tabgha on the Sea of Galilee was heavily damaged early Thursday morning in what clearly appears to be another “price tag” hate crime arson.

Iconic Israeli Catholic Church Burned In Likely Hate Crime Arson Shmarya Rosenberg • he Church of the Multiplication Loaves and Fishes located at Tabgha on the Sea of Galilee was heavily damaged early Thursday morning in what clearly appears to be another “price tag” hate crime arson, Israeli and international media reported. The iconic Catholic church marks the area at which Jesus is said to have performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes, in which he is believed by Christians to have fed 5,000 people with five barley loaves and two small fish. This miracle is the only miracle in the Christian bible said to be performed by Jesus that appears in all four of its gospels. 16 suspects – all yeshiva students, mostly minors, and all of whom are from West Bank Jewish settlements – were briefly detained for questioning by police in connection with the arson and then released without conditions, Israel Police reportedly announced Thursday. 10 of those arrested are from the radical settlement of Yitzhar, which is closely linked to both the outlawed Kach Movement of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane and to Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg, a Chabad hasid, and his Od Yosef Chai yeshiva. The 16 teens were apparently vacationing in the area as a group. The fire started

Just Jew kids playing

Just Jew kids playing

simultaneously in several places inside the church – clear evidence of arson. A monk and a church volunteer were hospitalized for smoke inhalation, and while much of the church’s interior was badly damaged, the prayer area itself was largely unaffected because firefighters were able to stop the fire’s spread before it reached it. Graffiti painted on and inside the building in Hebrew included a passage from a Jewish prayer denouncing idol worship. The church also serves as a monastery, and the main door to the monks’ living quarters was one of the areas of the church that was set on fire. Crosses on signs directing people to the church have been repeatedly defaced over a long period of time. Police, however, did not catch the people defacing them. Last year, a group of “mostly Jewish youth” (i.e., most of the teens in the mob were likely identifiable as Jews by their attire, peyot, etc.) attacked the church’s outdoor prayer area

These Alabama church arsonists werent jews either, in fact they were good Christian boys (sic)

These Alabama church arsonists werent jews either, in fact they were good Christian boys (sic)

along the Sea of Galilee. They allegedly stoned worshipers, destroyed a cross, and threw benches into the sea. Again, no known arrests were made in that incident. According to Rabbis for Human Rights (a group with almost no Orthodox or haredi members), there have been 43 known hate crimes against churches, mosques and monasteries in Israel, the West Bank and East Jerusalem since 2009.  However, the overall number of anti-Arab and anti-Christian hate crimes – arsons of private homes, cars and destruction of olive groves, for example – is much larger. While dozens of arrests have been made in these cases, almost no one has actually been indicted or prosecuted, let alone convicted. That’s in large part because unlike police in Western democracies, Israel Police does not generally use undercover surveillance, hidden cameras and other similar techniques to catch criminals who target churches and mosques, and most of the arrests made these cases were made only after the US State Department complained that Israel wasn’t adequately protecting non-Jewish religious institutions and populations (our media has been silent however MG). Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely reportedly condemned today’s attack as did Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan. “This is a cowardly and despicable act, which I fiercely condemn. We will not allow for someone to break the coexistence of the different religions and cultures in Israel. Any act against religious tolerance is hurting the most important value in the State of Israel, and we have zero patience for acts of this type,” Erdan said.

~Its amazing how we have a church shooting and a Jewish arsonist attack at the very same times isnt it? What is even more interesting is how folks like David Duke are so quick to agree that this was a white man (without yet even investigating it) who shot up a Black church in Charleston and totally disregard this Jewish attack of 16 Jews. Facsinating!

Dr Duke ehhh Dr Spock I mean, live long and prosper.

Dr Duke ehhh Dr Spock I mean, live long and prosper.

Jews would never attack a church or a mosque, no white people will take the blame as usual.
“Israeli Catholic Church”, this will probably be a new saying in the David Duchovny Duke movement. Duke took 10 years to say Jews did 9/11 but he claimed Jorge Zimmerman was white within 2 hours. Folks you have to let this BS fugazi KKK movement go. They are ops no doubt.
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6 Responses to Multiplication of Galilee Burning

  1. melgibstein says:

    Senate Panel Doubles Jewish Homeland Security Appropriations’ to $25M

    The increase approved Tuesday by the Senate Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee for Fiscal Year 2016, up from the current $13 million, was actively supported by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Agudath Israel of America and the Jewish Federations of North America. The full Senate Appropriations Committee is expected to vote on the funding on Thursday.

    Funds from the security grant program are used to assist synagogues, day schools and other Jewish nonprofits in making their buildings more secure.

  2. Brit in Norway says:

    Well I’ll sleep easier in my bed tonight knowing these Jews are protected. Analysing our mistakes, a big one has to be the acceptance of income tax (and inheritance tax.) They would not have anywhere near the ability to rifle funds where it not for the slow capitulation on this. As I understand it, income taxes where brought in in 19th century UK to temporarily fund some wars, was rescinded at one point and then brought in again and the slow boil….. Before you know it they’re taking all your money. Their great victory is in making most of the “boobs” think it is a moral duty to hand over your money to them. It amazes me how many people accept taxation when it is evil. In Norway, there has been a wealth tax, where they tax you on your property and savings every year – luckily the FrP and Høyre government at least threw that out for the moment, but haven’t dine much else, Norway is still a red hellhole. Ok, there were other ways they taxed before income tax, but it was at least somewhat contractual – I.e. The King defends the realm, your sire protected the shire. The burning of this church in the Holy land, is not the outrage it should be as almost all the churches are in apostasy. They are almost pseudo synagogues now. Apologies for slight rant.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Jews dont fear Christian Identity? They wont even mention a site that educates people about it.
    The Most Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites of 2014 (last year)


    #1. TruTube Video Sharing

    #2. National Vanguard

    #3. Storm Front

    #4. Destroy Zionism

    #5. Holocaust Handbooks

    #6. White Girl Bleed A lot

    #7. Metapedia

    #8. Stormfront Front

    #9. VNN Forum and Vanguard News Network

    #10. Leo Frank Research Library

    #11 White Rabbit Radio

    #12 Council for Conservative Citizens

    #13 American Renaissance

    #14 Creativity Movement

    #15 What really Happened

    #16. Abate the Hate

    #17 Kevin Alfred Strom who is described by the SPLC as the last intellectual of the White supremacist movement.

    #18. Veteran News Now

    #19 White Biocentrism *Dangerously Fermenting*

    #20 Renegade Broad Casting

    #21 The White Voice

    #22 The PDF Archive

    #23 The West’s Darkest Hour

    #24 Iran Holocaust Denial Cartoon Contest

    #25 John De Nugent’s Holocaust Deprogramming page (Please try to get all these videos deleted off the Internet!!)

    Please Note that not all the sites listed above are racist or anti-Semitic, some of the sites are not anti-Semitic or racist, but meant to be references of political controversy.

    Special thanks to a follower of for recommendations. “They Can’t” has been at the forefront of getting videos deleted off of video sharing sites. More than 1,000 and counting!!!

    ~ These are 99% stormfront related sites, some even Jewish sites. Yonnie DeNugent squeezed in there at #25. Johnny was molested by his white papa as a child.

    Gilead Atzmon didnt make this site? Even the Stormfront jews would have volunteered him.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Jews like “Destroy Zionism” because it gives Jews some wiggle room.

    Kevin Alfred Strom- now there is a real hell raiser. Thought he was dead.

    White Rabbit Radio- oh yes the Stormfront kids that have no clue of what a Jew is.

    Renegade Broadcasting- the guy married a jew.

    Dont go to these sites folks, but jews lie so what they mean is “please go”.

  5. melgibstein says:

    The Jew John Liebowitz isnt telling jokes tonight to tell the world of the “evil white boy”

    Maybe one day Liebowitz will tell us how those blacks got to Charleston SC tied to the deck of a ship like a goat. Nope, that aint gonna happen.

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