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Mels pals are here

Mels pals are here

We don’t have to be monsters: The new neuroscience of genocide and mass murder


The Holocaust and other genocides taught us ordinary people can enact horrors. Now we might understand the science

We don't have to be monsters: The new neuroscience of genocide and mass murderAnthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs” (Credit: MGM)

In 1997, UCLA neurosurgeon Itzhak Fried described a new medical syndrome, which he called “Syndrome E.” Actually, there was nothing new about it—it was as ancient as the Old Testament. What was new was thinking about it as a medical condition: “Syndrome E” was Fried’s term to describe participation in repetitive, genocidal mass murder by otherwise normal individuals, the “ordinary men” at the center of Christopher Browning’s 1992 book, “Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland,” a detailed examination of the central on-the-ground dynamic of the Holocaust, in which “mass murder and routine had become one. Normality itself had become exceedingly abnormal.”

As Browning explained, “Ultimately, the Holocaust took place because at the most basic level individual human beings killed other human beings in large numbers over an extended period of time. The grass-roots perpetrators became ‘professional killers.’” But how? That’s what Fried sought to explain, at least in a preliminary fashion.

Fried presented his analysis in a brief, three-page submission to The Lancet. He referred to several 20th century examples—the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, Cambodia under Pol Pol and Rwanda in the 1990s—noting that “Civil strife, extreme conditions, and ethnic conflicts have often had a role in these events.” But he pressed on to say “these events would not have happened without a distinct transformation in the behaviour of individuals. The uniformity and repeating nature of this transformation suggests a common syndrome affecting individuals for which I propose the term ‘Syndrome E.’”

Recently, in late April, almost 20 years later, Fried convened a multi-disciplinary conference in Paris, “The Brains That Pull the Triggers,” to explore and critique his approach. In doing so, he was motivated both by advances in neuroscience—exemplified by a presentation by Lasana Harris, “Dehumanised Perception: A Psychological Mechanism that May Facilitate Human Atrocities”—and also by the desire to engage with the difficult questions raised by such an approach—typified by Ilina Singh’s contribution, “Do Brains or Persons Pull the Trigger?: Ethics of Medicalizing Violence.”

“What struck me initially was this transformation,” Fried told Salon, “which can occur essentially in all people, where they can be moved into a situation where they will become, unfortunately, efficient killers in groups and do it on a repetitive basis.” A widespread response in the decade after the Holocaust was to view it as saying something profoundly disturbing about human nature, but Fried’s behavior-based approach throws a very different light on things, stressing the otherness involved. “This phenomenon itself—which obviously plays a major role in genocide, but not only in genocide—is sort of a radical transformation in human behavior,” Fried said. “It always puzzled me, how is it really possible?”

But something more specific brought his thinking to a head, Fried explained. “It was essentially following a challenge by The Lancet, which years ago had an editorial, which summarized one of the years and it said, ‘It’s been a wonderful year, we discovered a new phylum [Cycliophora] in the mouth of the Norwegian lobster, and we do all these wonderful scientific things, but in the same year—the previous year, we had hundreds of thousands of people killed in Rwanda and Bosnia, and science is really not dealing with these issues.’ So this was really the impetus for me,” Fried said. “I decided to approach it as a medical model, which I think is very useful in dealing with phenomena that you can observe, and do not have a full explanation for, but really defining it in operational terms.”

Much of what Fried noted was unsurprising. In a section called “Symptoms and signs,” he listed items such as repetitive acts of violence, obsessive ideation, diminished affect, rapid habituation, compartmentalization, environmental dependency and group contagion. Concerning the latter, he wrote, “The group environment is necessary for maintenance of the syndrome and for its propagation. Most individuals in the group respond uniformly to sets of stimuli, and the responses of individuals in the group serves as stimuli for other individuals.” However, one seemingly off-key item pointed toward a crucial departure in Fried’s thinking. Under the heading “Intact language, memory, and problem-solving skills,” Fried wrote, “Individuals affected by the syndrome usually appear intellectually sound and remain intact in cognitive domains such as language, memory, and the ability to plan and solve problems.”

This pointed the way toward Fried’s analysis, where he brought all these pieces together, with a central place for the concept of what he called “cognitive fracture.” It stands in direct opposition to what Fried called “the cultural mythology… that we have a primitive reptilian brain somewhere underneath, we’re holding [it] under check by our frontal lobes, and they keep the beast from springing out,” adding, “That’s how we think about ourselves.”

Although obviously a troubling view, because of the beast within, it’s also a beguiling picture of our noble higher nature, our human rationality (which we can identify with) at war with its more primitive dark side (which we can disown). But for Fried, it just doesn’t add up. “I really think it’s a completely opposite way,” he told Salon, “because obviously animals do not engage in this kind thing, most animals, at least.” Rather, he said, “What you really have here is a hyperactive cortex or prefrontal lobes, which is where the obsessive ideation is. It’s a result of evolution, which has rapidly evolved this.”

So it’s our “higher nature” that’s misfired somehow. But there’s more, Fried continued: “In this process of the fracture you no longer have the feedback of the lower centers. [Normally] you’re not going to go out now and slaughter 50 people, you will have feedback enough from your lower center. It will tell you it’s nothing that you really want to do.” That normal process breaks down due to cognitive fracture. But there are other changes as well. “You’ve got a sort of over-regulation of this prefrontal mechanism, where ideology is really getting in, which really dampens your reactivity in the amygdala area.” In his original 1997 “Syndrome E” paper, Fried wrote that the syndrome could be due to prefrontal hyperactivity “shutting off the amygdala and impairing its ability to regulate emotion and impart species-specific meaning to stimuli.”

~The Jew scientist forgot to include the reptilian behaviour of the Jews and included everyone else. The dumb goyim lemmings just keep taking it up the arse.

Maybe one of our great Scientists can tell the world how Jews are behind all the wars, all the organized crime, all the porn, all the fiat usury money changing schemes, all the race mixing, all the drug cartels, all the publishing houses, movies, media etc.

No folks our Professors and Doctors believe Jews learn this in the Frankfurt School.

If 4 white people were on an island with one Jew in the middle of the Pacific the exact same things would occur. All we have to do is a test like the reality shows. It isn’t what Jews learn in their lives that make Jews Jews it is who their father is. I didn’t say that originally, Jesus Christ said it (well I guess I said it too and proud of it). Its why these atheist psuedo Professor, Doctor white leader spokesmen will never ever get it. They are doctors and not one of them has the same definition of what a Jew is. It changes every day.

Someone needs to make me an honorary German because I back up Germans more than they do. Maybe some free wiener schnitzel at the Eagles Nest? I promise I wont wear a uniform.

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24 Responses to Wierd Science

  1. The Holy Scriptures are quite clear on the identity of the Jews. They are the children of Satan.
    From Genesis to Revelation this is clear.

    What is the position of:

    David Duke
    Charles Guilliani
    Kevin MacDonald
    Don Black

    et al on this?

  2. melgibstein says:

    Duke is a “traditional Christian” he thinks Jesus was a jew and the Bible is about the jews
    Giu-liani is a satanist who almost became a priest in John Hagee’s church and found out it was bogus.
    MacDonald the clown, well its hard to nail him down he changes by the week, he is a leftist now a rightist (like the Neocons), he doesnt believe the Bible but thinks the Bible was about a race of people called the Jews
    Don Black is a Jew- period. He without a doubt attends that hell hole in Boca Raton called the Jewish Federation. Why else would a Nazi live in West Palm Beach, to get away from Jews? Without a doubt a hairy Edomite. Check out his head and lip structure structure. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSOBMMiOOOsy86izvpi_6LpQ5ujhJtOphoC5QdQYEt1wCwIdM2FdA

    He likes this Jew

    and looks just like him.

    Don Advo another clown- he loves to say Obama is a Muslim and wont mention the jews in Obama and Michelles family. This Stormfront crowd is a group of paid kikes, you cant be that sour and not be a lemon.

    This other guy Robert Reyvolt who says he is an ex Marine better be ready to answer some questions about his Marine days like Hal Turner. I told Don Black Hal Turner was impersonating a Marine and I was thrown off Stormfront (not that I wanted to be a regular) I just thought if Don Black wanted the goods on Turner he had them and chose not to use them…..because Black is a Fed too.

  3. DC says:

    I found this while I was searching for some info on Piper, but it’s more on the WN movement than about him.Don’t know if it adds anything to this thread but it may be interesting reading to some readers here.


    It’s from a few years ago when Christopher Bollyn, Eric Hufschmid, Daryl Bradford Smith and Mike Piper had a public falling out with much drama.

    • melgibstein says:

      After listening to Pipers last show it appears the great MCP may have died after eating a large bag of creamed cheese bagels.

      Listen yourself.

      • DC says:

        LOL yeah I listened to that show.

        He’d probably would have lived longer if he’d taken more care of his health. Better diet and more exercise and all those good things, assuming the whole thing wasn’t staged that is.

        Taken at face value getting the truth out seems to have been his main mission in life, while sacrificing a lot of other things like wife career and money, health, etc.

        Sometimes this can be a sign of an impulsive person who can’t control his urges. Someone who is weak or desperate is more easily recruited as a shill I’m guessing… or alternative it may explain why he slipped latter in life, teaming up with the MG viper nest.

        When someone’s part of a rat nest, I usually assume they too are a rat, but I’m sure that often it is a flaw or weakness of character that TPTB exploit. If you read through that link to an article by Rick Cooper (nothing to do with Mike Piper, Bollyn, Smith or Hufschmid) you’ll notice that most of the WN leaders were far from squeaky clean.

        Duke for instance is said to be a compulsive womaniser and has other vices on top of that.

        On a more hopeful note, in one of Piper’s last shows he did mention his career was shaped by a guy called DeWest Hooker who I think was of sound character (but don’t quote me on that). Piper mentioned the WN movements of today are nothing like how they used to be, and would be rejected by Hitler’s movement as clowns. This may be why he stopped supporting pro-white movements?

        He seemed to be a supporter of Duke however so he’s a complex character who was tricky to read.

  4. melgibstein says:

    The white patriot movement is infiltrated with homos and “zionists”?

    The truth is I never trusted that movement either. Claiming someone is a homo without proof is a jewish thing. The new jew thing is claiming someone is a child molester. To claim Mullins was a queer is bad, obviously Mullins never claimed he was and after he was dead these accusations came out. The big difference I see is you have one group calling them zionists and Piper called them the Jews. Piper in my opinion was not a homo, but some of these others could be like Bollyn and Duke in their Ralph Lipschitz shirts.

    Not one of these clowns even knows what a jew or a zionist even is. A zionist is now a bad jew and can even be a good jew who is not yet a bad jew. All of these clowns are idiots. It tells me that they are stupid enough to trust a jew that they perceive as on “our” side, but whose side are they on? Anyone going to war has to know who the enemy is or they are never going to war- period.

  5. The David Duke article in spy-magazine-september-1991 was interesting.

    I find it hard to believe that no one has told Duke about Israel Identity during what, 30 years+ ?
    Yet his books are FULL of Jewish quotes and he thinks White men are descended from Esau.

    Hagee married a Jewess. Does he have any siblings? Here is his mother who looks a bit Jewish

    Have you ever called in to debate Giulianni?

  6. melgibstein says:

    These clowns wont even discuss identity….none of them because there is obviously something wrong.
    Yes isnt that something, we are from Esau and Jews are from the line of Jesus in his opinion. He was at least smart enough to do the direct opposite….fascinating!

    Giu- boy wants no part of me. He will yell like Gary Busey in the cage. I in fact called in just a couple days ago and he didnt answer the phone, he doesnt let truth get in the way and I cant take too much of his garbage. He claims we all have jew in us somewhere down the line, we are all mixed. He obviously admits to it, but he discovered Daniel Boone and Davey Crockett were Jews (everyone is a jew you just have to find out where). Why would someone claim we all have jew in us? Were the Irish and Scottish Jews on an island for 2000 years? Yep, they too are jews…..Giu boy is a destroyer. In order for him to make his assumptions he has to know the difference between a Judahite and a Judean and he wont make that distinction.

    They are all scared s***less of identity because it shows how little they know what they have been talking about for years. They have one ace up their sleeve though and that is some of our pastors have been put in place to dump identity down the sewer when the time comes and why I dont follow any pastor.

  7. melgibstein says:

    This Deguello Report claims Stalin wasnt a Jew….like I said I dont trust either of these sides. Its all jew show biz and neither side can be truthful.

    My question is “How do you run for Congress with this stuff hanging over your head about carrying sacks of money and attacking a small island with Nazi’s? How do you not talk about it? It stinks to high hell.

    Darryl Bradford Smith is a Jew, he doesnt want to do anything about the jews just zionists because some old jew gave him soup while he was starving. He is a jew or has one in his tree. It is impossible for him to say “Jews” so in my opinion he too is in it to stall it and do nothing in the end- exactly what he has done.

    Him and his Kaye Griggs BS, thats where all this gay crap comes from. The truth is people are kept dumb not because they are gay but because idiots like Smith call Jews Zionists and not Jews. I once called him on his Kaye Driggs crap on the craphole site now known as , hell I cant even remember the name now, a guy named Tom Sullivan took it over and now it sucks. The guy who ran the site before Sullivan was great and allowed total free speech. Sullivan saw that I was telling the truth about his hero Smith and Ognir and banned me. Now nobody goes there, HA! Even Ognir (Ringo) and Smith got in a fight ha ha!

    Sullivan and Kennedy are names jews love, but Irish names nonetheless. Griggs is a Jewess and says her mother or Grandmother was a Jew in her film. If you watch Kaye Griggs and cant see she is a pathological lying jewess you are an amateur in my opinion (or a jew).

    Smiths website header
    The French Connection disavows any contact with Nazis, Fascists or Racists in any form.
    More than likely, all of these news groups are Government Psy-Ops.

    “We are not racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or prejudiced against any race, creed, or national origin. We are prejudiced only against criminals”

    He isnt “homophobic” but he is anti racist. Satan couldnt have said it any better. What he means as being racist is a white person being pissed off that Jews polluted America with Blacks in their slave trade. They want to keep you from making any move whatsoever. Thats a Jew.

  8. melgibstein says:

    Jews arent going to willfully allow the truth in, they have different stages of BS from main stream media Glenn Beck BS to Alex Jones to David Duke and MacDonald to DBS to Giuliani to soft CI on RBN, but the truth in its entirety is not allowed and all of these groups know it and cant even claim they can debate it because they wont. If they do they get slammed and they know they will. Their debates are like telling everyone they are going for a swim in the ocean out with the sharks, but they dont make it out of the bathroom/shower area.

  9. melgibstein says:

    Giu- liani says that people dont like to hear that their religion is fake, but there he is with his phones cut off doing it every day. Maybe we dont want to hear it because its a one sided opinion only (his own). Giu-liani agrees with the jew and quotes Mark Twain (Schmuley Clements) that “faith is something you dont really believe”.

    So if I have faith it is going to rain and water my garden when the clouds are all over the sky that is something I really dont believe.

    Anyone can BS on a megaphone day after day, just look at them all (theyre all over). Only people who allow free speech want the truth- period. The truth needs to be allowed in whatever you believe to either confirm your idea of truth or to be corrected. None of these folks want to be corrected.

    If Jews made religion up why didnt they make their God agree with them?

    • “Jews arent going to willfully allow the truth in, they have different stages of BS from main stream media Glenn Beck BS to Alex Jones to David Duke and MacDonald to DBS to Giuliani to soft CI on RBN”

      That is a an accurate synopsis.

      If Giu-liani says that people dont like to hear that their religion is fake I wonder what point he is trying to make?

      The Holy Scriptures are true. Christianity (pick one of 40,000+ denominations) is at odds with them.

      Does he believe that Abraham was a Jew? Does he take calls?

      I know of two Identity programs that have open lines.

      I know of one Identity program that has open lines and the truth of the Holy Scriptures is discussed.

      The rest of it like “white nationalism” is suspect because they either peddle Christian lies or flat out hate the Holy Scriptures.

  10. melgibstein says:

    He believes Abraham was a Jew but doesnt believe the Bible, sort of like Mike Rivero who says he is a Jew but doesnt believe there was ever a Judah or even a Judea. I try not to get wrapped up into Jew BS too deeply. Imagine being a Jew and erasing all the original evidence of what being a Jew actually is? There are no lies they are not willing to create.

    My white nationalism is waking up whites- period. I do it here, I do it everywhere I go if they will listen. Most are so deep into the jew BS only God himself can get in. That is Gods punishment and unfortunately we all suffer for it in some way. We should have never allowed our people to be overtaken by jew BS. If they want jew BS God will give it to them.

  11. melgibstein says:

    He’d probably would have lived longer if he’d taken more care of his health. Better diet and more exercise and all those good things, assuming the whole thing wasn’t staged that is.

    Unfortunately it does have that air about it.

    • moi says:

      your white nationalism mel ??? oh dear,mels artifiicial construct,i wouldnt have you on my radio show(if i had oné) either,as long as you were promoting such a drivellous meme. have you even read the bibles mel ???

      • melgibstein says:

        You sound like you’d fit right in with the David Duke show and Stormfront, they dont believe the Bible either…They just happen to be pro white because they love Bach and Beethoven (queers like jews and you).

  12. melgibstein says:

    Your heroes of Stormfront are having an intellectual discussion about the Confederate flag which has the cross of Andrew smack dab in the middle of it as does the flag of Alabama, Florida and possibly hundreds of other flags that were never to mean “Johnny Rebel” or anything of the sort of being a rebel (that is what Jews want you to believe). Jews are the rebels.

    Your Stormfront heroes will never put the pieces together….the Scots were huge in numbers in states like Alabama……..and no doubt for thousands of years going up the Alabama river and every other river in America and Central America. The Stormfronters just cant make the connection of the Scots to the Scythians because not only have they never read the Bible (or refused to) but they will not try to figure out who the Scythians were even if the Scots claim to be Scythians in their own Declaration of Arbroath.

    No the Stormfronters want that flag to be a rebel flag because they are obvious Jews. Andrew wasnt a rebel, Jews are the rebels and Don Black the leader of Stormfront, who is also conveniently from Alabama has no clue of this (or at least wants us to think so).

    These guys Black and Duke paraded around with symbols like the cross of Andrew and the Phoenician swastika only to degrade them (how can someone be so stupid?). These symbols should be signs of white people who actually know their past not the jew fronts who know nothing of their past and cant even get on the same phone with someone who does. They degrade white symbols and it isnt by mistake.

    It was easier for Duke and Schwartz (Black) to degrade the swastika than the Celtic Cross (which Germans also wore), the Celtic cross would have been a bit too much obvious hate of white people and not Jews. Make no mistake however that too is no doubt next up on the list of our new jew world of “hateful things” with the help of idiots like Stormfront. Germany has already banned that.

    It is Stormfronts symbol……….and they have no clue who the Celts even were or where they came from. Folks it doesnt get any dumber.

    Anyone get the feeling that Jews want white history wiped out? Why would they want to wipe our history out? The bigger question is “Why the hell would you let them?”

    David Duke claimed that Phoenicians were Syrian Arabs who named “Europe” He thinks Arabs gave the Greeks their alphabet and named the stars…………and at the same time says the white man landed on the moon (we have tapes to prove it). Folks you have to be able to see through this…this is deliberate destruction! They work for the Jews no doubt in my mind.

  13. melgibstein says:

    The Celtic cross another symbol of hate because of dicks on Stormfront who dont know anything about the Celtic cross


  14. melgibstein says:

    Here is the Man on the Moon


    I have a neighbor who is a Polish Jew from NY who drives around with a Confederate Flag on his truck with a modified muffler to be loud and obnoxious. Jews deliberately destroy history. Jews will drive around with a Jesus bumper sticker and deliberately hold up traffic, they wear crucifixes and hang out in the park like Aqualung, they steal our names, our identities our history to pervert it and without you being lemmings that could not be possible.

    Most people ask WWJD What would Jesus do? The truth is it is just as important to ask what jews would do. Folks they are shameless and remorseless, if you do not understand that than you do not understand what you are up against. Prove someone to be true.

  15. DC says:

    It appears the latest shooter maybe linked to the Russian government. His website was found to be hosted on Russian servers in Moscow.


    Whatever the case may be Duke and other White Nationalist figures certainly do seem to have associations with Russia. Duke has visited and met with the Kremlin’s unofficial advisor Alexander Dugin. Many people believe (myself included) that Russia is still Communist and the KGB alive and well.

    Duke’s connections to Russia is mentioned in the link above.

    Perhaps this is where the money’s coming from?
    It would explain why so many in the WN movement say Putin’s the new Hitler.

    • melgibstein says:

      The WN networks come right from the Jews wherever they may be, not one of them is Christian, although they believe the Old Testament because they use it to prove their beliefs that Jews were Gods chosen people.

      Duke believes white people come from Edom……….that is really all you need to know about Duke. He will never have a debate with anyone who knows he is full of shite- ever. He has supposed Lutheran ministers like Dankoff who know Duke claims white people came from Edom and thus murdered Christ and he still goes on his show and praises him.

      DC you have wide open free speech here……..it is where you have no free speech that you should never trust. Every once in awhile they take the tape off our mouths and let us mumble a few words and they think that is allowing free speech.

      Notice that their shows are meant to have people go to them and not for them to go to people like a fly trap. That isnt spreading truth that is setting a trap. They cant have an open honest debate with their own supposed fellow whites and they want whites to unite?

      They want whites to die. That is what I believe. David Duke and his pal Don Black are not capable of a simple debate and yet they complain that they dont get enough media coverage with folks like Alan Colmes and Bill OReilly. It is all Jew Hollywood.

      Why cant we have an honest open discussion on this Dominican island invasion fiasco or an open debate on Martin Luther Kings assassination and the fact that his brother shot Don Black (and Black doesnt believe in conspiracies- no wonder).

      The truth is they are popular because they have access through these BS networks like Rense who also made Gordon Duff and Miltie Kapner (Brother Nathanael) famous.

      When I hear Duke I hear a Jew and always consider that he is telling us exactly what we shouldnt be thinking about so in a way it is helpful. Jews are getting nervous and they are going to have to start using some of their weapons already in place…Duke and Black are two of them no doubt whatsoever (and most of Stormfront morons). How could you possibly want to be led by these IDIOTS? You have to be dumb as rocks.

  16. melgibstein says:

    Just think about this…..Duke believes white people come from Edom (even says it in his book) and none of his clown cohorts have any problems talking to him or he to them such as Don Black who doesnt believe the Bible (I think he is a Jew anyway) and he has Dankof who praises him who is a supposed Lutheran Minister (he has no problem talking with Duke), then you have the Stormfront pagans who believe in Beu Wolf or whatever they believe have no problems having a long conversation with Duke or Black, but not one of these morons will ever have a conversation with a Christian (Identist) someone who studies the Bible word for word.

    Folks do you see the hypocrisy? They cant debate something that shows they are clueless, what kind of a debate would that be?
    So they hang up the phone just like a Jew…………not after the truth one iota, there is no truth in them. They have to disregard we are even here and talk their way around us like ballerinas (specifically Don Black who talks like one too). Their truth is anything but the truth….it is everything but the truth and every one of them know it.

  17. The very concept of truth comes from above:

    John 15;26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

    To anyone reading this who is wary of Christianity: BE WARY!!! The Holy Scriptures condemn it
    Revelation 13:11..

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