Pilpul Rain

Im singin just singin in the jew rain.

Im singin just singin in the jew rain.

Definition of PILPUL. : critical analysis and hairsplitting : casuistic argumentation especially among Jewish scholars on talmudic subjects : rabbinical dialectic.

You can do a search on the word pilpul and even Jews will pretend to tell you what it means if you are dumb enough to trust them. I’ll make it simple what it means, Jews get in place where you can overhear them and create a left/right paradigm where you are compelled to choose between the two (or more). They do this in the movies, on TV sitcoms, news shows, on local radio, in school, wherever they possibly can.

When you hear Christian Identity pastors using words like “Zionist” this is pilpulism to confuse you. Another word for pilpulism is babel and nothing of God is babel.

Just a quick note for all people seeking the truth. Jews use words to keep you thwarted, they will have 5 people in a conversation you are supposed to hear and each of them will define their words differently, this is babel. Look for it and know it is not of God- period. If you tell them and they refuse you or tell you that you are not saying anything of value, in my opinion they are using pilpulism knowingly.

Jews (aka satanic seed mongrels) have to make you use the most basic words with their definitions. Knowing Jews why would you ever use a word with their definition, especially words in the Bible? There are many different types of pilpulist scenarios and you will only know when it is being played on you if you find out the true definition of the most basic words being used in the subject.

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2 Responses to Pilpul Rain

  1. melgibstein says:

    I would like to add to this thread after the death of the Jew Prince who never had a single song as far as Im concerned, Jews loved him however, why because Prince is pilpulism. Do you ever hear what Jews want to talk about? Turn on any Jew channel and in the news they are talking about Hollywood, other talk shows, the Holocaust, general all around bathroom humor etc., even the shill Jew internet talk show hosts talk about stupid issues all the time and it is all to keep you off subject. The networks will have one show on the Jews and right after it something about Muslims (nothing about Blacks) and another denigrating Christianity by calling the tribe of Judah and Israelites “Jews” like schizophrenic imbeciles. Just look at all these subjects everywhere diverting you from the parasite killing us slowly but surely.
    It used to be TV shows like “Leave it to Beaver”, then “All in the Family” where Jews can actually be productive members of the American Family, today the media has us focused on Prince, Michael Jackson and pedophilia, drugs and the riches they obtained keeping us pilpulled. Jews have us focused on Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Cuba, Russia, everywhere but that scumbag welfare state and its people that have caused literally a cesspool of our planet.

    Im going to tell all of you out there, even David Duke said this on Friday “If you arent talking about the Jews you are a traitor”. This may be one of the best things Duke has ever said only he will forget all about it on Monday, you see if they have a show thats a little too strong it has to be calmed down for at least a weekend.

    Pilpulism is also pretending you are going to lead and then leading you into the pit, telling you to do something and then telling you not to do anything, telling you to be against Black crime, but not against race mixing. You see Duke hates the fact that Jews cant marry non Jews in the Jew state and I say its the best thing I have ever heard Jews do, but the fact is it isnt even true. Who gives a damn if Jews cant marry non Jews in the Jew state anyway they are still marrying into everyone all over the world. Its White people that need to be taught to marry their own and oddly enough Duke does not say a word about it. You cant run for Jew president if you tell White people to stay white so we have pilpulism from our so called leaders just as we do the Jews.
    You know what we need to talk about? We need to talk about ALL the areas Jews have mangled our race and our countries and we need to light a fire under White’s asses and when Jews bring up bathrooms for men and women we need to bring up hanging rooms for the Jews and their lackeys who wrought this slime upon our lands.

    When a White person is talking about anything other than Jews wrecking the earth it is pilpulism whether they know it or not. Nothing is more important on this earth than ridding these creatures from our lands.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Update on the slimeball Duke and his feminine partner, Slattery. The following Monday Duke starts off his show 4/25/16 praising Christianity and saying we do not follow true Christianity and by the time the show was over Duke and his cuck friend were talking about evolution.

    Folks, Duke is just as much a traitor as the main stream is.

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