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Lonesome Dove

Recently I heard a new radio host basically condemning the word Columbia and blending it in to the BS Masonic world of Texe Marrs and his friend Edward Hendrie  who will never debate a Christian Identist (neither of them). Although … Continue reading

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Basic Instinct

Home Jewish World Jewish World Features Michael Douglas: I never felt fully accepted by Jewish community Douglas intends to use $1 million from Genesis Prize to reach out to other Jews from intermarried families seeking a connection to the community. … Continue reading

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Multiplication of Galilee Burning

Iconic Israeli Catholic Church Burned In Likely Hate Crime Arson The Church of the Multiplication Loaves and Fishes located at Tabgha on the Sea of Galilee was heavily damaged early Thursday morning in what clearly appears to be another “price … Continue reading

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Wierd Science

We don’t have to be monsters: The new neuroscience of genocide and mass murder The Holocaust and other genocides taught us ordinary people can enact horrors. Now we might understand the science Paul Rosenberg Follow Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal … Continue reading

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Run Pamelola Run

Prosecutors: Rovinski celebrated American deaths Read: Criminal complaint against Nicholas Rovinski FBI arrests man at Warwick home connected to terror investigation Quiet Warwick neighborhood remains under microscope amid terror investigation Authorities: Warwick terror probe not a threat to security WARWICK, … Continue reading

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Requiem For a Dream

  It is odd when people die, some may drop dead without any prior notice, the worst deaths are the people who died and who border the truth not knowing how close they are. Most people who die seem to … Continue reading

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Pilpul Rain

Definition of PILPUL. : critical analysis and hairsplitting : casuistic argumentation especially among Jewish scholars on talmudic subjects : rabbinical dialectic. You can do a search on the word pilpul and even Jews will pretend to tell you what it … Continue reading

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