Snake Eyes

Half of me is in right field and the other half in the Jews corner.

Half of me is in right field and the other half in the Jews corner.

Mike Huckabee  twitter
March 15, 2014 ·

Will Hollywood ever forgive Mel Gibson? The Deadline Hollywood website has published a remarkable essay arguing that it should. On the 10th anniversary of the release of Gibson’s

One of my long lost relatives.

One of my long lost relatives.

mega-hit, “The Passion of the Christ,” show business journalist Alison Hope Weiner argues that it’s time to take Mel Gibson off the studios’ unofficial blacklist. She admits that she had the same image of Gibson that many did after his DUI arrest and his ugly breakup with his ex-girlfriend. Like most showbiz journalists, she assumed he was a racist, sexist, homophobic bully and anti-Semite. And she wrote stories that perpetuated that image. But then, something unusual happened. She got to know him personally. They became friendly. He met her family. And she discovered that none of what she believed about him was true.

She says Gibson went through a very bad period because of a drinking problem, but he’s

when you dance with a jew make sure he isnt doing the same thing.

when you dance with a jew make sure he isnt doing the same thing.

actually a smart, kind, decent person who’s since made a sincere effort to atone for his transgressions. He’s also quietly given millions of dollars to Jewish charities, and not just to polish his image, because nobody knew about it. That realization made her consider that just maybe, our media also bear some responsibility for accepting celebrities’ public images as reality and just hammering away until people’s lives and reputations are destroyed. It’s debatable whether her essay will convince Hollywood to take Mel Gibson back. But if it makes reporters – and readers – of gossip

Thats me at the wall where you were and here you are bending over at Yad Vashem.

Thats me at the wall where you were and here you are bending over at Yad Vashem.

sites think twice before they believe the cartoon images of people that the media peddle, then it’s well worth reading.

~Maybe Mel will get his jew agent back if he says he made it all up after a drunken stupor. Oh, Im sorry he did that already, it’s going to be something a whole lot worse. I wonder how this would have turned out if Mel wasnt getting sauced in his hometown bar.

Im 5’2 with work boots on.

You have to wonder which Jewish organizations Mel has quietly contributed to, maybe the lies about the German people organizations? You think Mel contributes to any white organizations? His father supposedly didnt believe in the Holocaust and his son worked with every hypocrite (actor) Jew in Hollywood. This is sort of like the word “Jew” it has several different meanings. Mel has his own church so he contributes to that. Any of you out there members of this church? You can view Jesus up on the cross with a hooked nose and get on your knees to the Jew. One thing is for sure, many of you contribute to him and he contributes to Jews. How pathetic!

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27 Responses to Snake Eyes

  1. wjrevere says:

    Probably the dumbest post Ive ever read, and Ive read some dumb ones.

    To clear the record: Mel’s agent was Italian, clearly not a J EW.
    He made it, in an Aussie B movie low budget film, that became an International sensation, women swooned over him and men wished to be him.
    If he gave to Muslim charities would this somehow make him a crypto muslim? Your logic says yes, though Id have no issue working with those who practice Islam.
    He is the most feared director and actor in Hollywood, he has made some poor choices, but to play in that arena, he must keep his enemies closer…they Control it, not Christians, Not Muslims.
    James Caravaziel is not a J EW either, and has been blackballed from Hollywood. The choice to cast him as the role of Christ was a good one. A great actor.
    I think youre angry Mel didnt choose a real J EW to play that role.

    • melgibstein says:

      This is Walt from He loves Mel so much it hurts. I have never seen someone so queer for a Hollywood actor in my life.

      No Rahm Emanuels brother is not Jewish or a Jew (a Kenite)? He has Muslim papparazi chasing him around and not jews. The most feared actor and director gave Jesus a hooked nose you fool!
      You think the jews would let me do a movie?

      Well we disagree, you like the mother of Jesus to be a Jewess so you most likely wanted Caviezel to be a jew didnt you? Its Caviezel not Caraviezel, almost like Eli Viezel. You can disagree but you have no proof Mel is not a sold out jew behind washer or a jew himself. I have more proof he is a jew than you do that he is a so called Christian. Face it, you love Jews.

      • Brit in Norway says:

        Terribly troubling about Gibson. In a way I hope he is a crypto, because if he isn’t he sold his soul to these bastards.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Could you imagine becoming famous in a Jew business and then whining about not being famous anymore? Caviezels first movie was about two juvenile male prostitutes, some Christian eh? He sold out his first time on screen, it is no doubt standard procedure. You are either hot or cold. Jews would not let me in Hollywood in a million years and I have no problem with it because I wouldnt go in the FIRST PLACE!

    My heroes arent in Hollywood, most people should know that by now, but Mel has a death grip on some of these lemmings, sad state of affairs.

    Mel Gibson on the other hand thinks Jews are a race and Jesus was one of them. Just ask Mel what happened to the House of Israel. What would he say? Who does he think Jesus came for when he said I was sent ONLY to the exiled House of Israel. We know where that one will lead…..spiritual Walter Mitty land. Its kindergarten class.

  3. wjrevere says:

    ‘Mel Gibson on the other hand thinks Jews are a race and Jesus was one of them. Just ask Mel what happened to the House of Israel. What would he say? Who does he think Jesus came for when he said I was sent ONLY to the exiled House of Israel. We know where that one will lead…..spiritual Walter Mitty land. Its kindergarten class.’

    This is the kind of BS you pass off as journalism.
    YOU literally put words in Mel’s mouth, and then say ask him, though Mel has never made or intimated any such thing as that which YOU accuse him of. You really are off your rocker and are a poor journalist. If you have something to quote, use it! But dont put something out there that cannot be verified and say ‘Ask him’ as if that is proof. It is worse than hack journalism and smells of a Kosher agenda. Im just being honest.
    Furthermore, Monica Bellucci is one of the most attractive women on the planet, and YOU are now calling her a J ewess as you did Kate Upton, who clearly is not. Your just a wreck… really.
    Seek help.

    • melgibstein says:

      I never called Kate Upton a jewess, I did say however that she will be swallowed by jews if she stays on the path she is on.
      If Mel believes Jesus was a hooked nose jew who does he believe the House of Israel is, Walt? Is there another hooked nose House of mongrels out there somewhere scattered abroad?
      Monica Bellucci was a a breast milk prostitute in Shootem Up with the jewboy Clive Owens, yes I think he is a jew too. If he isnt he wishes he was. Why do you love Hollywood whores so much Walt?

      Walts botox bimbo.

      She’s smiling at you Walt. We do agree that Mary was portrayed by the jewess Maia Morgenstern (Morning Star) dont we? We have no argument there do we?

      Thank you for defending me Walt, Shalom
      Love Maia

  4. melgibstein says:

    Did I also put words in Mels mouth claiming he thinks Jesus was a hook nose? Maybe I wasnt supposed to notice that.

  5. wjrevere says:

    Actually YOU did make that very comment about Kate Upton, that she was Jewish…Id be more than happy to prove you a liar and it wouldnt be the first time, either.
    Secondly, YOU also are so lame as to label an actor a J EW simply by the role one chooses.
    Again, it is worse than hack journalism. It reflects on you and the truth telling alternate media as well. That is why I believe you are Cointel Pro.

  6. melgibstein says:

    You made your accusation, now back it up or get lost. You have 1 day.

    I guess getting that answer about Maia Morningstern isnt gonna happen. Mel made the mother of Jesus a yenta. You have one day Walt, then you can go back to your job as a foreman over Mexican roofers. He says Mexicans are better than whites.

    24 hours Walt, get me the proof or you are gone (youll have to change your identity once again to defend your jewboy pal Mel).

  7. melgibstein says:

    Bellucci- Italian from a diminutive of Bello

    780000 BELLE AJKTp
    780000 BELLI BHKo
    780000 BELLIO Z
    780000 BELLO JKPVYp
    780000 BELLY Z
    780000 BELO KLPYp
    780000 BELOI R
    780000 BELOY BC
    780000 BELYAI D
    780000 BELYAJ L
    780000 BELYI BGH
    780000 BELYJ Ln
    780000 BEUL G
    780000 BEYL BCDJO
    780000 BEYLA AK
    780000 BEYLAU A
    780000 BEYLE AK
    780000 BIAJLA A
    780000 BIAL ABCGJOV
    Heres another Bellucci who isnt a jew

    Walt if you killed your jewish wife could you escape to Shitsville Isreal?

    Bellucci Jews in Perons Argentina..wah wah wee wah!

    Oh dont miss this one Walt
    Vincent Cassel ehhh ehhh Monica’s husband is a ehhh ehhhhhhh JEW you arse!

  8. melgibstein says:

    Monica Bellucci, who plays Mary Magdalene in Gibson’s “Passion” movie, is quite the rage as a European porn queen as well as “one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood”. Rosalinda Celentano, who is the androgynous character of Satan, Claudia Gerini, who plays the role of Pilate’s wife, Sabrina Impacciatore who plays Seraphia and Gabriella Barbuti – are hardcore porn stars as well.

    Gabriella BarKochbabuti- another jewess Mr Walt? How could Mel do such a thing?

    Argentina Jewish women
    Bellucci is one of the names so dont tell me it isnt possible.

  9. melgibstein says:

    This is all just a coincidence, Walt. I dont know any Mc’s who flew to the Jew state after murdering someone do you?

    The Mossad Excuse
    Posted by Jameel @ The Muqata
    Last week, Eric Bellucci from Staten Island, who is accused of killing his parents in Staten Island, boarded an ELAL flight and and skipped off to Israel.

    What made this story rather strange is that Bellucci isn’t Jewish, has no ties to Israel, and yet he decided to flee to Israel of all places.

    Personally, I’m surprised that he managed to get on the ELAL flight in Newark, and that ELAL security didn’t detain him (I’ll have to mention this to my friends in ELAL security)

    Bellucci was extradited back to the U.S. from Israel this past Sunday morning.

    To make things interesting, the NY Daily News reports the following:

    About a month before the brutal double murder, Bellucci called an old friend from Stuyvesant High School and said he was working with Israeli intelligence.

    “He seemed a little paranoid,” the friend told the Daily News. “He told me that he was working with the Mossad.”

    The friend, who asked to remain anonymous, said his former football teammate was worried about terrorism and cited the attempted Times Square bombing.

    Less than a week before the killing, Bellucci sent an email to an ex-girlfriend, offering her $500 for the name of each person who caused their breakup, a police source said.

    The Mossad Excuse. There’s a new one…

    It doesnt make it strange that Jews are lying about Eric being a Jew because Jews dont tell the truth.

    The Staten Island man accused of hacking his parents to death and then fleeing to Israel was “babbling nonsense” yesterday as he was returned to New York, police sources said.

    Eric Bellucci, 30, was charged with the horrific double murder soon after his arrival.

    At the 120th Precinct station house about 30 minutes later, Bellucci, who his family says is a schizophrenic, “came in babbling nonsense . . . He almost seemed like he was doing an act,” a police source said.

    One investigator said: “We have everything on this guy except a signed confession. The DNA will seal the deal.”

    Yes call Barry Scheck in for the DNA tests.
    Eric Bellucci, the man accused of butchering his parents six months ago with a hunting knife in their Annadale home is not mentally competent to stand trial, a justice ruled today.

    State Supreme Court Justice Leonard P. Rienzi ordered Bellucci sent to a secure psychiatric facility after prosecutors decided not to dispute the findings of two court-appointed psychiatrists. In those doctors’ estimation, the suspect doesn’t understand the charges against him and can’t aid in his defense.
    Nice looking nurses will be changing his matkes until he shows some response. Another Loughner.
    He can hop on a plane to Isroel for 2 weeks but isnt able to stand trial. Im not buyin it Im not, not gonna doit, not gonna doit.

  10. melgibstein says:

    Walt, what do you think the odds of finding your name connected to Israel and the Mossad, honestly? 5 to1, 50 to 1, 1000 to 1, one meeeelion?

    This biatch has yenta written all over her.

    Meet Monica Bellucci’s boyfriend – Telman Ismailov (Photos)

    Monica Bellucci, dubbed by many, as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ announced that she has split with her husband- actor Vincent Cassel. She is now known to be involved with a property-magnate boyfriend from Azerbaijan called Telman Ismailov.

    Who is Telman Ismailov ?

    This 56 year old businessman is the chairman of AST Group of companies which has its branches in many countries across the globe. He was born on October 26, 1956 to a family of 12 children, he is the 10th child. He comes from a family of Persian Jews that hailed from Azerbaijan. He created the brand ‘AST’ after the initials of his two sons, Alik, Sarhan and himself. He had invited the ire of Russian prime-minister Vladimir Putin, when he had opened a luxurious hotel in Antalya, the PM was livid because the business magnate had made heavy investments abroad when the country was going through a credit crunch. In June 6, 2013; Ismailov bought the Beitar Jerusalem FC, the Israeli Soccer team.

    ~ Looks like you are too late Walt. You lose again!

  11. WJ says:

    Monica married for many, as many naive women, not racially aware, do.
    She is a beautiful woman, and is not a Jewess, she looks nothing like one and is not one.
    Jewesses are not that pretty, sorry you are dead wrong again.
    Her choice of roles has nothing to do with anything either.
    IF I prove you a liar, will you agree to also ban yourself?

  12. WJ says:

    1/3 of Sicily was jewish,
    There was intermarrying and one may find crossover with regard to name geneology.
    It means little with no testing. She is too beautiful to be Jewish, nor is she a practicing Jewess either, You know this as well but over reach as you often do and it makes you look silly.

    • melgibstein says:

      Give it up Walt.She is married to a jew. Thats almost worse than being one. Oh she just married for money. Isnt that what jews do? Give it up if I showed you a pic with her at her batmitzvah you would say she is a good Catholic girl. No I think you are Cointel without the intel part.

      • melgibstein says:

        So have you gotten the proof I said Kate Upton was a Jew? Your hero Monica Blewicci is married to a Persian (mongol) Jew who owns the Israeli National Soccer club and that is still not enough for you?
        You have about 8 hours.

    • melgibstein says:

      Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder in your case the eyes of the lemming beholder.

  13. melgibstein says:

    Ismailov…..Jews are Ishmaelites too, they are everyone in the Bible just ask your hero Kevin MacDonald and Dr Dukechovny.

    I’ll tell you the truth Walt, I am glad I think maybe perhaps too many people as Jews because it is damned sure safer for the world that way. You bleeding heart queers are ready to bring Jews back before they are even thrown out so that is the huge difference between you and me and Im proud of it.

    Let peoples actions be their truth. As Mel said about his movie “actions speak louder than words” only his actions were Jew actions.

  14. melgibstein says:

    Joaquin Phoenix or Adam DeVine? Who Will Play John Belushi in Upcoming Biopic?

    My guess is the Jew Phoenix.

    or maybe the Jew Emile (Emilio) Hirsch

    The Jew Hirsch wins.

  15. melgibstein says:

    Looks like that “train wreck” aint gonna happen (unless its full of jews).

    Walt, your beauty queen is a painted ho, boob jobbed, botoxed, Khazar, Turko Mongolian JEW! I’ll bet she even bought her hair from a non jew.

    How does that make you feel? Take your time.

    Walt has not been back…….he is contemplating yet another fruitless attack. Like the kid down the street who used to keep coming at me with a snotty nose that soon turned to blood………they refuse to give in openly, but secretly they know me as their master. I must always be prepared like Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther for these nutcases.

    • “She is too beautiful to be Jewish, nor is she a practicing Jewess either”

      Jews are determined by race not beauty or religion.

      Read what THE CREATOR told Satan in the book that defines Jews:

      Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

  16. melgibstein says:

    Satan does not appear to be ugly outwardly it is inwardly we must look for. Usually inward ugliness affects the outward, but not all the time. Jews are plastic surgeons for a reason and not just the money. If they could make their Jewish women the most beautiful women on earth they would simply breed us out. The truth is Mrs Ismailov is a tramp.

  17. melgibstein says:

    Another one of Mel’s great Catholic co stars.

    Please join Maria Bello at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco for her book talk and signing.

    Friday, May 8th at 7PM

    3200 Calfironia St., San Francisco, CA

    Register Here:

    Walt, you ready for round 2?

    Actress Maria Bello: “I’m proud to call myself a Catholic”
    What might surprise a lot of people is that one of the people you describe as a partner, as one of your closest relationships, was with a priest.

    Mel’s porn queens, dike friends, homo friends and jew pals are all making Christianity something to be revered, eh Walt?

    Midget Mel to the rescue

  18. Louis says:

    Tertullian”Women,the doorway to the devil” Men are turning against you for a porn star?When my son told me about gibson going off on jews i said, dont’ you see he is just setting a trap to help the jews find out who will side with him (emails,phone etc.) and then they will know who to ruin.

  19. melgibstein says:

    We are dealing with the synagogue of Satan not Seinfeld comedy characters. Once you become a star, Lindbergh for instance, they will stop at nothing, not even your kids to silence someone. The truth is their executioner. Gibson is supposedly a hero for what he did, but he wont have an honest conversation with anyone, like me. I guess he is untouchable, like David Duke and all these other heroes we can never nail down. Only the sold out radio network owners can talk to them (and their sold out followers). If we want truth, we better be open to it. I dont mean mistakes you may have made in your life, nobody is without mistakes, in fact if you havent made mistakes you should really be tested. We are talking about truth not David Dukes crap games etc, I dont give a damn about that.

    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:

    I think he meant what he said and John knew the Jews as well as anyone.

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