In Darkness

Back in the sewer again!

Back in the sewer again!

Lawrence ‘Larry’ Heimlich, who cut off frostbitten toe to survive Nazi labor camp, dead at 93

Posted: 05/29/2015, 12:22pm |
Larry and Elizabeth Heimlich at the U.S. Holocaust Museum with their sons, Marvin “Mel” on left, and Michael on right.

When Michael and Marvin Heimlich were little, they used to ask their father about his missing baby toe.

Sometimes, Larry Heimlich joked that it fell off. Another time, “He said a bunny rabbit ate it,” said Michael Heimlich.

Mr. Heimlich didn’t tell them what really happened for 60 years.

  Herman Heimlich, who perished in a slave labor camp.

You can trust this face

As a Jew forced to do slave labor during World War II, he knew he could be shot for even appearing to be sick. His brother Herman’s captors torched an infirmary in Poland with him and other slave laborers inside.

“One day, they just burned the whole building down, with the sick people in it,” Larry Heimlich said in a 1995 interview about his wartime experiences, “and I never saw him again.”

Mr. Heimlich, who did slave labor in Romania, Hungary and Poland, developed an infection in his toe from frostbite.

The only thing he wanted to do was survive.

“He cut off his own toe with a knife,” Michael Heimlich said.

Lawrence “Larry” Heimlich, a longtime resident of Wilmette, Palos Park, Skokie and Chicago, died April 21 at Park Plaza Jewish Senior Living Community in Chicago. He was 93.

Like many Holocaust survivors, it took decades for him to talk about the war.

It had hurt when his boys were little and they asked why they had no grandparents. He wanted them to know why, he said in an interview with the USC Shoah Foundation in 1995.

In his later years, Mr. Heimlich began doing question-and-answer sessions with students studying the Holocaust. While at a displaced persons camp in Traunstein, Germany, he had a trunk made to carry his possessions to America. It’s now on display at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Skokie.


Im a jew by way of Poland and I have a box to prove it.

He was born in Esen, then a village near the border of Czechoslovakia and Hungary. His family had a small farm on which they grew corn, potatoes, beets and oats and raised cows. A traveling Hebrew tutor came to teach young Larry Heimlich about Judaism.

With the rise of a Nazi-collaborationist government and the growing influence of Hungary’s fascist Arrow Cross party, anti-Semitism came into the open, he said.  “The farm was taken away from us in 1942,” he said in the Shoah recording. “A Jew could not own any land.”

Forced into slave labor, he and other prisoners had to drag heavy equipment to destroyed bridges to help retreating German and Hungarian soldiers. He was sent to Romania, where slave laborers dug trenches to hold dynamite on roads being bombed to block Russian forces.

Fear and hunger ruled his days. Finding berries on a tree could mean another day of survival.

“Many times, you know, when we were building a road, and they weren’t satisfied with the amount of work we did, then they lined us up,” Mr. Heimlich said. “They said every 10th [person was] gonna be shot.”

Though the guards never opened fire, it was excruciating.

In the final days of the war, his captors, knowing the Russians were approaching, told prisoners, “Now, we’re going to march, and who[ever] won’t be able to march will be shot on the road.”

Sick with typhus, Mr. Heimlich had had enough. “I said to myself, what’s the difference for me, they’re going to shoot me on the road, or they’re going to shoot me here, so I stayed, hid, and I cover myself with straw.” Two days later, the Russians arrived. He was free.

He returned to the family home in Esen. Neighbors had taken every stick of furniture. All he found was a picture of his brother’s children, torn to a sliver. “They didn’t even want to have a picture around of a Jew,” he said. Nearly all his family had perished in the gas chambers at Auschwitz, including his mother, Zali; his father, Markusz, his sister-in-law, Roszi, a niece, Ilonka, and two nephews, Miklos and Andor. Only his sister, Eleanor, and a second cousin, Elizabeth, survived.


We lock people up for telling the truth about the Holocaust proving we are not of the truth.

In 1946, he and Elizabeth married in Budapest. They waited three years in displaced-persons camps before they were permitted to move to Chicago, where she had relatives. The Heimlichs lived at first in Jeffery Manor on the city’s Southeast Side, later moving to Skokie, Palos Park and Wilmette.

One of Frank Collin’s kin folk.

“We are very happy to be in the United States, the greatest country in the whole world,” he told the Shoah Foundation.

The Heimlichs tried to forget Hungarian and spoke only English at home. Mr. Heimlich went to night classes at Lake View High School to master English and trained to be an electrician. He worked for United Light Co., NILEC Electrical and as a partner in Devon Electric in Alsip, Michael Heimlich said.

Mr. Heimlich’s wife died in 1997. Services have been held.

 Larry Heimlich with his sons, Michael on left, and Marvin

Thats Mel on the far right.

~Jews have such pain and strife in their lives……God even made them look like Hezbollah, Palestinians and ISIS. They all believe Hymie cut his toe off because the Nazi’s would have killed him, but the truth is he fell off a stool peeping on his sister through the bathroom window. From the sewers of Hungary to the now Jew occupied cesspool America. Jews now have plenty of time to promote homosexuality, pilfur us with their drugs, race mix us out of existence, send our kids to wars based on Jew lies, poison us with Jewish media BS, destroy our moral system with Jew Hollywood because we have our heartstrings played by BS stories like these.

We have people who start charities to help kids on drugs that pump in millions of dollars to help the victims and never mention the jews bringing these drugs in, we have kids race mixing because they have been taught to hate their own race and made acceptable because people don’t want to name the jew, we have a totally corrupt money system and people telling us to buy gold to win out in the end so we don’t have to expose the Jews, we have

Buy gold!

Buy gold!

pastors who know Jews are not of Judah yet still call them biblical words like Zionists, we have radio hosts who have studied the jew subject for a decade and still cannot define what a jew is and don’t know why they can’t, we have morons telling us what the law is and how it has been totally taken over without mentioning the jews, we have 50 million people on food stamps because white people can’t say the jews brought blacks here to destroy us even though it is happening, we have people all over the internet who can’t go without bringing in a jew for truth and people do not understand the destruction of this, we have a totally corrupt government and our pathetic so called leaders think they are going to become president and solve all our problems, we have soldiers overseas killing innocent people while the guilty run our government and tell us violence isn’t the answer (2% of the people).

We have Jews demonizing our culture in Hollywood, Jews bamboozling us with false biblical teachings (with the help of their paid shills), we have Homosexuality, porn, gambling and every vile entity on earth brought to us by Jews and YOU wont say it is JEWS!

We have Holocaust propaganda making us into sadistic murderers and you will not stand up and say “Its the Jews”.  As I said from the very beginning, I am not a writer, what I want is to lead you to war to fight and destroy the biggest enemy on the face of this earth, that is all I want to do. Ask me why.

It is you who are in the darkness.

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2 Responses to In Darkness

  1. indravaruna says:

    The US and by extension Europe are defeated and occupied nations, people fear even pronouncing the ‘jew’ word, jews have the mass media, banks and the politicians all under their thumb.

    • melgibstein says:

      Its a mixture of “fear of the Jew” and the fear Jews have of us. The fear of the Jew comes from what the jew nutjobs are capable of doing, but fear of the people who know what the Jews do is far far more something to fear if they know me at least at all (and I am just a normal guy). If there were 10,000 people who really knew what Jews are it is Jews who would be in serious fear, take my word on that. It would be like Patton vs, the Nerds, but the lemmings are just to damned brainwashed.

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