Dr Ethno


I’m a Jew, but I dont know what it means.

If you have been around the so called trooth movement lately you have probably seen every effort there is to cushion the Jew crime network. Yes I said JEWS folks! “Dr. Ethno” Kevin MacDonald is back with his absolutely schizophrenic history of the Jews mixing them with Israelites and everyone in the Bible. Yes folks he says he read the book and it is Jewish. The problem is as usual he doesn’t know what Jewish actually means, in one sentence it is a religion that makes people evil and in the next it is the people who he believes wrote the Old Testament who were all biologically related. One must ask why then did they write the Talmud? This “Dr” says he is Scottish and doesn’t know what a Scythian is or where they came from. He will never, I repeat NEVER debate anyone with any knowledge of the Bible whatsoever (fairly) because you would find out how little he  will admit to knowing. He is another Stormfronter atheist who thinks Jesus was a Jew who turned good and just a Jew who we should all trust (no harm in it, just don’t trust everything). Jesus was a Jew fluke in this Jew educated doctors Scythian brain. The truth is he will never go anywhere with the truth it will always be one step forward and two steps back. You have to ask what his motivation is, but it is actually simple, the answer is to chuck your religion out the window and follow his foundationless babel about people he has no clue about. It’s like flying to Bolivia and telling everyone you walked because a Jew told you what it was like.

This talk about Jews being a race is totally moronic when the word Jew itself means the mixed masses (Judeans – the word which was designed to pilpul your brain with the word Judah). In a few questions I would have this Dr Douche chasing his tail, but he is not around to give the truth because if he were he would go back to the words in the Bible themselves which he does not believe anyway. How convenient?

Its special

Its special

Why are these idiots not taking comments? Why are all of the David Duke clowns never taking honest questions from people who know they are lying? Do you think they are on our side? How do white people benefit from lies?

Then you have every Tom, Dick and Harry in the CI movement claiming it is the bad Jews who are behind all the mayhem in the world because you see they trust some Jews and willing to bring them right into your bivouac. These pastors who have been preaching for decades oddly enough don’t understand the book they claim to have read. They are smarter than God himself and knowingly.

One thing I find rather odd is that all of these internet sites and talk shows who claim to be against the Jews are the first ones to go and find one for all of us to trust. They aren’t looking for a Black to trust it is always a Jew they admire so much. Folks it is QUEER! Jews claim to be Israelites and these atheists believe the Bible is the Jews past. Please think about that for 3 minutes. How can you believe the Bible is true about Jews when you don’t believe the Bible?

David Duke however isn’t changing his tune, he believes Israelites are Jews, Abraham was a Jew and Jews of today all have the same DNA as Abraham, although he isn’t a Scientist. How convenient?Folks when people say things they have no basis of fact for the truth theymaxresdefault are trusting someone else and who might that be? The very people they claim to be against. They trust them they believe them they hate them they love them. Folks that is a total cancellation, you might as well be at the bagel nosh. And it is by design. It is designed to keep you lame.

I want to tell you what I think should be done. First we should hold our media accountable for treason. They blindly sent our sons, brothers, etc to war on a lie and they are still in position to lie again. They claim they were protecting our freedoms when not one of these clowns wants to protect our freedom to call them the traitors they are. Their answer to this is that those WMDs were sent into Syria and we must now go there and find them. No folks what we need to do is hang this media for treason and then let the chips fall. That is the truth and that is what must be done. Forget the talk about our government because our government is in the Jews pockets. Without an entirely free media and free speech for all Americans (and I mean Americans) we have total Jew control.


These folks and their ilk should have been swinging from a flag pole yesterday.

Lastly the other braking (stalling) I see basically everywhere is when the talk of the Constitution comes up it is never discussed who the Constitution was written for nor is it ever discussed who the Bible is written for. If they do not know those basic fundamentals they cannot ever be taken seriously whatsoever. Whether you believe the Bible or not if you believe it was written for anyone other than white people you have made every writer in it a liar. If you believe the Constitution was written to Jews and all the people Jews have let in you have spit in the founding fathers faces.

These are the people who claim they can’t take calls because they will get dumb calls discussing things like this  Constitutional free speech they sent us to war over (protecting our freedoms). It is not of importance to them, every one of them are in the Jews corner over us. Jews have plenty of money and they don’t pay people not to be heard they pay people to be heard and in the most popular places. You can claim you are pro white if you are a Jew too, you can claim you are a Christian like Jew Popes and Cardinals (by the way Cardinal O’Conner is a confirmed Jew- racially like the Bible calls them, but is half something else), but they aren’t in it to help you they are in it to stunt your thinking and keep you from the truth like a game of English Cricket. They have so called Doctors, Professors, Veterans (even Chaplains who want you to believe Jesus was a Jew), pastors who want you to believe James chapter one verse one is not there and that Jews are the same thing as Israelites, network owners who want you to refer to bad Jews as Zionists because they have nothing but Jew sponsors (you see they are good Jews), knucklehead blog talk hosts who continually bring in jews for truth and the phones shut down so nobody can prove they are not of truth (like Jesus said). What kind of world are these talk show hosts leading us into with no free speech? They do the same thing the main stream media does. They are controlled opposition.

Abe has been awful silent about Duke and Schlomo Don Black. You would think these guys would be Enemy #1, but not a word. Is Abe scared Duke might expose who Jews are? Not a chance in hell.

Yes me again!

Nothing is being done when we know Jews did 9/11, we know Jews led America into war, we know Jews control our media, we know Jews control our money, our schools, our food, our publishing houses and libraries, our government, Hollywood, Sports, etc.

Folks I don’t understand what the hold up is. It’s the GD Jews stupid! Don’t use the Bible to prove that unless you know what the words actually mean or we will know you are on the take or duped. If you haven’t read the Bible don’t try to claim you have to prove a truth with it. Say what you have knowledge of only or be questioned on what you do believe with dignity and honor and lastly get your foot off the brakes and get it in high gear or get lost!

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17 Responses to Dr Ethno

  1. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Dr McDonalds and Dr Duck are Judas goats. They perform as expected when you think of them as Artificial Intelligence programs. AI just deals with data and constructs. None of it has to be true. It can never exceed the data. Dr’s Duck and McDonalds keep it in the envelope. They call that leadership. A program based on truth could be tripped up with a Kurt Gödel ‘this sentence is not true’ conundrum, while AI would incorporate such hypocrisy and use it. Their kingpin inarguable truth is ‘Jesus was a jew and the jews are Yahweh’s chosen people’, and it doesn’t matter what Jesus said. Is this human? According to one side of their face; yes it is so very human and frail.

    Let’s not forget our politically correct morality lessons on love: It’s prejudice and ignorant to hate a black person for the color of their skin, but it’s laudable to love them for the color of their skin. See how their truth works? Their yardsticks are made of rubber.

    This alternative media is coalescing into one homogeneous blob, just like the MSM. They link eachother and defend eachother and never ever step out of this ‘Jesus was a jew’ camp. They have their rules.

    I see the same commenters on the same blogs saying the same things they were saying 7 years ago. Here’s one: If a white person did that to a black person, it would be all over the media for weeks. They just love to say that as if it gives their blog some legitimacy. If this is some big new revelation to them, I wish they would go back to sleep.

    As they mock the football fans, they don’t realize they’re just fanatics too. It’s another lie about how dumbed down and helpless the American people are. I never have trouble waking waking a person up. I hit them in their peculiar archetype set which is the scriptures. 22 ammo is sold out the minute it hits the shelves. They say Obama is the best gun salesman in history, but it’s more than that. I was travelling around doing work on Flying J and Pilot truck stops and those truckers know the deal. They talk a lot. These pussies pointing at Joe Sixpack drinking beer on the couch watching football don’t even have guns. F*ck them! Your first responsibility is to get a gun! Then start thinking about remote snipers. Then start thinking about lining your yard with shotgun shell toe poppers, electronically, with an on off switch, of course. If you can’t do that, tell people you did. Telescope stands already have gears for 2 axis rotation.

    So, the internet has the same liars and half-assed, half measured impotents. The verses about the tribe of Dan in Gen 49 are curious. Dan throws a snake in the road that causes the hose to throw the rider. What people don’t know is that rider is the rechabite of 1 chr 2:55 and Jer 35. It’s the scientists of deception. It’s the tribes and functions of the scribes, the canaanites in the temple. They’re going to be crushed under their own bullshit. How? Don’t wait for a theologian to figure that out for you.

    One thing about this lying internet: It makes what’s real shine brighter by contrast.

  2. melgibstein says:

    I can understand some people not understanding that the Bible was written to white people because they never read it, but I cant understand people who claim to be pro white and dont know it. You see you have to lie in order to get out of it and put words in the mouths of the people in the Bible. Never mentioning that the Constitution was written for white people is just plain cowardice and the enemy of any white movement there will ever be. Usually they leave both those things out so they dont have to use one to back up the other, instead they know one is true but back down on the more important one. They cannot defend the truth, it is not in them and they know it but falsely move ahead dragging the truth into the gutter with them. It has to be stopped, this isnt about changing the channel or radio station it is about corking lies that are infecting the world. The every day white person has been fattened into accepting the new jew political correctness and have thrown out God and the Constitution altogether and dont skip a beat. Not one of them will ever have a fair debate because although they have themselves convinced they know in their hearts down in the bolted manhole covered with all the waste they can find to bury it with are their spirits. They think they have everyone fooled that it is ok to sell out to Gods number one enemy and act as if its nothing, nothing at all. Its something and I think that something is going to be very upset and rightfully so.

    Satan has you pegged as a hater for telling the truth so be it.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Juif Renses big white hero Don Black is claiming all white groups are fighting each other….this is a guy who hangs up on people if they dont agree with his jewish tripe. If you dont want white people to fight let them say what they have to say and deal with it. Why cant truthful people be challenged truthfully? Isnt the truth the final goal? The truth is the truth has nothing to do with Stormfronters.

    They cant, they cant because they are a network of jews or jew controlled on the take shills.

  4. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Jewish tripe and tricks is just what it is. Now will come the calls and pleas for “Unity, Fraternity, Liberty!” with big long demagogue screeds. Seen it before. Never a mention of what those fights are always about. They’re about their obscene blasphemies and lies. They never correct that, in spite of better logic and evidence. Also, look for Christians to be getting moderated for “starting fights and causing disunity!”. And it doesn’t matter if it’s 10 against one and who is right.

    They love the ignorant mob, filled with the prejudices they’ve implanted (about Yahweh, ubiquitously) , and then they jockey for their positions in the rear with the gear, hiding behind the mob. Some leaders, huh. They’re nudging and prodding Judas goats. Are white people really so dumb to be fooled and corralled by these same jew tricks played over and over and over again? I don’t think so. That’s another illusion of the canaanite magicians and scribes, I’m sure. Those assholes can just stand up on their stages and proclaim it to the whole world, witnessing against themselves. They’ll be crushed under their own bullshit. How, is the only question. I want them slopped down and humiliated.

    On the bright side, I think you’ve made a dent. I see more and more people waking up to our self proclaimed “saviors”, in the rear with the gear. Feeble snivelly liars.

  5. melgibstein says:

    I made 4 comments on this freedom loving pastors site


    and not one of them published. They are as Jew as Hannity. They want total control of everything said on their site. They are nothing short of politicians who will bring jews in as fast as they claim to throw them out.

    This guy walked around with a hooked nose playing Jesus every day for more than a quarter of a year and these fools are praising him.

    Before my comments magically pop up, later comments have already been posted over mine. They arent going to let the truth get in the way of their forums. Paul English, nobody knows who he is, but most people with names like that are jews.

    The truth may be getting out somewhat but it is controlled in all the popular places.

  6. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Surely they would have been falling all over themselves to get him roles as a pervert on Law and Order: SVU or Dexter. Implicitly and subtlely, Hollywood’s rejection of Caveizel strengthens the jew preacher’s game of pseudeo-christianity. Now, the flocks can truly believe they’re persecuted in the world for His name’s sake. Subtil is that creature. It looks like another phony dialectic controlled by the tribe on both sides. They win either way.

    They just have to drop over hyped and PR groomed jew names like Richard Dreyfuss, who played a faggot in Poseidon. It’s fishy they would use that for a support. Subtle imagery, juxtaposition and associations, how could a guy named Paul English be wrong? Those things are outside of a person’s immediate awareness, but they have their influence. White people better get with the archetype set Yahweh designed for their own peculiar brains. I read “To Be Taught of God”, a sermon by Dr.Wesley Swift of March 20, 1967, last night where he talks about that.

    80% of the CI sites I’ve seen turned out to be full of shit, most recently Hannah Michaels and Jahtruth. Hannah Michaels has some trippy stuff though.

    I sure would like to see those comments you wrote at that Paul English website. Did they ban you at Darkmoon?

    • melgibstein says:

      Darkmoon says someone put a jinx on me on the site and my comments dont show up, umm hmm. I was banned from the freedom loving Eli James website. I guess no criticism is allowed. I am a loose cannon claiming the people they are pointing us to are Jews or people who would also cut our free speech off in a heartbeat. They actually believe Mel Gibson is a hero. He made the mother of Jesus a Turko Mongolian Khazar and Jesus a hooked nose Arab.

      If these idiots dont see the destruction of that with all their biblical knowledge they are dumb as nails. They arent capable of the truth or they are jews one or the other.

      David Duke is pondering running for president, he cares for everybody, the ENTIRE WORLD. Just send him money and if you arent you arent doing anything of any good. I wouldnt send the guy a 5 day old bagel. He’s a traditional Christian he says, he thinks Jesus was a Khazar too just like Mel.
      Have you seen the movie Marching to Zion yet? Texe Marrs’ little jew pastor who doesnt mention anything about who the wives of the patriarchs were. I guess they were Arabs, but apparently of no importance to them whatsoever. I only watched the first 3 minutes and the 12 tribes were already born and multiplying. The only thing different from a Cecille B DeMille movie will be that he exposes that Jews arent all actual Jews, you see even white people wanted to be hooked nosed Jews. It is so ridiculous but they know most people never studied the Bible and why they are in the most popular positions to begin with. The truth is never going to be popular because when the truth starts to come out Jews will start a diversionary war and the lemmings will fall for it every time. I only try to wake up the people who are capable and this forum is WIDE OPEN for anyone to set me straight. I make mistakes but never too proud to take anything back, but these days if you take one tiny thing back because of the cobweb of jew lies we lose. So be it. I cant change stupid for them that only God can do.

  7. melgibstein says:

    Here is my comment at Eurofolk


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Person of Interest (TV Series)
    John Reese
    YHWH (2015) … John Reese
    – Asylum (2015) … John Reese
    – Terra Incognita (2015) … John Reese
    – Search and Destroy (2015) … John Reese
    – Skip (2015) … John Reese
    Show all 90 episodes
    2014 When the Game Stands Tall
    Bob Ladouceur
    2013 Escape Plan
    2013 Savannah
    Ward Allen
    2012 Living in the Age of Surveillance (Video short)
    2012/I Transit
    2009 The Prisoner (TV Mini-Series)
    6 / Michael
    – Episode 6: Checkmate (2009) … 6 / Michael
    – Episode 5: Schizoid (2009) … 6 / Michael
    – Episode 4: Darling (2009) … 6 / Michael
    – Episode 3: Anvil (2009) … 6 / Michael
    – Episode 2: Harmony (2009) … 6 / Michael
    Show all 6 episodes
    2008 Long Weekend
    2008 The Stoning of Soraya M.
    Freidoune Sahebjam
    2008 Outlander
    2006 Deja Vu
    Carroll Oerstadt
    2006 Unknown
    Jean Jacket
    2005 Madison
    Jim McCormick
    2004 Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius
    Bobby Jones

    Passion of the Christ

    Doesnt look like he has any shortage of movies, his first movie was with River Phoenix and Kneau Reeves as child sex prostitutes.

    Yes yes he was ruined. A true Christian wouldnt be in jew Hollywood to begin with, but I guess you would if given the chance.

    Cant wait to see the hooknose desecrate Gods name.

    His movie The Long Weekend was produced by an Israeli, poor poor Eli Caviezel. Dont look for the evidence of this except on my Long Weekend thread, they removed all evidence of it off the net.


  8. melgibstein says:

    YHWH “person” of interest. JJ Abrams Executive Producer


  9. AT says:

    This blog is like watching a train wreck.
    You know something stupid is coming, and its just a matter of time.
    Blog owner mixes about 60% truth with 40% anecdotal bullshit, hyperbole and opinion and passes it off as legit.
    Youre a crack up. I have no issues with what you type if you verify it, which you dont. You dont use quotations or citations. You paraphrase and pass off as a quotation. Its awful.

    • melgibstein says:

      Well Im waiting for some examples but I don’t think you have any atall. I think you hate truth. Fire away Aidan, I bet you stole that name. Take all the time you need it’s wide open.

    • melgibstein says:

      Its so awful that you wont come back and specify what you mean. I’ll tell you what you mean, you have been duped by Jew Hollywood and that pretzel brain of yours just cant absorb it. You dont do 30 movies with jews in a jew controlled business and then turn on the jews and cry you have been shafted by them. These guys are filthy rich and you are a poor bastard.

  10. wjrevere says:

    The word Arab means Mixed, Not Jewish, you nitwit.
    Judean was one from Judea. Jewish is an invented word for one that supposedly practiced Judaism.
    MacDonald has done great work as an academic despite the petty differences you have with him. Ironically YOU are neither a published academic or biblical scholar and you seemingly put words in his mouth and on cyberspace that make absolutely no sense at all. Literally insane ramblings. Are you seriously well or suffering psychosis?

    • melgibstein says:

      Jews are mixed you buffoon! You have to be dumb as rocks to follow MacDonald and here we have the proof. What is “Jewish”? If “Jewish” is someone who follows Judaism or the Talmud it isnt the so called religion or way of life of the Israelites.

      So tell me, was Jesus a Jew in any way? If not what was he? MacDonald claimed in one of his interviews with a jew on Stark radio that he never read the Bible all the way through. I then called him on a show and he said he had finally read it all within a 2 month period.

      What is “great work”? Is exposing lies work? Is it something we wish to be compensated for? In your case it is.

      MacDonald thinks white people came out of the North as Neanderthals and Jews have a serious history, the Bible. He believes Adam and Eve were Jews, Moses was a Jew, Jews were in captivity in Egypt……if that is who you follow dont let me stop you.

      I agree that the word “Jew” has many meanings, but todays meaning is a mixed mongrel. I cant call Jesus one of these when the Bible clearly shows the lineage all the way from Adam and not one single Jew is involved and if there happened to be (like Judahs Canaanite children) they were exposed. The Bible is a book about the white race not the Jew race and if you read the book you would understand why.

      How do you do great work when you dont know the words you use? MacDonald does not know or will not admit to the difference between a Judean and someone biologically of the House of Judah, one was a mongrel and one was not. These are the folks who are our experts on race? How do they even know what a race is if they if they think the Bible was written the the race of “Jews”? You need to unfurl your arse out of your tongue.

      And I see you have a new email this time. How many do you have?

  11. Brit in Norway says:

    For my penny’s worth: I haven’t read MacDonalds books. He speaks well, but I agree with Mel G – if MacDonald fails to understand the difference between Judean and Jew – and the spiritual and historical connotations of that – then his writings keep us in the dark. MacDonald implies an evolutionary survival strategy of the Jews by their behaviour, whereas ultimately I would say this is a spiritual battle of RACE. The main problem withMac Donald’s position, at least as it stands now, is that he is denying us our true identity, which is the main way to destroy an opponent. I am not saying it s intentional on his part but the problem is the fixation on Darwinian evolutionary theory which I believe is false (whites coming from Neanderthals and so on.) This theory destroys our identity. Incidentally Mel I tried to hear your confrontation with MacDonald on the March 2013 show on The White Network, but the recording seems to not exist now, only first 5 mins Of show seem to be available. Probably got something to do with the implosion of that network which is probably another tale in itself.

    • Brit in Norway says:

      I should just correct myself a bit, MacDonald needs to differentiate between Jew, Judean and Judah – and watch some E Raymond Capt. films / read some of his books on what happened to the house of Israel…

    • melgibstein says:

      Exactly Brit, MacDonald wants us to believe being a Jew is an ideology that was formed in their mind from the Bible. If it were up to me, however I would hang him for treason. I do not know any more dangerous outlook than that and always with the phones shut down and nobody ever challenging him because he is supposed to be a super human intellect. The truth is he is working for the other side and a two bit twit, the Bolshevicks who hate free speech just like him.

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