Signs Part Deux

Theyre Nazi's from space

Theyre Nazi’s from space

If you have been listening to the completely Jew controlled RBN you might have heard about this building

Its the Nazi building on a US Naval base in San Diego. This means that our government are Nazi’s to some ninkompoops who are free to call in to any shows they want because they are nice to Jews. You see these morons believe our government are Nazi’s and Jews (both) because of well…this building.

I dont have to tell many of you that RBN is a Jewish or Jew playground, although there may be 2 or 3 shows that tell some truth (one is actually a Palestinian) the other two are Christians, one on too early on Sunday morning so you have to pay for the archives to get that one………that fund goes straight into all the Jew shows however. Some are Stormfronters, some hate Christians more than Jews and they are totally welcome, some are Christian Identists and entertain Jews for truth, thats always as puzzling to me as Hannity selling his soul on National TV.

How is it that this network never wakes up? Even the owner isnt convinced its the Jews while he tells everyone to buy his gold with useless fiat money. This guy is worse than Fagin himself, but thats the price to pay to be a host on RBN….. you go along with the boss and all his Jew commercials. The guy has more Jew commercials than the Super Bowl and he still whines for money every time he opens his falafel hole. Arent you folks sick of this **** yet?

What is more important than Jews controlling our media? So what does the owner of RBN do, he makes RBN more Jew friendly. One of the hosts isnt shy about telling everyone Seinfeld is his favorite show and loves Jews. The owner allows that but he doesnt allow people to call in who are totally livid about Jews and how can you not be? You have to be a zombie not to be livid and then to hear more BS diversions over and over again is nothing short of treason not free speech. On shows like Parkers Pathways you can be drowned with total nonsense and be put to sleep at the same time, this guy is a time cruncher only.

This radio network is hosted by the Zino radio broadcasting group over the phone, just a coincidence I guess. You have Don Black callers who are also RBN hosts claiming its the Jews and the first time I turned on this guys show he was interviewing a Jew.

Then you have the Christian Identity pastors who always seem to be one step away from Gordon Duff and his Jew army of BS. What can be said other than this is all deliberate diversion keeping you complacent (that means doing nothing). You are all entertained by Nibiru stories, Becky Roth 9/11 conspiracy theories (yes a Jewess figured it all out for us), Fukishima, Ebola, Jade Helm (this sounds like another Gordon Duff cow pie to me and being pushed by all the usual gatekeepers), we have pro white activists who have been porked in the rear end by their own fathers, another shot by Martin Luther King’s brother’s assassin (the guy who wasnt there). Folks we have nothing but a big network of Jew baloney out there and the same callers will be calling in.

Frank from North Carolina will be checking in to tell us what the Jews are doing one minute and what the Zionists are doing the next (how can this be folks?), Mike from NY who hangs out with the biggest antiChristians on the internet and claims to be a Christian (Judeo) on other shows will call in and tell us Germany was run entirely by Jews and that “their buildin” is proof (the one in San Diego), you see he thinks Jesus was a Jew too. You may have 5 or 6 callers all over the radio internet arena nowadays because people are either too scared to call and straighten these idiots out or they arent allowed to call in. RBN’s owner is just too much of a liar to ever send him a dime, you dont advertise free speech and then not allow calls or have hosts who dont allow calls. They just eased into not taking calls anymore just like the Jew media. If it is because it is about Jews and he doesnt want those calls, what then exactly does he want us to say? Its Jew control folks plain and simple.

By the way heres a picture from Kenya

Yes folks, Kenyan Nazi’s.

Heres one in Alabama (an old folks home).

Don Black and Frank Collins’ Mums must be living there.

And heres one from England, yes they too are Nazi’s

If you build a shed in your backyard like a swastika guess what, you’re a Nazi.

We could go into a long story about the swastika all the way back to the Phoenicians who used this sign for the Polaris (commonly known as the North Star) and may have been the sign the Magi saw at the birth of Christ, but we all know they were Nazi’s/Jews too like everyone else in the Bible to these pathetic pea brains. Unfortunately that is who radio networks like RBN, Rense and the Blowhard Jones network love. All I can say is we dont have free speech folks, not on the internet and not anywhere else (speech). They want to make it look like we are scared to actually talk and challenge the host. How are we ever going to get to the truth with no challenge? These so called Christians on these radio shows are no different than that of the Pharisees they claim to hate (oops I mean dislike).

Understand that Jews know how to use hype and lie before they even open their mouths and already have you set up. Find these liars and expose them because they are either our enemy or working for them. Look for the signs of these hypocrites and if they dont want to be corrected they probably are Nazi’s (of the Jew kind). If any one of these people are looking for Jews to prove a truth that better be a huge indication of mistrust to everyone. They want you to trust the Jew because they do. That is the crux of all our problems in this world today.

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One Response to Signs Part Deux

  1. melgibstein says:

    Ever notice how people that always use the word “Zionist” explaining the good jews from the bad jews are the same people who call the German government Jews during WW2? They have no hesitation calling these people Jews, but when Gilad Atzmon is around they magically become Zionists. That, my dear lemming friends, is hypocrisy.

    A way to know you are calling a shill radio station is when you wait on hold for an hour to get w ord in and then the next 3 people in line have called in to comment on your call. It will no doubt be the same shills over and over again.

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