Holocaust Day


Never Forget How Jews Slander and Lie!

Bruce Jenner speaks out in new promo.

Bruce Jenner Promo Boosted By Mel Gibson’s PR Rep Prior To Trans Surgery: Esther And Kris Jenner Speak Out [Video]

Bruce Jenner has become the subject of a promo series from ABC News, designed to whet the viewer’s appetite for the full two-length special interview with Diane Sawyer. Now, in the second promo leading up to that April 24 air date, Jenner is seen giving more hints of just what he will reveal about his highly speculated gender transition, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

Robert the Bruce Jew Jenner

Robert the Bruce Jew Jenner

And while the promo ads give only hints, it’s Bruce’s own mother, 88-year-old Esther Jenner, who has been the most candid about her son’s plans to become a woman.

“Right now, I am more proud of him for what he’s allowing himself to do,” declared Esther of her 65-year-old son.

Recalling how he won an Olympic gold medal, Jenner went one step further in thinking about the long journey that Bruce has traveled.

“I am more proud of him now than when he stood on that podium and put the gold medal around his neck.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Bruce plans to follow the Diane Sawyer interview with his sex-change operation. The date of that procedure is scheduled for the end of May to the start of June.

Recognizing that he needs guidance on how to manage the increasing publicity surrounding his transition, Jenner has hired entertainment PR counselor Alan Nierob, according to O’Dwyer.

Alan Nierobowitz and the jew devil yenta.

Alan Nierobowitz and the jew devil yenta.

That’s the same PR maven who worked with Mel Gibson, Steve Martin, Liam Neeson, and Denzel Washington. Nierob came on board Jenner’s team following his car crash, which resulted in the death of a woman.

But what really will be revealed during that interview remains the subject of speculation only. From revealing a new name, as some tabloids have reported, to dating plans, the rumors continue to pile up.
As for Jenner’s own family? Kris Jenner finally broke her silence, reported Yahoo UK.

Asked about the rumors that her ex-husband is transitioning, Kris was blunt.

“I’m not even answering that,” she initially said. “It’s just dumb.”

However, Kris puts the emphasis on their relationship now that they are separated.

“Bruce is great. Bruce is good. We’re good friends. In life, you realize on some level you’re happier living apart than you are together and that’s what happened with us. We just grew apart. We weren’t getting along like two people in love should be getting along. And it’s been kind of amazing, you know?”

What do you think about Bruce Jenner’s promo videos above? Will you watch the special when it airs? Post your comments below.

~Short Answer NO!

Jews are persecuted just because they are Jews and freaks are persecuted because they are usually Jews too.

Another "Mel" way up on the top bunk to the right.

Another “Mel” way up on the top bunk to the right.

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12 Responses to Holocaust Day

  1. moi says:

    are you famliar with marcion mel ?

  2. melgibstein says:

    No, but it looks as if we wont be getting the truth about him.

    • moi says:

      Maybe not get all the truth about him but his view on things was pretty clear.2 gods idea,ot god and nt god. care to Answer another question ?

  3. melgibstein says:

    Im sure a lot of people have different views, but which is babel and which isnt? Sure, go right ahead.

  4. melgibstein says:

    we shouldnt even be around jews.

    • moi says:

      after- reading more on marcion. it seems rediculios to only have paul and luke as his reference. sorry for rambling mel

      • melgibstein says:

        Not a problem. Be ye separate was meant for one people and it wasnt jews. I always take that into context of anyone talking or who has talked. The Catholic church believes that was said to Jews. Just think how ridiculous that is by itself. There is no need to seek windmills to slay out in right field, it is right in front of us. I dont get caught up in diversions created by other diversions. I cant answer every question but I can definitely see the pattern and the pieces that can never fit. If they dont fit there is a reason, but should we go seeking reasons as to why they dont fit? Its a waste of time.

        Its like 9/11, I dont know every detail but I know Jews did it. And I dont need every detail nor do they need to give every detail of all of their lies for centuries. The Bible is “dead on target” about Jews and it has no second questions (why Im sticking with it). The truth today is whatever that Jew media says it is. Just look at David Duke, he believes the Bible is what those jew movies say it is. He never read the book in his life. He claims jews are strong because they stick together, but Duke isnt sticking with anyone but his Stormfront lackeys. He cant except me because I will prove he is a liar in about 3 minutes. They are staged to keep us broken apart and that book is the only thing that is ever going to bind us together (us meaning the people of that book).

  5. bharford says:

    Mel Gibsons PR agent?
    Are you serious? As if Mel Gibson can tell him who and who not to PR…thats What PR agents DO, however good or bad. That is their job.
    You try to castigate Gibson in this, while he make movies and vactions 2000 miles away from the sewer that is Hollywood, with an Italian agent, not a J EW, and the fact that Mel Gibson wasnt made into a star.
    He was in a B movie that become a blockbuster hit due to his looks, charisma and acting.
    Women wanted to be with him, and men to BE Him, He has 9 children, funded a multi million dollar Traditional Catholic Parish, none of his children married any J EWs, and his father still living has written for over 30 years, largely about the Holohoax, and You cant find 1 article from Hutton to discredit him.
    Your smearing is so transparent as to be Marxist like, but its a big fail in my opinion.
    You do throw out occasional truths, but that is what disinformation artists and Marxists do.
    I will be fair and credit you when you write the truth, but smearing with no proof is slander and libel. Im not defending Gibson. He is human, he has erred and done some stupid things.
    But to call him a J EW is just plain stupidity.

    • melgibstein says:

      Well Im sorry I dont love Mel as you do, I never said there werent a crapload of dupes in this world I’d be a definite liar. The midget has jews up his arse and you dont think thats a bad thing. Yes Mel is with “good” Jews. I bet you believe Jews are oppressing Jews too like David Duke. Dont expect me to ever believe as you do, you are the reason this world has been turned into a jew pig sty. And I didnt read everything you wrote, frankly I dont give a damn..

      • bharford says:

        Im not saying that I ‘love’ Mel.
        I dont. He is an idiot. He has done some really foolish things, like cheating on his spouse, costing him his marriage of 30 years, and acting in movie roles that I do not approve of, (Lethal Weapon etc) as a Christian.
        BUT neither do I call him libelous or slanderous terms like J EW, without some sort of solid proof. To do so, tends to discredit the one making the charge.
        Thats my only point. Carry on.

  6. melgibstein says:

    Which movie did you like Mel in the most? Was it with the yenta Goldie Hawn, the yenta Jamie Le Curtis, yenta Helen Hunt or yenta Sissy Spacek (to mention just a few)? Perhaps it was the two jewesses who played the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdelene or was it the nose job he gave JC to show Jesus was a hooked nose Babylonian? I dont bar many people from this forum but morons like you are banned. I bet you love Elie the jew Caviezel too. Youre hopeless! Yeah yeah I know he is a Christian (one that doesnt know the difference from a Jew and Jesus). That isnt a Christian pal. To be an actual so called Christian you have to read the book so you know what the heck you are talking about.

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