The Caiaphas Afek

I will let this writer take it from here. Just one little fact can change things upside down and if nobody will stand up and correct it, guess what, it stays that way forever.

I will let Texe Marrs and anyone else who claims to know everything going on during the time of Christ chime in (and they wont), although it is clear after reading some of the verses this man cites which I do not know, he is without a doubt more correct than any Judeo Christian out there. Caiaphas was an Edomite and Jesus (Greek for Yashua) did not come for Edomites or Idumeans, he came for Israelites. And if you haven’t figured out Jews aren’t Israelites yet you should at the very least prove this false, right here, right now.

Forum is wide open.

If you believe white people brought Black slaves to America you are just as mistaken as you most likely are on this. It was Jews and I want to make something crystal clear, they weren’t Zionists because that word wasn’t for them either.

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9 Responses to The Caiaphas Afek

  1. Roy says:

    Mel — do you subscribe to the Serpent Seedline teaching/doctrine? I have studied arguments for both. Not sure yet where I fall. Although the serpent seedline seems to make more sense just based on the Jew’s behavior. However, Esau’s decedents may or may not be related to Cain’s seed. Or would they?

  2. melgibstein says:

    They are related, absolutely. If there was a satanic seed line it wouldnt be difficult to figure out who that is (and there without a doubt is). All you have to do is take a look around, everywhere there is crime, perversion, etc. you will find the jews. That is no coincidence. They bred into the daughters of men (Adam). Not the slightest doubt in my mind. Anyone who studies jews will come to the same conclusion or they are simply dumb as rocks in my opinion.

    David Duke thinks we are the bastard offspring of Jews…..just study basic Biology and try to pass that one off as truth. Jews have two types of lies…..100% pure lies and lies mixed with truth. There is no room to mix this one at all, but switch things upside down. Jews obviously believe in the satanic seed line too if they read and claim to believe the Bible that is. Its us vs. them on this one and its them.

    There is of course the proselytes who are twice the children of satan (or hell).

  3. Ray Zerwitt says:

    This guy sure sheds some new light on those “aboriginal idumeans, troglodytes”. The Horites. I’d like to see ‘Edom’s Thorn’s’ thoughts about it, and everyone else’s.

  4. Ray Zerwitt says:

    No, but that doesn’t mean I’m defending or endorsing him. What made me curious was is claim that having red hair means having Neanderthal genes. He contradicts himself when he says the humans who bred with them had a dominant gene of human appearance, while the Neanderthal brought a dominant gene of that stunted amygdala that shows up on MRI’s. By this logic, the red hair should be the human donation to this abomination. Does he know cavemen are in Genesis and that Edom (which means red) relocated to Mt Seir, where they lived? Horites: aboriginal Idumeans, cave dwellers, troglodytes.

    There’s some propaganda, or ignorance there for sure. He should know that Adolph Hitler exposed this “unitard” long before. He only rediscovered the wheel, with that. The person whose natural place is the bottom is always the one constantly struggling to get on top, in some competition of their own minds, and they imagine themselves winning these competitions, by their magic thinking. In the unitard’s bass ackwards brain, success is unmerited gain. Pathological lying would accompany that. Hitler covered it, he should know.

    Unitards are all over this internet. They let Lucifer do their thinking for them, because they’re too dumb to get a better idea. Just what Lucifer would want. It begs the next question: Did he make them? I say ‘make’, because he can’t create anything, but he CAN mix up what’s there. As in the days of Noah and all that. They were gene splicing too. The giants weren’t the only mixed kind abominations.

    I agree with another thing there. It’s not Christian to put them in asylums. It’s not Christian to let them out of asylums and rehabilitate them, as if they were ever ‘habilitated’. It’s Christian to take them down to the river and drown them.

    His model agrees with Genesis too. But it’s loaded with error. He’s a nut, for sure, but a funny one.

  5. Roy says:

    I’m glad I said something, because I enjoyed your response. Very knowledgeable. Great insights.

    In regards to your first comment, I would prefer if commenters such as you would “highlight” the information you gleaned to be valuable from the blog you cited. You unknowingly promoted the blog and to be honest, I didn’t read a word from that blog because of the photo he has posted front and center. “Time” is valuable and you learn to weed out people really fast in this internet age.

    I always try, when promoting a blog I don’t fully endorse, highlight that which I do agree, with the Warning that I do not approve of the person etc.

    Anyway……….thanks for the response. I was edified by your wisdom.

    Btw……….what is a “Unitard”? Thanks.

  6. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Thanks, Roy
    We’re still getting jerked off by the tribe, but in a new vehicle. A vehicle that can go where the other one can’t. It’s their own created opposition again. A Hegelian dialectic again. It’s the internet.

    I don’t know when it was that I woke up and figured out that I was in bed with another one of their whores, but it was a while ago. There are people still in bed with that whore and adoring her. So, thanks for that heads up. I need to keep that in mind.

    Best I can figure, a unitard is a magic thinker. Erol, up there, coined the term. Magic thinking is inborn and chronic in the jew, but it can be indoctrinated in others. What drives it is that ‘reward without merit’ thing. Victory without the tedious sacrifice. Chronic with jews, the TV is the great indoctrinator of magic thinking in others. Barely stomaching “Lost” now, I see 115 pound women knocking 200 pound men across the room with a punch. When the man punches her, it doesn’t even smear her makeup. I see a guy get out of a wheelchair in the morning and leap hurdles by afternoon. No physical therapy needed. I see a woman shrieking at the top of her lungs while the group is being hunted, because Aunt Flo is obviously visiting. I would step in and say “Your self esteem is through the roof! Your noise discipline just blew our stealth. If they didn’t know where we are before, they do now. But, your self esteem is up there and that’s what’s important.”. I see a negro get frightened by a bird and pull out his gun …. clickclickclickclick… it wasn’t loaded. I would step in and say “This is why we don’t give you a loaded gun”. So, they load his gun. Enough of those examples of pure idiocy. I could go on all day. The point is: They just keep succeeding, victory after victory, in spite of their idiocy and incompetence to meet the task. That much magic thinking is obvious to me, but how much isn’t? I only keep watching it because I suspect they’re all lab rats. Anyhoo, I see magic thinkers all over the internet. According to Erol, they get a dopamine release when they see themselves winning these competitions dreamed up in their minds, without the merit. The unitard is stuck at the dopamine station like a lab rat, pushing that button as the one object of their life and reason for living.

    I see propaganda, sophistical bullshit, and magic thinking everywhere I go on the internet. I don’t make it my crusade to correct them. Been there, done that. To master magic thinking, one must also master selective forgetting, except none of it is about mastery. These are those days.

    If you can suffer the rest of it, Erol has some real gems and he sure can grill those trolls.

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