The Pretender

They arent lying for once. I have always said a jew only tells the truth when they are boasting.

They arent lying for once. I have always said a jew only tells the truth when he or she is boasting.

This week Jews celebrate the Passover, who believe they were in Egypt thrown out by evil landlords just as they were thrown out of over 100 city states and or countries around the world. The problem is as you all know Joseph wasn’t a Jew, Jacob wasn’t a Jew, Benjamin wasn’t a Jew and most importantly Judah was not a Jew.

Now we come to what defines a Jew. Pick any one of your scenarios as to what a Jew is and it does not have anything to do with Israelites in Egypt, the people Jesus Christ or Yashua

No hooked nose in this one. Maybe it will work now like Bill OReilly's mongrel Jesus movie.

No hooked nose in this one. Maybe it will work now like Bill OReilly’s mongrel Jesus movie.

came for. Was Judah a Jew? Some Jews claim that a Jew is determined by his or her Jewish mother. Did Judah have a jewish mother? Did Judah have a Jewish wife? Actually he did, but she was a Canaanite. Judah did not marry his daughter in law Tamar. In fact Judah had his two sons out of wedlock, some would call bastards today, but were they really bastards or were Shelah’s children the bastards? Not too difficult to answer. I have only one other question “was “Tamar a Jew”? Who was Tamar?

The book of Jasher

“And in those days Judah, went to the house of Shem and took Tamar the daughter of Elam, the son of Shem, for a wife for his first born, Er.”

Were all of Shem’s children also Jews? This of course is ridiculous.

Back to Egypt. Moses was not a Jew, not an Edomite Judean, not a son of Judah, not even of the House of Judah. So what was Moses? Go look! You will find thousands of sources that tell you Moses was a Jew because after all he led the so called “Jews” out of Egypt right? It is Jewish baloney!

The House of Judah isn’t Jews, why? Because there was no such thing as the House of Judah at the time. Who did Judah’s two sons marry or to be more precise, who were their wives, Jews? They did not exist.

So what are Jews celebrating Passover for? Ashkenazi Jews who named themselves after the lineage of Japheth weren’t even of the lineage of Judah and we all know that these Japhethites mixed in with the Mongols just as the Sephardic Jews mixed in with the Edomites. So aren’t they “bastards”?

“A bastard shall not enter the congregation of YHWH” and why they hate that name so much. Why don’t we hear from Jews or any of our sold out preachers ever speak of the Edomites and mixed multitudes of Judea formerly known as Judah? Why the name change?

Jews are Hollywood actors and nobody has a problem with that, they can see it, but when Jesus called them “hypocrites” (Greek for “actor”) nobody wants to discuss what exactly he meant by that.

Maybe a picture of a so called Jew swinging a chicken around his head will convince you

There, is that convincing enough for you? Maybe some Mohel's over a bubeleh will work.

There, is that convincing enough for you? Maybe some Mohel’s over a bubeleh will work.

what the Bible says is a lie and what Jews say is the truth.
Happy Passover to all true Israelites. If you don’t know what one is take a look in the mirror.

From a website which I agree with.

Was Tamar a whore? What is a whore? How has that word been so twisted?

Tamar: Strong’s Concordance: #8559  Tamar (taw‑mawr’); the same as 8558; Tamar, the name of three women and a place:  KJV‑‑ Tamar.

#8558 Tamar (taw‑mawr’); from an unused root meaning to be erect; a palm tree:  KJV‑‑ palm (tree).

This meaning “ERECT” or “PALM TREE” may not seem like much of a portrayal of this name, TAMAR, when we first think of it, but let’s take what we have here and go to a good thesaurus and look up all of the synonyms we can find in English tosee what all this can mean. Ne of the first synonyms we find is “UPRIGHT.” Can we then say that TAMAR was an “UPRIGHT” woman? “ERECT” means not leaning or laying down, not included or bent, but “UPRIGHT.” It can also mean “EXALTED,” to rank high in character and honor. Is not the idea of being elevated in rank or character a good attribute? It appears that this lady, TAMAR, had something going for her, that she was not just another run-of-the-mill ordinary person, she was something special! It appears that the term “EXALTED” is not out of line for this lady TAMAR. Another word for “ERECT” can be “DIGNIFIED.”“DIGNIFIED” means statliness and nobility of manner, serenity fo demeanor and gravity (solemnity of manner or behavior, dignified reserve). Are we starting to develop a portrayal in our minds of what kind of a lady this TAMAR was? That she was a common wore is absurd! It appears that this lady, TAMAR, was a woman to be looked up to not down on!

Another word for “ERECT” is “DISTINGUISHED” which means conspicuous for qualities of excellence, celebrated, eminent and famous. It is starting to look like we have quite a lady in this Tamar. Another meaning for “ERECT” can be “ENNOBLE,” which means to make honorable, having or indicative of ecellence or dignity and characterized by or displaying superior moral qualities. It appears that we have no ordinary lady in this woman. Another synonym is “HONORABLE” which means worthy of honor or respect,having eminence or high rank, illustrious (brilliantly outstanding). Are you beginning to see that thee Hebrew words have a lot more meaning than it would first appear? “HONORABLE” can also mean a strong senese of what is right, high standards of conduct incouding “CHASTITY” in women. “Well,” you say, “This woman TAMAR proved that she was of low moral character!” However, we believe, after we have reexamined her story very carefully, we will find otherwise!

Another word for this woman is “SCRUPULOUS” which means cautious in action because of a wish to do right. This woman, TAMAR, had “SCRUPLES.” Another word to describe “ERECT” is “TRUE.” Being “TRUE” means faithful to friends, promises or principles; loyal and steadfast. Nothing false or erroneous about this TAMAR! Another word here for “ERECT” could be “GLORIOUS” or full of or deserving glory, renowned or illustrious, also resplendent or beautiful. One can almost envision this beautiful woman, TAMAR. Another word here for “ERECT” is “GRAND” which means noble or dignified in character or manner, majestic, stately. Another synonym for the word “ERECT” would be “ELEVATED.” Yet the Judeo-Christian clergy has the audacity to claim that “TAMAR” was a common Canaanite whore!

Another word for “ERECT” could be “LOFTY” which means elevated in character, quality and style. We’re not talking about a two bit whore here! Another word is “SUBLIME” meaning characterized by elevatin, nobility, grand, solemn (highly serious). Another description is “SUPERB” meanign very good, supremely fine or outstanding. This lady, TAMAR, stands head and shoulders like a palm tree above other women. Another “ERECT” term could be “INSPIRED” which means to influence by example or be an inspiration for other women to follow. This lady TAMAR was really a woman to be looked up to, a woman perceived as different, set apart outstanding.

Another term that could be used for “ERECT” is “EMINENT” which means high in statin, merit or esteem; distinguished; prominent. “PRESTIGIOUS’ is another term that could be used for “ERECT” meaning having a high estimatin in the eyes of people. “INTEGRITY” is another word that might be used for “ERECT” meaning uprightness of character; unimpaired or sound. It can also mean the state of being whole; entire (nothing lacking).

which Jews are the pure descendants of Tamar today? Your Jewdeo priests and pastors dont know.

which Jews are the pure descendants of Tamar today? Your Jewdeo priests and pastors dont know nor do the so called Rabbi’s (that includes Dankof and Duke-oops forgot to put Dr.).

We don’t know about you, but we think we have a real true Adamic woman here, not a hooknosed slimy Canaanitekike. Anothe word for an “ERECT” or “UPRIGHT” person could be “ILLUSTRIOUS” meaning notably or brilliantly outstanding; greatly distinguished; renowned. When we get into the final story, you will understand why TAMAR is all of these things.


~Does this sound anything whatsoever like a Jew to you? If Only white women would seek the truth and be so honorable today.

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7 Responses to The Pretender

  1. Brit in Norway says:

    Happy Easter Mel. Have enjoyed the recent posts. It s mind boggling the depth of subterfuge these “Jews” have been involved in. I listened to the late Pastor Earl Jones talk on “The greatest generation?” On YouTube a few weeks back where he gives a very good insight into how a big part of our downfall was the “Norman” invasion of England in 1066 which basically brought the moneylenders to Britain. I have a question for you as I’m interested in your thinking on this. (I apologise if you ve approached this topic before but I can’t recall you having written about it.) Circumcision, is that truly from God or is it a falsehood, a corruption of the scriptures? An insertion in the scriptures by our enemies? I have read a spectrum of opinion on this. Some say the true circumcision was only a small mark. Was Jesus circumcised? I have read loads of different sources on this issue and at this stage, I am in the dark about it.

    • melgibstein says:

      Thanks and same to you Brit. I know one thing about it, it isnt important anymore so I dont get caught up in it nor do I get caught up in sacrificial rituals. Maybe it was done exactly for the reason Jews have to continue to do it today to keep up their act (or act as if they are doing it I really dont want the proof anyway). Some truths come to people at different times, that one is definitely not going to break me so I will let you continue your quest and come back and run it by me when you figure it out. It seems to me that in John 7;22 Jesus is referring to this coming from Moses and or the patriarch’s (even before Jacob) but not everything he told them was meant for us. Genesis 17:12 also says to circumcise their servants too. Jews want us to believe we are still under the old covenant and after reading Jeremiah we see that a new covenant will be given (knowing that the old one was broken. Jews dont like that one at all)….new covenant, new rules. That is just a very quick answer, however and there could be more to it that I am not aware of. I dont have all the answers and if I did there would be no sense in seeking the truth day after day. Not all the answers will be given, but that wont be one of my questions.

  2. melgibstein says:

    These guys say Ashkenazis arent Israelites but then say they were the people who took up the star of Remphan. How can this be? The Israelites took up Baal worship too (not all), is this preacher and Texe Marrs denying that? If they werent the people there, they werent the people who took that star. They simply named it after David and called it their own to make us believe they are those Israelites when we all know they were not.

    Its double pilpulism and Texe or his preacher pal do not want to engage with anyone about this except Jews. Do they think they will get truth from the jews? They must be smarter than Jesus. Baal wasnt Moloch specifically either.

    Read the early books of the History of Ireland who worshiped Baal. Are they Canaanites? Its amazing how the Keystone Cops (above) can never truly catch up with Jews isnt it? What does it matter what Jews believe? They arent Israelites.

  3. Brit in Norway says:

    Thanks Mel for the reply. I guess Paul as well in his letters (im doing this from memory) in reinforcing why the law/ circumcision no longer holds also said along the lines of why insist on something we could scarcely bear. But you are right, we dont need to worry about it anymore.
    I agree with you about Duke by the way. He is at best a compromised individual. I cringe as well whenever he talks about “us” going to the stars, all that Apollo stuff was fake. He doesnt talk about that either. Compare him with someone like Ed Steele, poor Ed set up by the Feds and left to die in jail, whilst Duke is on Mainstream media.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yeah its amazing how the main stream media hates him and loves him at the same time. All of the idiots on Stormfront are “off”, there is always some subject going on thats a diversion such as a spokesman from Canada who sounds like his tongue was chopped off. Everything they do is designed to have no effect.

      The people who think they know jews follow Duke, they are looking at their left pocket while the right side of their brains are being sucked out.

  4. NinjaJohn says:

    Mel, this is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of the book we were discussing in the Amadeus thread:

    “The sons from Judah’s Canaanite wife could not be part of the chosen seed. One reason was that God killed two of them. The remaining son, Shelah, was of course half Canaanite and illegitimate as far as God was concerned. The covenant promises applied only to the full racial descendants of Abraham through Isaac and then Jacob.
    However, the twin sons born by Tamar were of good seed because both Tamar and Judah were of pure Israelite descent. For the most part, the descendants of Perez stayed with the tribe of Judah. The descendants of Zerah went in different directions. Some stayed with the tribe but some traveled to Western Europe and Britain and became known as the “Celts” having been from Chaldea. You may remember that Abraham was from Ur of the Chaldees.
    I should bring up something here concerning Tamar. It is said by most Bible commentators that Tamar was a prostitute or harlot, thus discrediting her character as a woman. This is not true. The Bible does not say she was a harlot, it says (v. 15), “when Judah saw her, he thought she was a harlot.” Later (in verse 21), the question was asked, “Where[…]”

    Excerpt From: James N. Jester. “Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up!.” iBooks.

    • melgibstein says:

      Looks ok, but I am always careful to give any jew credit if in fact it may be a jew. I know that jews do indeed tell some truth only to set you up for the sting. For now I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

      For some reason I get mixed up in the Shua’/Shela names even though they are mother and son. You have to wonder how a Canaanite woman got the name Shua (saves). Saves from what, truth?

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