Outside of O’Reilly and Glenn Beck (who is more than likely a Jew himself) Sean Hannity is without a doubt thee biggest Jewish arse kissing traitor of all time! If you veterans out there want to know who the enemy is it is the Jew and if you want to know who the traitors are it is the media who volunteer to use you as mercenaries for people who spy on us, pervert our countries, bring drugs into our kids and run our fiat ponzi usury Federal Reserve (totally Jew controlled). If anyone should be hanged for treason Hannity should be the first. I truly hate this guy and nobody will call me a hater for it.

After this Buchanan interview the bootlicking Hannity turns to Dan Senor and helps him degade Buchanan. My God I dont see any shame there. Is Hannity a shameless Jew (something isnt right folks) a white person couldnt possibly sell out like this. It doesnt make sense!

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6 Responses to Hysterical

  1. Truthwillout says:

    Hi Mel,
    Happy Easter.You know the Easter dont you,not the one that has been turned into a Disney Jew fest and is all about chocolate…anything but Christ!!
    I think Hannity et all are bona fide traitors as there’s no truth in them unless you define. Truth as falsehoods and outright lying.These whores for Satan will most likely end up in Jewville,eating excretement ( a favourite jewish ritual dontchaknow ) in a pad paid for by the hooks,overlooking the lake of fire!
    Scum,everyone of ’em and I can feel a tidal wave of truth coming shortly and it’s gonna separate the wheat from the chaff!
    God bless you and yours Mel.

  2. melgibstein says:

    The white hero (sic) Don Black Schwartz of jew controlled Stormfront is on his show today telling people the “Jews were in Egypt”. Ive got news for every one of his listeners, Jews were never in Egypt. These two intellectuals, Don Advo and Don Black (two jewboys obviously) never read the Bible in their lives and they claim they know what it says. Listen to the show on 4/3/15

    Folks I hate to rain on your parade, but these two faggots are lying out their arses to you.
    Oh a call from Roger, the jew that used to call Spingola on a daily basis is calling in. That is a Stormfront commando.

    Joseph wasnt a jew, Jacob wasnt a jew, Dan wasnt a jew, Benjamin wasnt a jew and get this….Judah wasnt even a jew. Does that sound nuts? Its about as nuts as white people bringing Blacks to America to pick their cotton and screw their daughters.

    Folks you have to wake up! Jews pay people to lie to you…..do you understand? I dont care how much they beg for your money.

  3. Roy says:

    It couldn’t be more obvious!

    The teachings of Christian Identity or British Israelism have been around for decades. As if these people like Don Black and David Duke have never heard of them. They ‘ignore’ it like the Jew ignores holocaust revisionism.

    Also……………a growing number of White Race Realists who consider themselves to be followers of Christ have subscribed themselves and promoted the teaching that the White Race are the Israelites of the Bible. This is a fairly large number and growing!

    So why would Don Black and David Duke want to alienate themselves from this ever growing population??? At a minimum, you would think these imposters would at least recognize the growing number of white people who believe and promote the teaching of White Israelites and mention that not everyone believes in Judeo-Christianity. Discuss both sides of the argument.

    I have never ever heard one time David Duke mention the teachings of Christian Identity.

    Metzger is guilty of this in a sense as well. Supposedly he was once a Christian Identity adherent. But now he adamantly rejects it. But I have never heard him discount the archaeological and historical arguments. He only calls it “fairy Tales” but never has any solid facts against it.

    • melgibstein says:

      So why would Don Black and David Duke want to alienate themselves from this ever growing population???

      Exactly Roy! They want to be pro white, just not with God involved. Theyre Jews.

      Tommy Metzger’s favorite saying is “your color is your uniform” and or “your skin is your uniform”. He doesnt think of us as anything but different colors or different skins from Jews I guess. It’s just too damned ridiculous to even think about listening to these idiots other to expose they are jews (or working for them).

  4. melgibstein says:

    I have never ever heard one time David Duke mention the teachings of Christian Identity.

    You know why? Because his handlers dont want him to touch that jew kryptonite. It will blow everything he has ever said about jews out of the water including his ridiculous theory that Khazars are of Judah. He believes Jesus was a Khazar Jew, that should tell you all you need to ever know. He is pro white but ultimately he is a pro Jew Christian, does that make a damned bit of sense?
    They are there to keep you caged, period. I would wrap Duke up into a paper mache poodle and flush it down the toilet. He is Mister Roberts of the white movement and the sad fact of it all is, just like a jew controlled Hollywood actor, the lemming whites love to go listen to him lie.

    Duke is a Hannity on a longer leash.

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