Falling Down Oy Vey!

Michael Douglas Writes Op-Ed About Rise in Anti-Semitism, Attack Against His Son

Robert Kessler

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Michael Douglas (Getty Images)

Michael Douglas (Getty Images)

Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times printed an op-ed by Michael Douglas in which the Oscar and Emmy winning actor opines over what he calls the rise of anti-Semitism “with renewed vigilance.” Douglas begins by recounting a recent incident involving his 14-year-old son Dylan on a vacation in Southern Europe.

“During our stay at a hotel, our son Dylan went to the swimming pool. A short time later he came running back to the room, upset. A man at the pool had started hurling insults at him. And suddenly I had an awful realization of what might have caused the man’s outrage: Dylan was wearing a Star of David,” Douglas writes. “After calming him down, I went to the pool and asked the attendants to point out the man who had yelled at him. We talked. It was not a pleasant discussion. Afterward, I sat down with my son and said: ‘Dylan, you just had your first taste of anti-Semitism.'”

Douglas’s father, Kirk Douglas, was born Issur Danielovitch and grew up speaking Yiddish. Though he was not raised in the Jewish faith, Douglas says he first experienced anti-Semitism when he was not much older than his son is now.

A friend saw someone Jewish walk by, and with no provocation he confidently told me: “Michael, all Jews cheat in business.”

“What are you talking about?” I said.

“Michael, come on,” he replied. “Everyone knows that.”

With little knowledge of what it meant to be a Jew, I found myself passionately defending the Jewish people. Now, half a century later, I have to defend my son. Anti-Semitism, I’ve seen, is like a disease that goes dormant, flaring up with the next political trigger.

Europe, and France in particular, has seen a rise in anti-Semitic violence in recent years. Just last month, French President François Hollande was forced to speak out to reassure France’s Jewish population. “Nothing will be tolerated,” Hollande urged, the day after 300 graves at a Jewish cemetary were desecrated. In January, a gunman associated with the Charlie Hebdo attack stormed a Jewish supermarket, killing four people and taking others hostage. The month before that, a Jewish couple was held hostage in their own home and the woman was raped. According to France’s interior minister, the perpetrators chose the couple believing that Jews have money. In fact, data gathered by the French government shows that anti-Semitic crime between January to July 2014 in France was double what it was during that same period in 2013. And half of all racist attacks in the country target Jews, who account for less than one percent of the French population.

Douglas highlights three separate reasons for a rise in anti-Semitism. First, he points to rising income disparity worldwide and the outdated notion that Jews are wealthy. Douglas also writes that he believes many people’s anti-Semitism stems from a distaste for the religion’s practices and policies. Thirdly, Douglas identifies a growing “extremist fringe” of Islam with fueling hatred.

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Michael Douglas, Carys Douglas, Dylan Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones on vacation in December (Facebook)

Michael Douglas, Carys Douglas, Dylan Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones on vacation in December (Facebook)

Though Dylan Douglas’s mother, Catherine Zeta-Jones, is not Jewish, he identifies as such and celebrated a bar mitzvah last year. Michael says the process of working with Dylan on that life cycle event helped him “reconnect” with the religion.

Douglas is not the only public figure to speak out recently about the rise of anti-Semitism, particulary in France. Just a couple weeks ago, Kristin Scott Thomas told a British radio station, “Anti-Semitism has always existed in France but I do think it’s more open now, more accepted.” And Madonna told a French radio station that France “feels like, you know, Nazi Germany … the intolerance, the level of intolerance that’s going on is really scary.”

Douglas finishes by pointing to several stories of hope, words of world leaders reinforcing their commitment to eradicating anti-Semitism and of a recent event in Oslo where Muslims and Jews joined forces to make a ring around a local synagogue.

“So that is our challenge in 2015, and all of us must take it up,” Douglas writes. “Because if we confront anti-Semitism whenever we see it, if we combat it individually and as a society, and use whatever platform we have to denounce it, we can stop the spread of this madness.”

~ To make a long antisemitic story short about people who aren’t even Semites or related to David, “All Jews haven’t committed heinous crimes therefore all Jews are good Jews!”

The truth is Jews are in control of every vile organization on earth today and not a single Jew will ever admit to that. You see they want us all to look equal so they can enjoy their stolen money. How many Jews are speaking out about “Jews” doing 9/11 or “Jews” running the Mafia’s or “Jews” in control of our media or “Jews” in control of our usury fiat system?

The truth is when you start naming the Jews behind all this corruption you have to say it is hatred or Jews will be locked up just like they were over and over throughout time proving Jews can never live in harmony with ANYONE! That is a historical fact and nothing any Jew can do about it. The damage has already been done and now time is catching up with them once again like a penjewlum. All Jews can do is point their grimy fingers at someone else. Yes it’s our fault. Jews will never learn!

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18 Responses to Falling Down Oy Vey!

  1. Roy says:

    “After calming him down, I went to the pool and asked the attendants to point out the man who had yelled at him. We talked. It was not a pleasant discussion. Afterward, I sat down with my son and said: ‘Dylan, you just had your first taste of anti-Semitism.’”

    So what did the man say Michael Douglas???

    Who in their right mind is going to take out their hatred of jews on a 12 year old?!!!

    I hate jews, but I would never scold and call names to a young jewish kid. Like that is going to do any good. I have a hard time believing an adult man who ridicule a 12 year old kid for wearing the star of david.

    These stories are just more concocted holocaust bullshit.

    I haven’t seen the quote in a long time, but I think we need to resurrect Herzl’s quote —

    “Anti-Semitism is good for the jews”…………..or something like that.

    In other words………..99 out of 100 cases of “anti-Semitism” are the result of jewish cause and manipulation.

    • Roy says:

      Please edit — “….an adult man WOULD ridicule a…..” Not ‘who’.

    • melgibstein says:

      The biggest Jew hating kids are Jews themselves. If their child molestation epidemic is ever exposed it will rock the world. They dont even want their child molestation exposed by Jews for this purpose, but it’s ok to make stuff up about others telling their 12 year old kids they are going to be sent to the gas chamber. If I said it a million times “Never trust a Jew”.

  2. Chris says:

    Just a quick hello “Mel”. Hope you are well still here reading the truth.

    God bless and keep you well.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Same to you Chris, thanks!

  4. EDOMS THORN says:

    What TRIBE has been establishing the Western Nations Foreign and Domestic Policies for decades. That Tribe hates WE the Goyim and are implementing the New World Order with ‘our’ blessings and blood!
    The so called JEWS, have been the biggest ‘racists’ and promoters of ‘hate in all of history. Hollywood from the beginning was promoting racial stereo types, and tensions. The treatment that the Arabs, Negroes, Mexicans and American Indians received from Hollywood was to divide and foster hate!
    In many cases, the charge of “antisemitism” and “hate” are devious attempts to outlaw opposition to Tyranny. Let’s not kid ourselves. We are facing a diabolical Evil, ruthless, vicious and cunning as well!

    1913 was the year that these EDOMITE (ZIONIST, COMMUNIST, Bolshevik) JEWS™ created the Federal Reserve and their A.D.L. They ALSO created the N.A.A.C.P. N.O.W. the S.P.L.C. and many other subversive ‘organizations’ like the C.F.R. Builderburg etc.

    AND those filthy impostors are crying about “antisemitism”?

    EDOMITE JEWESS “Barbara Lerner Spectre” in Sweden, Admits their promotion of Multiculturalism in EUROPE will cause Antisemitism

    • Truthwillout says:

      Hi Mel
      Just heard that Bishop Williamson has been excommunicated from the heretical modern day RRC,for ordaining another Bishop without Papal say so!
      I cannot help but think that his expedient exit and because he’s been a thorn in the side of several Popes,that and his hollowcost $$$ denial has precipicated his downfall.
      It certainly appears the the Vatican is dancing to the tune of Satan’s seed,the jews!
      Furthermore,regarding Father Coughlin I believe you may well be right about him being the last truth telling Priest!

      • Truthwillout says:


      • melgibstein says:

        yes TWO, its odd Williamson should even care if he is excommunicated or not. They wanted to excommunicate him for telling the truth about the Holohoax so what the hell is he still around for? You dont need an outfit to tell the truth and if you work for an org that wants the truth quashed you better get out fast. We dont need people who are part of the system because most of the people who are part of the system or who abide by its rules are not to be trusted (they sell out and think they are heroes). If you have truth to tell you tell it and tell it where people can find it like Coughlin.

  5. commandergoyim says:

    Yes, it must have been a nasty shock at the poolside of that 5* hotel to suddenly realise that the goy cattle were not just like a big fat shiksa pussy waiting to get fucked (pardon)

    Douglas ain’t stupid; this ploy is the same old “canard” (I love that word) used by juden infiltrators to elicit sympathy; in this case MDs son’s heroin addiction. I could fill reems of space — since my learned Kameraden are completely jew -wise, we may take solace and comfort ourselves with the knowledge that kikenvermin control all key junctions of the drug trade…paybacks a bitch Mikey baby.

    PS/ 6 Trillion lampshades…Viva.

  6. melgibstein says:

    And another story…………

    It all started when Douglas’ teen son, Dylan, rushed to his dad’s side during a summer vacation in Europe.

    “He came up to the room really upset,” the actor recalled. “This man had been yelling at him, and he didn’t know why. And I’m looking at him — and he’d recently had a bar mitzvah and so we had given him a Star of David — and I saw this Star of David shining, and I thought, ‘No, this couldn’t be.'”

    He realized in that moment that the confrontation that confused his son was likely an anti-Semitic rant.

    “I went down to the pool to ask this man what the problem was, and he went off about how there’s too many people in the world and there’s got to be rules, regulations. … I said, ‘Well, Dylan, you’ve just had your first taste of anti-Semitism.'”

    While Dylan’s dad tried to help him process the difficult lesson he’d learned about how others can act with senseless cruelty, it was Dylan himself who’d taught his dad about faith months earlier.

    ~People just yell at jews for no reason. Like the Holohoax, those Germans just decided they were going to make pizza’s and soap out of jews and they didnt know why.
    I could give Douglas a good reason why if he heeds one.
    He claims to be half Jewish and half Protestant and his wife, who he divorced, Jones is Catholic. In other words it was all becuase his son was wearing that Jew star (how can you be Catholic, Jewish and Protestant folks?). Maybe this guy didnt like the Douglas kid because he was stupid and totally confused, Maybe he was doing his Catholic and Protestant side a favor. One thing you will never be at a loss for yelling at any Jew is a reason, although. Maybe Douglas should confront an antisemite in person (so to speak) and find out why we loathe Jews so much (I speak for myself). So Michael……………take me on tough guy. He was the tough guy of the Streets of San Francisco (making every New Testament city name dirty) now fag paradise. Take me on Michael, we can start with how your family stole our names. Stealing is ok if you are a persecuted Jew (they get special privileges in everything because they’re disadvantaged and not capable of normality).

  7. melgibstein says:

    She loves that Jew

    You would think Kirk wouldve played an Auschwitz survivor

    She likes to wear the cross and the Jew star (not together). I cant find the star pic but its out there.


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