Hacksaw Ridge

Mels new jew bubeleh Andy Garfinkel

Mels new jew bubeleh Andy Garfinkel

Michael Rothstein has joined IM Global as president of international sales and distribution, stepping into the void left by Jonathan Deckter, who Deadline exclusively revealed had joined Nicolas Chartier’s Voltage Pictures as president and COO.

In Rothstein, IM Global topper Stuart Ford has found an experienced and well-respected sales exec. Rothstein was previously President of International at the Weinstein Co. where

Another good jew I suppose?

Another good jew I suppose?

he served from its launch in 2005 until 2013. Prior to that, he was a sales executive at Miramax Films from 1997 to 2004. Ford himself is an alumni of the Weinstein brothers, having spent seven years at Miramax.
Rothstein will oversee a sales operation spread across regional offices in Los Angeles, London, Beijing and Mexico City. Reporting to Rothstein will be sales and distribution executives Tatyana Joffe, Emil Elmér, David Jourdan, Leslie Chen, Callum Grant, Talia Goldman and Weihan Zhang, as well as a sales division of over ‎40 people encompassing sales, marketing, legal, accounting, collections and technical operations.
In addition, Rothstein will be active in licensing of the company’s library of approximately 250 titles and will also take a management role in the company’s wholly owned Southeast Asian distribution venture Apsara, which handles 6-10 wide release titles a year through an output deal with Buena Vista International.
“It’s over a decade since Michael and I were colleagues at Miramax and since then I’ve watched with admiration as he’s grown into one of the most respected and well-liked sales

Im the hero of the lemmings. They say I hate Jews but you can see I love jews. What would I be without jews?

Im the hero of the lemmings. They say I hate Jews but you can see I love jews. What would I be without jews?

chiefs in the industry,” commented Ford. “I’m highly confident that his know-how, profile and sophistication will be a major addition to our senior management team.”
IM Global has a number of high profile productions in the pipeline, including the Mel Gibson-directed Hacksaw Ridge starring Andrew Garfield and The Man Who Made It Snow with filmmaker Antoine Fuqua and starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Hacksaw Ridge is where Mel hacks off the jews head at the end, but you’ll have to sit through the jew brainwashing first.

While Im here I want you all to know who the latest persecuted jew is so you will continue to do nothing. The new hero of the truth movement, wife of Nestor Kirchner, another jew Argentinian president. We love all Jews in the truth movement.

The wonderful, the beautiful, the woman who has a different outfit for every meal, the intelligent, charismatic, always well groomed AntiCristina Kirchner.

The wonderful, the beautiful, the woman who has a different outfit for every meal, the intelligent, charismatic, always well groomed AntiCristina Kirchner. Courtesy of the David Duke site who is begging for money like Fagin right now (get a loan if you have to so he can help lead you right back into the jewish outhouse).

Here is David Duke with the pro homo, pro abortion Jew Alan Colmes (among other vile things)


David Duke is telling Colmes about Christianity, Duke who believes Jews are from Jacob and white people are from Edom (who married into the Kenites). Jews and whites are long lost brothers only we white people mixed in with Cain. You believe that and I have a bagel joint to sell you in the Everglades. Jews can bounce Duke around like a dreidel and why they had him on in the first place. Nothing about jews doing 9/11, nothing about jews and porn, nothing about jews and drugs, nothing about jews and the Mafia’s, nothing about Jews and the King David Hotel, nothing about jews and child molesting, nothing about Jews and slavery, nothing about Jews and the Holodomor when asked about the Holohoax etc etc. “I love Israel Shahack”, “I love Isreal Shamir”, “I love Gilad”, “I love Jesus the good Jew”. Jews are Israel David Duke claims so that should mean to every true Christian that actually read the Bible that Duke will NEVER do ANYTHING about Jews. If you dont understand that you are a lemming and you deserve Duke.

This is pathetic folks, dont be fooled, if Colmes was a good Jew he would be helping Duke point out the Jew crimes. He did not.

Israel, Israel and Gilad (Gilead) were Israelites and the House of Israel separated from the House of Judah, and Jews arent the House of Judah either. Gilead was the grandson of Manasseh, great grandson of Joseph not Judah or anyone from the House of Judah.

How do you think Colmes would have handled that one? I think he would run like the rat jew Ashkenazi Khazar that he is. Why didnt Duke ask Alfred E Neuman Colmes if he was related to Jesus since he claimed Jesus was a Jew and then ask him how he could refer Jews to a religion in one segment and a racial lineage in another? Where is the House of Israel? Jesus wasnt a religious Jew because the religion wasnt for Jews it was for Israelites.

It is no wonder to me why Jews love Duke back.

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