The Mousetrap


The Mousetrap- Keeping You Deluded

Most of the newer so called truthers believe the internet media sites such as RBN, Rense, GCN, etc. are pro free speech and on our sides (the White American), but the truth is they are working with the Jews just as Hannity or Glenn Beck. I will give you some examples starting with an RBN show called “The Alternative Media”. What a great name for a show that sometimes claims the American media is indeed Jew controlled. Most of us have no problems with that whatsoever, but when you look into the mechanics of programs such as these you find that the usual shills flock to this show and people who point out the hypocrisies of the callers and the hosts are immediately blacklisted.

The show is hosted by someone named Farren Shoaf, a self proclaimed German who claims people aren’t speaking out about the true problems in America such as GMO’s, fluoride in the water, the Queen in control of our occupied government, good Jews being persecuted by bad jews blab la bla. Jews killed over 9 million Germans after the war and Germans like this today are afraid to allow serious conversations about Jews. How about the child molestation problem in Australia right now going on at the Yeshiva’s? Nope that would hurt those jews a bit too much and make the host Farren look like Hitler (the guy jews have us convinced was a lunatic). You can be German and even Irish and be a Jew, a woos or even a sold out traitor. It’s important to be able to distinguish if they are any of these.

One of the regulars of this show and now co-host is a fellow named Mike from NY who sells “Dragon Juice” and claims he gave some to a pigeon once who was “dragging his head” and flew away happy after sipping the juice on the Charles Giuliani show who openly hates Christians more than Jews (a cohost on that show as well). This forked tongued hypocrite, Mike was on Farren Shoaf’s show once again this morning

Jews did 9/11 not Israel

Jews did 9/11 not Israel

on the side of Hitler which was pretty odd to me after hearing him call every media host there is claiming a building in San Diego, a Guvt. building was in the shape of a swastika (someone shrieked). This imbecile obviously believes the swastika is a symbol of EVIL.

This same idiot claimed that Jews are Israelites in the same paragraph even though he used to call CI radio shows all the time and agree with them too. This is simply a tactic of delusion that is obvious to me that none of these hosts who allow him to call in (and claim to be of free speech and have me banned) will ever admit to, you see they dont listen to internet radio either. They can simply claim they were not aware of his hypocrisy. You have to ask yourselves how trustworthy anyone is by calling a Jew an Israelite right from the start because they obviously never read the Bible nor know anything about true history. You have to ask yourselves what these shills have been doing for the last 5 to 10 years listening to the same radio programs, some of which should be long past the fact that Jews are Israelites. Obviously they are imbeciles or imbeshills whichever you prefer.

Another tactic of the imbeshill caller is to tell people to listen to shill programs to take up valuable time. They want you to listen and not call in, most of which are totally controlled

Free cheese for the dumb goyim who love those good Jews more than they do their own country or people. How about asking the question "WTF are Jews even doing here?"

Free cheese for the dumb goyim who love those good Jews more than they do their own country or people. How about asking the question “WTF are Jews even doing here?”

phones you wont get in on anyway. You will hear the same disinfo callers on every show of any importance and are always welcomed in like long lost brothers.

Then there is the Benjamin Friedman, Ernst Zundel (persecuted Jews), Myron Fagan, and the other 5 good Jews in the world trick. If you claim there are good Jews you cancel yourself out, therefore nothing is done whatsoever. It is suddenly an “I cant do anything” moment. For years people have been pointing to so called good jews and think if they do the same thing over and over something will change (who aren’t related to Judah whatsoever and definitely not a part of the old or newer House of Israel when the two houses split) . They never talk about that split because it is reverse pilpulism on the jews. Odd how the truth works, but it works like a charm when used properly.
The media is controlled by the Jews says a Jew, Israeli’s are killing the Palestinians says a Jew, the Holocaust was a hoax says a Jew, the Fed is controlled by Jews says a Jew, Jesus was a Jew says a now Christian Jew……..on and on. I wonder if we could get one of these so called Jews to admit Jews aren’t Israelites or all of them to agree on the truth in its entirety. It will never happen, but every internet radio show out there uses this tactic to find the “good Jew” and spoil the whole barrel of bad jews. You have to admit this tactic works and nobody wants to say “It’s the Jews and we need to do something about them”. There is some sort of fascination seeing a Jew tell some truth I admit because it is almost an obscenity, yet most of us it appears, feel we can use a Jew for truth.

I sometimes ask why Jesus has not returned yet and then I think about the deluded masses who never seek the truth, never call into a show to defend the truth and give in to Jew fables by putting a Jew on a pedestal for saying something you yourselves should be saying. It’s as if you don’t even exist nor want to, you think Jews are going to dig you out of the hole you allowed them to make. Why would I come back for you if I was Jesus knowing you are a bunch of pansies who can’t say it’s the Jews, the same people he said it was (along with their proselytes) over 2000 years ago? How do you allow others to thwart the truth who claim to be Christians or non Jews? It mustn’t be of importance and one must ask how it isn’t some kind of a psychological disorder or double minded thinking. It is 100% delusional thinking that makes people talk about something and then not act upon it. That is psychotic! Anyone who talks themselves out of a fight before they do will lose and anyone who doesn’t fight is mentally caged.

These radio hosts do the same things Jews do and shut the phones off if you point out their hypocrisy. As if jews couldn’t be paying off these hosts to do the same things the main stream media does or blackmail them. Some radio hosts have mental blocks in their brains the jews built with steel and concrete and put guard towers on them. Some hosts claim we shouldn’t use “trigger words” like Jews, we need to be more appealing to the lemmings who have been completely brainwashed. What we need is the truth, period, we don’t need fibs, candy coated gibberish or ear tickling schmooze. Anyone with any kind of conscience will see evading the truth of any kind will create confusion. How do you question someones truth with the phone cut off? It isn’t truth and they aren’t looking for the truth they are looking for something else.

The solution is to do something. How will you know what to do if you are told something you should do and then something equally not to do? If Jews are controlling your media you throw them out, if Jews are controlling your money you throw them out, if Jews are controlling your mind you are finished.

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4 Responses to The Mousetrap

  1. GTRman says:

    Still rockin the truth Mel. Im still here.
    Check out this fine English site, Im there as “tony hayers”

    cohencidentally, the latest post has a whiff of Mel Gibson:

  2. melgibstein says:

    Yeah a lot of us are still here, but most if us are kissing jew arse. Today David Duke was praising how jews stick together “as a tribe” and that’s what we whites should do. Then his next praises of the day were for Gilad Atzmon and his latest jew hero Alan Colmbs who just interviewed him. How can you praise jews for doing what you just said was something “we” should not do? Jews – 2, the goyim – 1. The hypocrisy is just bananas.
    Imagine you or me having a fund drive and a new book to sell and coincidentally getting an interview from someone in the main stream? Duke is our jew chosen leader who praises jews every day and criticizes jews. You might as well pee against the wind.

  3. NinjaJohn says:

    Mel, when I post comments or engage someone in conversation about these things, I always try to get some of these words in: “Jew,” “Judahite,” “Edomite,” “Israelite,” “bastard,” and “mamzer.”

    Getting Whites to understand the differences between these words is very crucial. I know you know that, but calling them Jews is confusing to anyone who grew up believing that Jesus was a Jew. Let’s start calling them what they are. Edomite Mamzers.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Only problem with that is most people have never heard of an Edomite. First they have to identify where all the evil and “hatred” is coming from, when they learn where the lies are coming from I point them to their biggest lies of all, in the book. Maybe that isnt the right way, but if someone is looking for the truth and someone is a Christian all lies will be exposed whichever way “God” (YHWH) wills it. He alone can put on the finishing touches and that must come from him however we choose our path. Questions and comments are always wide open. If they dont ask questions they wont learn……..when they start asking we will be here. I gave up trying to put it all on a silver platter because it simply cant be done…’s up to the truthseeker to do the leg work, but for all intents and purposes for the readers passing through “Jews are indeed mamzers or bastards, whichever you prefer who do not come from Judah or Jacob and definitely not Jesus (or Yashua)”

    Jews are many things, too many vile things to list, but I am doing my best to list them all throughout time. Without writing a book on it, we will have to stop there and let the reader do his own part in seeking the truth, something a Jew can never say with sincerity.

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