Dupont and Mark Schultz in the movie Foxcatcher

Dupont and Mark Schultz in the movie Foxcatcher

I don’t know about you, but I have been studying Jews a long time and to think two Jew wrestlers were perfectly innocent with a multi billionaire non Jew is just lunacy to believe.

In this movie two Jewish wrestlers are employed by a multi billionaire John DuPont who may have been somewhat eccentric, but something about a very rich man shooting and killing a Jewish wrestler only to spend the rest of his life in jail just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. If I had more time I would write more on this subject and do a bit more studying on it, but right now I feel in my veins that two Jews got into DuPont’s estate just like a country and ruined it from within.

Like all movies today they can be successfully used to distort your judgement, but if you

David and Mark Schultz Ukranian Jews

David and Mark Schultz Ukranian Jews

know as I do that when Jews are involved and Hollywood is run by Jews and a non Jew isn’t around to tell his side of the story for whatever reason is reason enough to never trust a Jew as usual.

For some strange reason they made DuPont look like the Jew and the Jews look like non Jews. The old bait and jew switch.

It is more than odd that all the wrestlers DuPont had at his estate and Ive not heard any one of them with complaints about DuPont’s behaviour and of all the people he did have problems with it was these two Jews. Who is to say a billionaire who was not Jew savvy couldnt have had other Jews on the inside to frame DuPont as well? No doubt it has never been looked at with the “Jew Factor” involved, like most other crimes that always seem to have Jews involved in some way. If you dont take into account that Jews are involved it’s like watching the Bill OReilly show, the Alex Jones putz hour or being a participant on the jew led Stormfront website. They will sucker you in, but if you know a little too much watch how fast your free speech vanishes. America has free speech except to insinuate that Jews are behind every known organization destroying Europe and America today, but they all claim they dont see it or they do see some, just not the things that would get people to rise up and put jews right back where they belong.

Some Jew WWF wrestler

Some Jew WWF wrestler

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2 Responses to Fuchscatcher

  1. Truthwillout says:

    Hi Mel,hope you and yours are healthy.
    I see jew Roman Polanski is trying,with his jew lawyers to escape justice for raping and sodomising a child of 13.
    What is it with these reprehensible parasites that they would want to rape children anyway,reverting to type?
    The last time I wrote on your blog,you mentioned that I had written a paragraph mentioning a Jew,this was a bit of ignorance on my part,and lack of knowledge.
    I would never bring the mongrels into to your blog intentionly to infect your house!
    I realise the ‘hooks’ will pretend to be on your side only to stab you in the back later as it’s in there D.N.A.,again reverting to type.
    Any Mel,I think there’s a definite sea of change regarding the Nation wreckers and people,ordinary people,are starting to wake up to the realisition that it has always been the jews behind every nasty manifestation of evil worldwide for the past 3000 years at least!
    God bless you and yours.

    • melgibstein says:

      yeah its pretty simple, many have tried to trust jews before you and me and I dont know any who didnt pay in this life or will thereafter. I have always said it is a malfunction of non jews to trust jews. It seems as though they will do anything to find a jew to trust and parade him right in all of our faces. I dont trust jews or anyone who trusts jews. You can trust me on that because even jews trust me on that. Jews will trust me because they have no reason not to trust me, but they have all the stupid lemmings brains turned upside down.
      Thanks for the words and same to you.

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