Back to School

I'm a Cohanim, Jacob Cohen, a holy Ashkenazi Jew.

I’m a Cohanim, Jacob Cohen, a holy Ashkenazi Jew.

The toughest guy in my school never played football, a white guy who fell into the wrong crowd at an early age. This particular crowd was poor overall and these kids were working when most everyone else was staying after school for sports, etc. I always wondered how this particular guy was so comfortable not being a part of school activities. He was not shy in the least he just knew somehow that school was a joke. However this guy turned out to be I may never know, but I know he was 100% correct about that fact. School then and school today is in fact a joke.

I know the non-religious readers will start to roll their eyes now because I am bringing up the Bible again, but this is ridiculously important to know so I am putting it out there for people it will help. After all we all claim to seek the truth whether or not we believe Jesus Christ told us to or not. I believe he said those words “Seek the truth” so that people who claim to be Christian or people who claim to be seeking the truth would stick to that simple 3-word commandment and not another word added to it. Just “Seek the truth” as if it is the answer to everything and as if it is a continuous journey.

Last time I posted about a Jesus movie done a long time ago and how completely perverted it was. I only pointed out a couple of things, but most people don’t seem to get how important those things are because it changes literally everything you have been taught about the Bible. If you are confused on one issue it is possible that you will be confused on a dozen more issues that are all equally important to know. Who would do this deliberately and why?

Lately in between Asian jet vanishings, Kim Kharkhazar dating, the usual race mixing sports related hullabaloo I have noticed what seems to be a mass lie coming from all different angles. For instance the movie Exodus Gods and Kings has a major dispute with the Egyptian Historical Society claiming that “Jews” did not build those pyramids as the movie claims because they were built a thousand years earlier, I have also seen Patrick Buchanan’s article where he uses this same argument in his last article of 2014

Egypt has banned “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” the $140 million 20th Century Fox biblical epic. Cairo’s culture minister Gaber Asfour condemns it as “a Zionist film” containing “historical inaccuracies.”

The depiction of enslaved Jews building the pyramids and Moses parting the Red Sea to enable the Jews to flee and drown the Egyptian army is false, says Asfour. Historians date the pyramids to around 2540 B.C., 500 years before Abraham, the father of Judaism.

Buchanan- Hollywood Plays With Fire

He doesn’t dispute it was Jews so he continues the lie.

Pastor Manning (a supposed Pastor who is educated in Biblical History) claiming Jews were

John McCohen and Blubberhead

John McCohen and Blubberhead

in Egypt or Jews were in bondage in Egypt on a well known radio show also guilty of this. I’ve heard David Duke many times use the words “when Jews were in Egypt”, I see televangelists claim this, I hear Catholic radio claiming this, I hear all kinds of radio shows and TV shows claiming that Jews were in Egypt. Folks, they are all liars, ignorant fools or they are sold OUT and selling YOU OUT!!

Think of the magnitude of this disinformation. I know most of you just passing by don’t have a clue what I am writing here. Most have probably already turned on the football game. If someone simply did all the blunders on movies like “The Ten Commandments”, “King of Kings”, “Ben Hur” etc. and got it in peoples faces it would be a major wake up call, but most people don’t even want to know how “Braveheart” was boggled, they just don’t care because it wont get them an “A” in class or more take home pay, so it’s roadkill, history. They don’t care because they have been programmed not to.

Ever wonder why it’s so easy for people to say “when Jews were in bondage in Egypt” they use the word “Jews” without any hesitation, but when Jews bombed the USS Liberty they all say “Israel”? This is kid stuff folks and most cannot wake up to it. We have far too many words for the same people and the lemmings buy into it because they don’t want to be antisemites. Never mind, they don’t even know what a semite is so they call them Zionists, they would rather be wrong at something rather than offend nutjob jews (and they are indeed nutjobs). Any people who can lie in such harmony cannot be of the human race. They wont even attempt to explain this ludicrousness, you just have to accept it as it is or you are put into the category Jews are in. Reap the jew whirlwind!

Joseph wasn’t a Jew, Moses not a Jew, can you imagine if you were in a large family and someone called your Grandfather your brother’s name? Could you imagine what Joseph or Jacob would have thought having been known as a Jew? At least give the House of Israel some credit for splitting from the House of Judah (two houses). The House of Israel (who kept the name Israel) split from the House of Judah that doesn’t mean they disappeared from prior history or even after they split. The people of Joseph, who saved them all, were not Jews in Egypt and not Jews any time thereafter. Understand this part and then we can discuss that Jews are not Levites either, not Cohen’s or Cohanim, but mostly Ashkenazi mixed Mongol Khazars and the others Babylonians. So understand these little facts now,

Jews are not Israel, not the House of Israel and not the House of Judah; Levites are not Jews or the House of Judah (they were in both houses), Joseph not a Jew, his children not Jews.

You said Jews werent in Egypt. I said Judah was in Egypt. So Jews arent Judah Thats right

You said Jews werent in Egypt.
I said Judah was in Egypt.
So Jews aren’t Judah
Thats right

You can make believe it was the Jews in Egypt if you want, but you are showing your ignorance or your cowardice to face the truth. Knowing this simple fact will allow you to see how you are continually baffled about true Biblical teachings. It isn’t by accident folks! If you do not know it was Israelites in Egypt and not Jews you will never in a million years understand the Bible. It may be the single biggest lie you have been told outside “Jesus was a Jew”. Jews have a whirlwind of lies that keep you encircled. The minute you try to jump off the Jew merry go round you get dizzy and they pressure you right back on with the help of their hired demons.

There is without a doubt a group effort to keep this single fact hidden and there should be an effort to stamp this obvious hogwash out at every free speech venue you have left. This is a deliberate attack on true Biblical scripture and I assure you if it is being done it is being done for a reason. If they can get people like David Duke and Pat Buchanan to say this (both copying off the same wrong test answer sheet) it is evidence of how people are being deliberately dumbed down in school, media and by people who have those letters before their names proving they know something, just not their own religion or history. It’s time to take these folks back to school.

My old school friend is probably in jail now because he didn’t want the truth in school or out I think, but if people start talking about some football jock back in High School I just bring up this guys name and the Jewish yearbook baloney stops. The truth is a spoiler everywhere in this world today. School is not truth unless the teachers are of it and from what I have learned they aren’t. Most churches are not of truth either because they can’t possibly be teaching what is in the Bible whether you believe the book or not. This is supposedly their profession or their sole purpose in life to teach the Bible and it is so evident they are either on the take or complete cowards. Why do they mistake Jews for Israelites other than to boggle your thinking deliberately?

At some point you will realize what was taught was not the truth and you will have to seek the truth on your own, then you will have to wait for everyone else. If I am wrong let me have it and bash me and if they are wrong and they don’t want to have it, they aren’t teaching you they are destroying you. I am more of a priest and a teacher than all my teachers and priests combined to you and to me because of those 3 words “Seek the truth”. There is no pass or fail with me you either seek the truth or you don’t. If you are a Christian who thinks you are going to butter up Jesus with stories of Jews in Egypt as slaves or Jews being thrown into gas chambers in Germany or Jews being Gods chosen on judgement day I can only tell you what I believe to be the truth and that is he will know immediately that you never sought the truth and wasted your entire life selling out and if Jews have you scared to tell the truth it’s too late for school of any kind.

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26 Responses to Back to School

  1. Study the Holy Scriptures says:

    With a post like that together with the rest of your blog you are more than welcome here should you ever want fellowship and biblical discussion:

    • Truthwillout says:

      A belated happy new year to you and yours Mel.
      Another excellent piece,regarding historical falsities,by the Jews and their acolytes.
      Here,we have Prince Andy in hock to convicted peadophies and they’re appeasers and yep,you’ve guessed it,they are all Jewbois,I find it amusing when these rats start ratting each other out when they get they’re tadger stuck in a dyke,and you know it’s true because they’re bought and paid for traitorous lackeys in the media go into overdrive.
      Now we have Dershowitz claiming that his association with convicted sexual child predators like Epstein is all about Anti-Semitism.These vile turds are gonna fall hard,face first hopefully!
      A jew jewing a jew lying about lying about a jew,they would know!
      I was out for food earlier Mel,and I got talking to a retired Britist Navy Vet.I asked him was he aware about what happened in 67,regarding the attack by the Jews on a USA miltary ship,murderin 34 and injuring over 170,he replied he had’nt heard of that incident,I replied it was’nt an incident it was an act of war,by the Jews.he shrugged and said he’d check it out when he got home!
      It never ceases to amaze me in this day and internet age that people are still unaware of Kikes and they’re duplicious ways!
      Never stop telling the truth,it’s your Christian calling Mel.
      God bless you and yours.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Thanks truth, yes most people dont know a damned thing about Jews STILL, in fact I just heard a Jew Mike Rivero say Jews are even waking up to the crimes of “Israel” now. You see Jews want people to wake up just in time to put them right back to sleep. If anyone ever mentions that it isnt all Jews or Jews are against Jew crime understand thats exactly how they keep you asleep.

    The truth is it is Jews and its all jews because Jews by their name alone is deception. They are the synagogue of satan whether they accept it or not. I grew up with jews and perhaps they dont know how contrary they are to the white race and to our way of life, but everything about jews are without a doubt contrary to us. There is just no other way around it. They have to go- period and I wont ever change my mind. The damage has already been done, the crimes have already been committed and being committed. They make their living slithering out of the crimes they committed already and add new ones by the day. This world will not ever return to normalcy ever until they are back in the pales, giudecca’s, ghetto’s or camps.

    Jews cant change what they are and there is enough proof of that everywhere you look in the past, today and future. That is a truth I stand with more than anything I have ever written. Jesus couldnt convert them or attempted to nor should we.

    • Jesus laid it right on them:

      John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

      Matthew 23:33 Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

      When is Hagee going to preach on that? Answer, never. That is because he is a Jew and he married a Jew.

  3. moi says:

    dont you think jews built the pyramids mel ? not physically built them but ordered them built ?

    • melgibstein says:

      I think Jews Israelites built some of them, yes. I think the pyramids go back to Enoch, who was a henge builder. There was a henge in Heliopolis just a short drive from the great pyramids. Read E Raymond Capts book on the Great Pyramids, it’s the most logical thing I have ever seen on them. Josephus, somewhere in his books claimed that the Israelites built “false pyramids”. I dont recall him explaining why but I believe it was to thwart whatever it was they may have been putting inside them or one of them.

      I lived in Egypt and used to go to all the pyramids, there is one that is without a doubt built with straw outside the brick, not inside it and it is still standing somewhat washed away. It was easily one of my favorite pyramids and there are no pictures of this pyramid on the net anywhere and I cant find the pictures I took of it. Extremely odd there are no pictures of it on the net.

      My point was the Egyptian Historical people, Pat Buchanan and obviously you now are all claiming it was Jews who built the pytamids. Jews were never in Egypt, Israelites were.
      The Jews said to Jesus after he spoke of bondage in Egypt said “we were never in bondage to any man”

      John 8:33
      They answered him, We be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?

      They may have been Abrahams seed, but they werent Israel’s seed. Its a word game that Jews love almost as much as money (whether it is a measure of gold or fiat currency created out of thin air).

  4. moi says:

    thanks for the answer mel. can we at least mutually agree to call them “them” for the time being instead of getting into the jew/isrealite debate. couple of questions if you dont mind mel 1 whats the point of a pyramid.2 do you beleive there was no “them” in egypt when they were built.3 do you beleive that the various pyramids built around the world in ancient times were totally unconnected. love your witicisms mel,hope you dont mind giving me answers

  5. moi says:

    and i never said they/them were in bondage. so youquoting john is out of context ; ) i beleive. im looking for insights mel,aint looking to cause you grief

  6. @moi

    what is a Jew to you? Have you debated this in another post on this blog?

    • moi says:

      if i knew what jew was really called,i would consider myself quite clever,thats why i dont want to get into the debate about it at this time. and no,i havent debated it on here. i just beleive,as i wrote earlier,that “them” ordered the pyramids built,but i shall wait for mel to answer my questions,or maybe you could give me your opinión re my questions to him

  7. melgibstein says:

    I’ll tell you what I know for sure “they are not them”.

    The pyramids were built all over the world, correct. I believe that there had to be some connection from the Old World (pre flood) and the new world. I cant prove that, but I can prove that Phoenician, Hebrew and Egyptian are all similar alphabets coming from the same people. Do I believe Phoenicians, Egyptians and or Hebrews (not jews) were in all the places the pyramids were built? Yes I do. Do I trust the timelines given on structures on say Malta, in Bosnia, Mexico, etc? Not all the time. We have to always understand that someone on this planet does not want us to know our history because liars would then be exposed. So European people are called antisemites if they go into their own history and the wooses back down. I dont and I wont, not now not ever. Jews can kiss my arse!

    The only real thing keeping people from knowing the past is the free speech to do it. The liars have free speech just like every other subject today.

    If you want to hear a crock of doo listen to Michael Tsarion. He will tell you the Irish moved East not the other way around. The truth is the currents tell the tale. Tsarion is an Indian Irishman, whatever the hell that is. I trust him as far as I can throw a handful of curry couscous. It isnt hard to find liars, liars dont allow free speech. Liars are there to lambaste you with their own or someone elses BS. Nobody knows everything, but some people actually think that means they are admitting they know nothing. We all know something, some of us spend our lives learning lies and that is more true than anyone of those doctors and professors will tell you. Henry Ford would agree and Eustice Mullins would agree. I just heard an old interview with him and he said the Historians are the liars and get paid to distort the truth. Eustace would be the first to tell you he didnt know everything, but at one time he knew more about everything than 99.9 % of the people who claim to know the truth (excluding the liars, the liars know the truth or they wouldnt be liars). When I say everything people think I dont mean everything, but I do because this subject relates to everything.

    • moi says:

      mel,i wasnt trying to be misleading when i used “them” was only trying to reach an agreeable descriptor,your not happy with that,then ok,no foul. seeing as you didnt come up with a reason for there being pyramids could you accept vanity as b. eing a major factor to the pyramids existance? as for who what jews/isreites are/were,titus 3.9 and timothy 1.4 spring to mind. avoid geneologies. do not give heed to geneologies. they are useless. how true. do you think mabye titus and timorhy knew this jew/isrealite bullshit would lead us down nowhere street

      • melgibstein says:

        Then we should just throw out the book of Genesis, and while you are at that, throw out the entire Old Testament because it was all about one genealogy and exactly what Paul meant. Genealogy (one) not Genealogies. And no white people only produce white people, Adam was created in Gods image, was he Black, Chinese? No, he had to be white and if you can make a case otherwise please do.

        I dont think anyone on earth can say for sure the reasons for the pyramids, but as I said, E Raymond Capt makes the best case Ive ever seen.

        It is also referring to “Hercules” and pagan beliefs that coincidentally only whites had. Whites didnt believe Hercules was related to Chinese or Blacks, give them that much credit.

      • “avoid geneologies. do not give heed to geneologies. they are useless.”

        If they are useless then why are they in the Holy Scriptures?

        Why is race such a dominant theme in the Holy Scriptures?

  8. NinjaJohn says:

    The best thing you can call a “Jew” is an Edomite mamzer. That really really pisses them off because they know it’s true.

  9. Ray Zerwitt says:

    A bastard shall not enter the temple to the 10th generation.

    The stones of the temple and the congregation are synonymous. Is that a building tolerance to, 1:1028? Looking at the great pyramid at Giza, it’s easy to see that if a bastard stone were used, it would corrupt the whole thing. A few rows higher and the builders would have breaches and gaps that would just keep getting worse. Weathering would attack it. It would look like something Jed Clampett attempted, at first, but it would just be a pile of rubble now. The Yehudi just love those breaches and gaps. Imperceptibly slow, but sure destruction. What would those like stones be, but a race? They were called the Manu (spirit man), Human (spirit man), Aryan (mountains of Yah). God gave Adam his own breath. In that way, you can see that it’s a monument to God’s laws. Horus, the high priest of the aboriginal Egyptians, wrote that the sons of God would come in bodies of flesh.

    No pharaoh or khufu before them took credit for building the Great Pyramid. They were known to erase the name of the the pharaoh before them who actually built the whatever monument, and replace it with their own. Not so with the Great Pyramid. That was somehow off limits to them. Surely the Hamites knew what it was and who built it.

    You turn a page in a book and a word jumps off the page at you. How does that happen? Your right brain has it scanned for familiar forms before your left brain can digest the first word. Your right brain doesn’t know English or any other language, never did and never will. Symbols and archetypes are a right brain thing. It has it’s ways of communicating those things to the left brain. They would have you believe that understanding those things are above your head. Leave that to your betters and your superiors. The theologians will tell you what you need to know about it. Someone went to a lot of trouble to build that Great Pyramid to tell you something. Don’t you think it’s worth a look?

    I haven’t calculated this but it’s my conjecture that no stone bears more weight than any other stone. Sure, the lower tiers bear more weight but it’s spread out over more area. If it’s not just like that, it would make for a curious set of numbers.

    If you pyramid the numbers, 1 on top, 2 3 4 on the next line, 5 6 7 8 9 on the next line… ad infinitum, you see the squares going down the right side. 1^2 for the first line, 2^2 for the second line, 3^2 for the 3rd… That triangle would be 45 degrees. I don’t know what the angle of the Great Pyramid is, but I’ll bet there are mathematical secrets there and throughout it. I always liked mathematical secrets. Like I said: A lot of people went to hell of a lot of trouble for YOU.

    When you give it a chance, you start to see things. Revolution won’t be coming through any theologians with the certificates indoctrination in the baal temples. God isn’t going to pour out his cup of wakeup on them. Their cup is embarrassment.

    I haven’t read E Raymond Capt’s book about it yet. I have it downloaded though.

    • melgibstein says:

      Looking at the great pyramid at Giza, it’s easy to see that if a bastard stone were used, it would corrupt the whole thing. A few rows higher and the builders would have breaches and gaps that would just keep getting worse.

      Yes, great analogy. The pyramid is indeed a striking symbol that could never fit the jews.

  10. Ray Zerwitt says:

    What’s with dexter and sinister, aka right and left? How did sinister get a connotation of evil? Am I supposed to believe that good and evil exist together, or not at all, in some yin yang relationship? I’m smelling a Canaanite in the temple with that.

    • moi says:

      the old testament. the devils book. a book of horrors a shit-rag of a book. holy ??? Nah,never,filthy filthy book

      • melgibstein says:

        Well call it what you want, but at least try to understand it first. If you listen to someone else what it says it’s foolish. Of course there could be a reason why you wont read it. If that is the case I cant help you.

  11. Louis says:

    I was the toughest guy in school in tenth grade, and i did not play football but i was active in chasing 375 jews out of jericho high school long island, in 1978,12th grade ,and having the jew assistant principle pinned against the wall with my forearm on his neck and barging in the jew principle’s office and smashing up the room,but i could not flip over his desk,that was too heavy,and as he was following me i turned and grabbed a fire extinguisher and shot putted it at him,but wait their is much more

  12. melgibstein says:

    I was right down the road from you and at the same time. People dont know how we fought in Long Island. They dont believe I got in a fight just about every weekend. If someone challenged you in a fight, you either fought or you were known as a coward. Of course you could always shut your mouth. I never learned to shut my mouth but I did learn I had to protect my family from jew nutbags.

    I try to use that same ethic in truth except no Jews.

    The Marines taught me not to fight so much (I wouldnt trust 3/4ths of them). Ive been pulled off the ground by friends of mine before in the worst conditions and dont think the Marines would do the same because many of them were in the Marines simply to destroy the Marines knowingly or unknowingly. My best friend went in and got out after 17 years- took him that long. He was a good fighter and trustworthy, but dumb as nails.

    • Louis says:

      So i was having a situation on the Marine quarterdeck on the U.S.S.America,i was a sailor, I won’t go into details,but six marines with rifles pointed at my head took me down to their C.O. at first he looked at me cross ,then smiled, he knew me from the weightroom,we bench pressed with each other, no charges.When we got to port they searched me out and bought me drinks all night,telling me” We can’t stand sailors,your the only one we like”
      By the way your Phoenician papers are better than Fincks

      • melgibstein says:

        Thanks Louis, I take that as a high compliment. If I could only write and put it all in words I would blow Finck away, but of course blowing someone away in truth benefits us all so I dont mean it with any malcontent.
        As far as the Marines…..they are all brainwashed morons like I once was who will fight anyone, anytime trusting their jew controlled government. I guess you cant blame them because there are a lot of Marines (all services) and civilians who do nothing but kiss jew arse.

        Its pathetic!

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