King of Kings

Thank God I dont have a hooked nose in this one.

Thank God I dont have a hooked nose in this one.

Can you imagine a Christmas without Jews? Whether you believe Jesus was born on this day or not can you imagine being in a country that has true Christian values? No usury alone would probably make each and every one of us at least 5 years younger. Imagine no Jewish Hollywood movies teaching you how you should act on Christmas as if Christmas should be any different from any other day. Growing up I used to watch movies like King of Kings and think this is what really happened (like the Jew website), but the truth is there has never been a movie on the Bible based on what really happened.

If you happen to run across this movie this or any other time of the year I want you to understand that the person responsible for this movie, Philip Yordan (writer and screenplay) was a Polish Jew who worked with many of the blacklisted Hollywood Communist Jews and surprisingly didn’t make the list himself. When you look at the movies this Jew did you have to ask yourself how a Jew could ever be trusted to do a movie making Jews into the innocent bystanders and the innocent bystanders into sadists like Battle of the Bulge, El Cid, The Fall of the Roman Empire etc. You can bet no Jews or Judeans are guilty of a thing. In most non Jew minds what Jews put on the screen is the undisputed gospel truth for lack of knowledge.

So here we have a Polish Jew who without a doubt claimed to be a persecuted child of Jews from Poland who wasn’t any relation to the Biblical Judah at all doing movies about Jesus ttucoverChrist, someone who Jews teach is burning in hot excrement in hell. You have to ask a Jew that claims he is in the truth movement today what a Jew could be doing writing the screenplay of a Jesus movie except to pervert it. All you have to do is watch it and then read the book or vise versa and see what is omitted and what is added. You will hear words like “Jewish” used over and over or “Rabbi”. I don’t see Jesus called Rabbi in the Bible anywhere in the sense it is today do you (as if he was a teacher or master of the Talmud)? Some words seem to be completely owned that were stolen by Jews and nobody wants them back. Look up “Rabbi” and it will say a Jewish religious teacher. Who is the Rabbi, Jesus or Jews? This movie wants you to believe it’s both.

Odd how all the people are white or light skinned in this movie, I guess they weren’t trying to appeal to Black or Hispanic audiences at the time. Jesus looked rather White, but Mary was an Irish woman who obviously volunteered to have her nose altered just as James Caviezal did in The Passion. Look here:

Interesting that the name “Siobhan” means “kind” in Hebrew and is the root of numerous European names and all believe they got them from Jews (they can’t see back any further than Leprechauns, Pixies, Pucks, Elves etc in Europe, their history has been wiped out just like the truth of the Bible).

Siobhan McKenna  The Adventurers (1950)

normal nose

normal nose

normal nose

Jew nose

Jew nose

Peter was about as Jewish (Ashkenazi) as it gets and Herod who was bi racial in real life somehow did not look any different from anyone else except he was fat and lazy (almost an Ariel Sharon type still depicting a Jew, but the wrong kind of Jew). Jesus was of Irish descent and probably the most convincing of the entire movie and one of the best Jesus actors ever, obviously an Irishman who never really studied the Bible or Jews however. Would you ever trust a Jew Jesus? My God I hope not. Who is this deception coming from the Jews who claim to have written the Bible or Christians who claim to have read it?

You have to wonder why Jesus is never a Jew in these movies like they claim he was because people may start thinking about racial Jews and also so called religious Jews and all the rabbit holes that brings on. It was obviously best to keep Jesus white in those days until Mel Gibson decided to make him look like a hooked nose Sephardic Jew on his own (and make himself into a Christian in real life). So we have supposed Christian non Jews making Jesus look like a Jew and Jew Ashkenazi’s making Jesus look Irish. Folks do you see (and I mean once with your own eyes) what Jews are doing? Race or genetic make up is the most important thing in the Bible and looking at a Jew you can tell he is not a pure race and reading the Bible you will know that Jews or even people of Judah are not a race, the White race is a race. If you are mixed with a non white you aren’t white so what is it Jews claim to be?

Folks if Jesus was one of these I would agree the Bible is full of baloney.

Folks if Jesus was one of these I would agree the Bible is full of baloney.

I wont even get into how many deceptions are in this movie because I can’t stomach it. Every word is defiled, scenes are distorted, lines obviously omitted it is a total abomination of Christianity or whatever Christians claim to be reading in their Bibles. Oddly enough I didn’t even see any yarmulkes being worn like the movie Ben Hur, how can this be? Weren’t they supposedly at the same time? The guy who wrote Ben Hur was a Jew and oddly enough an atheist too and like Holocaust stories you will get a different story from every Jew, but the bottom line is they base their lies on truth or they get no traction. A lasting lie has to have legs.

Finally we come to the Director of our great movie about Jesus Christ we watched on the Jew TV for so many years, Nicholas Ray aka Raymond Nicholas Kienzle:

My Jesus loves homos and Jews.

My Jesus loves homos and Jews.

Biographers state that Ray—who began to experiment with men during his stint at the University of Chicago— was bisexual;[4] he himself denied this in 1977, but stated that everyone has occasional fantasies or daydreams about same-sex relations.[8]

Merry Christmas everyone and may you seek the truth in the coming year and understand that everything worth learning the truth about is under attack by it’s mortal enemy, the Jew. God help us all!

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2 Responses to King of Kings

  1. Brit in Norway says:

    A happy Christmas to you Mel. Have been “enjoying” your blog for a while now and it’ s insights. Here s hoping 2015 is a turnaround year for us.

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