Man Without a Face or a Soul

Jews bombing whitey, whitey says nothing.

Jews bombing whitey and whitey says nothing as usual.

Menachem Begin was known to travel under several aliases, and in the wake of the King David Hotel bombing he managed to elude the Palestine police and the bounty on his head by a series of clever disguises. In November 1946, the Palestine police produced alarming reports that he might be traveling incognito to Britain. Then, in early 1947, the alarm reached fever pitch when SIS sent a report to MI5 warning that Begin was thought to have undergone plastic surgery to alter his appearance, though as the report dryly concluded, [b]“we have no description of the new face.”[/b] The story soon leaked to the press,

with the News Chronicle running the headline “Palestine Hunting a New Face,” and sarcastically noting that although Begin might have changed his appearance, it was “likely that the flat feet and bad teeth have remained.” As it turned out, the reports of Begin’s plastic surgery were inaccurate: they were caused by confusion within the Palestine police (CID) when comparing photos of him. Begin had not actually left Palestine, but had grown a beard and disguised himself as a rabbi, evading the local police by concealing himself in a secret compartment in a friend’s house in Jerusalem. When he agreed to give a secret interview to the author Arthur Koestler, he did so in a darkened room: Koestler vainly attempted to counter this by drawing heavily on his cigarettes, hoping to generate enough of a glow to catch a glimpse of Begin’s appearance.

Fascinating Links Between Irgun and IRA

I would say revisiting British and Irish history with a slightly different perspective would prove to be worthwhile.

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5 Responses to Man Without a Face or a Soul

  1. Truthwillout says:

    Hi Mel,another piece that’s right on the jew money.I was at Mass yesterday and one of the Priests told the parable about the end days,when Christ will seperate the Sheep and the Goats and the Priest said that it does’nt matter what the people thought,as long as they were good they belonged to the Sheep,and therefor would enter the Kingdom of Heaven.My Biblical studies are’nt the best Mel,but I’m sure I recollect Christ saying ” that no-one comes to the Father,lest you believe in me.Now let me be clear Mel,i attend RC Mass often and go because I believe in the Divinity of Christ Our Lord,but with the Communist Liberalism creeping into Catholicism even the Sheep will start questioning Todays teachings.God Bless you and yours.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Used to be a Catholic Mr Truth and my large family is Catholic, which all hate me. Im not sure what they think of me, Im either a dreaded Protestant or a Nazi, not sure which nor are they, they just know they cant use the Bible on me to prove what Christianity is nor can any priest I have met in the last 5 years or so.
    I dont want you as an enemy but I am here to tell you the Catholic church has been neutered. The Catholic women will tell you that God wants you to be happy and find peace in the church (nowhere in the books does it say this). God does not want you to be dumb and complacent nor are you here to be “happy”. Were the Apostles, JTB and Jesus happy all the time? If you are happy in todays world you have to be smoking opium. I get mad all the time about what I see that which has been destroyed because the churches teach their parishioners this attitude. The men on the other hand, they are holding on the the Catholic church because they believe it is the last stop so to speak, all of their faith is wrapped up in some kind of a religious IRA Retirement fund. Youre not on this planet to put your faith in any other person religiously because there are LIARS here and we have to know the truth to determine who the liars are and what they control. Sadly to say they control just about everything (I know thats a difficult thing to swallow), but your mind and the ability to seek the truth. I look for reasons not to believe what I believe all the time and seek the truth in things (all things) constantly. If a lot of people believe something I back off and take another look because everything today is completely arse backwards. Success cant possibly be making a lot of Jew money based on usury, it cant be anything that makes you famous and then willingly keep your mouth shut (which they all do), how about becoming a priest? Do you honestly think a priest will live if he tells the truth about the Jew demon? He has no army and his parishioners are duped in the BS he knowingly keeps them deluded in.

    Seeking the truth (read James), How can you get truth from a priest or a Pope that bows before the Jew Holocaust museum or Herods Wall? God doesnt play PR with the Jews nor will I.

    • Truthwillout says:

      Exactly Mel,I have several times recently informed friends,which are dwindling quickly about the Jew and there Satanist worshipping ways and Christ is where the answers and truth are at.Unfortunately,most give me blank looks as if I’m the Devil himself. I would never doubt your judgement on Biblical matters,everything you have wrote about has been spot on,no filler.Most people think Shekels bring you Spiritual happiness,I have had money,loads of it and the truth is chasing money does not constitute happiness,quite the reverse in fact. My Father,who was in the Army,knew Satans mob and that was in the very early 70s,he was way ahead of the pack,read a lot too.He stopped going Mass as I now know he seen the changes and hated it,told me never to trust any Priests,only men he said,saying that I do like what I’m hearing from Bishop Williamson,and he has’nt recanted what he said about the Shoa (sure!). I’m still learning,always learning as truth goes,you cut through the crap for me,miscrenation,mass immigration into only white lands,pakis raping white children all over England,these and more disgusting happenings are the Jews way of subtly destroying Christianity,and like you always say these parts are the branches but you have to remove the Root,forever! I have been reading a book called Hellstorm,about the back end of WW 2,it’s hard going but in essence that’s what Satans children have planned for all of Christs sheep. God Bless you and yours.

  3. melgibstein says:

    and the Catholic church brings in Holocaust so called victims INTO THE CHURCH to tell their lying stories, you think they will allow the other side to be heard? They wouldnt allow Jesus himself to be heard. Ask a priest who James wrote his epistle to and get ready for a long BS story, ask another priest about John chapter 8 and watch them kiss jew arse.

    They no longer have any gonads, its lovey dovey lovey dovey all the time like the song goes. Im way beyond it and never going back. They cannot possibly be reading the same Bible I do. Jews have the entire so called church over a barrel.

  4. hogorina1 says:

    As all religions are man-made, any progressive lier can fundle along as a prince of God, in duping innocent and honest people. Billy Graham and John Hagee were and are agents of Satan. Study both of these characters background and their instructions about God and readily recognise that Lucifer gives revelations too. I am not speaking ill against any followers, for i was duped over the years, and listened to bastardised fools milk the souls of unsuspected beings, pawning themselves off as God’s representitives. I would llike to reiterate, Billy Graham has done his part for Satan, and now is bedded-down with a conscious that Satan is well satisfied with. And now, this Hagee is a most dangerous minister within America, for he is in hock with professional revoliutionaries of oriental fundmenralism’s anti-Christ renegades. Christ was never a Jew, but Hagee was born into that cast via the mystery of birth.

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