On the Stormfront

I wanna be a pretenda

I wanna be a pretenda

Is anyone aware that Stormfront with Don Black (Schwartz) is on the Juif Rense Network? Yes one of Don Black’s most frequent callers is Roger, aka Russ from Minnesota of the SPLC who used to troll RBN and several other networks. Yes Roger is a daily caller on Don Blacks show and oddly enough he fits right in with David Dukechovny Duke, Don Advo (sary), Jay the Jew from Baltimore, Paul Frum (kosher) of Canada and Sam Dixstein who occasionally drops by full of white wisdom.


Lets just say “I’m questionable”

This week it is up in the mountains of Tennessee (Melungeon country) for a nature walk with David Dukechovny, Don Black will sit this one out. Only grass-fed kosher beef will be served and only selected guests will be allowed to attend. Maybe Jared Taylor will pop in you never know, he believes Jews are white people.

You have to ask why Stormfront proclaims to have so many thousands of members on its website and is limited to one caller on Stormfront Radio, Roger or Russ from Minnesota. Does anyone have a clue why the “white movement” cannot ever get off the ground with idiots like these?

Stormfront was a place where shills like “Yankee Jim” could hang out. Jim shot his wife and

They have slurfith to slurfith mithels!

They have slurfith to slurfith mithels!

hanged himself supposedly. This was one of Hal Turners greatest callers who found out Hal was lying about being a US Marine and still defended Turner. In fact the poster that uncovered this on Stormfront many years ago was swiftly booted off Stormfront. Don Black claims he is against Hal Turner and had the goods on him about not being a Marine and chose not to use that proof and allow Hal Turner to go on lying.

Have you ever heard these Stormfronter’s like Don Black or David Duke or Jared Taylor ever defend Edgar Steele with their huge audiences? Amazing they never said a single word and still haven’t.

I have never trusted Stormfront and believe it is an ADL front and always has been. A garbage man who knows the truth has a better chance of making headway than these clowns, half of which can’t even talk without sounding like they have a kosher pickle in their mouths.

Im a pro white Jewish fella and linked to Stormfront. I love whites AND Jews!

Im a pro white Jewish fella and linked to Stormfront. I love whites AND Jews!

These phony’s love to carry around their Confederate flags, but never mention the cross of Andrew on it. You see people may start looking into who Andrew was and who he preached to. You see this Stormfront ADL front don’t want you to make the connection of Scythians and white people or anyone coming out of the Middle East. The Stormfronters all claim they believe in Christianity, but also believe white people evolved from apes. They want to preserve white people not because of any commandments of God but because of their own personal reasons. If race mixing isn’t against Gods will then they are obviously going against Gods will by trying to preserve the white race. Either way you cut it it is all jew hypocrisy, just like the Hannity show you wont be able to expose it.

The only way to truly expose the lies free speech must be allowed in even to the most trusted people there are today. We didn’t get into this mess because people want truth and tell truth, to the contrary. We got into this mess because Jews monopolize our media and feed on our kindness. Like the old game when a jew convinced you to ask a classmate (another jew) about his mother being a dancer and being told “my mother doesn’t have any legs” it is all to feed off your shame and your kindness. The truth is there will come a time when kindness is no longer an option. These shills of Stormfront are there to make sure you do absolutely nothing. Hanging traitors, jailing thieves, busting drug dealers and upholding our laws has become taboo with the jew because we have clowns like these telling you to do absolutely nothing. The truth is that is exactly why our country is in the shape it is in today. If our Federal Reserve is a Ponzi Scheme jew system like we know it is we need to hang them, if our media is working for a foreign alien entity we need to hang them, if our priests aren’t teaching true Christianity we need to hang them, if our FBI isn’t enforcing our laws we entrusted them to enforce we need to hang them and if our politicians are working for jews they are obviously working against us and need to be

Don Advo- sary aka "the book worm". He is the new "Rothstein" of the Stormfront movement

Don Advo- sary aka “the book-worm”. He is the new “Rothstein” of the Stormfront movement


Why is this so difficult to point out? If they are traitors they need to hang- period! Who is saying anything different? Do not trust anyone who tells you we need to do nothing, the truth is we have only one thing left and that is expose who those people are, be focused on what they do and then route them out without destroying our own. People who tell you to do nothing but run your mouth while they have their phones cut off are not our own. It’s not Jews they fear, its you they fear!

You have to ask “Are these folks good for the white movement?”. How can you carry flags and use words from a Bible you never read other than to distort and pervert? How can you not call for a criminal to be arrested and knowing those criminals are mainly Jews in EVERY category?

I have a simple strategy for all Americans and all non Jews:

1. Identify the criminals

2. Join together and obtain retribution to such things as the Black Slave trade and blaming it on whites, creating wars by deception, the Federal Reserve, Jewish controlled media, Jewish terrorism as in the acts of 9/11, the USS Liberty etc., Mafia, Jewish monopolies, drug trafficking, organ harvesting, porn, gambling…etc.

3. Decide whether we are going to go straight for the head of the snake or just gulag every last one of them.

That may sound a bit harsh, but ask Iraq what harsh is (in fact ask all jews neighbors throughout time what harsh is), ask Russia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine then and now, ask the 9/11 victims relatives what harsh is, ask a drug addict with his life ruined what harsh is, ask an American who just lost his home to Jew approved illegal aliens what harsh is, ask a soldier who was blinded in Iraq for a lie what harsh is, ask a molested child what harsh is, etc.

Folks harsh people need to be treated harshly and then some. If a cheater cheats in a card game its your time to draw. That is human nature, the problem is Jews have convinced you human nature is a fabrication. Doing nothing is not natural.

You have to ask “who finances these people?” and “why do these folks never finance others to see saw other white groups along?”. Because its their way or the highway, David Duchovny is the chosen leader and you are the follower- period (even though he doesn’t know a jew from Cajun Jambalaya) . “That’s all you get, now shut up, pay us and follow along like good goyim”. It is more Jew Hollywood folks. They are deliberate sitting ducks.  Daffy Duke and Donald Schwartz.


Another blue eyed jewboy, JK Simmons aka “sewer mouth”.

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  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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  2. actually the Bible says to reward them double…

    and Jesus is kinda like laser Beam specific in Matthew 13 : 39-42

    a man has to know is limitations..
    anything under six million is unacceptable

  3. melgibstein says:

    Jews will just stage a shooting at one of their schools or Holohoax museums and all the lemmings will suck it up like a drive in movie theater, kosher popcorn butter and all. The fact of the matter is we allowed these freaks in as guests and they have long outlived their welcome and any true Christian knows from the bottom of his feet to the top of his cranium that Jews should never have been allowed into any office of trust in our countries. If you dont feel this I suggest you read history starting with the Holy Bible and you can simply follow the Jew crime right on along up to today. Truth is they dont belong with us, they are contrary to us and all the Christians who dont believe that are not Christians they are duped zombies. It doesnt matter what they think, they are lost causes and will do whatever the status quo does. The people who know are going to have to be the people who start stepping up and calling a traitor a traitor. We simply start with our own media and attack them until they break. Then we tell the world why they broke- because they couldnt defend lies openly. If there is no open and free venue of speech on our side how can we complain they dont have one? That is why David Duke and the Stormfronters are not us because free speech is ours not theirs.

    Try calling a duped zombies radio show that you still can get through to and tell him or her Jews control the media, they cant even say that isnt true, they are on the Jews side over our own. This has to change.

    • melgibstein says:

      Im not a vile man, but I would lower Miliband into quicksand myself and not feel a shred of pity. It is obviously the only thing left they have planned for us. Anti so called semitism is against the law whether its true that someone has a valid point. They give us no other choice and that is exactly how it always ends for them. No choice means no freedom and no freedom means no justice for us, them or anything on this earth. The world corrects itself meaning “good” is out there, it’s just waiting like a hot kettle.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Could there be a bigger idiot than Don Black (Schwartz) in the white movement (in any movement)? He claims David Duke talks about Jews too much exactly like a Jew. I dont think any white man would follow that idiot to an oasis in the desert. Amazing how it works like that.
    Schwartz actually ridicules Duke by saying “its always the Jews”, Jews Jews Jews. As I have always said of this guy he is a FATHEAD and there is nothing in that brain of his that anyone would admit to getting from him. He has a controlled website just like a jew (full of jews like Yankee Jim) and a controlled Communist radio show with a lot of jews just like a Jew. My final analysis “He’s a Jew”.

    His head is like a deformed watermelon. Like looking at Jewish art and then he opens his hole and it’s sickening.

    • sschmwp says:


      Don Black is right in this instance. It is not about, “Jews Jews Jews”; there are plenty of other enemies, including White people themselves. If you want Bible proof of this, I will supply it, and I actually have done so before. You chose to allow my comments before, which means you’re not afraid.

      One of the problems is that you’re possibly a “Yahveh” lover, and I have made the “Yahveh” lovers my sworn enemies, which means you could be my enemy, but I would like clarification as to where exactly you stand. Unlike the masses, I have actual proof to back me up with: http://sschmwp.wordpress.com/2014/11/07/yahweh-and-christian-identity.

      “Yahveh” is the personal name of “Baal.”

      We have those in CI who hail “Baal” as God, and this is much more of an offense than some guy who questions if “Jews Jews Jews” is a realistic perspective. Why not pick on the CI people who deserve it instead of the people who are not even CI at all?

      This is not a defense meant for Don Black, just an observation.

      • Louis says:

        I was sure glad,V.S.Herrell and Roger Hathaway corrected me on the yiddish roots movement back in 2003,my life cleaned up quickly after i put that in the dippsy dumpster.

      • sschmwp says:

        And it is too bad that “Mel Gibstein” (the alias with no name and no picture) keeps on lying about the meaning of the name YSHW. That name is not “Yahwistic” at all, but he keeps on with the total lies by making it mean “Ya saves” instead of “he will save.” That is why I do not trust him; that and how he will not go all of the way concerning who the enemy is. I updated my treatise since the the time of posting this, and it proves without a doubt that the Yahwists are liars. They’re involved in a diversion. They most likely get their learning from some other fool that taught them lies, and not from themselves and their own research (parrots they are). Jesus does not mean “Ya saves” but instead “he will/shall save.” (100% proven fact).

      • melgibstein says:

        Is that all you got sschmwp? All I have written and that is it? Why do you want my picture, to throw darts at it? I am here till the end and when the time comes you will see me.

        The important part is, you are reading this and you cant come up with anything to discredit me and if you do you dont provide any facts.

        I dont want any nutjobs coming to my door you know why? Because I am not scared to make bagels out of whoever dares to do so. So Im really doing them a big favor. All my years around and nobody has asked me to be a guest on their show except some main stream shows who decided they made a huge mistake by inviting me. And Im not going on some backwoods show to make pals. I’ll trust you after a night in a foxhole with you and not a night sooner.

  5. melgibstein says:

    Firstly, I do not hold anything against people who dont use the name YHWH or Yashua, but if there is no YHWH what does Jesus or Iesus mean? Why dont we call Paul “Paullus” or James “Iakobos”? Would you make the claim that Jacob isnt the same name as James because they are in different languages? I didnt read the entire post of yours, but I didnt see you mention that Hebrew had no vowels nor did Egyptian or Phoenician. Greeks added the first 5 vowels, but as you just witnessed vowels get put in the wrong places in different geographical locations.

    Yashua and Joshua are the same names which means Yahweh is salvation. Ive been through this before and it is something you alone are going to have to be comfortable with. All Im asking is that you start calling all the apostles by their Greek names too (see how that works out). God or YHWH knows whats in our hearts and I dont think he will be grading us for spelling. One thing you have to take into account about the Tetragrammaton is Jews have nothing to do with it and it has nothing to do with Jews. I use YHWH so people know I am not a Jew because they are forbidden to say the word (they claim) as if they follow the Old Testament at all.

    We could go through language all day long, but what do all major languages have in common today that have anything to do with the Bible? They are all white languages. Canaan was white, the Hebrews were white, Latin from whites, Greek white…….Jews dont invent anything but confusion and destruction. Jews didnt create Hebrew and the only reason why they went back to it to destroy it.

    As far as “baal” goes, my understanding is “lord” so I can say when you are saying you are praying to the lord you are praying to baal, right? If you call a Jew “Rabbi” are you claiming he is your master? You cant synch everyones minds to your own dictionary or disqualify people for differing in areas where we should all be out in the open discussing, which we are not.

    Bottom line on this particular subject is, if you can prove to me that Jesus wasnt Yashua (YHWH saves) I will go back to no name for God and drop YHWH altogether. If you want to call him Eloi or Allah I dont have a problem with it, thats between you and him and you have free will. I think you are confused with the name “Allah” which is supposedly also used for the word for “baal”.

    Jesus called God or YHWH “Father” which is perfectly acceptable to me if you are indeed his. Moses called him YHWH (that was written long before those Israelites had any extended length of time with the Canaanites). Truth is we could argue about this forever and why it doesnt bother me if you dont accept it, but as I said, tell me what Jesus means. All names have meanings.

    As for Don Black being right about whites, well you guys can blame whites and waste precious time chasing the tail, but give me an example of Jesus or Yashua going after whites or better yet, John the Baptist………they called the Jews vipers for more than one reason.

    An idea: How about Monday we go after Muslims, Tuesday we go after Transvestites, Wednesday wiggers, and Jews on Sunday giving them a full 6 day rest every week? What is the goal of your objective?
    YHWH bothers you and “lord” bothers me and as a whole I have found that the people who use the word “lord” are the least knowledgeable of the overall Bible. Lord is a title and according to you this is wrong too because it can refer to any lord (a landlord). I dont know about you, but I want “the Father” to know it is him I am referring to because we had that problem once before and the outcome wasnt good. Truth is I dont know who your Father or father is to be quite honest so I cant even write to you as if you have the same Father as I do. So I will leave it at that.

    I hope I dont see you in church singing “halelu yah”. You would have to condemn all the churches, me and the Jews so if you are fighting all of us, Jews will be right behind you (Don Black too).

  6. melgibstein says:

    I dont want to be known as a Christian Identist, a Protestatnt, a Catholic because they can all be infiltrated. I was born with my own brain and I alone responsible for it. I dont think there is a person on earth I agree with 100%, in fact some of the people I would die for first probably disagree with me more than you do. We dont as Christians condemn each other because we have disagreements and make enemies we strive for the truth as best we can. If we are going to make enemies out of an issue like this it is your own choice throwing the baby out with the bath water. I believe that we first have to be bound by blood or none of us will ever have the freedom to read and debate anything. Debate is good “iron sharpeneth iron”. To even believe we are all going to be on the same page 100% a day before its time is delusional. I have always said it is best we all unite on the things we have in common to defeat the true enemy. If you think I am the enemy so be it. I wont beg to be a friend, you are free to make enemies out of anyone, but to make enemies with your own kind is against his law not mine.

    I bash my own kind all the time, but it’s wrong and I dont bash women as you would like too. As I have said we are the guardians of our women. We are also the guardians of our men and if we controlled our own laws like we are supposed to we could condemn our own traitors to get our own control back. Does that make any sense?

    Donnie Schwatz’s #1 caller is Russ from Minnesota, he goes by a lot of names but everyone knows him as Russ. He goes by Roger on Scwatz’s show and the meathead has no clue he is an SPLC troll, although he may not be a troll on Blacks show because Black is a fathead troll too. The idiot is against free speech and if thats ok with you I feel sorry for you. These are the people who make any kind of a white movement into a complete joke. They dont listen to white people so why the hell would whites listen to them? His moronic website is full of Yankee Jims and if you try to expose that you will get booted (by folks like Jack Boot- gimmmee a break). If you are on Stormfront for your information you are a fool- period!

  7. melgibstein says:

    You know what his answer to the illegal invasion is? Work harder than they do to get the jawbs. This guy is a lemo traitor or a jew take your pick. Him and his pals Duke and Edwards are whining for money like a Jew on a Middle School lunch line. They claim this is their work, the truth is they have all the time in the world to copy everyone elses so called work who dont even call it work. If Jew money is their reward then they have their reward. I want people to wake up not to take what little life support they have left. What is Duke or Black going to do with money? They are going NOWHERE! Dont ever say anything like “we need to start locking Jews up” who have obviously taken over our media and money……….that might just put Black and Duke into the poor house.

    One picture in that clown costume and they’re toast. I love how they praise Nathan Bedford Forrest, made his money in the slave trade and then decided he didnt want Blacks around? Leaven of the Pharisees over and over.


    He had blacks as slaves because he loved blacks? “OMG”! He made his money in Black slaves so he either believed in slavery or he believed in Jewry or both (Jews profited from him and he claimed to be against carpetbaggers?). The whole thing stinks. This is these cryptos hero. I even know CI people who loved this guy and the KKK, they’re all around.

    Jews get inside because you let them in.

    They carry around the Confederate flag because they love division and have no clue what that X symbol is on it. As far as they are concerned Andrew was a Jew and Europe is a Phoenician word somehow unconnected to Phoenicians. They think white people hatched in Europe…..their entire philosophy is CRAP! They have to keep the phones cut off because theyre IDIOTS or Jews and I dont think whites can be that big an idiot. These people are supposedly doctors and college graduates, Don Black was in the ROTC Right Over To Jew Canada and they dont know anything about the Bible, therefore they dont know history of white people at all. If you want these morons leading the way, go for it, dont say I didnt warn you. I know lots of Jews with Doctorate degrees, but the Jew controlled colleges havent taught the truth in centuries. Were they allowed to ask questions in their classrooms? I bet they asked questions they knew wouldnt get them an F just like they expect their own callers to do. Its pathetic!

  8. sschmwp says:

    I want your picture and name because it helps to know who you’re even talking to. Anyone can be anything on the Internet. Is that all I got? Not at all; I have a treatise full of information about YHWH. Read it all, and I hope you and I can be friends in the end. YSHW does not mean “Ya saves” no matter what fudgery you apply to it. Love, Steven

    • melgibstein says:

      You haven’t proven that Yashua means something else, but the question is why is this so important for you that it doesnt mean YWWH saves? If you feel something is untrue, prove it. I am always interested in the truth. Is it because you were conditioned to pray to God (a title) your whole life? I agree you should prove it before you pray to something you are unsure of and I certainly dont want you to pray to me. If you want my pic you will have to do the research. Im really not that hard to find. You want to see who you’re talking to? Do you think im a jew because I say YHWH? I have to admit it wasnt easy for me either but thats how Jews make itt.Let’s see your proof. I suppose Yacob does not mean battles with Ya? What then?

    • melgibstein says:

      Im holding in my hand about a 4 inch stack of papers on me from the DSS or Defense Security Service (wtf they are) where my security clearance was wiped out thus my living at the time. I am not allowed on any government projects whatsoever. A Mexican can get a government job before I can and why? I broke no laws (just an antisemite) so if you think they dont know who I am you are nuts. I was simply writing to radio hosts on a computer from Guantanamo Bay library (a public library on a government base) on my own private email account. They simply had a way to penalize me for saying Jews wanted open borders etc etc etc what I am still saying). All of these issues are main stream now and why I lost my way of life. If you want me to post the page where they call me “antisemantic” they cant even spell it in fear I guess, I will post it, but it was written in ink on top of the writing therefore you see it can be said it was forged when it was not. They sent me dozens of emails I sent this particular host, not one was threatening except to the traitorous politicians selling out America. How can they arrest me for saying if John Kerry gives illegals drivers licenses he should be hanged etc.? My crime was telling the truth and how I know this whole thing is a lot bigger than you and I even think.

      oops I called Kerry a lying Jew too (and he is).

      • sschmwp says:

        Dear “Mel,”

        I just got back to your site today. I have been caught up in something else, investigating a cult (ACMTC) that I was born into and uncovering their lies. I left at age 5, but my biological father is still in there. I was helping a reporter dig up the dirt on them. They imagine hearing directly from God by being literally spoken to and even lectured to by God every morning at around 3:30 AM. The sad part is that their male leader started to talk like an “anti-Semite” in recent years, so what good they do teach just makes it look bad coming from them.

        In regards to YHWH:

        Just about all of the discoveries that show YHWH are pagan in origin, including those silver scrolls found at Ketef Hinnom. You would think that Hinnom discovery would only benefit the Jewish Yahwist movement because of the alleged associations with a few Bible verses, but the fact is that one of the dedicated things of the house of God was a bunch of silver, and the Bible says they bestowed *ALL* of that silver upon the Baals. The Ketef Hinnom discovery is just more evidence that YHWH was one of the Baalim. Those scrolls were also created in a time of rejection of God and literal replacement of God with false gods. So there is nothing that shows YHWH in a positive light once you understand that those scrolls, which are about the only thing the Yahwists have going for them as far as discoveries that might show YHWH is a positive light, have a different explanation for what they really are, and that explanation just links them yet again to Baalim; it does not say they bestowed some of the silver to the Baals, but all of it (1 Kings 7:51; 1 Kings 15:15; 2 Chron 24:7).

        The truth is that the children of Israel totally rejected their God at the time of Ahab (only 7,000 who did not take the Baalim and Ashtaroth to be their gods), and this rejection included tearing down God’s altars and killing the prophets of God. The Bible said they rejected Him and the false gods were their new gods, so all of this YHWH with a consort stuff that can be shown in up to four discoveries shows us that YHWH was just a strange god with a consort (a Baal with an Ashtoreth). When they went whoring after Baalim and Ashtaroth, they served not him (Judges 10:6; 1 Samuel 12:10) — they did not go whoring after Ashtaroth and serve the God of Israel at the same time. If they totally rejected him at the time of Ahab, they would have totally rejected him near the time of their final captivity dates in like manner. That rejection would not include them “customizing” God by giving him an Ashtoreth, but instead, it would mean whoring after false gods and goddesses, tearing down His altars, and killing God’s prophets, just as before. If only 7,000 did not accept Baalim and Ashtaroth at the time of Ahab, what would that number look like when God decided to put an end to their kingdoms because of the false deities? I’d imagine it to be much less than even 7,000. Just before the captivity dates, we have discoveries that show us YHWH and a goddess.

        Nothing ever makes sense with the Yahwist sacred name theories. Once you start studying the archaeological discoveries it starts to make sense that YHWH could only be an interpolation, and who better than Edomites themselves to interpolate it into the OT. Not to mention, there are up to three YHWH discoveries that are connected to Edom. There are actually not a whole lot of discoveries that have been found concerning YHWH, but out of the small amounts of the ones that have been found, up to three can be connected to Edom, and, besides that, they’re mostly all pagan or can be linked to false gods by some other method, e.g., all that silver going to the Baalim, and those silver scrolls having been created in a time of widespread rebellion.

        Only dishonest and egotistical people think they know for sure what YHWH means and how to pronounce it. Some are more honest and agree that the pronunciation is not certain. Taking that into consideration, the Bible says the name given in Exodus was to be remembered forever, but since we don’t really know for sure what it means and how to pronounce it, it also makes no sense that YHWH could be a name of God. Further, every other place in Scripture where a name of God is given, it is a title and not a “proper name.” All the numerous verses that feature a title as one of God’s names show us an anomaly with the alleged sacred name given in Exodus, since it deviates from the overall consistent flow of Scripture to have all other names feature a title, except for the one exception of a sacred guess name that was to be remembered forever given in Exodus.

        On top of all the evidence I collected that portrays YHWH in a negative light, we have the NT that contradicts the Yahwists by telling us there is no other name besides Jesus of Nazareth that we are required to use (Acts 4:10-12), and that we are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus (1 Corinthians 6:11). Jesus is not a Yahwistic name, regardless of the attempts the Yahwists make to turn it into one. The Yahwistis have a habit of doing that to many names because of their paranoia concerning the Yods and Yod-He-Vavs. The Yod/Yud prefix in the name YSHW (Y’shua / Yeshua / Jesus) is a formative letter that is a Hebrew verb conjugation. H3442 is from H3467 (“yasha” — the “ya” in that word is not Yahwistic), which is a verb, and thus the Yod in the name H3442 literally makes the name indicate a third person, future tense, i.e., “He will/shall.” Since Jesus is not a Yahwistic name, this means that nobody has to accept YHWH as legit. YHWSHW (Yahshua / Yahushua) is nothing more than an interpolation that some Rabbis injected into their translations, with leftover evidence in various scrolls that shows us that YSHW was the real name. If you think that there are not some serious interpolations in the Scriptures, that is not correct. There was a lot of editing done to the Bible, and the NT is also far from infallible in that regards because interpolations are definitely in there as well. Up to eight Yahwistic names have been documented to be the result of name replacements. That is an extremely high and alarming amount of name editing, and to think it is just limited to the names that can be proven to be falsifications is dumb. Those eight name changes from non-Yahwistic to Yahwistic names are leftover remnants from a much larger editing of the Scriptures, and so how many of the Yahwistic names that can’t be proven to be the result of interpolations are genuine names will never be known since the original manuscripts are long gone. I have also read that Jews destroyed manuscripts on purpose after creating their own copies. Who does that, other than people who have something to hide?

        I also recall reading somewhere that the Edomites that got slaughtered by the Romans were chanting out the name YHWH in various forms in an attempt to get God to save them. I’m going to have to dig that bit of information up again because it just goes to show you that those Edomites had YHWH as their god during the destruction of Jerusalem that started in 66 AD. I think it may have been mentioned in the writings of Josephus. If the Rabbis were chanting out guess names of YHWH in a vain attempt for divine intervention, they would have also written YHWH down in their “Hebrew” scribe work. It is a fact that the Edomites were scribes that wrote their own translations and that they took over the temple at Jerusalem.

        I am sticking with what the NT and Septuagint say about the names of God and not some Hebrew scrolls that Edomites wrote. The Tetragrammaton is a name of God in Judaism, and while many Jews do not pronounce that name, it is just as well that they do not, because nobody knows for sure how to.

        I feel that I have more to add, so I will most likely be back soon.

  9. melgibstein says:

    Ya Saves Yashua, Battles with Ya Yacob, Yusef or Yosef or Yasef, Matthew Mattityahu, etc etc. It doesnt matter what the Jews say, they lie. For instance look at Anna or Hannah in Luke chapter 2, it says she was clearly of the tribe of Asher, yet she is called a “Jewish” woman in wikipedia. Jews are right sometimes and blatantly wrong other times to make the truth look bad just like the people you are talking about above. The bottom line is I don’t give a damn what Jews believe or think, it is irrelevant! They might say they are related to me somehow or when I die they may produce a letter I wrote to them giving all my possessions to them. They can say whatever they want to get you to believe a lie. The fact is they dont say YHWH and it is in so many Hebrew names. Herod and Caiaphas didnt like his name either (the Jews).

  10. sschmwp says:

    I already did prove what a Yod at the start of a Hebrew word means and I expounded on it since that time, although I do not expect people to keep on reading a work in progress. I figure if I am going to waste time doing research that I am going to make it a part of my current work and not put that work on some other blog. I have shown that names that start with a Yod (יְ) are only Yahwistic if they start with a Yod-He-Vav (יְהוֹ) or a Yod-Vav (יָּה). If a word just has a Yod (יְ) prefix but no He-Vav (הוֹ) or Vav (וֹ) after the Yod, there is no way that word indicates something Yahwistic, and that is exactly why none of the Hebrew lexicons make mention of the names Jeshua (you call it Yashua) and Jacob as having a meaning to those names that mean something Yahwistic. There is no a Yod-Vav or Yod-He-Vav in the names Jeshua (יֵשׁוּעַ) and Jacob (יַעֲקֹב). Jehoshua (יְהוֹשׁוּעַ) would be a Yahwistic name, but the other spelling of that found in Hebrew scrolls is Jeshua, and that is not Yahwistic at all, so one of those names is bogus. The NT uses the form of the name that is spelled Jeshua in the OT (H3442), and that is easy to prove by the way Gabriel interpreted the meaning of the name (Mat 1:21). The Strong’s Concordance also got it right for the meaning of the name Jeshua.

    3442 Yeshuwa` yay-shoo’-ah for 3091; he will save; Jeshua, the name of ten Israelites, also of a place in Palestine:–Jeshua.

    Matthew 1:21 “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.”

    You asked me to prove that Jeshua and Jacob do not mean something that indicates a Yahwistic name and I have given plenty of evidence.

    I am asking you to prove from historical data that Herod the Great had a hatred for the name YHWH. I could not find this alleged bit of info anywhere on the Internet, but instead, I have found writers who make mention that Herod honored YHWH:

    “In the escarpment below the Antonia fortress are a series of holes 0,48 m square and 8,9 m above the present ground level. These can only be the sockets into which were fitted the roof beams of the north portico of Herod’s temple. Big beams were demanded by the width of the portico (15,6 m), which was of a part with the magnificence of Herod’s creation to the honour of YHWH. On 29 August 70 AD the whole complex was reduced to rubble by the Roman legions of Titus.[1]”

    However, I can’t take anything as fact unless there is proof linking the name YHWH with Herod in archaeological discoveries, which I am sure that there are none or I would have found them already.

    [1] http://www.theworldofthebible.com/archeology/a-visit-to-herods-temple/

  11. melgibstein says:

    So are you saying Jacob means “wrestles with God”? Look at all the names that have to do with God and you will see there is either an “el” like Daniel or a “ya” or “ye” or “yo” there were no vowels yet so those names changed when vowels were introduced in different parts of the world at different times. Whatever your interpretation of Gods name is it is not important to me, you do the best you can to seek out the truth. I think it is “ya” because it is probably thee most common name root there is in Hebrew. Many of the names have changed as I indicated to you before like “Anna” which was Yanna or Yana- it is the root of so many names like Jane, Joanna, Annabelle, Ann, Anni”ka”, Hannah, Nancy, Nainsi, Gaelic etc. The common root is “Ya is gracious”. I could go on all day on the male Joseph, Johanan “he will add”- who is he, yo? No Im not a whigger!

    You have a valid argument, I am not telling you that you are wrong for seeking out what you are, feel free, but I go with what I have learned and with a lot of people that have also studied the name. What I would suggest is, go on one of the CI shows where you can go head to head with someone, present your evidence and change their mindset, but I cant see it.

    Please provide links so the readers can go directly to the links you present.

  12. melgibstein says:

    “Jews will not control us” “Jews will not control us” “Jews will not ehhh clothe us” ~ David Duke in his Ralp Lipschitz shirt.

    He will never call for a boycott of anything Jewish, he thinks Jesus was Jewish like Ralph Lipschitz. My God folks! Andy Hitchocks and Mark Dumkopf’s hero!
    Dukes homosexual sidekick Docteh Patrick Slattery (half English and half Irish like Hal Turner) continually makes the claim that people arent Jews by their looks and by their actions, but he believes Jesus was a Jew, however. Actually he believes Jesus is a Jew character in a Jew book.

    Folks can it get any dumber? Where did this guy become a doctor? I’ll tell you where in the Jew fool sysytem and now he is a full fledged fool like the others such as Duke, McDonald, Fetzer etc. Theyre all clowns! And they cant debate!

    Does Duke know he is wearing a Jew shirt or is he too stupid to know it? Nobody is that dumb folks. There is dumb and there is COINTEL.

  13. melgibstein says:

    Patrick Slattery
    Excuse me folks, but he DOES look like a Jew. I like his Trotsky glasses

    Im being perfectly honest folks, he does look like a Jew, bigtime. Its no wonder now that he celebrated Hannukah with dreidels as a child. Folks I wouldnt bring this guy to a fight against the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

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