The horror!

Will pervert for Jew money like everyone else in Hollywood and TV

Max is gay and as such is sent to Dachau concentration camp under the Nazi regime. He tries to deny he is gay and gets a yellow label (the one for Jews) instead of pink (the one for gays). … See full summary

To enter into any kind of Jew controlled entertainment business today you have to be a pervert in some way or the other. If you are a white woman you have to be in some jew magazine naked and pregnant, with a non white man, anything that is contrary to humanity that there is will suffice. If you are a white male or someone who resembles a white male you are either going to be cheating on your white wife, preferably with a non white women or you can be a homo to produce that bad fruit for all to see. I find the only other exception to this rule is that you kiss jew arse like no tomorrow and then and only then will the media allow you to look normal and non jewish. Of course there is that miniscule chance that you could be a secret jew, but we all know jews would never try to pull that one on us.

Lets take everyone’s hero Mel Gibson for instance, recently Mel’s great pal Jodie Foster has come out of the closet. She decided she likes women more than white men, maybe even non white women more than white women who knows, but I don’t think that would be complete in the Jew design of things because the key is to destroy white men and white women. Watch Mel watch Jodie come out (one of his finest live performances since he was being hounded by an Arab paparazzi camera man) of her jew closet. She used to celebrate Hanukkah like Adam Sandler.

What is she going to say?  I'll put on my Al Jolson face.

What is she going to say?
I’ll put on my Al Jolson face.

You see all the Jews and Jewesses are watching in incredible disbelief that a friend of Mel Gibsons could be so anti Christian, J. Lo and her boyfriend are the new purveyors of decency in America (or whoever she might be with today). On the stage with Jodie is Mel’s long time pal Morton Downey ehh ehh Robert Downey Jewr. Robbie is part Jewish like he is half in the pool if that is at all possible and cheering Jodie on like a jew at an altar boy party. Mel is whistling with his fingers in his mouth even with all those jews he shook hands with. Could any Christian be involved in anything so wretched?

Iron Man

Recently Robert Downey Jewr. made a condition that if he was to do another Iron Man

I bounced back without ever leaving. Now Im better than ever- Iron Man.

I bounced back without ever leaving. Now Im better than ever- Iron Man.

movie Mel Gibson would have to be the director, not an actor, producer or a writer, the director……and cut.

How can you not be a homo and make your living off the jew media or jew Hollywood? You have to be a pervert in some form or the other. Does anyone think for a second that this Robert Downey Jr. isn’t a homo himself?

These are your heroes in Hollywood, Mel Gibson, Nicky Cage,  Bill O’Reilly on the TV, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine………….can it get any more perverted folks?

I often hear people claim God is all love love love and that he doesn’t punish people (his people) as a father would punish his own children, but this is more Jewish garbage. God punishes to wake you up and if you don’t wake up you have simply gone with his enemies against him and will never and can never wake up. Jews want to make that line easy for you to cross into complete perversity whether it be becoming a homo, race mixing, letting yourself be swept away by drugs or alcohol,  looking the other way when it comes to justice and or just going along with the flow because you don’t want to rock the jew boat. Jews will use their minions to slide you right over every border there is if you just take the ride and shut your mouths. They will claim everything was evil right from the very beginning to justify their latest perversion. The truth is their logic is bent, it is not of human origin and if you are going in their direction you can no longer be thought of as human either. Bent is the path of the jews and always will be. If you havent figured that out yet you are without a doubt a fan of Hollywood today, people who would never in a million years tell you what cancerous Jew creatures are doing to our world, and for this reason you respect them. That is truly “bent”!

Two Jews love Shane Black “Schwartz” and his new partner Jew Jon Favreau


Shane Black Director- Homo, Jew or both?

Shane Black Director- Homo, Jew or both?

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15 Responses to Bent

  1. melgibstein says:

    Jews pervert have you noticed? They will create a Jesus movie and give Jesus a hooked nose then have Jewish actresses in the movie without hooked noses.

    People praise this homo Jim Caviezal too, do you know Caviezal’s first movie was about 2 young homo prostitutes? Hey Mom I got a part in a Hollywood movie. “What is da movie abooout Hymie?”
    You dont wanna know Mommah (its good for the jews though).

    Clive Cohen- any of you that have seen just a little bit of this movie “Bent” written by an “openly gay” (whatever that is) Jew starring Clive Owen as an “openly gay” non Jew Englishman have to understand that in order to do something so perverted you have to be a QUEER!

    I doubt either one of these people would be openly gay around me for very long.

    Look for the perversion and you will find the jew or the other way around- they go both ways folks, but ultimately down.

    Clive is now HUGE in show business, one of the toughest guys around and starred with Monica Bellucci (Mary Magdelene in The Passion) a hooker who sold breast milk to her many clients. Just a little perversion for ya.

    No movies about jews bringing Blacks to America to destroy it yet. That would be exposing jew I mean just plain perversion. The jew is perversion folks, thats my story and Im stickin to it.

  2. Truthwillout says:

    Another excellent piece again Mel.I think the reason your site is’nt the most popular on the the planet at the moment is it’s easier to look the other way when faced with irrefutable truth,it’s easier to walk past a church than to pray to Christ,for an hour a week,it’s easier to sell your Spirit and Soul for a few quid.Life is’nt supposed to be easy….it’s a constant struggle for what’s right : Christ : and what’s wrong : Jews :.God bless you and yours.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Jews want us to laugh about all their lies and use our sellouts to help cushion it in. There has to be retribution, has to be “an equal and opposite reaction”, but it’s obvious that there is not always an opposite and equal reaction to Jews because we just dont love truth as much as they love lies and overall perversion. if there was an equal and opposite reaction to jews it would still not be enough (it would mean a lot of people would still be on the fence or in the Jews corner). We live in a land that our own would attack and kill us for their alien Jew masters. The Holocaust BS isnt enough to make them angry (slandering white people no problem), Jew control of the media isnt enough, their white women being turned into trophies for the Black slaves they brought in isnt enough, their money based on oil that is burnt up in smoke completely controlled by Gods enemies isnt enough. I could have sold out a long time ago, but Im too old to now . Id rather be dead than be complacent to this jew system and I think it is going to come down to a lot of people thinking the same way or we will be dead and erased for all time. God can wait till the last good man and woman as he did before so if people are looking for God to save them out of this mess without doing something about it themselves they obviously have never read the book. Its going the exact same way again.

    Same to you and yours!

  4. GTRman says:

    Some British “Christians”, Mel:
    Justin Portal Welby (born 6 January 1956) is the 105th and current Archbishop of Canterbury and senior bishop in the Church of England.(recently he said he doubts if God exists)

    Welby’s paternal grandfather was a German JEWISH immigrant .

    Giles Anthony Fraser (born 27 November 1964[3]) is a priest of the Church of England and a journalist. He is currently the parish priest at St Mary’s, Newington, near the Elephant and Castle, London,and writes a weekly Saturday column for The Guardian, as well as appearing frequently on BBC Radio 4. He is a regular contributor on Thought for the Day and a panellist on The Moral Maze.Fraser was the founder of Inclusive Church and campaigns for lesbian and gay inclusion within the church. He was voted Stonewall Hero of the Year in 2012.

    Fraser’s father was JEWISH and his mother from a Christian background, and Fraser himself was CIRCUMCISED ACCORDING TO JEWISH TRADITION.

    Alice Goodman (born 1958) is an American poet and librettist. She is also an Anglican priest, working in England.
    She was raised as a Reform JEW, but converted to Christianity as an adult. In 2006, Alice Goodman took up the post of chaplain at Trinity College, Cambridge,[2] and in 2011 became Rector of a group of parishes in Cambridgeshire including Fulbourn.

    Richard Coles is an English musician, journalist and Church of England priest.
    Coles is openly gay and lives with his civil partner, Rev David Coles. They have four dachshunds: Audrey, Daisy, Horatio and Willy Pongo.
    In 1983 he appeared with Jimmy Somerville in the Lesbian and Gay Youth Video Project film Framed Youth: Revenge of The Teenage Perverts,[6] which won the Grierson Award. Coles joined Bronski Beat (initially on saxophone) in 1983.
    He has been chaplain of the Royal Academy of Music[3][13] and has also played Dr Frank N Furter in a local concert and conducted an atheist funeral for Mo Mowlam in 2005.

    Vile Homosexual Priest Refuses to Repent of His Sodomy and Claims It was Anonymous Butt-Sex That Liberated Him
    Former pop star Richard Coles is utterly unrepentant and depraved and has the absolute front to say that the Church should be begging forgiveness from the Sodomites for being intolerant of their crimes. How the Church of England can justify calling this excuse for a man a priest without renouncing every single part of Christian teaching I just do not know. This creature would have been impaled on a spike and left outside the city gates as a warning to others just a short while ago.

    Can there be any left in doubt that the establishment Churches have been taken over by Jews and Antichrists after hearing about this?

    • melgibstein says:

      Some British “Christians”, Mel:
      Justin Portal Welby (born 6 January 1956) is the 105th and current Archbishop of Canterbury and senior bishop in the Church of England.(recently he said he doubts if God exists)

      Welby’s paternal grandfather was a German JEWISH immigrant .

      ~Jews have done a fantastic job of crapping all over true Christianity so Christians will never go back. I know you dont agree, but thats what the game is truly all about in the end. If I wasnt a Christian I would simply go along with them like the stool pigeons do, but that something inside tells me you would never join with them in a million years. What is it that tells me this? Was it Hitler? Longshanks? Pat Buchanan? No I know more about Jews than all 3 of them combined now and Im still finding reasons Jews are a cancer to humanity. The only ones I have not surpassed are the people of the Bible who seemed to know Jews better than anyone and they knew the Jews as aliens and not part of humanity just as I finally realized. Others have to go through a dense fog to get out of that belief that Jews are like us, no they sometimes look like us and sound like us- period.

      Nice to see you G Man, say hello to Brian for me.

  5. GTRman says:

    Right now on “Jewsnight”: an interview with JEW Peter Gelb, director of the New York Met, talking about all the JEWS protesting the opera “The Death of (JEW) Klinghoffer” , kvetching that it is “ANTI-SEMITIC” and “Pro-terrorist”.

    (“Newsnight” is on BBC2. The controller of BBC is JEW Danny Cohen, the boss of “Newsnight” is JEW Ian Katz, the presenters are QUEER Evan Davies and JEW Emily Maitliss, occasionally JEW Jon Sopel or JEW Robert Peston. The Chief Political Editor of the BBC is JEW Nick Robinson, previously it was JEW John Sergeant.
    Other Jewsnight/Hebe-BC pundits/editors include:

    JEW David Shukman (Science)
    JEW Robert Peston (Business)
    JEW Steve Rosenberg (Moscow)
    JEW David Stern (Ukraine)
    JEW Joshua Rozenberg (Law/Legal)
    JEW Will Gompertz (Arts and Culture)
    JEW Simon Gompertz (personal finance)
    JEW (orthodox) Martin Lewis (money-saving)
    JEW Sir/Lord/Baron Robert Winston (Medical)
    JEW ? Suzy Klein (classical music)
    JEW Rachel De Thame(Cohen) 😦 gardening)
    JEW Will Self: (Literature/Philosophy)
    JEW Alain De Botton (philosophy)
    JEW Jon Ronson (quirky journalism)
    JEW Heston Blumenthal (cooking)
    JEW Nigella Lawson (cooking)
    JEW Lord/Sir/Baron Nigel Lawson (climate change sceptic)
    JEW Lord/Sir/Baron Alan Sugar (business?)
    JEW Howard Jacobson (literature/racism/anti-semitism)
    JEW David Baddiel (whining/racism/anti-semitism)
    JEW Micheal Rosen (children’s literature)
    JEW Anthony Horowitz (teen lit,
    also new Sherlock Homes author)
    JEW Melanie Phillips (opinion/rent-a-jew)
    JEW Angela Epstein (opinion/consumer/rent-a-jew)
    JEW Adam Gopnik (opinion/rent-a-jew)
    JEW Danny Finklestein
    (Lord/Sir/Baron) (opinion,newspapers:
    he is editor in chief of The Times)
    JEW David Aaronovitch (opinion/rent-a-jew)
    JEW Claudia Winkleman (movies/Arts,,etc)
    JEW QUEER Stephen Fucking Fry (everything)
    JEW Maureen Lipman &
    JEW Rebecca Front &
    JEW Miriam Margolyse &
    JEW David Schneider : (acting/racism/rent-a-jew)
    JEW Simon Kelner
    JEW Jon Kampfner
    JEW Charlie Wolf (Stephen Linskey) (rent-a-kike):

    “During his talkSPORT show on 4 December 2005, Wolf described Rachel Corrie, an American activist who had been killed by an Israeli military bulldozer, as “scum.”

    We also just had an interview with what appears to me to be a female JEW American vicar:
    Alice Goodman: I was right:

    “She was raised as a Reform Jew, but converted to Christianity as an adult. In 2006, Alice Goodman took up the post of chaplain at Trinity College, Cambridge, and in 2011 became Rector of a group of parishes in Cambridgeshire including Fulbourn.”

    Err..are there any Vicars or Arch-Bishops in UK that arent JEW or QUEER?

    Ive just heard the words “Anti-Semitic” over 15 times in a ten-minute report.

    Hundreds of JEWS are protesting the opera (even though it is years old) and they are all wearing YELLOW STARS.

    Which is ironic cos an Englishman just went to prison today for photoshopping a yellow star onto the face of JEW MP Luciana Berger, and calling her a jew!:

    Operation: Filthy Jew Bitch – A National Action Soldier has Been Jailed for Calling a Jew a Jew, and We Must Resist

  6. GTRman says:

    Lists are factual documents. Here’s one for doubters:

    “Dads” Kike com created by
    KIKE? Alec Sulkin AND
    KIKE? Wellesley Wild starring
    KIKE Seth Green (Gesshel-Green)
    KIKE Peter Riegert

    “Sulkin began dating KIKE comedienne Sarah Silverman in early 2010.”

    “Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock”
    JEW William Shatner
    JEW Leonard Nimoy directed by
    JEW Leonard Nimoy produced by
    JEW Harve Bennett
    (born Harve Bennett Fischman)

    “Van Wilder: Party Liason”

    JEW Simon Helberg

    Produced by
    JEW Peter Abrams
    JEW Robert L. Levy Written by
    JEW Brent Goldberg:

    “In one infamous scene, Van and his friends replace the cream inside some pastries with semen from Van’s pet bulldog and send them to Richard’s fraternity, where the frat brothers begin eating and do not realize what it really is until it is too late.”

    Hilarious. Nice one, kikes.

    “Scrubs” starring
    JEW Zach Braff as a loveable, wise-crackin KIKE with Cool Black Friends, surrounded by White Men who are all Stupid Buffoons.

    Also starring
    JEW Dave Franco. Produced by
    JEW Neil Goldman,
    JEW Jonathan Groff

    “Death Wish 2″
    KIKE revenge porn ,directed by
    KIKE Micheal Winner,Produced by
    KIKE (israeli)Menahem Golan and
    KIKE (israeli)Yoram Globus Written by
    KIKE? David Engelbach

    “The Mindy Project” starring
    JEW Amanda Setton
    JEW Stephen Tobolowsky
    JEW Isaac “Ike” Barinholtz
    JEW Adam Pally produced by
    JEW Howard Klein
    JEW Dan Kaplow

    “The Real Housewives of..”
    Presented by
    QUEER JEW Andy Cohen

    “Flipping Out”
    QUEER JEW Jeff Lewis

    KIKECOM created by
    JEW Emily Kapnek, starring
    JEW Jane Levy
    JEW Carly Chaikin

    “Dodgeball” starring
    JEW Ben Stiller
    JEW Hank Azaria,
    JEW William Shatner, Produced by
    JEW Ben Stiller and
    JEW? Stuart Cornfeld ,music by
    JEW Theodore Shapiro

    “The New Yankee Workshop”
    JEW Norm Abram

    “Highway To Heaven” starring
    JEW Micheal Landon
    (Eugene Maurice Orowitz)

    “The Crash Of 401″ starring
    JEW William Shatner directed by
    JEW? Barry Shear

    “Star Chamber” starring
    half-JEW Micheal Douglas, directed by
    JEW Peter Hyams, produced by
    JEW Frank Yablans

    “Hardcore Pawn: Chicago” x2
    The JEW COHEN bros pawn store.

    followed by “Fear Factor”, in which kike producers get blonde shiksas to drink HORSE SPUNK.

    “Guys and Dolls”
    directed and written by
    JEW Joseph L. Mankiewicz
    JEW Ben Hecht ,Produced by
    JEW Samuel Goldwyn based on book by
    JEW Abe Burrows
    (Abram Solman Borowitz)

    Male pregnancy film directed and produced by
    JEW Ivan Reitman ,Cinematography by
    JEW Adam Greenberg:

    “Reitman’s parents were Jewish; his mother SURVIVED the Auschwitz concentration camp and his father was an underground resistance fighter.”
    OY VEY!!!

    “Columbo” starring
    JEW Peter Falk created by
    JEW William Link and
    JEW Richard Levinson produced by
    JEW Phillip Saltzman directed by
    JEW Steven Spielberg
    JEW Boris Sagal
    JEW Jeremy Kagan
    JEW Edward M. Abroms
    JEW Leo Penn , etc etc

    “Everybody Loves Raymond”
    KIKE-COM , created by
    JEW Philip Rosenthal, starring
    JEW Doris Roberts (Green)
    JEW Monica Horan(Rosenthal)
    JEW Brad Garrett ( Gerstenfeld)

    “The Big Nose Theory” x2
    KIKE-COM created and written by
    JEW Chuck Lorre (Levine) starring
    JEW Simon Helberg
    JEW Melissa Rauch
    JEW Mayim Bialik
    JEW Kevin Sussman
    JEW DYKE Sara Gilbert (Abeles)
    QUEER Jim Parsons

    “The Simpsteins”
    Goy-Mocking JEW cartoon that first aired on the
    JEW Tracy Ullman show:
    JEW John Frink
    JEW Matt Selman
    JEW David Silverman
    JEW Jay Kogen
    JEW Mike Reiss
    JEW Jeff Goldstein
    JEW David M Stern
    JEW Marcia Mitzman Gaven
    JEW Jon Lovitz
    JEW Albert Brooks
    JEW Josh Weinstein
    JEW James L Brooks
    JEW Josh Silverstein,
    JEW Sam Simon
    JEW Danny Elfman
    JEW Hank Azaria
    JEW Julie Kavner
    JEW Harry Shearer etc etc etc

    “Beauty and the Geek”
    Produced by
    JEW Jason Goldberg and
    wannabe JEW Ashton Kutcher

    “Man vs Food” x2
    JEW PIG Adam Richman

    “Being Erica” kike-com
    created by
    JEW Jana Sinyor produced by
    JEW? David Fortier
    JEW Ivan Schneeberg
    JEW? Aaron Martin
    JEW Jana Sinyor

    “Desperate Housewives” created by
    QUEER (JEW?) Marc Cherry ,produced by Marc Cherry and
    JEW Jeff Greenstein
    JEW? Tom Spezialy
    JEW Michael Edelstein
    JEW David Grossman
    JEW Annie Weisman
    JEW? Stephanie Hagen
    JEW? Jamie Gorenberg
    JEW Tracey Stern ,music by
    JEW Danny Elfman

    “Charmed” produced by
    JEW Aaron Spelling

    “Rules of Engagement ”
    Created by
    JEW Tom Hertz produced by
    JEW Adam Sandler

    “How I Met Your Mother”
    JEW Josh Radnor
    JEW Jason Segel
    JEW Alyson Hannigan
    JEW Bob Saget directed by
    JEW Rob Greenberg
    JEW Pamela Fryman
    QUEER Neil Patrick Harris

    “Marvel’s Agents Of Shield” created by “male feminist” Joss Whedon -who created the kike Buffy The Vampire series starring JEW Sarah Michelle Gellar and JEW Alysson Hannigan , etc ) based on characters created by
    JEW Stan Lee (Lieber)
    JEW Jack Kirby (Jacob Kurtzberg)
    produced by
    JEW Alan Fine
    JEW? Jeph Loeb

    “The 100″ Developed by
    JEW Jason Rothenberg produced by
    JEW Leslie Morgenstein Cinematography by
    JEW Nathaniel Goodman

    “Little House on the Prairie” x 5

    JEW Micheal Landon (Eugene Maurice Orowitz)
    JEW Melissa Gilbert directed by
    JEW Leo Penn music by
    JEW David Rose

    “Star Trek”
    JEW Leonard Nimoy
    JEW William Shatner
    JEW Jerry Fielding
    JEW Gerald Fried
    JEW Sol Kaplan
    JEW Samuel Matlovsky
    QUEER George Takei

    produced by
    JEW Gary Glasberg
    JEW Mark Horowitz

    “Little Fockers”

    KIKE HARVEY KEITEL Directed by
    KIKE Paul Weitz Produced by
    KIKE Jane Rosenthal
    KIKE Jay Roach Written by
    KIKE John Hamburg
    KIKE? Larry Stuckey music by
    QUEER Steven Trask

  7. melgibstein says:

    Dont attack kike Star Trek or the brainwashed lemmings will stone you to death. Dont take away the only thing they have left….they wont know where ta goooo, like “An Officer and a Gentleman”.

  8. melgibstein says:

    Heres another one of your English Judens

    Juden Law and guess who?

  9. GTRman says:

    another “man of God”:

    Church minister, 71, charged with sex offences over claims he stripped and spanked female worshippers

    Reverend Howard Curtis arrested earlier this year over the alleged assaults
    They are alleged to have happened as part of a practice known as Christian domestic discipline
    Charged with two counts of indecent assault, five counts of sexual assault and six counts of child cruelty

  10. Truthwillout says:

    I do agree with you Mel,totally.I have been talking to a Hermit,who’s been living at my local Church for a while and discussing the Jewish question with him he agreed that the parasitic jews are the worlds enemy and the local Priests just wont come right out and say it,even though it’s the truth.He’s old style Catholic with old style values and morals.Bad times are coming again,as Jesus foretold.The Devils brethren murdered him as they do every single day,again and again.You can only bury the truth temporarily,and we all know who constantly tries to bury that truth.The Jews.Nothing remains buried forever,Nothing.God bless you and yours.

  11. dontheoz says:

    Nicely done. Thank you.

  12. melgibstein says:

    No way Eli Caviezal could be a Jew either, he is a great Catholic I hear that started his movie career in “My Private Idaho” about 2 young white homosexual male prostitutes.
    If thats Christianity folks Im Barbra Streisand. Ask yourselves what you would do for fame. If that is one of them, you are a jew sellout that just hasnt been given a good deal yet.

    Here is your hero pushing race mixing with Puerto Rican Jewesses.

    Anyone ever heard of Aaron Lopez? Look him up.

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