The Outer Limits

Ever notice the people who blame everything the Jews do on Christian Zionism are the same people who will never come right out and say its Jews who run our media, Federal Reserve, Hollywood, etc? I don’t see Christian Zionists in my life and if I did I would simply challenge them to that book they claim to be getting their information from. Hopefully we would be able to do this in a wide open place with a wide audience, but the opportunity just never materializes. Recently I was listening to a well known internet radio network claim that Christian Zionists were the real problem so I called in.

Sorry to report there were no Christian Zionists to speak to nor Christians for that matter only people who claim to go along with the word Jews stole out of the Bible and they are obviously oblivious to it because they never read the Bible. In all my time fighting for truth I have never once lost any argument to a so called Christian Zionist. As far as I am concerned they do not exist.

Is a Christian Zionist for free speech? It is obvious to me they are not. What kind of Christian could not be for free speech and why are these so called Christian Zionists so afraid to defend what they believe? Because it is a total hoax. Are you going to tell me hucksters like Bill OReilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck don’t know they are lying out their wazoo? They are incapable of anything of truth……….and one has to seriously contemplate how one could have a spirit to live in such blatant anti truth. Could you?

I have been calling people for a long time and I know very quickly what lies within a man or womans heart in the truth arena. I know what words will make you or break you in a matter of minutes. I can tell if you can be bought (owned), if you will turn on (away from)

This guy doesnt fear Muslims he fears me. I would rip his legs off and give them to the dogs for what he has done to America. Damage is done!

This guy doesnt fear Muslims he fears me. I would rip his legs off and give them to the dogs for what he has done to America. Damage is done! Is he a Christian Zionist? No folks he is a traitor!

the truth when times get tough no matter how smart or big you think you are. Your words are recorded for all the world………if one is a Christian a tape recorder means nothing, a Christian listens to his own spirit not a recorder. With every day people you know what they believe and are willing to say, but our media is a total delusion that is never put to any test of truth and certainly not with the least trusted people on the planet, the Jews, whom they place on pedestals constantly.

When I called this show about Christian Zionists, no Christian Zionists called in to defend themselves so you would think it would be a given to call in and say it was the Jews not Christians of any kind per say, but the calls did come in and not Christian so called Zionists, but those peoples who love to claim it is the Illuminati or the Jesuits or the Masons and Christian Zionists etc. You see if I didn’t call in and say it was “the Jews” nobody else would have called in at all. They want to spread that blame around and it is criminal beyond belief.

Can anyone get me a debate with John Hagee? How about Pat Robertson or Joel Ostein? It wont happen folks you know why? Because it’s a Jew charade. None of these Jewish behind washers would last 5 minutes with me and they know it. Before we go on any further let me tell you it has zero to do with me, when I say me I mean the truth and anyone of the truth. Before we go on even further……I am not Jimmy Swaggert and I don’t pretend to be without sin, I am a victim of Jews just like you and I can be perfectly honest about it. How honest could I be killing innocent people in the Middle East, Germany or anywhere for the Jew? I did not. I speak of honesty and truth because I have some left to defend and understand that many do not. To be suckered by a lie is human, but to defend lies is far worse than what America’s Jewish Supreme Court will ever admit to.

Jews control your TV because they have to, internet radio networks control what you hear because they understand the truth rings like a bell in your soul, as it does in mine. To divert from this erosion of everything good and decent on this earth is against nature itself. It is within you where the truth lies and what defines a human being from an alien. It is up to you to know the difference. Dont support me, don’t popularize me, dont say I am trying to make you believe I am an intellectual……the truth is an intellectual has to have a pair and I am sorry to say today that most so called intellectuals do not.

Christian Zionists are Jews just like Hollywood! They are road kill in the outback.

You have to be a complete imbecile to believe this dung. He couldnt defend that book with his fat mouth in a true debate! The problem is always the jews and your delusion to not speak out about the jews = period.  In other words they keep you in the audience and off the field where you desperately need to be. They have built a fence around your brain and kept you in like a dog with nowhere to go.  My God it is outright evil, but eventually you are going to get loose!

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11 Responses to The Outer Limits

  1. Ray Zerwitt says:

    He’s boiling in hell in semen and dung, dontcha know. Any of that truth that rings like a bell is met with an avalanche of boiling dung and mental masturbations. The occasional sparkling gem of truth dims. When talking about fighter aircraft, one USSR jew said “quantity has a quality all it’s own”. The Talmud is written on their hearts and minds. Doing has a purpose and what they DO is talk. The purpose is a mind fuck. Reading those dissident blogs too much will destroy your mental health. The squeaky wheels, censors, monopolists and softeners are all over it, amking it seem like a consensus. There are some innocent and naïve goyim believing that they’re contributing to a stand, but actually they’ve been disarmed and neutralized. The blind lead the blind into a ditch. There are thousands of campaigners stumping to be the blind shepherd of the blind. You need something bigger than yourself to exceed yourself. Otherwise “exceeding yourself” just isn’t possible.

    Their platform is so obvious, progbots could be written. Search the comment for the buzzwords and ‘go to’ a generic response, already written. I can’t commit myself to fighting progbots, whether electronic or bioelectronic. I’ve had a quickening going on in me, and those blogs retard it, even when I know they’re up to a subtle tyranny and demoralization.

    The popularity of your blog is an indicator of how much of their blithering insipid much speaking is real.

    I hate em.

    • melgibstein says:

      You have to go head to head with them, you’re own I mean and prove how twisted they have become without even knowing it. Jesus told the Jews “You are not my sheep” and nobody seems to have a problem with it, if you or I say Jews are not our sheep we are total haters. Jews arent his sheep so what are they? Whatever they come up with they want them to be among us- period, thats the bottom line. Why cant we just say Jews do not share our interests and never have, why and how have we been neutered into not having a say about what is best for US? Anything is good for us except claiming Jews are a cancer to us and thee most truthful words that have ever been said outside of Jesus and John the Baptist calling them serpents and children of the devil.

      They (the lemmings and jews) claim I am a hater for saying things like this…… what point does one start to hate evil, when it is too late to do anything about it? It is all a hoax and the lemmings sit back and let it fill their blood stream full of passive poison. It isnt the Christian Zionists its the pussies and the traitors.

      • melgibstein says:

        all jews arent bad, all jews arent bad, all jews arent bad………….If 9 fat bald headed women stole your wallet, how many more will it take till you stop trusting fat bald headed women? Not long, but if you are robbed for over 2000 years you arent supposed to learn anything.
        A people has to be completely bombarded with total BS to go along with this idiocy.

      • Hogorina- says:

        In retrospect, there is no such thing as an ethnic Jewish bloodline nor nation. The fallacy of such assertion is that Christ was a Jew. This is absolutely ridiculous and is an affront to all sustained truth. At the base of the cross a sign was posted, ” king of the Jews “. This is incorrect for the word Jew did not show up in world literature until after 1776 AD. Actually, it was posted ” king of the Judeans.
        In physical composure the word Jew has no physical coronations and is of abstract
        value. Here, is no flesh and blood personality. In this view the Jew does not exist and is a complete fabrication. When God appointed David over Israel David was warned as to how the Jebusites controlled Palestine. When Christ walked the pathways through the inner city about eighty percent of the people were of various nations. Only a hand-full were Israelites. Now, this is where the term Jew is hung on Christ. By law, if one was born in Jerusalem then this name of birth was given. By birth only was Christ a citizen, but by race He retained a bloodline back through to the house of David. Our Lord was born into the house of Judah and not in the tribe of Judah. Judah was of no
        racial pollution. In essence, from Mary back to Abraham and Noah our Lord’s lineage was pure.
        Down through times biblical translators came up with the Jew for a translation of Judah. Satan and his gang coined the word Jew after the civil way in 1776. Now Christ is called a Jew.

        Historicity reflects as to the natural enemies of God, Christ, in numerous ways. The most simple investigation is to reflect upon the original house of Israel. Jacob had twelve sons. God named Jacob as Israel. Jacob had four wives that actually peopled the then known world.
        No where within this tribe will we discover any sort of so-calculated Jewish blood lineage. This is God’s holy and chosen people, the house of Israel.

        Little doubt about it on many occasions individuals within the house of Israel went a whoring after strange gods. The most seemingly outrageous act was when Esau, brother of Jacob violated God’s law in guarding against intermarriage with foreign flesh. Isaac and Rebecca warned
        Esau, but Esau married into the Canaanite race of which had escaped the Great Deluge, Flood, in Noah’a day, when sexual perversion was rampart. The bottom line is this;
        We have a race of devils here on earth. Mental and physical infidelity couples our Satanically devised two-party system. Within this misled gang of roving scoundrels is a playground
        for a nest of international financial political bootlegging working hand-in-glove with Beelzebub and his family queers and personality ingrates. The vast majority carry the ancient blood line of Esau.
        God hates Esau and his contemporary pundits of whom call Christ a Jew as a contemporaneous
        slang word as pushed off on them through all the fraudulent man-made religious empires that come and go on the American political industry.

      • melgibstein says:

        Historicity reflects as to the natural enemies of God, Christ, in numerous ways. The most simple investigation is to reflect upon the original house of Israel. Jacob had twelve sons. God named Jacob as Israel. Jacob had four wives that actually peopled the then known world.
        No where within this tribe will we discover any sort of so-calculated Jewish blood lineage. This is God’s holy and chosen people, the house of Israel.

        Yes isnt that the most obvious Judeo Christian blunder of all? Its amazing how Jews have people in such duplicity (some are unaware it is where the slang “duped” comes from). The media and the internet media, school teachers and churches, movies and books all tools of jew duplicity. If people just studied just one book they would see all the other deceit, skullduggery, deception, chicanery and doubleness like dominoes. It truly is the key to everything.

    • Hogorina- says:

      Hogorina, how dare you be so comprehensive and accurate in your responses ! What are you trying to do? Placing an accurate focus on the basic values that have developed mankind to the current position of stagnated progress, by revealing a few persons who have been major de-railers along the train tracks, via their distorted value systems, and whose progeny continue their inhumane behaviors, might enlighten a few people. However sadly, too few.

      Shenonymous, there is come accuracy in your synthesis of the two basic “schools” of hypotheses regarding the topic, “schizophrenia”. Simply marvelous, how medicine has developed psychiatry into such a large industry that employs so many people. With a few accidental successes, the drugs prescribed by this group reap billions in annual profits for the pharma industry. While, the side-effects of the artificial, crude-oil extracts that are prescribed, provide a multitude of patients for their colleagues, who hold only the MD degree. Whose prescriptions of artificial preparations perpetuates the income of the pharma industry – and its employees. Then, there is the oncology industry, with its many thousands of employees around the world. My statistics indicated that the failure rate for chemotherapy hovered around 92%. However, a world-famous physician recently published the figure of 98%. He also clarified that most of the victims do not die of cancer, but rather from organ failure generated by the poisons that oncology injects into the bodies of its victims, under the guise of “chemotherapy.” Genuinely weird. Nitrogen extracts of mustard gas, and other poisons, are supposed to cure cancer, which chemicals have been used for a hundred years or longer to kill people? And the citizenry does not notice the disparity?

      Just look at the profits generated by oncology, and the hundreds of thousands of corpses sent annually to the undertaking industry, increasing its business. And, is it not wonderful, the pharma industry has isolated and extracted one element in a natural tree-bark that, it alleges might be useful in cancer treatment but which of course, “requires additional research,” and will not hit the market for several years. Meanwhile, the native population has used tea from this bark to cure cancer and a host of other illnesses for a couple thousand years. Is it not wonderful how psychiatry, allopathic medicine and the pharmacy industry provide so much employment around the world, while pursuing the habit of killing off its victim-patients under the guise of “medicine” ?

      NO. Quite the opposite !
      All are simply additional frauds of mankind heaped onto the pile clarified by Hogorina.

      • melgibstein says:

        Hog, if you think you are going to get readers here you are probably better off commenting on Der Sturmer or Mikey Riveros website. White Christians (Judeos mostly) come to my site one time, that is if one ever does at all. You are writing right into the memory hole. You have to ask “why are they not waking up?” when most people seem to be, at least on the surface, awake. I had a good friend for awhile recently, he was really interested in history he never knew before, history about his ancestry and all of it good (soaked it all in), then we moved on to the Jew subject after being certain he was completely awake. He wanted to hear that the Irish and Europeans were the tribes scattered abroad, but when I pointed out how Jews could not be the House of Judah he became irate and it escalated the more I pumped the truth to him. He had absolutely no defense whatsoever, but he reacted like someone who drank all his life and was then trying to quit. I wasnt willing to beat his arse to get him to see the truth and that is what it would have come down to.
        The only people who want to wake up are the people who ask to every day (because it isnt a one time thing). Most people are as smart as the last Jew New York Times Best Seller List History book they read. Theyre not really looking for true history theyre looking for what makes them feel good. Ask them if Jews are wrecking America and they will say “oh yeah”, tell them Jesus was not a Jew or the Holocaust was a hoax and they cant handle it. They wont check to see if its true because they cant handle it if it is.

      • EDOMS THORN says:

        I wrote the following to a bunch of Judeo/Christians, after getting no where.

        Samuel Clemens …”It is easier to deceive someone than it is to convince them they have been deceived”… Samuel Clemens
        Does pride have anything to do with that? How about willing ignorance?

        I too should ‘listen’ to God! As we see, Gods word is true, and to go against His word is futile!

        …”Hosea 4:4 Yet let no man strive, nor reprove another: for thy people are as they that strive with the priest”… GOD

        …”YES, the “Priest” can not be argued with. Nor can the SHEEPLE that have been deceived by the ‘Priest’. God does not over look willful ignorance! HE punishes the willing ignorant”… EDOMS THORN

        …”Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children”… God
        …”God does not condemn the willing ignorant to ‘Hell’, but the willing ignorant do condemn those that ‘strive’ with them”… EDOMS THORN

        …”Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”… Samuel Clemens
        …”II Cor. 10:12 “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”… The Apostle Paul
        …”Think for yourself”… EDOMS THORN

        Hosea 4:7 As they were increased, so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame”… God
        2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears”… The Apostle Paul
        …”Most of the Glory of the believer will be found in ‘Heaven’, also our rewards”… EDOMS THORN

        …”My words but a whisper your deafness a shout! I may make you feel but I can’t make you think”… Jethro Tull and EDOMS THORN resembles that remark.

        They will never understand until the have the “desire”…

        PROVERBS 18:1-2 ”Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom. A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself”.

        Feelings have no brains. They are just emotions and although they are expressed and feel like truth, they can’t distinguish the truth from a lie.

    • Hogorina- says:

      Remember, Satan had taken Christ to a high precipice in offering our Lord this whole world if he would denounce his God and follow him. Christ rebuked Lucifer. John Hagee
      is at an high state of religious standing. He has a throng of misguided followers. He seeks the glory of men and fallen in line with a race of demons. Satan gives revelation too. He can appear as an angel. In Hagee’s spiritual residence he has become enthralled with a voice so kind and confronting until his soul drifts into yonder land. I do not hate this man for i will become aggressive. Satan is in between, his trap is awaiting another victim.

  2. Truthwillout says:

    Several years ago,whilst going between your site and Akira’s site,I noticed a bit of niggle between your good self and Akira.I asked my brother why this was as you both have excellent Jesus loving blogs that always are right on the ( jew ) money.He replied simply ” there’s not enough room at the top”.God bless you and yours.

  3. hogorina1 says:


    Did you ever think thank that the above American manhood were an enemy unto themselves, when the dirty bastard Eisenhower sent paratroopers into Little Rock Arkansas, and shoved bayonets into the backs of school children, as they were compelled to march to class under martial law? Since that generation have died out their contemporary descendants, manhood, have become a race of cowards. Arse kissing is man’s forwardness now.
    Cannot these dumbed-down freaks of nature realize that America is now under raw political control with an infestation of alien cutthroats, that harbor sexual degeneration as phallus worshipers, in corrupting helpless school children now under the incipient shell of universal Bolshevism. Bolshevism is a mental disorder moving across the globe in various political fashions, in watering down a criminal nation’s disgust with western civilization.

    These outcasts being run out of Asia are moving into America from eastern Europe. This trek began in 1812. Uncle Sam, through the psychology of passion, implicitly, collectively, have a fifty-state post Roman social engineering geared to individual innate contempt and hate for sectarian rule has rolled over into liberalism. The
    mode of Machiavellian imposition is simple. Provide idle and gullible-minded mobs with multiple sports and plenty of sexual degeneration. Stagnated and impotent blockhead arses can be stalked through massive sublimation.

    Yes, indeed, uncle Sam is put away into the wood shed and sleeps with contempt and self-hatred, with little resistance as to the alien invasion of global revolutionaries, as international proletarians in an alliance with oriental fundamentalism’s rebounding from America’s gradual expansion, as gradual imperialism has taken roots in rerouting a once free nation, America, right into the ancient Babylonian imperialist plunder, of which was the intention as ham’s descendants with their anti-semitic spiritual inclinations to make war on God’s chosen seed, the Israelite nation, as derived from the nation of Shem. No doubt about it: the democratic/republican machine has become one gargantuan monster of oppression and a seat of double-dealing scoundrels being housed under the shed of a commie-guild-ed nest of political gangsters in hock to a national machine of pro-Bolsheviks, while America dashes headlong into an ever incipient expansion of universal socialism.

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