Married To The Blob

Blob on a Stick

Lets think about this while it eats us alive.

I remember when I first saw this movie several years ago and sat captivated and helpless trying to figure out what Steve McQueen would figure out as to what, why and how this blob came about and then like most lemmings (in the movie itself as well) what to do about this thing. After it was discovered what this Blob did the only question left was “How in the hell do we rid ourselves of it?”

Not knowing back then I assumed I was one of the people actually in that movie both running away from it and also standing up to it, I was not required to do anything but watch and go with the flow. I didn’t realize that these actors were already eaten by the Blob, being paid by it, made famous by it and never would do a solitary thing against it in reality. Today we have a plethora of people telling us what this Blob is, even some that

Ariel Sharon not dead just melded back to its original form.

Ariel Sharon not dead just melded back to its original form.

have been eaten by the Blob and some that are the Blob itself giving us finer details of itself. None however dare to say what we must do about it.

We have some (many) lemmings today that see the Blob (the Jew) who are looking right at this Blob or half way consumed by this Blob who are telling us it is raining out or that the

Looks like the director Irvin Shorty Yeaworth knew a bit much about the Jew a very long time ago.

Looks like the director Irvin Shorty Yeaworth knew a bit much about the Jew a very long time ago.

Stock Market will crash or that some Blob person or one married to the Blob is pointing at something or someone none of us can even see and in the middle of the mayhem of the Blob and expect you to follow along. Which is reality and which is fiction?

I have heard even some of the most educated scholars of the Bible claim that we should not fight the beast. They use the passage “Who will fight the beast?” It is almost like the Braveheart scene when the Jewish shoeshine boy Mel Gibson says “Will you fight?” as if it is even an option. “What will you do if you don’t fight?” I could go on and on with this particular subject and show you comparisons to the Jew and their proselytes all day long but it will not stop the Jew from doing what it does right in your face. What are these people preaching if not what to do about this Blob? That is in fact the only question left. Did the Bible preach “do nothing” while claiming that we are God’s battle axe? I think not.

The Blob is in your gas tank, it is in your money, in your grocery stores, in your churches, schools and has taken over many of your souls.

The Blob gets bigger by the minute and all the movie theaters and main stream media

The Judenstein Blob

The Judenstein Blob

shows have been swallowed up (not to mention numerous pretenders on the internet). The question now isnt “Will you fight?” the question now is “when?” Nobody is expecting any single person to take on an army of Jews, we all either do this together AT THE SAME TIME or we sit and watch this movie end without doing a bloody thing.

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