The Incredible Shrinking White Man

Looks like this is it. Maybe I can get to Jew Facebook and follow David Duke and his Hannakuh celebrating sidekick.

Looks like this is it. Maybe I can get to Jew Facebook and follow David Duke and his Hannakuh celebrating sidekick.

Your borders are being obliviated, your entertainment is Jewish Satanic trash, your money is Jewish toilet paper, your Supreme Court is a Jewish circus, your media is full of Jew shoeshine boys who answer to Jews, your jobs are all overseas and what’s left of the jobs here are reserved for Mexicans and those who have willingly helped sell out America to Jews and they tell you “don’t do anything stupid like DOING SOMETHING”.


I am a truther and I am going to continue on with the truth, the Jews will continue until you are wiped out, whether it is be by breeding you out, killing you off with poison, transforming your kids into a punk of some kind or simply two slugs in the back of the head like they did at Katyn. Of course they may drop some bombs like they did in Hiroshima, the King David Hotel, the World Trade center, the USS Liberty, whatever it takes. The fact that all these things have happened and white people still are not speaking out means you are being programmed to host your own parasite. If you are truly a truther and you don’t claim we need to rid ourselves of this parasite you are part of the problem.


Jews can claim Palestinians are bombing them, which they aren’t and then go in and vaporize them and you can’t even get ANGRY at what these Jews have done to our own

Cats I can handle, Jews I wont even get mad at.

Cats I can handle, Jews I wont even get mad at.

country. David Duke says “Follow me on Jew Zuckerberg Facebook” and he will take care of the problem. You see Dr. Duke, who said Zimmerman the Jew Mestizo was “white” for 3 weeks (he never looked at him) will lead you into his hypocritical world of delusion. This is what a doctor does? This is what we call a doctor? A doctor of dung! Dr Duke cares for ALL people, even Jews, well isn’t that special?


I don’t care for Jews folks and I think they have to go, every cotton pickin one of them or you will disappear period. That is the choice you have and that is the mistake whites have made over and over and over again throughout time. When someone says we need to be calm, work out, get in shape, think good thoughts, buy my book, get a water purifier it is Jew hogwash. In the meantime the Jew Homeland Security is stockpiling ammunition.


This isn’t about being a nice guy; we have been nice guys by allowing Jews to come into our countries and to allow them to bring Blacks into our countries and to allow them to bring in anyone they want into our countries. HOW MUCH MORE PUNISHMENT ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE?


We have voices over the Internet claiming to be on our side and at the same time bash us for being Christian and they never even read the Bible, they actually believe Jews are the people of the Bible. Then we have people who are usually mixed Indian (American) or some other kind (Indians of India who knows?) telling us the Old Testament was Jewish,

No, not the jew tweezers aaaaaaargh!

No, not the jew tweezers

but Jesus was a good Jew. So that opens up the doors for Jews once again and more time is bought off for Jews to obliviate us. I have to be honest, I care for my own people long before anyone else and you without a doubt do too. So care for your own whoever you are and let me care for mine. If its ok for Jews to bomb Palestinians because Palestinians shot rockets at them then it is ok for us to shoot rockets at Jews the way they did the Liberty and the way they bombed the WTC on 9/11/2001. You even allow Jews logic that you yourself obviously don’t believe.


We are all going to have to get on the same page somehow and that’s all it is going to take. Its obvious right now that our media and government will never be on our page, they have sold us out beyond reproach and they need to hang right now. If we are ever going to get back on the same page the truth needs to be heard and it isn’t. If you think controlled media and controlled Internet radio is the truth you are delusional. If you aren’t hearing about Jews destroying every aspect of the White world today and that we need to throw

Well I'll be. There is a solution after all.

Well I’ll be. There is a solution after all.

them out on a rail, it isn’t truth folks. The truth has to come and it must come from you. Jews are waiting in lines for you to follow them straight into the pit. You have emotions for a reason, like the Jews always used to say “express yourselves”.  Jews have made you believe them over yourselves; you have given in to their hypocrisy. You either do something about Jews or they do something about you, nothing in between and every great leader has known that throughout true history. Leaders aren’t pansies that tell you to not do what absolutely must be done. I always tell people that if I ever apologize to Jews let me first apologize to you beforehand for doing so.

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