It Takes a Thief

Coming to steal your "Jew"elry

Coming to steal your “Jew”elry

How many so called Christians have you heard on the Internet use the word “Zionists” for Jews because they don’t want to blame all the Jews? Christian Identity pastors use the word Zionist as a crime gang related to Jews, but not all Jews, although when they mention who crucified Jesus they say it was Jews. When they say who killed some 60 or so million white Russians they use the word Jews because Zionism (definition to follow) was not yet even known to the Jewish world. Zionism is defined today as a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann.

So originally Zionism was for Jews to have their own state in a land called Israel (which isn’t a land mass and never was) and people bought that lie originally then they allowed it to morph into “the protection of Israel” (the land mass) when Jews are in every country on this earth strangling it from within. Zionism is now accepted as anything for the betterment of Jew hegemony as a whole whether it be stealing from a non Jew in any category, destroying a non Jew nation, whatever. It has a life of its own and wherever it goes the lemmings will follow like cows to the jew salt lick.

Somehow, some way Zionism was allowed to progress into a word for describing evil banking Jews, Jews who kill Palestinians, and Jews who foment wars whether they are in the Middle East or elsewhere. Was it Zionists who brought slaves to America? Is it Zionists who want America’s border wide open? Is it Zionists who pretend to be of Judah monopolizing our food (kosher slop) in all our grocery stores? Is it Zionists who control OUR, here in America, money from A to Z? Is it Zionists who run the homo and lezbo organizations IN AMERICA? Is it Zionists destroying our way of life with their drugs and porn and filth too numerous to list to no end? No folks, they are Jews and they are not related to Judah at all unless it is through Shelah the Canaanite.

Not only have the Goyim or Ethnos (Gentiles) allowed this word to be stolen, but also they allow it to continually evolve to whatever they need to from saying the word “Jew”. How can you claim over 90% of Jews were not even from Palestine and call them Zionists without having some kind of a hesitation? Some do it in the same sentence. How can someone become a Jew by simply converting? Someone who is a Jew is supposed to be a pure biological offspring of Judah and not with a Canaanite mother, so who were the wives

A Marine in Hollywood married at least 2 Jewesses in real life.

A Marine in Hollywood married at least 2 Jewesses in real life.

of the 12 sons of Israel? Nobody seems to want to know this.

When we continue to call Israel a land mass, when we continue to equate Jews with Israel, when we continue to equate the word Zion with Jews we are not doing anyone any good at all. Words have their definitions and when we allow words to be changed by the very people we are claiming are the liars, murderers and thieves it makes us complacent thieves ourselves. If we don’t care our words are stolen we don’t care about the truth, period.

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