Lost in Translation

Why do we Jews have to control the entire media? because we lie.

Why do we Jews have to control the entire media? because we lie.

I have a confession to make and I know you will all be surprised, all 3 of you. I am not a European and I don’t identify myself as a European even though I lived in Europe longer than most of you people living in the USA reading this right now including David Duke who thinks whites are Canaanites and Jesus was a Khazarian Jew.

I have lived all over Europe, I lived in Africa twice and I don’t call myself an African, although my ancestors lived there too without a doubt (Egypt). I lived in Iraq, Afghanistan, the UAE and what is known today as Turkey. As you know Turkey had other names before that dumb name and it was also the land of my ancestors, although I do not call

Cant you see my purity?

Cant you see my purity?

myself Asian or Asia Minorish, but it would be even more honest than claiming I am a European because as you all know the word Europe came from people out of Asia Minor and what was known as Phoenicia (Lebanon today who are no longer Phoenicians). Names constantly change, but people do not change unless they mix into another people. I should say Whites don’t change unless they mix in with another people because mixed people are already mixed. That’s just a fact. I lived in Japan for over a year, but I definitely am not Japanese and if I had a child while living in Japan with a white wife my child would not be Japanese either. What would it be?

Now we have all kinds of Europeans, like Luke Skywalker stopping for gas on another planet. I do not want to ever be in that same classification as them, especially with Jews who are all over Europe doing all the damage. Words change because of Jew destruction, when you give in to Jew destruction you give into the consequences of it and you go deeper into delusion. When Jews change the meanings of words they have you completely enclosed with no exits except straight through their lies. That is thee only way out.

Lets look at a few words Jews have just pummeled us with and of course the Jew media arse kissers will push every new word the Jews want pushed. David Duke recently claimed

I am possibly the biggest jew arse kisser of all time and people actually trust and believe me. My God are they dumb.

I am possibly the biggest jew arse kisser of all time and people actually trust and believe me. My God are they dumb.

that Jews call us “goyim” and it is true they do. Duke says “goyim” is like a four letter word Jews use to describe us. You see Duke trusts Jews and never read the Bible himself, he only trusts what Jews say the Bible means. If he had read the Bible he would know that Jacob and Esau were “goyim” . Now it isn’t hard to figure out from there that if Jacob was a goyim that would make all his sons goyim and it would make all the sons of their sons goyim. Josephs kids – goyim, Benjamins kids – goyim, Dans kids – goyim. Why aren’t Jews goyim? Read the Bible, Rebekah had two goyim in her womb. Do the math.

Jewelry- We have discovered ancient gold rings, bracelets, necklaces of Celtic and Egyptian discoveries long before Jews were so called jewelers, were those Celts and Egyptians wearing “jewelry”? How did Jews ever adopt that word for us? The “goyim” saw the Jews love for gold and were sickened by it enough to allow them to take over the name of any kind of

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

body ornament. Even precious stones that were around long before Jews now called “jewels”. How sickening? I don’t wear jewelry and neither would my ancestors knowing who Jews were and are today.

Kosher salt, Kosher pickles, Kosher Rye bread- Did Jews invent any of these things? No but the openly monopolize our food right in front of our faces and we just allow it like ignorant buffoons.

Semitic- Jews have us totally convinced that they are the pure offspring of Shem. Wouldn’t that make Shem a “goy” too because Jacob and Esau were two goys of the same lineage? Then they will say they are Shemitic because they speak a Shemitic language. Somehow they have convinced the lemmings that if they speak what appears to be Hebrew then the lemmings will believe they are pure direct descendants of Shem. My God are the lemmings stupid. The words go on and on, the lies go on and on and the lemmings don’t care they are being hoodwinked from cradle to grave even though many claim to be Christians and never seek the truth. They believe truth is whatever is cool. Their brains have been programmed to shut down everywhere truth is.


How did white people begin identifying themselves by the dirt and soil they lived upon? This only enabled the Jew to divide and conquer. Scotland was once “Alba” or “White”, Ireland or Erin may have very well come from “Aryan”, Iberia was land of Hebrews as was Hibernia (Roman spelling). If you don’t believe that check into how the word Iberia became “Iverskaya” in Russia. Most Europeans don’t care where names of countries came

Theotokos Iverskaya

Theotokos Iverskaya

from, they think of islands and tiny umbrellas in their drinks on the beach completely deluded.

The great Henry Ford who once said “History is bunk” may have been one of the most advanced men of his time. Anyone who looks into true history can see that the trash they are teaching us in school and in the Jew media is indeed all bunk. WHY? Why are we being fed with delusional fables by Jews and their duped or blackmailed lackeys? Why is it always Jews obscuring us from the truth in all areas? Why do our own so called people lie to us without an open phone to call in and correct them? Not only is History bunk, but the present as well and for most of you the future. If you don’t get in to correct these liars and sold out traitors who will? You only live twice ehh once

Its pretty obvious that this has been going on for a long time and its been headed up by the same people for a long time (Jews). Today most Europeans and Americans seem to love Jews and why I do not want to be identified as one of them (Just as John the Baptist did not want to be identified as a Judean, previously the land of Judah). Europeans don’t know what a European is anymore and Americans don’t know (maybe never knew) what an American even is therefore I am neither. Jews can be Europeans today (the biggest mistake ever made) now Jews are Americans, Jews are New Yorker’s, Floridians, Georgians, Texans, etc. so I am neither of them either. No I am simply a White man or maybe more identifiable as “anti Jew”, not sure which is more appropriate. There is only one entity destroying our planet today and you need to know who that is yesterday. We are either all white together or we are a nation under full attack by Jews.


The truth is there. Its you who aren’t there.

Hellboy Jewboy

Hellboy Jewboy

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3 Responses to Lost in Translation

  1. Ray Zerwitt says:

    3 sounds about right.

    I keep thinking of an icon for the internet. How ’bout a plate full of limp noodles with an arrow at then ends of each one. Maybe the caption: confused? don’t know which way to go? are you plagued with indecisiveness? You might need Euphorazine ! JB Campbell (or whoever the latest messiah is) has it!

    The hard disk on my last computer fried and I wasn’t going to get a new one. it helped put thing in the proper perspective. It’s just laughable. They’re in for a much ruder wakeup. If they were the bold thinkers and people of action that they think they are, they would see the impotence of their double-jew-end movement.

    I had asking Yahweh “WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!”. I got my answer. He isn’t on the internet or any part of such stupidity. If He were, He would oblige himself to follow idiots around with a poop-scooper all of His eternal life. He doesn’t do that. These faucktards serve one jew construct, and that’s their precious self esteem and their worth, according to the values jews gave them.

    They talk so self-righteously about cohesion and unity, but you soon see that there’s only one kind of cohesion and unity: the jew led talmudo-sophistry kind. White people have always had a book.

    I give it to Yahweh.

    I speak hypothetically (or would that be hyperthetically?) as if they’re NOT jews. Their fruit says they are.

  2. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Along with ‘european’, they’ve sullied the term ‘white people’, too.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Yes JB hates that Constitution and the Bible, he wants to wipe Jews out and go back to the gold standard. Go figure!

    Jews have money to create false leaders and without seeking the truth on your own and following someone it cuts down on all the reading and using your own common sense. Its a form of human hollywood.

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