Sean Penn Champion of Jew Justice



At NY Event, Jacob Ostreicher Hands Sean Penn The Champion of Jewish Justice Award

via Twitter/@critiques4geeks

Jacob Ostreicher on Sunday appeared with actor Sean Penn for the first time since his release from a Bolivian jail. Presenting Penn the Champion of Jewish Justice Award at the Second Annual Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala in New York Sunday evening, “Yanky” Ostriecher described his prison ordeal and showered words of praise on Penn, who actively sought his release.

“This is not the story you expected to hear about the anti-American, Jew-hating, communist-loving Penn,” Ostriecher told the crowd of 700.

“I saved Jacob Ostreicher because we are obligated to do so,” Penn said in his speech.

~Where does one begin to start on this? It’s obvious the media wants no part of it. Jew Ostreicher involved with a major drug operation in one of the poorest countries in the world, doesn’t pay off the Bolivian government, escapes with Sean Penn and Bolivia is not even asking for him to be extradited back. It’s a little too much BS for even OReilly, the Jewish butt washing fathead, to bloviate about.

Jews love Sean, gays love Sean, Sean is a huge Haiti supporter, but how did Blacks wind up in Haiti? Did they use 7 up bottles and float there from Africa? No, Sean Penn’s Jew kin folk brought them there like wild animals. So we are going to have to just listen to the Jew BS and keep our little mouths corked (our thoughts too). Cant go on much longer folks, that is if you are people of truth and willing to defend it.

via Twitter/@critiques4geeks

via Twitter/ @onduhungirehe

Harvey Milkstein

Harvey Milkstein

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