Jews and Blacks are not in this movie- sorry, ok Im not.

Jews and Blacks are not in this movie- sorry, ok Im not.

For a moment I would like to take your minds off the Holocaust which we all know is a Jew hoax, in fact even Michael Rivero admitted to it after years of bashing Nazi’s or Germans with David Cole recently. They claim the Russians made up the numbers Jews are accused of inflating and of course nothing about Jews controlling Russia as they controlled Germany before the “evil” Nazi’s rose to power against them. I guess we were supposed to root for the Commies. Lets take our minds off Jew controlled Hollywood, the sold out traitors all over our media claiming to be Americans, lets take our minds off who bombed the hell out of buildings in our most populous city on 9/11 (Jews), lets forget for a few minutes who wants our country overrun with illegals from all races designed to destroy the white race. Of course we are KKK when we talk about our race, but Jews who aren’t a race and who lie like the wind want us to think its ok that they can save their so called race and ours unacceptable to even mention over their sea of mixed genealogies. Let us forget the thousands if not millions of Jew lies for just ten or twenty minutes today. That of course is if you are willing to return to reality and understand there isn’t much more worth talking about these days other than our true history, what Jews created their false history for.

A movie I haven’t heard much of is Kon-Tiki and despite Jews also being involved as usual we must always understand that if Jews are involved the truth is stunted in some way without a doubt, but if you know the Jew you know what to discard.

The thing about Thor Heyerdahl is that he said something to his wife in this movie that is more truth than anything I’ve heard. Was Thor a Jew and all of this make believe or do some things ring true because we ourselves know what rings true? If we don’t know what rings true we don’t have a path to follow at all. What he said to his beautiful wife was (in real life too) “I have to know the truth” and that he spent 10 years on it already. Well I am here to tell you, this man was not on his own mission he was on our Father’s mission. He could not change his

imagescourse because he made up his mind just as people make up their minds against him. He did the time, he did the research and nothing could stop him. He was on the truth’s path.

This movie shows that people could sail to Polynesia from Peru long before America was discovered by Jew charlatan pirates in 1492, but what this movie fails to tell you is he also wrote a book on how people from the Middle East could sail to Peru and America. Oddly this movie never made it to the big screen, but “Roots” the slave movie did leaving Jews out of this entirely. The movie watchers arent disturbed in the least, just bring on some drama, truth is not what we want. We should have Phoenician Day instead of Columbus Day because Columbus Day is equivalent to Holocaust Remembrance day, Jewish holy days based on BS.

The really striking thing about this movie is there was no attempt to make people on the islands into slaves, in fact they learned from them what they learned from people on those islands before them, people who came from “The East”. Professor MacDonald might call them Occidental Tourists, that is if you can nail him down. There was not an ounce of degradation toward anyone nor the truth. Why would a Polynesian care about not giving the truth? Only Jews hate the truth.
What drove Thor, a truth seeker from Norway to make this journey and his obvious white crew other than truth as their sail? Hollywood and the media crushes this truth because it convinces you that all people are capable of what these people did, all people are equal in intelligence, religion, emotion, etc. I want to ask you, however on a mission such as this what anyone other than a white person would benefit this crew. They absolutely had to be one and the same people, without a doubt and what this movie really magnifies. A Jew or a thief would have been shark meat every time.

In previous posts I have mentioned the Phoenicians and how these folks have gotten no credit whatsoever in our past and not because they were considered Arabs or because they were Baal worshipers, but simply because they do not want them known at all (Jews). Who were your ancestors? It’s obvious to me you don’t even know. We have white people today who wont say Jews bombed the USS Liberty or ran the slave trade even though they know it. We have white folk today that tell you the money system is fine, just buy gold with your Jew fiat money and everything will be fine…..they know it wont be fine. We have folks that say the WTC Towers were blown up this way or that way and NEVER say WHO did it (JEWS). We have people diverting in every possible way from every possible angle away from Jews and exactly what they are hired to do and nobody is calling them “TRAITORS” and they are. How many radio shows are trying to soften you up on who the traitors are? Well thank God it’s mot me!

I am a sold out piece of dung and will be hanged by Mel Gibstein himself- mark my words.

I am a sold out piece of dung and will be hanged by Mel Gibstein himself- mark my words.

I don’t believe Thor Heyerdahl should be ignored because he made his point and we are not listening. What is it we are not listening to? We aren’t listening because our media is Jew controlled and in the process we don’t get irate about Jews controlling our media (you don’t). Like Heyerdahl had a mission from God it was because of his love of the truth and the love of the truth means hatred of lies (emotion and conviction). If you do not have emotion you do not have truth (hence nothing from God and nothing of reality). I think every white man should see this movie because it shows not the Jewish negativity of the world, but the world in its most natural state of beauty and the people who lost their way not into the open seas, but into the parasitical unnatural world of Jewery and our father’s natural enemies of today.


Polynesians nor Mayans had beards.

Polynesians nor Mayans had beards and they sure as hell werent Rabbi’s or Jews.


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2 Responses to Kon-Tiki

  1. One of the most enjoyable movies in the past decade. An adventure involving technical skills, with no negro “geniuses” saving everyone. A post-WW2 movie, with no kike “heroes” telling stories about how Uncle Maurie was turned into a soap lampshade in the Berkowitz-Bells-On gas ovens.

  2. melgibstein says:

    I thought it was good too Saiya, of course you have to cipher out the Jew trash. The lemming wont be able to follow it, but you can bet Thor knew what he was getting himself into. he wasnt trying to prove Aztecs or Mestizos could cross over to Polynesia because he already knew white people passed into South America from the Middle East. They knew the ocean gyres. In vino is truth and in gyres there is some more. Both can be done at the same time.

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