The Beach

Spielberg is my Sugar Daddy

Spielberg is my Sugar Daddy

As the truth comes out particularly from the Bible and the obvious mistranslations of it Jews and their croneys are equally spinning their webs to keep you captivated in their hypocritical and uncontested lies. Some web weavers will tell you they are Christians and have literally no knowledge of it or have enough knowledge of it to continually keep you from looking into specific words and names in it. These folks will tell you how John Hagee is the serpent teaching that the Bible is Jewish, yet these supposed friends of ours are doing exactly the same thing deliberately or unknowingly. Some will claim the Bible is Jewish, but Jesus was ok, a modern day Gilad Atzmon or a deceased Ben Friedman or one of the 5 other Jews that have captivated these ignoramuses. They cherry pick whatever fits into their particular playbook, many of them wrong exactly the same way, some don’t care what part they are wrong in as long as they can make you throw the whole thing out entirely.

Then we have the anti Constitution crowd who believe this document is the root of all evil. Most of these folks don’t believe the Bible at all and know nothing about it whatsoever and

 Father Damien Karras: I think it might be helpful if I gave you some background on the different personalities Regan has manifested. So far, I'd say there seem to be three. She's convinced... Father Merrin: There is only one.

Father Damien Karras: I think it might be helpful if I gave you some background on the different personalities Regan has manifested. So far, I’d say there seem to be three. She’s convinced…
Father Merrin: There is only one.

will comment on it only in a protected talk show with their croney host. They know there is a Jew problem, but what they also believe is that the Jews have been conning us right out of our wombs and all of our ancestors. They have no plan whatsoever what kind of new Constitution they will put in place, but one of the number one rules of it is to throw out Christianity entirely.

We also have the people who love to harp on the Protocols (Jews who swing chickens around their heads to make you believe they are Israelites who stole words and names throughout time) of “Zion” because they want to point you to what Jews have planned for us (as if we need a document) and like a bill slipped into Congress, just a little arsenic claiming Jews are the people of the Bible (Judahites or the House of Judah and not Judeans). That is indeed what the Bible defines as “guile”.

Not many focus on the Communist Manifesto anymore and if they do they usually leave the Jews out of that and focus more on “Zion” and the Protocols which is indeed a counterfeit like Jews themselves. Jews are counterfeits and exactly why the theme of these threads involve actors and Hollywood movies. I don’t believe anything from Jews, but Jews are capable of telling you some truth to set you up for a lie. If a Jew told you they just saw Bigfoot like they often do on the Juif Rense website would you believe him because

Mel is the one waaay up on the top right.

Mel is the one waaay up on the top right.

he says he isn’t a Jew? Jews will tell you whatever you want to hear to draw you into the lie.

Back to the Constitution. Our great militia founders, so they say, claim that all our founding fathers were Jew dupes or Jews themselves, your ancestors were all dupes and have never done a damned thing good and always under the control of the Jew, but what if we really look into the private lives of these anti Constitutionalists who hate the fact that our forefathers (who they don’t even know where they came from whether it be Europe or before because they don’t believe the Scottish Declaration of Arbroath either who claimed they were Scythians from the Middle East). They don’t believe in the Bible, none of it, you see they think Jews made the entire Bible up and made themselves the children of Satan in it.

So lets use a scenario, suppose you put 10 white men, a black, 2 Jews, a Palestinian, and Korean on an island beach somewhere in the Pacific (use your own different people’s, but 2 Jews with any group of people) without knowing who or what they are, what would happen? Would things be different? Would Jews become farmers and productive citizens to be trusted? Is it because of documents that make people do evil? People were born with their own brains and have total control of their own actions. Lastly, what documents have made white people do evil? Do white people follow the Talmud? What people have created evil documents? The Bible tells people to be separate first and foremost so how do they do evil being separate? Are Jews the Israelites and are Jews separate? Who is following whom with evil documents? Do these people believe Talmudists created the Constitution because of their unproven theory that one of them, Alexander Hamilton was a Jew? Do Jews live by the Constitution and Talmud? The bottom line is if it’s a document based on evil then we are all evil and no reason for any of us to do anything.

Did Jews invent the car or anything worth talking about? How could Jews ever claim to be

Jew Documents Now we just need to figure out what a Jew is. How did they do this prior to so called DNA? The same way I do right now.

pro free speech for all? How could Jews want a free press or a bank based on weights and measures? Aren’t they the destroyers of these things? Why would they have created a document so opposite of the system we have and that they dominate today? Aren’t we here to right the wrongs that have been done as well? What is right if not free speech and who granted us that right? Is separation from known criminals and a fair money system that would only last if we can defend it also evil?. These idiotic shills want to help the Jews destroy it even more because Jews have not yet finished destroying it. If you follow these clowns expect to be deluded even more. Anything good and or moral is under attack by the very same people throughout time. The mistake was letting them in to begin with and now we pay the price (and that is exactly what is happening and has always happened throughout time and always will). That will never change!

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2 Responses to The Beach

  1. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Leviticus 18 should make it clear who are the Israelites and who are the jews. So, why are these frauds always saying the Israelites genocided “innocent” canaanites? Notice how that word “innocent” is always in there. They hinge their whole argument on that. Lev 18 is just the tip of the iceberg in describing jew culture (if you can call it ‘culture’, more like ‘kulchur’). If they defend canaanites; they defend jews, and if it’s in ignorance; they’re worthless. I see the slippery sneaks all over these internet blogs.

    How many Charles Giuliani fans do you think will look up Lev 18, just for starters? Either the jew is a liar or Yahweh is.

    The tail is the head on this internet too.

    • melgibstein says:

      I think the ones that constantly quote the Bible the wrong way are the ones who will never debate and do it for the Jew purposely. Listen to David Dukes show 5/9/14. The guy is a jew and just no way around it. I want to ask Duke when he says he believes in Science and a Scientist and also a traditional Christian who doesnt take the Bible seriously or literally how Blacks, Chinese, Latinos, Jews, Japs, etc got into the family of Noah. Is it Science to claim someone birthed different peoples? Where did all these people come from? Lets get down to the real science. He’ll run like a water rat.
      Does he think Jews are the pure offspring of Noah? His traditional Christianity is his own form of Judeo jumbalaya horse doo.

      Oh yes they love Canaanites and Jews too, theyre lovers not fighters (cant we all just git along?) and why I dont want them with me.

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