Im a Dutch blonde today and my lower lip isnt as big.

Im a Dutch blonde today and my lower lip isnt as big.

The reason why I listen to David Duke and other people claiming to be on my side isn’t because I agree with them; of course they have to give some truth to lure in the gullible. I am listening to make sure you get the truth and not some one sided blast of Jew lies and propaganda. It’s obvious to me that David Duke and others want to be in front of the parade to lead it straight into the pit. How can someone claim that white people are from Edom who married into the Canaanites and ultimately put Jesus to death and also be a Christian? It is coiled up rattlesnake BS. Anyone that knows history and the Bible, whether you believe it or not has to see the deliberate attempts this guy makes to keep people completely confused.

Today on Dukes show he very enthusiastically claimed Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews are a “race” of the same stock (they just look different). This is coming from a guy who has no clue who Edomites even were because if he did it would make whites also from the Middle East would it not? I once told his good pal Professor Kevin MacDonald that the word “Europe” came from a Phoenician (he didn’t speculate very long on it, I just got a “F” in his Jew baloney classroom). MacDonald is a huge supporter and friend of Jarod Taylor who believes Jews are white people too.

Duke coins Sephardic Jews as Spanish Jews, but Sephardic does not mean Spanish any more than Ashkenazi means German. Ashkenaz was of the lineage of Japheth (yes from the Middle East too) and not from Shem at all who mixed in with the Sephardic Jews in 700ad (not 900ad as Duke says in his 4/22/2014 show on the Juif Rense Network). Sephardic Jews are Babylonian Talmudic Arabs, hence the Babylonian Talmud. Would you name the Bible, the Babylonian Bible? Duke obviously believes Noah and all his kids were Jews and somehow white people got involved when Edom was born. The Israelites mingled in with God knows who in Duke’s mind, yet Jews have mingled in with everyone on the earth and still here (Toni Braxton is a Jew). The fact is Duke will never have an actual debate with anyone who isn’t a shill, every one of his guests know to play along with the script and never ever go against his twisted logic in any way. Have you ever seen Duke in a real debate (I’m not talking with Wolf Blitzer either)? I’m calling him out right now and will debate with him openly for 3 hours on Talkshoe where everyone can hear. Ok Dr. Duke? I am no Wolf Blitzer so don’t expect anything held back.

What is this fascination to make Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi’s the same? Duke says most people put all the blame on Ashkenazi Jews and he wants to include Sephardic Jews for the blame as well, but I don’t know anyone who knows anything about Jews that doesn’t think both groups are equally contrary to mankind, although Ashkenazim may be twice the children of hell (as if it makes the children of hell any better).

Mizrahi Jews are just darker skinned Jews says Duke and Blacks are just darker skinned whites.

Mizrahi Jews are just darker skinned Jews says Duke and Blacks are just darker skinned whites.

People often ask me and I welcome them to comment here any time, why I use the Bible for my truth and this is one of the reasons. If you don’t know where the words you use come from you could be using a word that has morphed into something else like the word “Jew” that simply did not even exist in Judea at the time of Christ or before. David Duke says Ashkenazim ancestry goes back to the Middle East, but says nothing about white ancestry going back to the Middle East, why?

Take a good look at Hannibal the Phoenician. Phoenicians were all over the British Isles and the only people outside the Gates of Hercules hundreds of years before anyone else.

Hannibal the Phoenician-One of the greatest white Generals of all time. Duke thinks he is an Arab. You wont get this in Professor MacDonald's classroom.

Hannibal the Phoenician-One of the greatest white Generals of all time. Duke thinks he is an Arab. You wont get this in Professor MacDonald’s classroom either. Why?

There is evidence of them in Ireland without a doubt. The word Fenian comes from Phoenician or “Fenician”, Finland comes from the same root of the word Phoenician, the name Gwyn comes from Phoenician and all means “white”. Kind of odd that the name Phineas could fit right in amongst them too. Go ahead and look up Phineas all you white folk out there. Never heard Duke say a word about him either. The Phoenicians built Solomon’s Temple and supplied Solomon with all his gold yet we hear next to nothing about these people (were they friends of the Jews or friends of the Israelites or Israelites themselves?). David Duke says they were Syrian Arabs or at least insinuated it. Phoenicians came out of Egypt from the land of Punt. You arm-chair football quarterbacks should know that it is where we get the word. To punt also means to pound or pummel as in war. To fend off or to defend also comes from the Phoenician. Have you ever heard that Phoenicians were Arabs? You might have heard that they were Canaanites because they came out of the land of Canaan, but so did the Israelites. We have one major problem here though and that is Edom was never in Egypt nor were the Idumean Edomite Pharisees in John chapter 8..


Why are all these high profile white leaders so hell bent on giving us their own opinion on everything? If we are all in this together why can’t we hold honest and open debates on what truth is? David Duke reads a Jew book and then claims it’s the gospel truth when he doesn’t know what the gospel even is. In one sentence he claims the Khazar theory came from a Jew and then disputes this theory with Jew evidence from another Jew. This is the

Buy my book for $100 and I'll give you a free gift.

Buy my book for $100 and I’ll give you a free gift.

guy who praises Gilad Atzmon like a saint. Duke says Jews are a race and white people are their bastard offspring (bottom line). We are the mutts and Jews are a pure race, although at the very same time we are Neanderthals too who sprung out of the Ice Age. This is someone who speaks of the hypocrisy of the Jews? This guy would have his head handed to him in a debate. Answer this one question, “How can you believe you come from a Neanderthal and or Edom and be a White Christian?” It’s impossible folks.

Duke goes along with the charade that DNA can be geological and traces the Khazar DNA to Judea, but who lived in Judea? Who lived in Washington DC 200 years ago and who lives there now? Judea had many different Arab people’s and even documents them in the Bible, but Duke never mentions a word of them. The lineage of Adam can be followed straight to Jesus Christ and nowhere in that book is there a race of Jews. There is a race of Adam, which shows Cain separate from Adam’s (one of the most important never spoken about facts in the book). If you don’t know this part you will be shadow boxing with Jews the rest of your life.

So David Duke, excuse me Dr. Duke is telling you all about Jews, a master of Jew studies the same guy who took 10 years to figure out Jews bombed the WTC, the same guy who

 Why would you ever believe Jews did 9/11?

Why would you ever believe Jews did 9/11?

took 3 weeks to figure out Zimmerman was not white.

How can this be? My suggestion to you and all the so called CI people to expose this guys hypocrisy or call him out to a debate openly or you are letting this guy destroy any hope for an honest white and or Christian movement. There is a difference between someone who claims to be a Christian and someone who uses it to make Christianity into a hypocritical Jewish pile of manure. David Duke believes Jesus Christ was the same offspring as Gilad Atzmon and Mike Rivero so in other words we are never going to do a damned thing about Jews. You gotta wonder about David Dukes DNA, I sure do.

Some of you ask why the Bible is important to study and this is why. If you dont study it you can’t combat the lies told about it even if you dont believe it at all. If someone told you they base their religion on The Great Gatsby you would have to read the book to make any kind of intelligent critique of it. Some even write books criticizing Jews who dont know what the hell a Jew even is. That isnt helping us it is helping JEWS!

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  1. melgibstein says:

    Duke wants to link all Jews to the Old Testament who claim to follow the first 5 books of it. It is quite obvious that they cannot follow any of the other books because their Talmud contradicts all of them. So David Duke is claiming that Jews believe the Old Testament, Torah and the Talmud at the same time. If the conversation is about Jew crime he will bring up the Bible along with the Talmud as one to blame both instead of asking how they could possibly believe and or follow BOTH. They cannot and why they had to create their own book, which in fact Duke knows himself that many Jews dont even know anything about. The truth is they dont need a book to be Jews and they dont need a pure biological makeup to be a Jew because a Jew is all kinds of biological makeups that you dont need DNA to prove when you have a pair of eyes and a brain (also a spirit which Jews do not). White couples do not have Jews and Jews dont have white kids, although Blacks have Jews and Jews have Blacks, Jews have Arabs obviously too because Jews are “mixed” and what Arab means. Jews call Arabs that word knowing what it means, but why dont they call white people Arabs if we are their bastard offspring as David Duke suggests? It all comes down to the Jew seedline of Cain, if you have it you’re what we call today a Jew. The question is where is David Duke getting his DNA truth from? How can someone base his discoveries on something he has no education in whatsoever? Have we not liars all over our media alone? Is truth based on someones heresay?

    Prove all things!. Your ability to determine hypocrisy is the truth.

  2. EDOMS THORN says:

    As I told you before,

    I live in Louisiana and KNOW DUKE since 1994. My wife had him pegged after the first time we spoke to him. From my experience with David Duke, he wants you to believe he knows it ALL, when it comes to JEWS. I came to believe that he is F.B.I. He is controlled by the FBI… SEE HAL TURNER. I have had many conversations with him and he will not answer a question when the true answer proves that what I say is the truth. He appears uncomfortable when confronted with the ISRAEL Identity truth. On the radio he will stammer and stutter and take over the conversation, and say something stupid like, “I’m a traditional Christian” and then hang up on ME! What is it with him? Is he afraid of being called a racist because the C.I. Movement is call racist?

    I left White Wraithe a comment and your link, I look forward to her response.

    Did you see this article?
    Quiet Victory – FBI Dumps Jewish Hate Groups

    • melgibstein says:

      As if Christian Identity is worse than being a KKK Grand “Dragon” with no concept of what a Jew is whatsoever. Even CI people are too stupid to see that Duke is bad for any movement because he pretends to be pro white which he really isnt if he thinks whites are from Edom. Its just a hypocritical mess.

      • Russ Hook says:

        “Dr.” Duke has had extensive plastic surgery, his skin whitened ala Michael Jackson, etc. He looks like a YID before surgery. This asshole is a ‘leader’ only b/c he has SHEEP that FOLLOW him.

      • melgibstein says:

        Id have to see proof of that. It doesnt matter to me if he had plastic surgery it just matters to me he acts upon and tells the truth. I will say however that the top picture above looks absolutely nothing like Duke today. The hair, head and lower lip is totally different.

  3. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Is “canard” still a word he likes to use so much? He skirts the fence to appeal to Scripture believers and people brainwashed by evolutionists, both. He plays to polls. His audience is obviously too dumb to calculate the likelihood of unintelligent design.

    Here’s a disturbing one by Dr. Wesley Swift.

    In that one, he tells about how they started replacing the books way back in the 1940’s. After Germany was removed, the push was on to bring in the new world order with the multiculturalism. By the 1940’s they had bought every respectable publication. Bingo; he argues jew lies with jew lies and doesn’t care how stupid he is, or doesn’t care if he’s a liar.

    This caveman business is a blown up hoax. It’s been shown that those pictures of the bisons and the deer and the men hunting them on the cave walls, were never intended as art, but as writing. Like a girl who dots her i’s with cute little hearts, so did those writers. This all fits in with David Duke’s “canard” of modern man evolving from primitive man. Back in the day, when the media were just liars and not total tares bearing their fruit, when they could still imitate humans, I saw a documentary that showed their Neanderthal man being a man with genetic bone diseases. These abominations are not viable. The jews are notorious blank shooters. They’re gene spliced, mongrelized, inbred freaks of nature abominations. Without regular infusions of viable genes, they go the way of those cavemen: extinct. They hit the jackpot with Adam and Eve, but even that couldn’t last. If any cavemen live on, they’re in the genes of jews. As Pastor Bob likes to repeat so much: The jews have 240 genetic diseases, half of those are psychiatric. As a comparison, the white race has zero inherited diseases, the Asians have zero, and the blacks have one. Israelites had strict laws against miscegenation.

    In another documentary, I saw the jews telling an English girl that she had the dna of these cavemen. Sure, after they’ve painted these cavemen as some kind of a link between men and apes. If she had caveman blood, her ancestors would have died out a long time ago. She would NOT be. There were civilizations 1000’s of years before Noah, and as Noah got off the boat. Primitive man is a big fat hoax. Replacing the books in the libraries is the equivalent of burning the library of Alexandria. Bring on the dark ages! We’re being trolled into primitive men, obviously. They rule primitive men. If the jews go down, so will these liars like David Duke and too many others to count. It’s an “every man for himself” feeding frenzy and has been for a long time.

    I know I refer to Dr. Wesley Swift a lot. Another thing I like about him is I get a play by play of the history of the ’60’s and before that (most people wouldn’t believe what that great man of pacifistic revolution, MLK, has said on the radio). It’s the most truthful thing I read on the internet and I think a lot of these frauds made a name for themselves by plagiarizing him, and then proceeded to make it null and void with lies and confusion. There’s nothing on the the internet he didn’t already warn about. In fact, a whole lot less. I’ve been tearing through those, lately.

    Cleaning up starts in our own house. “Liberty, Fraternity, Unity!”, is what the yehudi have always pushed, to insure themselves a safe place in the rear with the gear, and a bead on the back of your head if you’re too effective. Liberty, fraternity, f^%ck them and their school spirit hormone demagoguery. There have to be some litmus tests.

    • EDOMS THORN says:

      Ray, Thanks for the link to Wesley Swift, that is a great starting point for someone that has an interest. Everything hinges on OUR Kinsmen understanding who they are, before they can even begin to understand who the so called JEWS are. It is pure insanity for them to ignore the facts, and continue to bless the very Evil that is bring about the N.W.O. and their destruction. The JEWS have placed so many firewalls that prevent our Brothers from even considering what we try to share with theI liked how Dr. Swift put it; …”No, my friends, the hosts of darkness don’t want this upset. They don’t want the truth of God displayed. You cannot make ‘Peace’ with Communism. They want war with you—a long and extended war.

      Someone said, ‘But I want peace.’ Alright then, resign yourself to the fact that you will have to put forth all resistance against evil, that you will give all the devotion that you can to the Kingdom, and God will give you peace which passeth all understanding. This will give you security in the midst of turmoil”…

      AND indeed that WAR has been raging since the Garden Of Eden. Genesis 3:15 “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel”…
      And the Serpent and his brood of Vipers have has Gods people blessing them.

      Who is “Pastor Bob”?
      I want more info on …”The jews have 240 genetic diseases, half of those are psychiatric. As a comparison”…

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        This is the one that stuck out for me, inre: David Duke and co.

        This is one of the reasons we tell you today, that you can have all kinds of conventions and all kinds of conferences on how to battle Communism, and if you don’t know who is behind Communism, or you seek to cover this up because you find it is unpopular to name the factor, you are wasting your time. You are accomplishing nothing.

        You can find some of those diseases at “The Father’s Manifesto”

        Pastor Bob is a regular guest of James Wickstrom’s radio program

      • melgibstein says:

        sorry about that Ray- couldnt find the comment made.

        They will be happy with nothing no doubt, but when it becomes “something” they will be there to lead whatever resistance there is into the sewer. This isnt an intellectual thing. You cheat you pay the price- period.

        Jews have been known to slander and when you tell white people they are of Edom that is slander too.

      • Tim says:

        Here’s a jew link to the diseases that they own: Pastor Bob teams up with James Wickstrom once a week on talkshoe and he mentions a lot of info that is reflected here. Keep up the good work.

      • EDOMS THORN says:


        I thank you for the information and your encouragement.

        That link to “the diseases that they own” (I like that) is probably not from inbreeding, but from their father the Serpent. I am sure that link you provide is lacking and skewed, but it is a start. And Pastor Bob can probably fill in the blanks.

        Thanks again,


  4. melgibstein says:

    Looks like David Duke isnt accepting the debate, in fact he is going on with his butt buddy Jew school professor Kevin MacDumbjewtool as I write. They continually claim there have been studies PROVING Khazars are Jews, but what kind of Jews? Are they 3 three tribes of Judah, the direct descendants of Judah himself or just the same genetic makeup of other mongrels from Judea? These are our doctors and professors of the anti Jew movement who never call in to any radio shows only spin their web on the shows themselves with no calls and if anyone ever happens to get through they are swiftly hanged up on because we are being disrespectful for calling them out on their ignorance.
    The truth is these so called intellectuals are cushioners, they think this is an intellectual thing. If someone cheated at cards in the Old West these clowns would be studying how they got ripped off and what methods were used and never do a damned thing about it like calling them out in the street. They are worthless jew tools and gullible lemmings think they are here to help them.

    Listen to Duke claim that writers who have written about the Khazar theory were all written by Jews and then goes on to use Jew sources to prove it wrong. Only one huge problem, Koestler was not the first to prove the Khazar theory. These intellects believe the Khazars were made up by Arthur Koestler who wrote his book in 1978. Why dont these intellects go into the migrations of these Jews from Judea and then while they are at it trace where the other 11 tribes went. They believe obviously that Jews were whitbish or turned whitish because of geographical changes and not because of biological reasons. Nobody denies that people from Judea mingled in with the Khazars, but what proof do they have of these people being biologically related to Judah or the House of Judah and why arent they looking for the biological House of Israel who split from the House of Judah (10 TRIBES)? You will never get in to show their pilpilist hypocrisy, it is Jewish and Babylonian twist speak. I also hear these intellects talking about how much they hate all other peoples and the truth is they only hate peoples who know the truth, whatever they may be. They have Druze in the Jew state, Miss Jew state was and is BLACK, they have Filipinos working there, Obamas brother is a Jew, Michelles cousin is a Black Rabbi, etc etc etc. The black who played Idi Amin in “Entebbe” is a black Jew. If a Jew mingles with a queen we all agree the offspring is a Jew because it sure as hell isnt a white anymore so what is a Jew? Lets not say one thing in one case and claim Jews are a pure “race” from Judea in another. It is the leaven of the JEW KHAZAR, Mizrahi, Sephardic and every other Jew Pharisee and their seed.
    The history of the Jewish Khazars written by DM Dunlop 10 years before Koestler insinuates that Jews or Judeans (depends on the usual question of “what a JEW IS?) mixed in with Slavic tribes so are Jews Slavs too? That sort of puts a hurting on all Dukes and MacDonalds Slavic pals (Hello Tom Sunic).

  5. Chris says:

    Greetings “Mel”

    Been quoting your Great Gatsby line. Very good. Great article as usual.

  6. melgibstein says:

    Thanks Chris. Be careful of those shills out there.

  7. melgibstein says:

    Last night a shooter shot up a Black church in Charleston SC (at least we have been told) and already David Duke has it pegged on a white man.

    Jorge Zimmerman was white for over a month on David Dukes show, that is how bright this guy is with white issues.

    Loughner was also a white man with an Ashkenazi sukkot in his backyard (which jews use for satanic practice), we have not heard a single word from Loughner since.

    Duke took 10 years to admit it was Jews who did 9/11 and went along with the Muslim hogwash all during that time, he believes Obama is a Muslim when Obama has a Jewish brother and Michelles first cousin is a Rabbi (in which Duke has never mentioned a word of).

    Duke his his fat head into everything to destroy any true leadership in the white movement- period. He has a microphone because Jews give him one. Just look at his Alan Colmes interview…..Duke cannot even talk to me for 5 minutes, make that 1 minute because he is disinfo- period. If you follow this idiot you need to recheck yourself and start with the jew infiltrated KKK.

    If the media says it was a white man David Duke is not smart enough to know that the media would never say it was a Jew. Folks you just cant be that dumb!

    The smoke has not even cleared yet and already Duke is blaming this on a deranged white man and why we should not do anything like this (because he thinks some of us are contemplating it).

    No David, any white man that knows anything at all would not go anywhere near a black church, but a jew controlled media network because there they would indeed be stopping a crime.

    Here is a guy who was involved in the takeover of an island in the Caribbean telling his listeners not to go out and do stupid things. What he means is “dont do anything at all but buy his plagiarized books” Folks this guy is a hypocrite with a capital H.

    Duke thinks Jews are white like his pal Jared Taylor, why else would he never ever look into who a jew is? Does he think jews will always tell him they are jews? The truth is that is how clueless this moron is.

    Do you know any whites with haircuts like this?

    Hannity said this guy was white and thats all Duke needs (just like Zimmerman). Folks it has to make you sick.

    Heres the last known mosque shooter

    Duke says he was white but he was in the jew state so that makes him a jew.

    Folks we are dealing with IDIOTS here.

    Guess who made the Jew names list? Dylan Storm “Roof” (Fiddler on the roof)

    Searching for surname ROOFwith soundex code 970000.

    Soundex Name Databases
    970000 ROJP L
    970000 ROJVA L
    970000 ROOBY a
    970000 ROOF JKp
    970000 ROOFF Kg
    970000 ROP ACDEK
    970000 ROPA AZl
    970000 ROPHE JKQWf
    970000 ROPHIE KP
    970000 ROPP AJKRo
    970000 ROUB BC
    970000 ROUBA BCD
    970000 ROUBI PW
    970000 ROUBIO JP
    970000 ROUEFF KW
    970000 ROUF ALO
    970000 ROUFA JK
    970000 ROUFE J
    970000 ROUFF BJKOWb
    970000 ROUP JK
    970000 ROV CK
    970000 ROVE C
    970000 ROVI C
    970000 ROVO G
    970000 ROW AJKTo
    970000 ROWA A
    970000 ROWBA D
    970000 ROWE BJKQTZg
    970000 ROWI R
    970000 ROYBU H

    “No folks, nothing to investigate here, he’s white, everyone go home” ~ Dr Dukechovny

    Whites dont do crimes like this that is how I know, only jews do these types of crimes especially jews in the jew infested KKK. If a white looking person shot up a media outlet like Fox News I would believe that could be a white person because that would indeed be doing the world a great favor.

  8. melgibstein says:

    David Duke often says that the word “con” comes from the name Cohen (not convict), this would make Dukes beloved Confederacy the Cohenfederacy too, yes the federacy of Cohens (and no I didnt make that up). Knowing that a Jew killed Lincoln and reading about Judah P Benjamins roles in the Confederacy (who has a great deal in common with David Duke I might add) I am glad I never became a Confederate rebel so to speak. I am not a rebel against my own people I am a rebel of Jews and sure as hell wouldnt want a Jew to help me succeed from Jews.

    Throughout his time as Secretary of State, Benjamin tried to induce Britain and France to recognize the Confederacy—no other nation was likely to do so unless these powerful states led the way. The protection this would bring to the Confederacy and its foreign trade were hoped to be enough to save it.[92]

    Well theres something to be proud of……..they wanted the Brits to help them against the North (in a round about Jewish way). Jewdah was a big hero of the south and Duke never talks about him hmmmm. Judah believed black slaves were like owning an ox or a mule and that no-one had the right to take them away. He also wanted all illegal boatloads of blacks shipped back to Africa, just the legal ships were free to bring in blacks. Gee, I wonder who that was?

    He was close friends with Jefferson Davis’s wife, Varina (I smell something). Its quite odd to me that the wizard Dr Duke does not look into the Jewish angle of the Civil War just as he didnt look into Jorge Zimmerman being a Jew or even a non white nor did he delve into the jew aspect of the WTC bombing until some 10 years later. You would think there were no Jews involved in the Civil War and that if anything the south was fighting against the Jew North. Sadly this wasnt the case (Jews whether they be in the south, north, east or west always need to be found.

    The Great Man of the South

    With one companion, Benjamin travelled south in a poor carriage, pretending to be a Frenchman who spoke no English. He had some gold with him, and left much of it for the support of relatives. He was traveling in the same general direction as the Davis party, but evaded capture whereas Davis was taken by Union troops. Benjamin reached Monticello, Florida, on May 13 to learn Union troops were in nearby Madison. Benjamin decided to continue alone on horseback, east and south along Florida’s Gulf Coast, pretending to be a South Carolina farmer.[145] He eventually reached Gamble Mansion in Ellenton, on the southwest coast of Florida.[146] From there, assisted by the blockade runner Captain Archibald McNeill (yes blame it on the Irish), he reached Bimini in the Bahamas. His escape from Florida to England was not without hardship: at one point he pretended to be a Jewish cook on McNeill’s vessel, to deceive American soldiers who inspected it—one of whom stated it was the first time he had seen a Jew do menial labor. The small sponge-carrying vessel on which he left Bimini bound for Nassau exploded on the way, and he and the three black crewmen eventually managed to return to Bimini. McNeill’s ship was still there, and he chartered it to take him to Nassau. From there, he took a ship for Havana, and on August 6, 1865, left there for Britain. He was not yet done with disaster; his ship caught fire after departing St. Thomas (Jewish fire), and the crew put out the flames only with difficulty. On August 30, 1865, Judah Benjamin arrived at Southampton, in Britain.[147]

    Just a tid bit on Bimini
    During the period of Prohibition in the United States, Bimini was a favorite haven and supply point for the rum-running trade. Some claim that the term “the real McCoy” was applied to the rum provided by William S. McCoy, who used Bimini to transport whiskey to America during the Prohibition, although the phrase pre-dates the Prohibition Era – it is first recorded in the US in 1908[6] – and the phrase is the subject of numerous fanciful folk etymologies.

    Truth is that is total dog doo, the real McCoy had nothing to do with a Jew rum runner. My God the jew lies are endless.

    Heres what the jews say…be careful they have been known to bend the truth like their kids.

  9. melgibstein says:

    David Duke uses the term “Anglo Saxons” for the people who wrote the Constitution. Firstly the Angles came out of present day Germany and Holland who “settled” in Britain in the post Roman period. The area of Germany and Holland was already inhabited with Celts before Germans got there and Britain was also already there before they (Anglo Saxons) got there.

    The Celts, the British or the Scottish or Irish were already in the Americas at this time, long before the so called Anglo Saxons even obtained their name, which they didnt even use.

    Without the navigation practices of the Celts/Phoenicians, the study of Astronomy and their voyages abroad the Anglo Saxons would still be in what we call the Jew state today. It is entirely incorrect to call the founding fathers of America Anglo Saxons especially if you have no clue where those words even came from.
    David Duke obviously believes his blood is purer than other white peoples blood.

    From the first settlements in Nova Scotia in the 1620s, to the explorations of land to the north and west, and finally the great Canadian Pacific Railway which became its backbone, Canada was shaped and led by Scots.

    But it was in the beginning of both nations – the United States and Canada – that the influence was most acutely felt. Nine of the 13 governors of the States that formed the initial union were Scots. Its first secretary of war, General Henry Knox, was a Scot, and its first surgeon-general was Dumfriesshire-born James Craik, a close friend of George Washington. The political agitation that brought about the American Revolution was led by Patrick Henry, the greatest orator of his generation, whose father was Scottish.

    Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)
    THE third president of the United States and a founding father, Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. His Scottish ancestry came from his mother, Jane Randolph, and as a child, Jefferson was strongly influenced by the teachings of his tutor, a Mr Douglass who was a Scottish clergyman. This influence appears to have continued into adulthood. The Declaration of Independence of 1776 bore striking similarities to the Arbroath Declaration, written in 1320, with an underlying foundation of clear Scottish principles.

    That means not English folks.

    David Duke should read the Arbroath Declaration, you think he even knows what it is? I dont think so.

    Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)
    JACKSON rose from humble beginnings to become the seventh president. The child of poor Scottish-Irish immigrants, he was orphaned by the American Revolution in the Carolinas. During his tenure, Jackson saw himself as the voice of the common man, a direct representative of the electorate. Unlike previous presidents, he did not defer to Congress in policy-making but used his power of the veto and party leadership to assume command.

    James Knox Polk (1795-1849)
    THE 11th president, James K Polk had a particularly strong Scottish heritage. Born on the North Carolina frontier, he was the eldest of ten children . His mother, a religious woman of great intelligence, was a descendant of John Knox. Both parents were descended from Scottish-Irish ancestors who had emigrated to America in the late 17th century. Polk always stood by his ideals and principles. He reflected the prevalent American belief that the US had a predestined right to control all the territory between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and during his term in office, the US expanded through California and New Mexico.

    William McKinley (1843-1901)
    McKINLEY was the seventh child of William and Nancy Allison McKinley, both of Scottish-Irish descent. Records trace the direct line descent of President McKinley from MacDuff, Thane of Fife. Throughout his life, he displayed strong family values and a sense of moral duty. Both his daughters died young, and McKinley’s wife became ill with depression and epilepsy and needed constant care. Her husband was known for his unwavering devotion to her. During his presidency the US became a world power. He died after being shot by Leon Czolgosz , an anarchist, after a speech in Buffalo, New York.

    Founding fathers BORN in Ireland

    William Paterson

    By the time of the convention in May 1787, almost all of the 55 delegates who took part in the discussions that summer were born in America. The exceptions were Alexander Hamilton (from the West Indies), James Wilson (Scotland), William Richardson Davie and Robert Morris (England), and the four delegates born in Ireland.

    Here’s a look at the four men who played varying roles in the Constitution’s creation.

    William Paterson

    Paterson represented New Jersey at the convention, but he was born in County Antrim, Ireland, in 1745. He came over to America at the age of two with his family. Young William graduated from Princeton at the age of 18 and soon became a prominent lawyer.

    Paterson served as New Jersey’s attorney general before the Constitutional convention. He was only at the convention until late July, but he co-authored the New Jersey, or Paterson, Plan, which sought to protect smaller states against larger ones. Under the Paterson Plan, there would be one legislature, with equally representation for each state.

    Part of the Paterson Plan was kept in the Connecticut Compromise, which established the House of Representatives (with representation based on population) and the Senate (which embodied part of Paterson’s plan).

    After the convention, Paterson became a Senator, the Governor of New Jersey, and then a Supreme Court Justice for 13 years until his death in 1806.

    James McHenry

    Born in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland, in 1753, McHenry is better-known today for the fort that was later named after him in Baltimore. McHenry was educated in Ireland and came to America in his late teens, with his family soon following him over.

    McHenry continued his education here and studied medicine for two years with Dr. Benjamin Rush in Philadelphia. He also was on General George Washington’s staff and he served at Valley Forge, and with the Marquis de Lafayette.

    Unfortunately, a family illness kept McHenry away from much of the Constitutional Convention. McHenry later served as Secretary of War for Presidents Washington and Adams.

    Pierce Butler

    Butler was born in 1744 in County Carlow, Ireland, and his father was Sir Richard Butler, who was a member of Parliament and a baronet. He also served in the King’s military for a time.

    Butler moved to South Carolina when he married into a wealthy family. He became a planter and a local political leader, and he was elected to represent South Carolina at the Constitutional Convention. Once there, Butler attended most of the sessions in Philadelphia and he was part of the James Madison-James Wilson caucus. Butler also supported slavery in the South. Jews love to add things.

    Thomas Fitzsimons

    Fitzsimons was born in Ireland in 1741, and like James McHenry, he made the journey across the Atlantic in his late teens.

    Fitzsimons started a mercantile career in Philadelphia and he went into business with one of his brothers-in-law. Their firm, George Meade and Company, was one of the leading commercial houses in Philadelphia. He also supported the revolutionary cause and paid for supplies to help in the fight against the British. Again, the word British is now an amalgamation of Anglos and Celts just as they amalgamated in Germany and the Middle East prior to that.

    After the war, Fitzsimons served in the Continental Congress and while he attended the Constitutional Convention as a delegate from Pennsylvania, he was not involved in the proceedings. After the convention, Fitzsimons served three terms in the U.S. House, until he went back to his private life.

    ~I havent even touched on this matter and I have already exposed David Duke as yet another episode of fraud. The truth is without the Celts David Duke would still be in the Jew state except I think as the Jew he is. The truth is the Celts let the Anglos in and in return the Anglos brought their Jew friends in. if that is a superior people then we have two classes of nutjobs on this planet.

    What can be said about a guy who pretends to be a white leader and does not know what a white man is and a supposed Christian who also believes he evolved from Cro Magnon Man? Folks we have hypocrisy-period. he wont say Trumps grown children all married Jews, but he is against Jews marrying only Jews in the Jew state.

    You think Duke will claim Amsterdam as Anglo Saxon too? Duke is Dutch with emphasis on “Duh”.

    Another notable Anglo Saxon “Lord Protector” Oliver (I want some more) Cromwell, financed by ghetto Jews and supreme leader of the ehhhh English.

    “When Cromwell died not even a dog whimpered”. I didnt write it folks.

  10. DC says:

    Not really sure whether Dr Duke is being deceitful or just simply sloppy with his loose language? His track record tells us that he’s far more interested in the pursuit of money and pussy than for accuracy and truth or in saving the White race.

    As for what you say, I’m not sure what you mean by Celts, British Scottish or Irish being in the Americas long before the so called Anglo Saxons obtained their name, but there’s a relevant audio of a talk by Bertrand Comparet on the early history of England which does seem to support your idea of “the Saxons” being relative latecomers to England.

    [audio src="" /]

    Even if the Saxons did arrive later on, I’m not sure that makes them any less “Israelite” than those who settled earlier, but far be it for the “truth movement” not to lead us down a wild tangent either, so it’s worth looking into.

    Comparet also asserts that England (contrary to what modern day history books say) was never conquered by the Romans, despite them mounting repeated invasions. England in this period was united by Christianity which the Romans wanted to wipe out, which inspired them in their defense of their island.

      • melgibstein says:

        I dont think Comparet or any of them knew that it was Britain before the Anglos got there (I could be mistaken). All of British israel is based on it and its obviously ridiculous.

        Some say the Pretanni were the Picts, but only because they dont want to talk about the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians and Celts were like peas and carrots in Iberia and they all moved to the British Isles to escape the nutbag Romans and Germans, however they were the first seafaring people and they had already been everywhere at that time, spread out everywhere and why they were not as powerful. You had to go by boat where they were and not too many people had boats or knew where it was, they were locked in the Med like a cork.

        Germans blame the Irish for Catholicism, but if it werent for the Germans Catholicism would have never made it to Ireland or Scotland (Britain), they were Celtic Christians that the apostles went directly to, whether it was in Britain or elsewhere. Oddly enough none of the apostles went to so called Germany because it wasnt there yet.

        Im not putting down Germans (maybe a little) only because I am so damned sick of hearing this German superiority BS. There isnt any German superiority when they are with me in person, all of a sudden they are Irish or Scottish too (like Trump). The supremecist Germanic crap has to end or I wont help them do a damned thing.

      • melgibstein says:

        I have never met anyone that knew the original British were in what we call England, Wales and Scotland today before the Anglo’s. With just a little research I put an end to it.

        I dont care what my ear likes to hear I only care what my spirit wants to hear and I knew something wasnt right. In those times they were all related and they all still fought with each other just like any family structure, but to believe a new and improved white species moved in and became superior over them is just baloney. William Wallace for instance knew he could not be king of Scotland because he didnt have royal blood. The kings of Scotland were mingled in with the kings of England and what the story of William Wallace was all about. Comparet did a book about that time and I forget what the name of it was, however he said that the King of Scotland agreed to marry his daughter to Longshanks’ first son and it never came to be, she was 2 years old and died (supposedly) on a boat from Norway back to Scotland, the king died on a horse accident. Apparently they did not want to mix in with Longshanks lineage and were not too keen on the Catholic church who backed Longshanks, but there couldve been many factors in why it never took place, but eventually it did. King James is one, the first King of Great Britain.

      • DC says:

        Yeah I think one of the principle reason for German “supremacy”, at least in modern times is that Hitler got the Jews off Germany’s back for a brief period prior to the war and put the nation to work allowing the people to advance the nation without interference.

        Maybe it was more than this, Germany was undoubtedly been a high civilization before Hitler’s reign, although I’m no history buff.

        Comparet did say in his sermon that it was “quite possible” that the tribe of Dan was part of the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians, he says had a monopoly on the tin trade which originated in England. He states that England had a regular influx of Phoenicians and Greek traders in early times.

        I’m not sure I understand why they would go to so much trouble to hide the identity of the Phoenicians as they seem like a small part of the overall picture with many other tribes settling in Britain who are also Israelites.

  11. melgibstein says:

    David Dukes heroes

    1. Tucker Carlson- “the best of the best!” says Doctah Duke.
    2. Jewlian Assange- who never said a word about Trumps entire family being married to the jew mob or anything about Jews doing 9/11.
    3. Ann Coulter- Some of Ann Coulter’s boyfriends:
    Bob Guccione of Penthouse magazine fame, Andrew Stein is a 72 year old American Politician. Born Andrew J. Finkelstein on 4th March, 1945 in USA, he is famous for New York Democratic politician., Bill Maher and last but not least JJ Walker

    You might know him better as JJ

    JJ broke up with her last week or last night so “Hey Dave” she’s wide open! The Stormfront morons dont care if you are black, a jew or even date blacks or jews, just say something and they will believe you unless of course you are Christian Identity, they wont even mention it because those people can prove the Stormfront clowns are indeed MORONS!.

    Oops almost forgot
    $4. Donnie Drumpfelstein, he has been taken over by the Jews (and his own family for heavens sake). I guess the Jews coerced all the Trumps to marry Jews and even persuaded Marla Maples into a Kabalist. Folks if you listen to these Stormfront idiots you are strudled of the brain, come on here and I will prove it. Not one has the guts to! They are all obviously working for the ADL and Abe Foxman.

    How many years has it been now that David Duke has never had a wide open debate? Every time I have ever asked him a question they have cut the phones off. I cant prove it, but Duke has a Jew in the family just like Alex Jones!!!

  12. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I’m picturing wanking eunuchs of the ballsless variety. Will they ever get it?

    I’m also picturing a pool full of Jerry’s kids gasping and groping eachother in the dark.

    Leading these circular festivities are these so called WN leaders.

    If and when they ever get near a world shattering truth, they take it back to a more elementary level. Shearing the sheep is the name of the game.

    Aren’t those stormfront dickheads a bunch of blaspheming antichrists, or did they change their tune after checking the popularity polls?

  13. melgibstein says:

    They all think Jesus was a Jew or dont believe in the Bible at all. This week the fat Texan Texe Marrs claims Abraham was the father of the Jews (biologically) and we are the spiritual Israelites (everyone who blieves in the Jew Jebus that is). He literally believes Jesus was a pure biological Jew- this is one of our troof movement leaders who spouts off his mouth like a whale with zero comments. These are all Jew gatekeepers that have to control your mind. All of these media outlets who do not allow free speech and free comments no matter what they say, it doesnt matter, they are controlled opposition. If they do allow some callers it is because they have warn down the efforts of callers who know they are fools. Take the RBN owner John Stadtmiller for instance, he is a total clown lying to everyone every day of his life claiming his phones are wide open. What they do is open their phones up to some shows to make those shows look radical, shut off the phones to their own shows and make their shows look like Geraldo and Bill OReilly having a credible debate ( which is total crap). Apparently there are not enough aware lemmings alive to even know what I am saying. They are like putty in the jew bastards hands (like Mike Rivero for instance). Hard to believe they listen to him over me, but they do. My record has been solid since 9/11 and many people know it. The truth is many people are not able to comprehend or handle the truth, the real truth and not the Jack Nicholstein BS. All of these truth movement raiders run like water rats! Where are they? They dont care I call them liars I guess. Call me a liar and lets get it on, thats the way its supposed to work, but not these days, these days we need jews and lies. What other truth does a white man need knowing I am not a jew and I care about the white race? They dont care! What do you think Yashua thinks? Jews control 99% of what we hear and we have no skeptics? We should have skeptics up the wall. We have preachers and we have lemmings.

  14. melgibstein says:

    David Duke quote of the day… 9/19/17 Rense archives.

    “Saying there is no political solution is like saying there is no solution”~David Duke
    I wonder what Dukes solution to the Civil War was.

    This moron David Duke thinks he is going to run for president and be the hero………..or he is a CIA Jew plant.
    You decide!

    How in thee hell can you claim to know about the Jew problem and then believe you can run for office on the basis that Jews control everything? Its more Duke hypocrisy! You can have your own show with your own rodeo clowns, but eventually people will figure out it’s a circus.

    When there is no political solution its called “Revolution” and Duke doesnt want that obviously. He got 3% of his home states vote last time and behaved like a complete lunatic in his debate. Did he think the debate was going to be fair? he is either deluded or a Jew. This jackass keeps talking about “our free speech being taken away” and cant handle callers for 5 minutes with true open phones.

  15. melgibstein says:

    David Duke leading the dumb lemmings into the back alley in Charlottesville and everywhere he goes.

  16. melgibstein says:

    Latest quotes from David Duke “Blacks have bigger nostrils because they are and were in the hotter weather, whites have smaller nostrils because they were in the Northern colder weather”.

    Folks David Duke doesnt want to separate Jesus from being a Jew so he has to stay on his BS racial Darwin theories. Duke got his degree in a country that rarely even speaks English and where Jews have all the money and the people have nothing.

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