Any Given Sunday


Play or be played says the Jew. Jerry Sandusky in the middle, hike.

I have written several times that I grew up around all kinds of Jews (don’t ask me to go into all the varieties) and why I was able to understand what is going on in the media, in history, in politics etc. is because of being able to look back at different events in my own life.
One event that comes to mind is a summer I spent working at a restaurant away from home as a High School senior on an island not far from my parents home. All the employees lived above the restaurant and the place doubled as a disco at night back in the late 70’s. As I was away from home my other friends who I used to hang around with were on their own who was to come into our circle of friends without me. I was always careful to shun friends of mine who brought in new people even at an early age. I didn’t accept anyone until I approved it myself. If you wanted to be with me you had to go by my rules or you didn’t have me around to be the life of the party (quite a sacrifice for some).

Every now and then we would sneak people in upstairs above the restaurant who were stranded on this island for the night because of rain or weather too unbearable for sleeping on the beach which I did many times. I was even told once I slept all night on the beach with my head above the sand elevated and I woke up that way. Some folks couldn’t sleep on the beach even in the best of weather and came knocking on my window quite often. One night an Eddie Haskel friend of mine brought a few friends with him who had some female friends, beer and all the makings of a good evening, unfortunately he brought a Jew as well.

The restaurant’s upstairs was just a hallway with rooms on both sides and a bathroom/ shower on the end of the hall. A couple of the doors had no panel in the lower half so we used to lie down on the hallway floor and scare people, sometimes quite effectively. This particular night I ducked down and stared into a room I often did to scare a usual friend of mine and my usual friend was not in there, the Jew and one of my High School female friends was inside. The Jew was telling the girl that he was “gay” and that all of us knew he was. I was going to scare them, but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. At first I thought this Jew really was a homo, but he made the girl think the rest of us also knew he was one. It took me several years to figure this out and what the Jew was really doing. I started asking myself what he was doing with this girl to begin with in a private room if he was a homo and nothing made sense. The truth is he was there to tell this girl a secret to keep to herself that we were all privately homo’s deteriorating the entire group from the inside without anyone knowing in a group sense. Of course I let everyone know what I heard including him and he denied all of it. It was my word against the Jew’s.

This is basically the same methods many of these so called self proclaimed white leaders do, they get inside somehow on a forum, through a so called “made” talk show host or people other than me to destroy. Any of you who have read my posts know I have no ties with Jews whatsoever and never will knowingly and I know them pretty well right from the beginning. The question is always hypocrisy because Jews will say what the weakest link in the chain wants to hear or get suckered, blackmailed, whatever the case to let the jew inside, I will not. Jews can then use their media to tie you in with some other clown who is too dumb or too weak to keep the Jew out. How many times have you seen people who claim to know what jews do and then invite one over for tea and crumpets on their radio shows? This is a Jew you can trust they say. No, this is a liar claiming to be on your side who is on the take or doesn’t understand Jews at all.

That instance was just one of at least 2 dozen instances that I look back on knowing that Jews are instinctively contrary to mankind even if they seem totally on your side at first it does not matter. Today these type of things are happening all the time, Jews suck you in and set you up whether it be in the media, on the internet or in your private lives. The media is just a tool for them to use for the same tactics on a much larger scale. If you don’t look at the entire picture of a person before you accept him or her in (especially her)

Jewess in the locker room boom boom!

Jewess in the locker room boom boom!

and look the other way on their hypocrisies you will be taken. Unless someone is put to the test they are never to be trusted. There is nothing you need to trust me for because I have no connections to you, I want you to use this philosophy on your own and I’m not running for president nor trying to seduce you into seeing things my way. Put me to the test as you put everyone to the test and find my hypocrisies. Do I say it was Jews who left Egypt when it was the Israelites? What happened to the Israelites and Edomites? Is one of your white leaders claiming that whites are Edomite/Canaanites? It is twisted hogwash that has no measure of educational thought whatsoever (even if they have the jew credentials). Is someone telling you white people came from the North Pole chasing rabbits across the icebergs who evolved from Neanderthals who sprung out of spores and mildew? Lets hear their entire story (and no we aren’t paying you our hard earned jew reserve notes to find out and not buying gold from you either).

How many of these so called white leaders have their own delusional fantasies about how white people materialized when most of them don’t know the difference between a Jew and a white person? These people are parade leaders leading you straight to the Jew slaughter who obviously know nothing about white history because they don’t ever produce any evidence of their hogwash theories. They will give you bogus dates and DNA they can’t prove themselves so if a Jew told them they would believe them if it went along with their fantasy. We have professors, doctors, supposed theologians who are put on a pedestal who don’t know what basic words they use all the time mean nor want to.
You don’t teach someone hypocrisy, you either know what you are teaching or you don’t or you are chasing your tail while the Jew lies go on. I don’t claim to have all the answers and nobody does, but that doesn’t mean you settle with anything less than the whole truth. If you have a dead end in your fantasy philosophy it isn’t the truth because it keeps going and it doesn’t go around in circles like a jew synagogue. If you have the truth spit it out.

I don’t want anyone to follow me and I don’t want Jew letters in front of my name proving I was brainwashed by the Jew schools I want you to seek the truth and never an individual. That individual may just be a jew or a jew sell out working it from both ends with Alex Linder or some discredit to the white race. You are never going to learn any truth trusting some hypocritical internet idiot. Jews have their Hannity’s and Oreilly’s on the TV and they have them on the internet. This isn’t a football game when you let someone else take the ball into the end zone to win for you while you jump up and down cheering. Jews have been known to take that ball the other way at the one yard line. Today they have the entire game rigged from the start.

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9 Responses to Any Given Sunday

  1. EDOMS THORN says:

    I WISH that people would listen to you and people like us that have actually researched and studied in the Hebrew and Greek and learn who they are(Israelites), and who the enemies of the Western “ISRAELITE” Nations are! I tried to deny the truth of who the NEGROES are, but it is undeniable when we look at how the Negroes have been used as a weapon/tool against the white man. The EDOMITES created Communism to destroy OUR culture, economies and our Christian Faith and worship.

    So much of what is good and true has been demonized by the use of ‘acceptable’ rhetoric i.e. tolerance, diversity, and freedom of expression and many other destructive ‘feels good’ phrase’s designed to hide the intent and purpose of the evil outcome involved with the implementation of ‘their’ Multicultural Godless N.W.O.

    Wanting to preserve our White Nations is RACIST! There is an cure for wanting that, It is called WHITE GENOCIDE! LOOK at these ‘in your face’ addmissions of just what EDOM agenda is!

    EDOMITE JEWESS “Barbara Lerner Spectre” in Sweden, Admits their promotion of Multiculturalism in EUROPE will cause Antisemitism

    Jesse Jackson – ‘The Death of The Swedish People Should Not Be Seen As Something Negative’ Jesse Jackson …”MULTICULTURALISM IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER”…

    Ann Schaffer, admitting the Jewish role in destroying America’s Heirloom demographic.

    Prime Minister of England, exhorting Muslims to gain power in England, Cameron utters the words “Too many White Christian faces” when referring to the power structure, and de facto population of England.

    Sadly the vast majority of the peoples opinions are not based on fact, rather they are based in Agenda Driven Rhetoric, wrapped in emotion. Based on ‘feelings,’ or ‘acceptable opinions’ (dogma) that, while ‘some what’ rooted in fact, having been wrapped in emotion, it is only to hide an agenda, that is DESIGNED for their own destruction.

    In my opinion, this is why we have forced multiculturalism only in the ‘white nations’.! It is an AGENDA DRIVEN subversion, based on ‘acceptable opinions’ that, upon examination of the facts, we can see that multiculturalism is a disastrous failure, BY DESIGN. There was a reason God divided the nations! NO race should rule over another race. It is NOT natural! IT only leads to strife and turmoil, that is not natural or beneficial to either people!

    Deut. 32:8, ” When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the bounds of the people according to the number of the Children of Israel”.( “bounds of the people” are all but Jacobs seed)

    • melgibstein says:

      I know all about the Belgian pancake head jewess, maybe even more than I needed to. This isnt a woman or even a female it is a snake and needs to be treated as such.

  2. melgibstein says:

    There isnt any volume in the videos I watched so I dont know if any of these videos are to be taken for truth, but i do know Jews are never to be taken for truth from the Bible itself. Unfortunately most white people have no clue where they come from past the leprachauns and pixies or German pucts etc because they believe Jews are I
    sraelites and Gods chosen people.

    Sometimes you can sit back and think like a leader of white people and feel the same way as God himself would feel If you want to believe the jew and all its perversities go right the hell and do it.

    Imagine being a saviour or Father trying to save people (his children) who are belligerent fools following his enemy?

    I often think of what I would do. What can you do? You can have truth as the end all solution period and thats all.Base your own with the truth and only your own,

    • EDOMS THORN says:


      I think you will want to hear them. Copy and past these Titles or links and try another ‘connection.

      EDOMITE JEWESS “Barbara Lerner Spectre” in Sweden, Admits their promotion of Multiculturalism in EUROPE will cause Antisemitism
      http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=k2Vq_e2Z1ug

      Ann Schaffer, admitting the Jewish role in destroying America’s Heirloom demographic.
      http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=WI1m-IB-mng#t=26

      ‘The Death of The Swedish People Should Not Be Seen As Something Negative’ Jesse Jackson

      “Too many White Christian faces”

      http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=mHqRtLeI_pE

  3. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Back in my op-ed and Sunday morning talking head and Rush Limbaugh days, I always spotted the jew too, by their childishness and lying. Some wiseacre brought to my attention “Do you see anything about the last names of these people you always rant about?” I didn’t. I didn’t wake up to them until a thorough study of Genesis, with some real teachers. (Hi RachelM5319 and Rommellaw, in case you ever google your names. Ferd Coyote here)

    The first time I ever heard a Christian hand an evolutionist his ass in a debate, I was stunned. He mopped the floor with that liar on purely scientific grounds. I knew that science. I wondered why I never applied it to that. What a grand hoax! It’s hard to believe the truth when you have 50 liars yapping their lies in each ear. That’s flirting with insanity. They HAVE sent people to the nut house just like that. Avante garde trailblazing scientists, they were. So, why are people still parking their asses in front of that mesmerizing one-eyed Cyclops? Garbage in, garbage out. They premise everything on that hoax! You hear “If a white guy did that, it would be all over the news forever”. What about these bigger and more pivotal hoaxes? Assuming the best, these atheist WNs botched their very first assignment. I’ll have nothing to do with them. How many believers have seen that paraded as science and thought “well, I don’t need science, then”? That just rolls out the red carpet for the liars. If they can’t stop watching that image of the beast, they can’t do the first little thing and have no business waking people up. They’re derivative trollers, at the least. Ignorant of their own ignorance. Ignorant of just how often they fight jew fables with jew fables. Lately, I’ve seen these loudmouths making gestures of a willingness to negotiate. Slavery, with terms. They want to save Babylon. Just dial it back to a ’90’s level of fraud, so they can go charge up their credit cards again, probably buying new TV’s. Do you think these strokers could ever go on a diet? The solutions they propose are childishly kneejerk and stupid, long since anticipated and prepared for.

    How was it that I could innately spot a jew by their words? That thing about chromotins that Dr. Wesley Swift likes to talk so much about, is making more and more sense. We inherit the experiences and attitudes of our ancestors. My ancestors were Christian and they obviously had a lot of troubles with the tribe!

    Gen 3:15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your posterity and her posterity; her posterity shall tread your head under foot, and you shall strike him in his heel.

    Yahweh is not mocked. Why do jews have an innate hatred for Christ and Christians? It’s written on the chromotins. I am NOT throwing in my lot with any atheists and their hare brained puerile schemes. They’re fighting smoke with a baseball bat. I don’t trust what’s written on their chromotins.

    About a year ago, I got disgusted with myself over how much time I wasted reading blogs of liars and jerkoffs. I dusted off an old textbook and started at chapter one. I’m almost done with it now and shopping for the next one in a specialized application. Learning anything at school is the first thing you give up on. I knew the formulas, plugged in the givens, and chugged. No understanding. No time for that. Soon forgotten. Doing it alone, I get the understanding.

    It was hard. Like any other jew trolled bozo, I expect instant rewards for anything I put my hand to. That’s another weakness that’s been instilled in us, and most won’t even recognize it in themselves. Couldn’t we use some engineers, wholly off the grid? I found out another way they kill people and leave no trace of injury or foul play. That can be done with something disguised as an inconspicuous pen. I’m not sharing holy things with dogs, or peddling any discoveries to jews. The ideal position, concerning them, I would like to be in would be like: If you have anything I want, I’ll take it.

    Psalm 126:5
    They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Growing up the jews were the biggest lovers of Blacks coming into our schools, pro black rights etc. If you said anything about blacks being loud or belligerent the jew would always protect the blacks because they are oppressed, but who oppressed them to begin with? If whites were free to say the truth about blacks in general it may actually help blacks, but that isnt what Jews want. The fact is Jews should not even talk about blacks at all because they brought them here as slaves, but it doesnt even make them twitch. Then you have the treatment that they give others in their welfare state they stole in the Middle East and it STILL DOESNT hit home how hypocritical they are. They are destroyers- period and it’s all because good people do nothing. The world is a jew rat race today and no matter who or how many foreigners are brought in to destroy all white countries they will go along to get along for the jew cash.
    They dont make a peep. So what happens? We all suffer together even when our weakest links appear to be living the lives of O’Reilly, as long as their little circle is still safely in their gated communities they dont have to look outside the gates. The Jew has things well under control for the time being and has for a long time, but as the jew Zimmerman used to sing “change is blowin in the wind” and people will figure out that Jews never change, they bring mayhem everywhere they go and if people cant see it they lie to themselves. They seek the delusion right to the dumpsters. So be it, it’s Gods will and how he has always worked. You want to go without his rules, you want to pretend the Bible is too difficult to understand, you want to pretend Jews dont control our total usury system and our media and politics is in good hands with Jews? Down we all go together.

  5. gregor says:

    Yeah you know jews pretty well but i can’t really see the need for the CI overlay in these matters. Jew crimes today are a mile long and when people realize them and pair it up with their history, then its all clear. I mean it was hard enough convincing your friends that the jew was making up lies about the group– how much harder if you started discussing lost tribes and adamic races.

    • melgibstein says:

      I didnt see the need either at one time Gregor, but its a ying and yang thing. In order to tell the truth you have to prove the lies. If you are wearing my hat and say its your hat I have to prove its mine. If a Jew is claiming to do specific acts because his religion tells him to or because God tells them to you are going to have to get people to read the book. Because some things are hard to believe is not my fault, Jews have made it that way, thats what they do to a tee. You will struggle with every lie the jew has ever won you over with to get the truth back. When you eat one jew lie they stuff your mouth full of another 10. You are going to have to trust someone to get knowledge. What I do is verify everything and eventually things wont fit into the puzzle and you have to find out why. get the theme first and take it step by step. Understand that you have been lambasted with lies from day one, but everything isnt lies, you smell good smells and bad smells, you love truth and hate lies, etc. I have always believed that the only way you will ever get the truth is to get into every debate you can, find out where people wont go. Is it because they are scared, because they have lack of knowledge,are they saying something you cant dispute, what is it? People hate CI because they have been polluted with jew trash and it isnt going to be easy getting it out of you. As far as just rounding up Jews and leaving each other alone to live life (me and you) Im all for it, lets do it. Other than that I go all the way with the truth or what I perceive as truth. Truth is our only weapon, “first you learn how to use this” and then this “bonk bonk”

      • melgibstein says:

        The jews Bible stories are no different than the Holohoax the Fed, Jew Hollywood, etc. There was a war, there is a money system and there is a movie industry only jew usurp history, they usurp freedom and money, they usurp everything. They have to have something to build on and they only get involved with things they destroy. What Jews want more than anything is for you to throw everything out with the bath water. That is their biggest goal of all. When everything is thrown out we are sheep at the slaughterhouse. What was wrong with being a separate people and following the rules? When that rule is completely forgotten we are all toast.

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