Hotel Rwanda

The Jew Joachim Phoenix is filming

The Jew Joachim Phoenix is filming

Israel (The Kike State) “Voluntarily” Deporting African Refugees To Rwanda
Shmarya Rosenberg •

Israel is deceptively – and arguably illegally – flying African asylum seekers to Rwanda with false promises of acceptance and work, Ha’aretz reported.

These Africans – who were illegally denied legal refugee status by Israel  kikes– arrive in Rawanda only to find out they have no legal status there except for 10 day tourist visas. They are not granted their basic rights and, for the most part, they are not given any official status documents or permits, meaning they cannot legally work in Rawanda and face possible arrest.

They also have no contact with any official representatives from Israel or Rawanda, and no one helps them or deals with their needs after their arrival.

Instead, these asylum seekers land at Kigali’s airport, are given a ten day tourist visa and taken to a hotel where Israel has paid for a three-day stay.

These asylum seekers were paid $3,500 by Israel to “voluntarily” leave Israel – the alternative was prison – and were led to believe they would be granted refugee status or legal work permits in Rwanda. (Some were promised the same for Uganda, where the situation is essentially the same.)

Although Israel calls this “voluntary departure,” legal experts and international bodies believe these transfers do not meet the legal definition of a voluntary departure and therefore violate Israel’s obligations under the international treaties it has signed.

Israeli Prime Minister’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s office continued its belligerent response to questions about African asylum seekers when Ha’aretz asked about the “voluntary departures” to Rwanda under threat of prison.

“The Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu has completely halted the illegal infiltration into Israel and is determined to continue returning to their countries of origin the thousands of illegal migrant workers who have entered here. All actions are taken in accordance with international law,” the PMO’s spokesperson said.

Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority also insisted the “voluntary departures” are legal.

“All the actions being taken in the fight against infiltration are being done legally,” the Population and Immigration Authority insisted.

While small grassroots efforts to help African asylum seekers have been made, the latest by a group of elderly Holocaust survivors, for the most part, Israelis are either indifferent to the plight of these refugees or are vehemently opposed to them.

Indeed, over the past several years there have been a series of arson and other hate attacks against African asylum seekers and Israel’s police and courts have done little to punish or deter the Jewish attackers.


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2 Responses to Hotel Rwanda

  1. melgibstein says:

    Quote- They also have no contact with any official representatives from Israel or Rawanda, and no one helps them or deals with their needs after their arrival.

    Thats because the real Israel is to remain separate and Israel has never been Jews and never will be. Jews are a multi cultural mutt people pretending to be the pure racial offspring of Israel or Judah and they are neither.

    When people snap out of their stupor and see the lies of the Jews right from the beginning they will understand the magnitude of the perversion they have created throughout the world. You have to ask “what is taking people from seeking the truth?” They are buried in their own Jew inflicted deception exactly what the Bible says. They have accepted all the jew fables.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Jews Demand Open Borders for USA, But Use DNA to Keep Israel Racially Pure

    This is just one article of many and i dont endorse the site. You see these sites point out one jew evil but never the entire jew evil (all of it). Some look at race mixing and blame the white girl, some blame the Black, some blame the people driving Japanese or Korean cars, some blame the Muslims for 9/11, but Im here to tell you its the Jew every time!

    You are free to comment, especially you jews, but you wont because you cant.

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