The Counterfeit Traitor

Say who  it is

Say who it is

Everybody has their own opinions in the so called truth movement, but it seems nobody has any kind of plan to kick anything into action unless it is designed to fail to begin with. Some groups have totally different opinions as a group, yet for some reason they are able to have no internal feuds and have feuds with everyone outside their groups. I guess they equally cancel each other out by design. For instance why would you want someone in your group that is pro Hitler and a pro Jew supporter (take your pick of any of our Jews who claim to be in the truth movement)? We have pro Constitutionalists claiming they took an oath to protect the Constitution and have anti Constitution anarchists on their shows as welcomed guests.

Everywhere you look on the internet we have people who are hell bent on destroying true history with no shame. We have German women who think Scythians were Jews (who claims to be a Historian), we have CI pastors who entertain viciously anti Christian commentators (or whatever they are) and never mention a word about Christianity in that particular show and give into the same old anti Zionist crap. There are old timers who claim to know the Bible and believe Palestinians are the true Israelites. We have so called white leaders, I guess because they have a microphone and don’t take calls and dont know white history from a bedpost (several of them as if they copied off the same wrong test paper).

Then we have Judeo Christian pastors who work along side with none other than the most vicious Bible bashers on the internet incomparable even to an openly self proclaimed Jew. We have self proclaimed Muslims who were born Jews and never use the word “Jew”, but “Jewish” not knowing the difference deliberately because one is supposed to mean a particular pure racial group of Judah that he is definitely not part of.

Then of course we have the atheists who are there to throw their wrench into the machine that pop in when all else fails. Two nights ago I heard a conversation about Lincoln being great, today another claims he was a Jew named Springsteen. You see somehow Jews are a nuisance when it fits their agenda and its never very long they have a guess what, Jew as a special guest (a so called good jew of course). Dont Jews see this and feel they aren’t wanted? Ok maybe not.

Nobody has a game plan, just make out your will to Donny Dickstein and he’ll make sure everything in this world is ok, buy some of these vitamins it will make you feel better. You should work harder because you have to keep up with the illegal Mexicans here in this country Jews let in. Buy Go Berky water softeners, get off the grid, buy gold with your Jew money, send your child to Dr Steenblock if your child is acting out in school, get in shape, eat right, get a good night sleep and you’ll feel better. Just don’t do anything like Jesus or the founding fathers of America and rebel.

You know what my answer to this is? We need to burn that cockroach infested Jew ponzi scheme Federal Reserve to the ground. Is anyone saying that out there? Oh you will hear about the bankster gangster crap and the presstitutes, etc. Why cant all of us unite on this one thing? I guess we can’t chuck an old hag Jewess out in the street now? We need to kick every God damned one of them out.

We need to go for the head of that Jew asp. Anyone out there who isn’t for burning this abomination to the ground is a traitor. This is the rallying point everyone needs to be on. Forget Ron Paul or Curly Cue his Sean Hannity show son, he aint gonna do a damned thing. I wouldn’t put that beenie on my head with two Glocks up my nostrils. It’s all of us who need to do it and not against Wall Street or anyone else. We want that Jewish money control system GONE! Don’t talk about it like you have accepted it and there is nothing you can do about it and claim to be in the truth movement and don’t keep putting it down the list of other Jew atrocities (which we are well aware there are plenty). You need to put fire to the feet of anyone in the media, politics, internet radio to get this monster out of here and out of this world.

One must ask why and how our so called Christian leaders are not targeting that Federal Reserve, have they succumbed to it and want us to surrender to it? Then they aren’t anyone to have as a preacher. The last priest who spoke out about the Fed was Fr Coughlin and people rallied around him just as people would today. He was one pissed off priest as he should be and as we all should be, but for some odd reason everyone seems to be pissed at someone or something else.

It’s obvious our military isn’t going to do a damned thing, they obviously aren’t pro Constitutional either. They don’t believe anything in that Constitution because nothing in it at all is being followed today. The military has gotten their gonads clipped. That leaves you and me.

Can we unite on one thing? I know we can, but there are people who are here specifically to break up any cohesion whatsoever. There isn’t one person in the truth movement who should evade being severely mad as hell about this ponzi scheme that we could run out of town on a rail tomorrow if we just focused on that single issue. The question is “why aren’t you calling it what it is?” It’s the same den of vipers that it’s always been and if you have a cute name for it you can go to hell too. Jews are counterfeiters right out of the chute, that is their role in life. They do as they are directed and you better distinguish yourselves clearly which side you are on. Start with the Jew Fed.

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8 Responses to The Counterfeit Traitor

  1. melgibstein says:

    This means the troof movement will be talking about “the jew state” which they call Israel, proving their own ignorance of the Bible and what a Jew is. Is this deliberate? Are people deliberately stupid and dont want to hear how they are wrong or are they shills? How in the world have they learned anything at all if they dont want to learn the basis of what a Jew is? When one learns that a Jew is a counterfeiter right from the beginning you have to understand you cannot base on truth on top of this lie, it wont hold.
    Think of people like David Duke who uses the word “Jew” and “Jewish” interchangeably as if one was based of the Old Testament religion and the other is “a race” (Jew). I want you to understand how ignorant this is deliberately feeding you the same old Jewish lies going on for at least a hundred years. You see he and others dont believe Jews arent Israel, he actually believes Jews are the 12 tribes (think about that for 5 minutes) and he also believes Jews (any kind of Jew) can still be Jewish even though they dont believe in God. In other words he trusts Jews for what he perceives as the truth and other times he doesnt. He obviously never reads the Bible or knows a cotton picking thing about the Bible and yet nobody is calling this guy out. Why?

    If you hate lies you hate lies coming from anywhere and if people want to pretend they are Christians and evolutionists at the same time who have never read the Bible, not to mention take 10 years to figure out Jews did 9/11 from Mike Rivero, a Jew, it means this guy has his wires up his arse, he has been compromised or he is a damned Jew himself.

    You have got to cut these people apart and see the hypocrisy. As I have said many times, most people in the so called truth movement dont even want to know what a Jew is because it changes everyones skit. Ladies and gentlemen out there, let me be the first to tell you, there is a network of Jew skits out there and you need to put these people to the test. Find that line they wont cross and ask why not, but mostly understand that they claim to be doctors, professors, etc. and they dont know the basic fundamentals of the Bible where the word Jew sprang out of. They can study Jewish horse manure for 50 years and be a doctor of Jewish horse manure. There is no doctorate degree in the study of Jews and if there was I would be the first to let you know. If they wont join together against the Fed where they dont even have to use the word Jew they arent worth their weight in gefilte, to us anyway.

  2. Ultimately, it’s the stupidity of people supporting them, Dr. Gibstein. (Yes YOU have the credentials. You can’t prove you’re a Dr., but no one can prove you’re not. Let’s flood the internet with doctors to diminish the title, as it deserves.)

    I don’t see any humility in these self appointed internet demagogues. Moses and Solomon shit some humble bricks at the spectre of caring for that sea of idiots. I see a bunch of hams tap-dancing across the stage thinking they’re adored. And when they’re not adored, they’ll invent some names to adore them in the comments.

    When I read a book from 100 years ago and read a modern one, like that vapid Dan Brown thing I just read, (one gem : Dante had a hook nose the size of Texas. His snuff porn poem overflowed the coffers at church) I see a level of comprehension white people should be embarrassed about. So, what’s the difference? In those days people learned to read by the scriptures. What wasn’t so obvious was that they were developing a superior comprehension along with it. (There are other powers those words have, too, but I can’t tell about that because a person has to kinda bumble onto that by “accident”. An expectation might ruin it) Anyhoo, there was a time when Christian societies were the most intelligent. That level of comprehension was a standard. Whether you believed the words or not, you had to have some to cut mustard in a Christian world.

    Isn’t the bible the big granddaddy of all literature anyway? Are they illiterated? How can you read it with a good comprehension and not see that jews can’t possibly be Israelites. The proof starts early: I will make of you many great nations and more than the stars of heaven for multitude. Do you see a jew in that? How about the curses for disobedience that will come on Israel of Deut 28 and Leviticus 26? It’s us who are suffering that, in all the vivid detail. The tail has become the head, sums it up.

    I look at the stupidity going on at most of these blogs now, and I can’t believe they ever got me so tangled up in them. They win when they waste your time. Why are they still arguing evolution? That one was lost by the evolutionists years ago. Still, people entertain the fool in his folly. I was one.

    I’m sick of hearing ‘the white man did this and the white man did that’. The white man hasn’t done jack without Yahveh. He says He is letting the locusts strip us bare, because we’re a bunch of fat sottish tards and congratulating ourselves on how smart and awakened and enlightened we are in the blog comments. They couldn’t pass an 1895 test to get out of the 8th grade. That’s assuming the best about them, which I really can’t anymore. They’ve settled into repetition. I see them straining for something to say. Repetition is a jew trick too. Every answered question generates 10 more. Such stagnation is suspicious. There is power in truth and I’m not seeing any.

    “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.

    Christians are the Lake of Fire. They hiss and spit and cry foul when they get splashed with some and they call all of their hasbara friends to come and bury it under a mountain of insipid sop. That’s why they won’t take your calls.

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont know why your comment didnt go through but it does what it wants I guess. Yep, there are a lot of voices out there and dont want to be corrected on anything. They say none of the founding fathers of America were Christians, but I’d say 90% of them knew the Bible better than all of these intenet voices combined. I dont even claim to know the Bible half as much as I should, but the half I do know shows me these folks know only what their Jew pals want them to know.

  3. sschmwp says:

    We have too many people living here who are simply not fit for the Truth. They are really non-believers when it comes down to it, because they doubt and deny what God says. Given the chance to understand, they generally brush it aside and ignore it. God and the Bible isn’t an option or any sort of authority to the majority, especially when it comes down to the bloody Truth of it all. Why should God have any desire to save these people when most people DON’T want to be saved? They like things the way that they are, which makes them enemies of God. They enjoy being ignorant and they enjoy Jewish poison. They like watching Negroes on TV throw a damn ball around and get paid millions for it. I sometimes wonder if the masses here have some kind of hope left at all, but with God there is still hope. People are cowards and couldn’t care less about the Truth, especially if it causes them trouble. I often wish I never had to of been born to witness this current crop of people, because they make God’s creation look rather bad. As you have said, there are no real men with intelligence left in the military, if there were ever any to begin with. I’m pretty sure that it is at least somewhat true that many of the high ranking military officers wouldn’t be where they’re at right now without being a child molester, faggot, or some other kind of abomination, and the same is likely true for many politicians. That paycheck and pension is their primary reason for being in the ZOG military anyway. Instead of looking out for us, they look out for themselves and obey Satan rather than God, while our nation goes to “Hell.” Will this continue on forever? As much as I hate to admit it, some kind of ridiculous fairy tale where celestial “angels” appear out of nowhere to save the day is more likely to happen than people here doing something to help themselves. As for the condition of the other (formerly) Israelite nations, well, I can’t really comment as to how they stack up to us, but I doubt that they are much better. This is an overall sad and disgraceful time.

    • melgibstein says:

      There are still people out there who dont know they can turn right at a red light, its hard to believe it is taking our military so long to see the truth of the Bible and about Jews in general. At this point there really is no excuse. We have “spokesman” in the so called truth movement today and they deliberately throw a wrench into the spokes. If you cant call into a discussion and correct someone it isnt a discussion its Jew hype.

      You have to cut these talkers apart and find their hypocrisies I want to know if I am being hypocritical because hypocrisy isnt truth. What they do is carry the Jews bags by hitting you with different punches of info to turn you into the direction they want you.

      Just punch back HARD and have a good combination. Find their discrepencies and you see they are just like Jew discrepancies because there is no doubt they are controlled ops. They dont take feedback because they are afraid of antisemites? Whats the deal with these clowns? Jews or their clown lackeys can never go all the way. They are chock full of hypocrisy. How can you hate the Jew fiat ponzi scheme Fed and ask for money?

      How can you claim you are a Christian and believe Jews come from Abraham and whites come from Neanderthals up near the Arctic Circle, it’s bloody bonkers (it’s Jewish) * denoting the character of the Jew*.

      • sschmwp says:

        I suppose my thinking is that I have no need to call these obvious Jew and Jew-owned pricks out if I haven’t already previously, especially when other people have already called them out and are doing it for me. They are easy pushovers who can be exposed with not much doubt. One simple rule is that if they are not accepting God’s Truth about who our race is in the Bible, and who are enemies are, they are NOT of the truth, even if they have good writing and/or speaking skills and talk about some of the same things that we do. I guess in my mind that since it is so darn obvious to me that they’re shills, it must be apparent to others as well. But, too many unlearned people are abound, so I am surely overestimating the competence of the masses within the so-called “truth movement” who are attracted to such shills as David Duke and “Nathanael Kapner.” The thing is that you learn over time, and younger people are with us (teenagers and those in their twenties). But, when you see other “truthers” who promote these shills, and have been doing so for a long time, you begin to wonder if they are just fools or if they are infiltrators. We are most likely growing in influence, so new minds join in on our frame of mind every other day. They might have even been attracted to White race issues by someone like Duke or even Kapner, but have yet to learn their Biblical identity and understand what the real deal is. They might also just have been naturally inclined to know that Negroes and Mestizos are a little bit “odd” and want to be free of their bad influence. The Negroes and other non-White problems are much more easily “detectable” to the White mind because they stand out like a sore thumb. The “Jews” are more stealthy and they often have white skin and use deception. Of course, exposing these obvious shills like Duke and Kapner is a good work, because it can help those who are under their influence to come out of deception and accept the Bible Truth. You would think that if Duke was really a White man, that it might even help him come out and repent, but don’t count on it.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Why I say I only know half the Bible is because its an ongoing process. I may pass right over something that doesnt click the first time focused on something else entirely. Anyone that doesnt see that and thinks they know it all is wrong or deceiving. Yes, the ones who dont even look and claim to be leaders is just a joke. You have to uncover the lies of history in sync with understanding the Bible and the lies have not all been uncovered by any single person and why it is a group effort. David Duke goes to Syria for a few days and all of a sudden he is an expert on Syria. Ive lived around the world (lived) and dont claim to be an expert in any country on their politics, religion, culture etc because I know it takes time. When David Duke or most of these shills talk about anything its the same scenario, like Ralph Machio in Okinawa for a summer becomes a Kung Fu master. I lived there for a year and I am still a scrapper. Hasnt failed too many times.

  5. ih**8kikes says:

    Can I get an Amen?

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