An Officer and a Jew

By: David Ross

An Israel Defense Forces soldier was arrested and charged with child rape after he allegedly sodomized his little son while watching porn in the family home, according to court proceedings in Haifa.

The Haifa District Attorney’s Office filed an indictment with the Haifa District Court on Monday, charging the IDF major with committing serious sexual offenses and violence against his son.

According to the indictment, the major, 50-years-old, raped his son from when he was 10-years-old until 16.

IDF major rapes his 10-year-old son while watching adult videos

"Hell" I got no place eltse ta go! boo hoo

“Hell” I got nowhere eltse ta go! boo hoo

Prosecutors said that the crimes occurred in the family home, during family vacations and on military bases where the defendant was working.

The officer was charged with aggravated assault, child abuse, sodomy and committing indecent acts with a minor.

The officer used to watch adult movies in the living room of the family home and touched himself when the family members were around. The defendant also used to touch his son inappropriately in the shower.

During the attacks, the father told his child that the acts will make him feel good.

He threatened the boy that if he told anyone his mother will run away and his father will be sent to jail.


~This didnt make Fox News. None of our gutless media heroes will touch this one either. If there were 10 of me this media would be hanging from oak trees all across America.

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