The Lady in Number 666

Holocaust survivor film nominated for Oscar

Alice Herz-Sommer in her younger yearsAlice Herz-Sommer in her younger years

A film about the world’s oldest known Holocaust survivor has been nominated for an Oscar in the best documentary short category.

The Lady in Number Six: Music Saved My Life follows the journey of 109-year-old Alice Herz-Sommer, a London-based pianist, as she returns to the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Along the way, Ms Herz-Sommer explains how music and laughter helped her survive, and offers advice about how to live a long, happy life.

According to producer Chris Branch, the documentary “is about her love of music and how it has pulle d her through in adversity. It’s a testament to the power of positive thought.”

The winner will be announced at the 86th Academy Awards on March 2 in Los Angeles

Almost like waiting for a new Fed chairman (the Jews will let you know who wins).

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2 Responses to The Lady in Number 666

  1. melgibstein says:

    I have never met a single Jew that said Jews were welcomed into Germany, allowed to live a good life there and then strangled it. Not one! No, not even your favorite Jews. They will play your heart strings, but if you allow them even an inch you are toast. That’s simply the way it is and its never gonna change.

    Its all very nice that Jews can make their movies, but the only fact someone needs to know about the Holohoax is the other side has no say in the matter whatsoever. There is not one alternative movie showing why Jews were put into camps or why Jews were thrown out of Britain or what Jews did to Russia (of course I could go on and on and on), but the dumb lemmings will see an old decrepid Jewish lady doing what Jews do till the day they die, LIE! And the lemmings will gleefully go against their own people in favor of “the destroyer”. It is because of media programming and that programming isnt limited to the movies and TV, it’s all over the internet.

    You will see the hypocrites who claim they are Christians who also believe in evolution dragging Jews in, you will see Christian Identity pastors bringing them in, you will see your favorite internet talk show hosts singing your tune to a tee and then bring that Jew in at the last possible moment. To be smart as a serpent doesnt mean bringing the serpent home for dinner and putting it on a pedestal. You have all the truth you are ever going to need already. Tomorrow makes no difference. Yesterday has already taught you all you need to know and someone invites a jew in to give you the truth ask yourself how it will benefit you as a people. A Jew can talk and make emotional movies till kingdom come, but they cant change history or the facts. The serpent has no emotions and if it did it wouldnt do what it does. They have to get inside you to destroy you. What better for a jew to do than to play your heart strings with old ladies and musical instruments? This isnt nursery school this is the big leagues. No more stories, no more BS, no more jew fiat money, no more usury, no more pill mills, no more 9/11’s just tell the Jew to LEAVE. Dont be a sucker! If there was free speech and the ability to talk about this on a wide scale in a thoroughly detailed way the Jews would hate free speech. The truth is they have free speech and you dont. You can love this old lady and get dragged into the furnace of hell or you can defend the truth (what the original Christianity was for). Do it their way or the other, no in between.

  2. Ray Zerwitt says:

    “You have all the truth you are ever going to need, already” I have to beg to differ on that one.

    I see them all preying on ignorance of YHVH’s word and promoting that ignorance. It’s the lowest common denominator to them all. I see these false shepherds ranting on the phony uselessness of pseudeo Christianity all day long and presenting it as their original wisdom. Can you get through 3 chapters of any prophet without some mention of that? These drunkards of Ephraim, the beth- avens, that form of godliness, the great apostasy, the 7 churches whittled down to 2 candlesticks in revelation, the dung bread in Ezekiel, stay out of the bethels of Amos 5:5… You don’t have to look very long to find something about these milk drinking retards wanting their asses tickled with a feather, and getting drunk on that wine of touchy feely feel good fuzziness.

    “Didn’t we cast out devils in your name…”, those would be the homophobes and the racists and don’t forget the legalists.

    “And didn’t we do good deeds…”, yeah that would be marrying the race mixers and homosexuals in their bethel bethavens.

    Even the biggest Yahweh bashing sites are using his words and presenting it as their own revelation from their intelligence.

    The fool has said, in his heart, there is no God. Did Solomon parrot platitudes or did he have evidence of this? Scientifically, their pool of slime cartoons are as preposterous as water flowing uphill or freezers cooking the steaks in them. Who would throw out something as powerful as science to satisfy their little narcissistic religion. That act proves they don’t understand science at all. They have no labs. They admit labs will never confirm their theory, never has and never will. They admit that it’s forever doomed to be a theory (and it doesn’t even rate ‘theory’ status) which is to admit that it’s a big steaming load of manshit. Who will stand with such a fool? He’s made himself impotent in the interest of promoting himself. It’s hung on vapid air. How long will people dignify such bozos with arguments? They speak as if they’re smarter than God, but you can see and be sure they don’t want to put that one to the test either. Only the Omniscient and Eternal can create holistic systems like the DNA molecule and the Universe, and He’s the only one who can see the Universe too, no matter the telescope. The “in his heart” part makes it a permanent part of their personalities and irredeemable. A scientist knows the limits of science and science can’t touch holistic creations.

    Here’s a spooky little application of science. If YHVH and his host are on their way, we’ll never see them coming. They will be hidden by, and in, the speed of light. What we’ll see is a huge flash of light coming from everywhere and nowhere, like nothing that has ever been seen before, and then there they will be. The light equivalent of a sonic boom.

    I’m not giving fools the benefit of the doubt anymore. I’m going to start hoisting them by their own insipid petards. They’re begging to get dicked around.

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