The Bounty

My next movie I will portray Satan as a white woman

My next movie I will portray Satan as a white woman

This is a difficult one to start off and exactly my point of this post. It isn’t easy trying to explain the destruction Jews have caused and what they are causing right now. Sometimes I have to sit through conversations of even the best in the business to hear one real tidbit of truth regarding the gargantuan destruction Jews have caused and still do in such subtle ways. It’s this subtle nature that allows them to ease their way into everything.

Just before I went to write this I noticed the same shills pushing Michael Scheuer, the ex



CIA Bin Laden ehhh Department (whatever) and his latest comments to our bought and paid for politicians in Congress today. His bagel hole wasnt open more than 2 minutes and he had proven to be a sold out shoeshine boy for the Jews by saying that old canard that Muslims struck the towers on 9/11 because of the way “WE” treated them before 9/11 (actually 2 lies right out of the shoot). This is who our alternative media wants us to praise. This is progress to our new Jew alternative internet media. So this means we can all now vote for David Duke for president and everything will be ok. You have to be off your rocker.

Some say we should not use so called “trigger words” such as “Jew” because it paints an ugly antisemitic picture (antisemitic of course another one) and be less aggressive (or something) and this will bring more people into the fold, but whose fold? When I think of

Der Jew is Der Juden

Der Jew is Der Juden

the word “Zionist” I think of several different things, but the bottom line is if I use a word taken out of the Bible and use it differently to attract people to truth it is hypocrisy in itself. Jews have nothing to do with the word “Zion” and Jews are not Semites, Muslims didnt bomb the towers on 9/11, Gilad Atzmon and Brother Nathanael are not related to Judah and there is no spiritual 12 tribes of Israel. One that really gets me is Christians who call others Jews because they believe Jews are of Judah, yet Paul said several times there is no more JEW (meaning people of Judah). The hypocrisy is everywhere and it is because Jews and their shills perpetuate the same Jewish garbage through your ears like a dog whistle. These shills want you to change your words because Jews have infected the true meanings of our words. These shills are in place to lead you to wherever Jews want us for the replacement meanings of these words.

What We See and Hear

If I am watching a Jew movie about Tales of the South Pacific with Marines discovering what they perceive as the ultimate woman in Tahiti, is the bone of our bone, flesh of our

Oh when will my Giu return?

Oh when will my Giu return?

flesh women seeing the same thing? Jews love these movies and just another way they destroy the fiber of Christianity and all of our nations over and over again. Some of these movies like “Madame Butterfly” and “The Bounty” will make you hate even looking at a white woman. Our great Christian hero Mel Gibson is dishing out race mixing to the world. How much of the Bible could he possibly have read? How can you be a Christian and do these things on such a massive scale? Simply by changing a few words around.

The things I have noticed about Jews more and more is their degradation of words, of course the word “Jew” alone is instant proof of that. In order to steal someones inheritance you have to first blind the rightful owners and weasel your way into becoming those inheritors. As soon as you start trusting Jews your blindness increases.

All of these internet talk shows have no callers and or their phones cut off because they are doing the exact same thing Hannity or Glenn Beck do. You are going to get their opinions and their beliefs only. Some of these people belong to groups that all have different opinions and somehow never argue with one another, words mean nothing to them because the words are directed towards you and not them like a script. We have so called Christian Identity radio hosts calling Jews dual American/Israel citizens. I don’t recall anyone giving Jews the posterity of the founding fathers and Jews are not Israel.

How can all these politicians and radio hosts be so clueless as to what Christianity is? Have they actually read the Bible? They wont listen to any of the apostles when they said the 12

I ehhhhh like David ehhhh Dukes triggewr wowrds.

I ehhhhh like David ehhhh Dukes triggewr wowrds.

tribes are scattered abroad so who are they listening to? What book are they reading? How were they ever manipulated into believing Caiaphas was an Israelite etc.? How were white people manipulated into believing Black slaves were brought to America by whites? It’s because you were suckered into lies by the enemies of truth.

Now we have people claiming to be speaking for whites, the American way, claiming we should not use “trigger words” like Jew (and Edomite is out of the question). Folks like David Duke who doesn’t know the Bible from a bialy leads the way on this. he doesn’t know the meanings of any of the words he uses, he is an evolutionist so called Christian who thinks people are all of the same stock except the Jews he calls Kohanim (who weren’t Jews, but Levites). Words are important folks and words can be stolen just like your thoughts and shorts. The only way to get them back is to identify and remove the thieves period. If you are going to give Jews

I am in hellllllll, sir I am in hellll!

I am in hellllllll, sir I am in hellll!

a break with your words you have no intentions of ever doing a damned thing.

There is one truth and truth isnt opinion, not mine or yours. Truth isnt based on emotion or Jew movies and coffee houses. If you’re wires are crossed with words and you surrender words to thieves you are part of the problem. In this particular movie the Captain was 100% right and a Christian was dead wrong.

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4 Responses to The Bounty

  1. Tim says:

    Nice piece, but why dont you tell the entire truth about the movie, The Bounty?

    ‘The Bounty is a 1984 British adventure drama historical film directed by Roger Donaldson, starring Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins, and produced by Bernard Williams with Dino De Laurentiis as executive producer.’

    Gibson simply played a role, along with Anthony Hopkins.
    And you assert some kind of blame his way?
    Fact: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese Colonizers who had no female companionship for months, did find love in remote outposts and sired children by them. I dont agree with miscegenation but why do you obfuscate this truth?

    • melgibstein says:

      I understand how people can be tempted into doing it just as I do someone being tempted into a lot of things (its not something I am tempted into anymore after a lot of study and thank God for that), but this movie was about staying in a place with foreign women because they did not want to return home. Its no different than any Bible story about race mixing, you have free will, but race mixing is death of the white race, no way around it. Whats good for one of us is good for all of us. There is free will, however. No white people left means a lot of things and Id have to go back in time thousands of years up to today to prove why, but mostly it is the will and commandment of God himself.

      I understand a lot of people dont agree with me and think its paranoid or something because I used to think that way too, but I was wrong and just wasnt able to understand the truth then. It doesnt all come at once, it comes in steps according to your ability to accept it. Keeping racially pure isnt hatred its nature.

  2. HKW says:

    Wow! Nice picture.
    Mel was a truly good looking man then… 😉

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