speed-movie-pictures-4511 London, OH – A man stopped for speeding in central Ohio was charged with illegally making or possessing an explosive device after nearly 50 bombs and four guns were found in his vehicle.


Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 43, was arrested late New Year’s Day on Interstate 70 west of Columbus. Investigators found two pistols, two rifles, 48 explosive devices and tools and materials to make additional explosives, according to The (London) Madison Press (http://bit.ly/1gBVvmT ). Also inside was a remote detonating device, Assistant Madison County Prosecutor Nick Adkins said.


Investigators are trying to determine why the man had the arsenal. He faces a court hearing Friday in Madison County.


According to the state trooper who stopped him for going 85 mph in a 70-mph zone, Boguslawski said he had no weapons. However, the officer returned with a ticket and saw the handle of a gun between the man’s knees.


“At that point, he drew his service weapon, held the man there and called for backup,” said Adkins.


Boguslawski told authorities he has an attorney, but none was listed on the court docket. There was no phone listing for the street address listed for him on court records.


Adkins said a $1 million bond set for the defendant reflected the possible risk to the public.

~I guess this was another Arab, maybe a white supremacist  (you would have heard about it already if it was). No folks, another Jew down my old friend Joe Sobran’s memory hole.


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7 Responses to Speed

  1. Ray Zerwitt says:

    “Ut-oh”, taid Buckwheat.

    85 in a 70? He was supposed to be caught, just like the other conspicuously bumbling false flags. Just what is the etymology of the name ‘Bogus law ski’? A little like Burnee Made-off? Like my favorite fake name, these names, phrases and even sentences can have another meaning when they’re spoken. I’ll be looking for examples of that.

    So, say these false flags look so ridiculously executed because that’s just how they’re supposed to look. Out waltzes jew-zeus, king and savior of Babylon. The 2nd beast arriving to save us from the 1st one. Would these blogs be serving that purpose? They sure like to avoid the brass tacks. And there will be a big parade to celebrate the bloggers who brought it down with cotton balls and marshmallows, the only weapons allowed. Which of the blogs out there wouldn’t welcome jew-zeus to save their precious Babylon, jew or not? Now, THAT would be the kind of masterstroke of fakery I would expect from that impersonator.

    I’m keeping it under advisement. These Lincoln blogs are a big steaming load. A month ago, I just couldn’t have seen how they could possibly slip in jew-zeus, but now I hear of some esteemed rabbi coming out and saying that the Christian messiah is the messiah, and he will return. And those who pierced him will accept him as Lord and Savior, and satisfy other well known prophecies too. One thing I’m sure of is that these blogs are in bed together for a purpose. The next false flag could fool them ALL,,, wink,,, and I know what they will be singing.

    I’ve even seen some asking when ‘real god’ will show up. (****), by careful husbandry and guidance.

    Here’s one they’re singing now : Spank the Monkey, by Peter Gabriel.

  2. Aservant says:

    How do you know that this cat is a Jew? Did I miss it somewhere in the article? Because he has a Polish last name? I know a lot of Jews immigrated from Poland, but not every Pole was a Jew. Or were they?

    • melgibstein says:

      Because I know what they look like, I know what they do, I know what names they took and I know the silence when they are caught. I can smell them like I can smell raw sewage.
      You can always prove he isnt a Jew as long as you learn the difference somewhere along the way.

      Its why it is important to know what the Bible says.

      Ted Kaczynski another non jew I suppose? When I say Jew I dont mean someone in a black costume swinging a chicken around his head, a Jew isnt a jew because of his dress code. Also according to a Jew a Jew is someone with a Jewish mother so what is someone with a jew father? A Jewmaphrodite or something? Its still a Jew.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Lt. Col. Cathy Van Bree, a spokeswoman for the Indiana National Guard, said Boguslawski is a specialist in the guard who does intelligence analysis and has top-secret clearance.

    Pronai said Boguslawski, who is from Moores Hill, Ind., appeared to be heading to Indiana when a state trooper clocked him going 85 mph in a 70 mph zone on I-70. When the trooper came back to the car to give Boguslawski a ticket, he saw the handle of a gun between his legs.

    The trooper ordered Boguslawski out of the car and called for backup. Investigators found three more guns in the car — all loaded — and 48 bombs. They also found material to make more explosives.

    ~My top secret clearance was taken away because I spoke out about Jews infested all over the US Government and media, on my way out I saw more and more Jews coming in. Why did this guy have a gun in his lap while being stopped by a State Trooper? Why isnt this all over the news? Is someone with 48 bombs not important in his car unimportant especially with a name like Ted Kaczynski? The Jew media reports what it wants you to hear- period. Those guys claiming to be looking after you like OReilly, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc are the biggest traitors on the face of this earth.
    I dont consider a Jew to be a traitor, Jews are the enemy- period. Anyone who would let them into any important position in the US government is a traitor in my opinion.

  4. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I keep expecting your blog to go 30-fold 60-fold 100-fold. Why doesn’t it? Where are the fierce Christian soldiers with flames of Lake of Fire leaping from their countenances and a two-edged sword from their mouths? My clock tells me it’s time for that. I’d be interested to know what their eyes have seen and their ears have heard.

    Are they at the blogs of their favorite venal demagogues sniffing and toying with the dung of a man? “The dung of my man has a particularly poignant bon-vivance!” “Yes, but the dung of my man has a flowery playfulness and a hint of apple, however cloaked. Delightful!” At the end of the day, nothing is resolved and they have the dung of other men on the sniffing table the next day. If their sword doesn’t cut right through the bullshit, they’re just wielding a turd, themselves.

    You know if you ever drive a point home with an inarguable finality, they will send it right down the dissonance hole and act like that never happened the very next day, just like Adolph Hitler said. There is NO WAY jews haven’t nurtured this internet from it’s inception. Their whole existence depends on lies being fed to the ‘goyim’. They went balls to the walls to get the newspapers and magazines after they were given the power to steal the wealth from that spring that generates it. The pit generating the smoke is bottomless because of that spring. Also to be found in Ezek 31. Gee, I wonder who????

    We need a crucible to take their lies to, for testing. Why not here? They string the false premises together faster than you can shoot them down with a 5 minute phone call or a 2 paragraph comment. The foundations of the houses they build have to be exposed. The replacement elements they’ve snuck in have to be exposed to the fervent heat. Same thing. How many ways does He have to say it?

    Mel Gibstein shouldn’t be alone. I’ve seen the “I are an Israelite” tapdances across the blogs stages. Do they know what’s expected of an Israelite? Can they walk the walk?

    • melgibstein says:

      The jew has done a great job of making people look like fools for seeking the truth, so what do the majority of the lemmings do? They look for Jews to tell the truth like Miltie Kapner. 90% of Christian Identity pastors have at least one Jew to put on a pedestal and it shows you what their state of mind is really in. They keep that Jew cycle of life turning like a wheel. I never wrote a word believing I could entertain anyone better than a Spielberg or Weinstein (whatever) movie. There are few people that are able to make truth entertaining because there is a force on earth who have made it into a foul smell with their educational system and media. I confess that I missed out on much of it growing up which only enabled me to see the truth in my opinion (it just didnt fit). By bringing a Jew in for truth is a form of selling out, pointing to one or more that gives you something (information, money, psuedo self righteousness food etc). People that sell out in this way are the same people who will sell you out in a gang fight or war. Anyone can talk, anyone can write, you can prove me wrong historically now and again, but my intentions are not to be dishonest and set you up for a full load bus ride over a cliff. My intentions have always been the same and may be one of the most natural occurrences in history, that being total separation from the Jews and everything they do. I have always been a believer that separation from Jews will lead everything back into its natural order. At that point I will no longer write a word, God willing. People are turned away just mentioning his name. 90% of the people out there, including pastors use the word “Jew” in their sermons, writings, conversations and they are unwilling to even say what a Jew is and not because they cant figure it out. All the Jew lies continue on because of “fear of the Jew”. They will accept whatever the Jew says about history, the state of the environment, food, what is important and what isnt, etc because it always leads to the trail of Jew lies. Time to say the Jew has no clothes (and most of them probably dont have any on right now) and get off that sold out BS about Zionists, etc.

      When you back off the truth one iota you let Satan inside. Thats all he needs is an open door. Our people see that as being polite.

  5. Ray Zerwitt says:

    He loves the iotas. Those are the hardest to find. You have to go over every word of those books with a fine toothed comb to find that subtle little departure from the truth, and a big phony lawless house is built. Are there really any half truths? Is that like half plumb? Is it half plumb in, half plumb out, half plumb left, half plumb right or somewhere in between? And how much is half? You can see all the wiggle room they have there to make it up as they go along. I’m seeing the ‘dial the ism of your taste’ symbolized on their flag.

    Here’s the algebra: Clean + unclean = unclean, every time. The half truths are worse than the blatant lies.

    Assuming the best, they have the dullness of hearing. I had it and I still have it. So, what is it? It’s like the cacophony of Babylon drowning out the voice of Yahweh. You think it’s just noise, but actually you know every word being said in it the same way scientists can reduce crowd noise to every contributing frequency. Before there was a racist or a homophobe or a misogynist, there was the bible thumper being made to look ridiculous on their stages, and in the classes, and in the books and now perpetuating itself in the blogs, innocent or deliberate. They hate His name and it’s irrational. But, they run with the emotions that were instilled in them to be cued, whenever that subject is broached. Do they know what brainwashing is? Their inane and vapid blog chatter only makes the cacophony louder.

    Science was a Christian development. It was his word distilled as the dew if ever there was. That’s a sacred institution too. The enemy has infiltrated that and made it a big gray blob of mythology support. Sophistical tape, wires, bubble gum, handpicked equations and constants to get the results that support their myths. C’mon! black holes, dark matter and pools of slime?????? Here’s a clue to unravel that bullshit. There is an Andromeda galaxy, but they don’t know where it is and it doesn’t look like that and never did. That’s the only scientifically true thing they can say about that, but they never will. I want these baal priests depantsed and ridiculed too. Isn’t it just like a modern Christian to give his own child to the baals priests to raise, and raise a foreign child themselves. The renaissance coming on the heels of the scriptures being released is no coinkidink.

    In the book of Joel, I notice “appears as” a mighty army of horsemen and horses and “like” the sound of chariots. It’s bullshit and the internet has done more to promote garp and darpa and fema than the tv ever could have. They’ve set up a much ruder awakening to come. They can keep congratulating themselves on the blogs and praising themselves about how smart they are. Yahweh says they’re stupid.

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