The Tsuris of Mel Murmelstein

The life and times of Mel and how one can BS his whole life through without batting an eye lash. Without a doubt “fascinating”.

I’ve never had a dead pig left in my driveway. Why would anyone want to kill a pig and put it in my driveway? I guess Mel didn’t own a horse like in The G_dfather movie (he was too poor). I can just see all the neighbors and police running to Mel Gibstein’s house because I had a dead pig dropped off in the driveway. They’re all Jews, they wouldn’t give a damn.

Mel is the one waaay up on the top right.

Mel is the one waaay up on the top right.

Jews can drop a dead pig in their own driveway and blame people who are calling the Holocaust a hoax, they can send threatening mail to themselves with no return address, they can paint swastikas all over their synagogues and blame it on others and the best one of all is they can make movies and control both sides of the equation. Problem is you folks out there with popcorn in your mouths cant figure out you are being robbed. First thing everyone should think about before any movie regarding Jews (virtually every movie there is today) is “how is the Jew going to pollute?” There is always something they want torn down and always done in the most subtle of ways. What do you think all those Jews with black hats are doing while you are out working for a living?

images Kohain2This movie was obviously a while ago because they openly used the words like antisemitism and racism. Jews aren’t a race and I seriously doubt they want to make any kind of publicity trying to prove they are (maybe they will tell us where the rest of the family is) and Jews cannot easily claim someone is being antisemitic so easily anymore because they then have to explain what this word “semitic” means. Most certainly Shem was not a Jew and most certainly every alphabet derives from the Phoenician (a semitic language) so they cannot go the route of a language or racial antisemitism. You see we would have to open the whole thing up from the very beginning. Even Star Trek gives you a brief synopsis of what took place before the current time of the show, but in real life we don’t seem to care what or where the Jews or even we came from. We have Jews leading us in the same direction as our paid shill doctors and professors.

Once Jews are proven not to be Semites or a race, what then will they charge us with? How about if we just have an honest open debate, wide open for everyone to see on the internet? No folks, terrorism and mayhem is where we are headed. Not only aren’t these beings not Semitic, but they are not even human. Time has proven this over and over and over again and the world is like Barnum Bailey Circus to them. Will they come out and debate in the open? The answer is, “hell no” and another sucker is born until round up time.

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2 Responses to The Tsuris of Mel Murmelstein

  1. melgibstein says:

    Speaking of Mels, Monica Blewinsky in her latest Giu movie.

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