What Ever Happened to Baby Jared Loughner?




“sorry I don’t, heeh heeh”

Mark Glenn and the Ugly Truther’s  beg us to remain calm on the Sandy Hook hoax and there is a very good reason for this (for our own good). Hold on just a second while I stick my head out like a turtle and deny something. Even our Obama supporter Mike Piper says that darkies like Obama are fighting for America; yes Obama is fighting the Jews. In fact you can hear Mark Glenn’s Christmas show with Khazar Gilead Artzmon whom Glenn trusts more than anyone there is (“an intellectual giant”). Obama’s Elena Kagan selection doesn’t help to remind people of his fighting off the Jews or Michelle’s first cousin being a black Rabbi either.

Jews control the media and they can make stuff up and they can bomb people, places and things, that’s what they have always done and that’s what they will always do. The Ugly Truthers want us to trust the media when there is a shooting because they believe white kids are brought up to kill people. Can you see how there is a complete reversal here? One must ask why Jews and aliens even

Greetings Planet Earth!

Greetings Planet Earth! Yes I dont mean those kinds of aliens.

want to be with us demon white folks anyway, but I doubt Mr. Glenn will be heading back to Lebanon any time soon. You see these aliens have been following us for centuries and the same thing happens over and over again, our kindness is turned into a weakness. Our freedom turns into their freedom to pervert everything we stand for and they will stand with the Jew against us every time.

Loughner won’t be heard from and hasn’t been heard from because he simply cannot be heard from, but why? To prevent copycats? Why the hell would the media be playing these killings all over the media if they cared about copycats? They sure as hell don’t report the massive amount of Black and Jew crime outside of Blacks punching out Jews on the street. Sadly this isn’t creating enough copycats. If we were told the actual amount of crime non whites (Jews included) commit as opposed to whites on a daily basis we would be sucker punching them all right out of America (if need be). They obviously don’t think Jews would do such a thing to get the gun control we all know they will fraud or kill for.

The answers to America’s problems isn’t going to come from a Jew, an alien of any kind or a  Melungeon, the answers to America’s problems will be answered with our Constitution and the laws of God (our God) as it was written (we don’t want your solutions). Every organization in America run by Jews or has Jews in any kind of position of authority is against our Constitution and Bible and

We tell them we are Jews (fraud) and we bomb them. We have no shame.

We tell them we are Jews (fraud) and we bomb them. We have no shame.

not to be trusted. What we are being led to believe by this Ugly Truth World Jewry organization is that we have people in our government working against the Jews in secret (but they don’t know who they are) and none of them are saying a word, why? For fear of being killed? Not one has said Jews did 911 and not one is coming out about Jews getting us into endless war, sacrificing more and more of our own people. This is fighting the Jews?

The key isn’t about how Jews lie, the key is understanding that they always will and any way they want to. The key is that Jews should always be the absolute subject of every crime and because someone may not be able to prove it was Jews every time doesn’t mean the mountains of crimes they already committed should ever be discarded. Will Jews win credibility if we are wrong about how they committed a crime? If it were up to me we would never have to worry about another Jew crime because they would be out of my country for good. Any future crime they commit makes no difference to me whatsoever. I would feel the exact same way if they were guilty or innocent. The crimes have already been done and to trust them in any way and allowing them in is the crime.

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5 Responses to What Ever Happened to Baby Jared Loughner?

  1. T Bone says:

    Merry Christmas to all @Mel Gibstein!

  2. Brian says:

    Jared Loughner was a J EW.
    His Sakkat memorial was a give away, among others. MCP denied he was a J EW.
    Big Surprise. Not

    Merry belated Christmas to you.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Merry belated war on the jews.

  4. GTRman says:

    I’ll second that

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